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How to Live Your Soul’s Purpose with Alena Chapman

In this episode, we’re joined by Alena Chapman to discuss how forgiveness and gratitude can help you live your soul’s purpose. Alena is referred to by many as a “soul curator.” She integrates the wisdom of different spiritual modalities with scientific research to bring clarity, ease, and flow to all.

Alena is a best-selling author, speaker, coach and entrepreneur who is dedicated to helping others discover their mission so they can achieve a life of passion and love. Her recent book, “Hello Soul,” is about her personal journey back to her soul. She’s going to talk with us about the tools of living presently and purposefully in your life.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • What is unique about Alena’s new book.
  • What the ultimate key to happiness and contentment is.
  • How Alena became known as a “soul curator.”
  • The conditioning she had to work to overcome.
  • Why now is the time to find your power within.
  • Why it’s important to find your best way to process.
  • How Alena processes what she’s been through.
  • Different ways you can bring joy into your life.
  • Why you should live life on your terms.
  • What’s even better than being authentic.
  • What amazes Alena about her clients all the time.
  • The hint Alena wishes she had when she was younger.
  • How to experience life as it unfolds.
  • What Alena learned through the experience of divorce.
  • The fundamental rule of changing your vibration immediately.
  • Why it’s important to not just speak, but feel your gratitude.
  • What happens when the universe begins speaking to you.

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You’re listening to the live love engage podcast. On today’s show, how forgiveness and gratitude help you live your soul’s purpose. Stay tuned. I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the love method and author of the number one, Amazon Best seller, live. love. Engage. how to stop doubting yourself and start being yourself. In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual Perspective on how to live fully love, deeply and engage authentically. So you can create a life and business with more impact, influence, and income. Welcome to live love, engage

Namaste and welcome back to another edition of live. Love. engage. And I am delighted to have a guest with us on the show today who, for those of you who are listening, you won’t be able tell, but we’re matching colors today. I love it. We’re both in pink. she got the memo and I didn’t even send it to her. So I want to welcome Alena Chapman first off to live love engage. So welcome Alena.

Hello, Gloria. I’m so glad I’m here and yes, I know. And even the same shade of pink. That’s amazing. yeah, no, pretty, pretty cool. Pretty cool. Yeah, it is cool. Well, you know what? I, I think it’s perfect because in, in reading through your bio, we’re, we’re very. Aligned in what I think, what we’re up to in the world. And, and which is one of the reasons why I was delighted to have you on the show.

I’ve, I’ve been familiar with you for a while. Been in your been sort of circling you a bit. And now I have a chance to be able to, you know, talk with you. So I’m, I’m excited. I’m very excited to be able to speak with you. Yeah. Well, let me, it’s nice to know. Oh, thank you. And let me share with our listeners and those of you who are watching as well on YouTube, just, who this lovely woman is.

She is referred to by many as a soul curator and Alena works her magic by wisely integrating the wisdom of various religions, spiritual modalities, and scientific research to bring clarity, ease, and flow along. Greater understanding to all, and she’s on a quest to help people everywhere, heal and connect to their soul’s purpose and experience abundance while on the journey.

And she works with clients around the world to help them to heal themselves so they can identify what they’re really here to achieve in life from a space of compassion, non-judgment and love. And she’s been, she’s been on a guest on all sorts of different networks, the major networks and she’s.

Cured on stages with amazing people like Les Brown and the late Bob Proctor. And she’s also certified counselor in her own Right as well. So I am. I’m really delighted to have you here. Oh, not to mention the fact she’s also a bestselling author, which she didn’t mention in her bio, but I happen to know for a fact because again, this is one of the reasons why I, I connected with her.

We, I saw her at a, an event and she had written this book called, the prison effect, discover how you were blocking your own happiness and break free to abundance and joy in life. And it’s a really, really good book. Got some really great, Insights and, and exercises to help you to break free of, you know, the things that are keeping you in your own prison.

And I know you’ve also got a new book that you’ve got out as well. I do, I have a book called hello soul. Oh. Which is written in a little bit of a different way. It’s you know, I’ve decided that people don’t always enjoy being told what to do, you know? So I decided. This one is more talking about how I found my way back to living by my soul, but just like the prison effect and my other book, you can’t escape from a prison if you don’t know you’re in one.

