Why Your Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website Now

March 16, 2017 Gloria 0 Comments

mobile friendly website

Have you been dragging your feet about creating a mobile-friendly website for your business? If so, STOP IT!

Sorry to be so blunt. But you can’t afford to ignore mobile devices anymore. They’re not going away people. In fact, 1.2 billion people worldwide access the Internet from a mobile device. That’s BILLION with a “B”!

77% of U.S. Adults Own a Smartphone

“But I only do business in the United States,” you say. So what? You think people here in America aren’t using their smartphones to go online? Get real. More than 3/4 of Americans own a smartphone today. And according to the Pew Research Center, just over one-in-ten American adults are “smartphone-only” internet users.

Here’s why it’s so important that people can VIEW your company’s website on a mobile device. It’s what your prospects use to search for products and services. And if they search on their phones and tablets and can’t find your website, or they can’t read the content on your site without pinching and stretching, you better believe they are going to leave your site and take their business to one of your competitors. That’s more sales for them. Less income for you.

Google Rewards Your Mobile-Friendly Website

And if usability isn’t enough to convince you, maybe this fact will: Google rewards websites that ARE mobile-friendly by having them show up higher in the search engine rankings.

Need more convincing? Check out the infographic below from Harris Myers, which details 7 reasons why your site needs to be mobile friendly today… not tomorrowtoday! 🙂

mobile friendly website

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