Light Language

What is light language

Light language is a form of communication that speaks to your soul. It comes from the 4th dimension and 5th dimension, which means It comes from a dimension outside of what you currently perceive with your eyes and ears.

The language is received directly by your higher self. Even though the sounds and symbols are not recognizable to your brain as a particular language, the soul understands it and responds accordingly. 

There are different forms of light language. The most common are speaking, singing or toning as some people refer to it, signing – or hand movements, and written light language – which to me looks like hieroglyphics or sacred geometry. I express light language with my voice and through hand movements. Even though I’m a published author, I haven’t mastered the art of writing light language symbols… yet. 🙂 

The reason why there are these different forms of light language  is to accommodate different modes of expression just as there are artists, musicians, singers and writers. Everyone is unique and can express themselves in different ways. These different modalities enable people to receive it in the mode they’re most comfortable with, just as we learn in different ways – some people like to read, some prefer to listen… so it is with light language. 

Where does light language come from?

Different people receive light language from different sources. It depends on what you already believe. If you are a believer in angels, then you might say light language is channeled from the angelic realms, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

If you’re someone who is drawn to the stars, you may believe light language comes from a star system like Sirius. Or if you’re a fan of elementals like fairies and elves, the light language that comes through from you could be what you’d interpret as an elemental language.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. 

All beings – angels, galactic beings, elves and fairies – are all elements of God. It’s all life. Eternal. Infinite. Energy. So whatever you choose to believe where it comes from doesn’t matter. I believe Light language is the language of Source. My guides have told me that it is the language you spoke before coming into this body and will be the language you speak when you leave this physical body. It doesn’t matter what you call it star language, angel language, or light language. The message itself is love. 

Listen to a Light Language Sample

What benefits does light language offer?

Some people believe light language can heal our physical body of ailments. The message I’ve received from my divine connection is that the healing will only take place if it is meant to be. If your body still has work to do in this dimension, the light language can improve physical ailments but it is not intended to be a cure for something. It supplements whatever else you’re doing to help your body achieve optimal health. 

Some people say it can affect your DNA. I suspect that is true. I don’t have any proof of it. I’m not a scientist. I haven’t participated in any experiments to verify that or not. I will tell you however, that whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve. So it’s not outside the realm of possibility that it can change your DNA. 

I believe light language can enhance your intuition, heal mental and spiritual wounds, and help you gain perspective that life is all we are. Love is all we are. It’s here to help you remember you are not the body. You are energy, you are life, you are love. You and the creator are one. 

Channeling light language, hearing and seeing it allows it to permeate your being, so that you can express your true divine nature. With it, you can let go of the limiting belief that you are separate from God. You are a divine creation. Light language helps to awaken the Christ consciousness within you. Because when you realize that you and the creator are one there is no need for physical healing because there is no sickness, only life. There is no anger, or fear, only love. 

Light language helps raise the vibration of humans here on earth so that more will remember that their soul (sole!) purpose is love. We all need to remember that we are made of love and stardust and as such we can affect great change on this planet and reverse the destructive ways that are taking place right now. This is why we need more light workers to share light language as far and as wide as we possibly can. 

Ready to experience light language for yourself?