How to Test Your Emails to Engage Subscribers [INFOGRAPHIC]

email campaignEmail marketing is one of the best and most cost-effective ways for a small business owner to nurture leads, build a brand and generate sales. Whether you’re publishing an enewsletter on a regular basis, sharing information about educational events, like a webinar or announcing a special sale, email works! But… it only works effectively if you are testing your emails to make sure they engage subscribers. That means testing subject lines, send times, and calls to action.

Testing can be confusing. There are A/B tests you can run and multi-variate testing. The folks at EmailMonks have put together an infographic that offers some guidelines on how to help you achieve winning email test results.

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How to Use Digital Marketing to Develop Authority [INFOGRAPHIC]

authority marketing

authority marketing

For small business owners, developing authority in your niche is crucial if you want to generate more leads and sales for your company. The first step to building authority starts with defining your niche. After all, it’s much easier to be a big fish in a small pond when it comes to wielding influence.

Once you’ve settled on a niche, it’s time to plan a strategy that should include digital marketing. That means everything from SEO to social media and email. But as the following infographic from Jonha Revesencio points out, other tactics like speaking and publishing a book, should be a part of your marketing mix too.

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Don’t Send a “Cold Call” Email to Get Sales

cold email2For the umpteenth time today, I received a “cold call” email proposal from a company offering SEO services.

I don’t know why in this day and age of social media, companies still buy lists and send these emails out. This seems like a really dumb way to turn “leads” into sales. I can’t imagine their ROI is very good. In fact, I bet it’s less than 1 percent. Hardly worth the effort!

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Gloria Rand’s 50 Best Email Subject Lines of 2014 (…and My Five Worst!)

email subject linesI recently read Digital Marketer’s blog post about their best email subject lines and was quite surprised at how low their open rates were compared to my own. Granted, they sent 1.25 million emails in 2014, and I only sent 65,000… but maybe that’s an important point. If your list gets too big, you run the risk of not being fully engaged with your audience.

Regardless of the reason, I thought it would be useful to share my own results – the best and the worst.

I researched what the common elements were to the subject lines. The majority fell under the category of Self-Interest. That makes sense because they are usually direct and speak to a specific benefit your audience will gain by opening the email.

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Top Holiday Shopping Email Subject Line Words [INFOGRAPHIC]

holiday emailThe “official” holiday shopping season kicks off at Thanksgiving. But now that it’s October, that gives you only a few more weeks to plan your holiday promotions. Many businesses conduct email marketing campaigns for the holiday season. If that’s your strategy, this VerticalResponse infographic of top email subject line words should help. After all, there’s no sense going to all the trouble of creating a holiday campaign, if your emails never get opened. (FYI – take note of the fine print at the bottom of this infographic. VerticalResponse says these are NOT actual subject lines. They are for example purposes only.)

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3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Sending Emails to Your Customers

sending emails Still sending emails to your customers?


Here are 3 reasons why it’s not necessary:

1. Your customers already follow you on social media.
You have a big following on Facebook. Ok, so you have to pay for ads to make sure your content is seen, but so does everyone else. Big deal. Besides, it’s super easy to monitor and respond to conversations across all your social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. There’s no chance you’re going to miss a complement or complaint! Anyway, no one checks email on their mobile device, right?

2. You don’t care about ROI. Social media makes it easy to keep track of trends, tweets and demographics, so there’s no need to know who’s opening your email and clicking on your links. It’s too much trouble to segment lists to make sure your customers are getting the information they need anyway.

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