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How to Tag Your (Friendly) Fans on Facebook – UPDATE!

One of my most popular blog articles is “How to Tag Your (Friendly) Fans on Facebook.” I wrote this article back in April of 2011, and updated it four months later when Facebook changed the rules on tagging yet again.

Of course, in the interim, Facebook has changed things up again, and thanks to a reader email asking where the Facebook page posting preferences are (the ones I mentioned in the original article), I realized it was time for a proper update on the subject of tagging.

The first thing you need to know, is that the posting preferences that were found under “manage preferences” have been moved to the area right above the admin section on your Facebook page, making it very easy to switch from “Personal” to “Page” mode.

Facebook posting preferences

How to Tag Your Friends/Fans on Your Facebook Page

Here is the rule with regards to tagging:

1. Pages can only tag other Pages, NOT people (with one exception, which I’ll explain shortly)
2. People can tag People AND Pages

Having said that… if you want to tag a friend or fan and have it show up on your Facebook page, there are a couple of ways to do this.

#1 – If you’re a Facebook page admin, choose the option at the top of the page to use Facebook as yourself (your personal profile). Tag the person in your page’s status update. BUT… don’t expect to see this update in the main timeline. Instead, it will show up on the right hand side, under the heading “Recent Posts by others on ….”

#2 – You can also tag your own page and another person in the same status update while on your own personal timeline. The person you tagged will see this update in their news feed and wall, but again, this update will only display on your Facebook page under the section, “Recent Posts by others on…. ”

The only way to actually tag a fan as your page is when the fan comments on one of your page’s status updates. Then, you can tag their name and reply to the comment. (see below)

Facebook tagging - new

Keep up to date with the latest Facebook changes by becoming a fan of my page: Gloria Rand – SEO Copywriter. Once you’ve liked my page, point your mouse over the “like” box and choose “show in news feed” from the dropdown menu so you don’t miss any posts. You can also select “get notifications” to be notified as soon as I post any new content to the page. 🙂

Facebook notifications and show in news feed

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  2. I tried to tag a fan who commented on a photo uploaded as a fan page, but I´m not able to tag them. Can you confirm that it is possible?


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