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When Gloria Grace Rand became an entrepreneur, she dreamed of achieving the financial freedom to be, do, and have whatever she wanted. Instead, she struggled to succeed. This is the captivating account of one woman’s journey to heal her childhood trauma and create the life of her dreams.

Live Love Engage book


Live. Love. Engage. tells the story of Gloria Grace Rand’s journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening that began when her sister was diagnosed with stage four cancer. As Gloria struggled to run her business while grieving her sister’s death, she began implementing four divinely inspired steps that allowed her to let go of the past in order to live fully, love deeply, and engage authentically.

What you'll learn


Imagine what your life would be like if you let go of the need to conform to other people’s mores, wishes, standards, and beliefs; and thought truly and completely about your own needs…

Would you be happier? Would you be loved? Would you be completely honest with yourself and everyone around you?

The short answer is YES!

In Live. Love. Engage., the author shares her divinely inspired message of love, forgiveness, and healing that she has experienced in her journey from being an abuse survivor and child of an alcoholic, to a fully dimensional spiritual being living a life filled with love, joy and abundance.

Here are three things you can expect to experience when you pick it up.

Dramatic episodes from Gloria's childhood

Gloria relates examples of challenges she faced growing up with an alcoholic father and abusive mother. And she demonstrates how those experiences impacted her decision-making as an adult.

Coming to terms with mortality, and finding the true meaning of love

From caregiver to caretaker; the cancer diagnosis that rocked two sisters’ lives and set the course for a spiritual journey of growth and fulfillment.

The “Divine Download” that changed everything

What does it take to trust your Higher Self? The book provides four powerful “divinely inspired” steps to help you move from self-doubt to self-love.

Meet the author


Known as The Light Messenger, Gloria Grace Rand is also an inspirational speaker, author and host of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast. Before launching her SEO Copywriting business in 2009, Gloria spent nearly two decades in television, most notably as writer and producer for the award-winning PBS financial news program, “Nightly Business Report.” The #1 Amazon international best-seller Live. Love. Engage. is her first book, written to inspire entrepreneurs to rise up and demonstrate the greatness that is within you.

What others are saying:

Tasha Chen

If you are ready to use L.O.V.E to transform your life and connect with your higher self - read this book! Gloria holds nothing back so we can be inspired by her life lessons and gives us the ultimate permission to trust, love and be ourselves!

At a time when cancer is so prevalent, Gloria’s willingness to share how she rode the emotional roller coaster that comes from caring for a loved one with cancer is so important. Caregivers are so under-appreciated. This book should give many a “roadmap” to heal so they can Live. Love. Engage…

Brava Gloria for your courage and vulnerability in exposing the trauma of abuse you suffered as a child and for sharing your spiritual process of transformation and healing. With these tools entrepreneurs and individuals alike will overcome self-doubt and succeed on our own terms.


Order your copy today and experience the empowering journey for yourself.

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