At the end of each chapter, of course, when I’m looking for it, I can’t find it. I have isn’t that the way? Yeah. I have a little skills for your own journey, so it’s all, it’s like the time to focus and I give you other ways that you can try for your own journey on, on starting to not only hear your soul, but start to be guided by it and live by it.

Which I think is the key to the ultimate hap, happiness, you know, and contentment and peace and, just really feeling good in this life and, and understanding from a higher perspective, everything that’s going on, even in times like these. You know? Yep, absolutely. And, and I love that you’re telling it from your perspective, cuz when I wrote my book, live, love, engage.

I intended it to be more of a “how to,” but as I started writing it, it turned out to be much more of a memoir that I had intended, but I also think it’s better that way. And so I’m okay with it. So I think so too. I think people like to hear how you did it. Mm-hmm they like to, and they learn from you. I always say laugh when I, you know, cause there’s definitely places to laugh and, and cry.

If you feel like you wanna cry, it, it it’s a story. And a story is much more unassuming and accepted in your subconscious mind. You know, it stays there. And then it’s easier for you to change those old beliefs with story than I, you must do kind of thing. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. So I wondered if you could share with our viewers and, and listeners to a little bit about your story.

How did you come to, you know, be this soul curator and, and an author? What, what, tell us a little bit about your journey. Oh, gosh, shoot. We’ve gotta have a cup of coffee with this one. I, I actually, didn’t know I was even going into this business. I just started out in the mindset business, which is those, those two books you just talked about.

And those just came about because I had been going through a really bad divorce and I, so I was doing things to create my own happiness, even be that’s what caused it. Trying to be happy. And, the happier I got, the worse the marriage became. And so, once I was, you know, just trying to get through things and I would make, I would choose to do something fun every day, I would get up and say, okay, what sounds fun?

And whatever it was, I would do it because it spurs your, it gets your creativity and your imagination going. And one morning I woke up and said I wanted to journal and before I know it every morning, I drop the kids off and go to the coffee shop and journal. And before I know it, I had a very thick journal and I loved it so much.

And then be, and then I met that’s when I met Bob Proctor and he said, you’ve got a book. And I said, I do? And he said, you do. And I, and I was whisked off stopped to meet somebody. And all of a sudden, I have you don’t, you can’t escape from a prison. If you don’t know you’re in one. And that led the mindset trail.

And I did that. I have always had, I have always been extremely spiritual in so many ways from the time I was very young, to the time, I mean really young, we’re talking like three and, and I, I put my little cradle up on edge and I would talk to all my stuffed animals talking about all the wonderful things about God and the spirit, you know?

And, my mom didn’t know what to do with me. So then when I, and I, and I learned to keep my mouth shut, cuz you know, my mom thought I was strange, you know, I wasn’t getting along with we, I was raised Catholic. I wasn’t getting along with the nuns and I just decided to just be quiet and it wasn’t until I was doing a program out in New York called the inevitable you with, with Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat Pray Love.

She, she was telling them about this, her creative spirit, this little elf in the corner and, and how it would come. And she had to catch the ideas before it ran away. And I thought, oh, she’s telling them about that. She’s not telling them how she accesses that. And I was telling my friends over Italian dinner. I’m Italian.

So I love Italian food, even though it’s not good for me, a pasta, but I love it anyway. We sit there and, and we have a glass of wine. And before I know it, I’m starting to tell why I, I couldn’t believe she wasn’t telling them, but then I thought I’m not telling them either. And so then I told them my whole story and my team said, oh, you’ve got to show people this, how you live this spirituality and how it brings the magic into your life because you live a very magical life.

Like she does. And I said, I know. And so then before I know it, I’m talking about my spirituality. It took me a little bit. I really had been conditioned to hear that nobody wants, you know, you don’t share that kind of stuff. And, and the priests and everything, they were not nice when they heard, but I have always been spiritual, but I’ve also been very fortunate cuz I was in music.

To, oh my gosh. I was in every church. I was working with all sorts of people. I, I just, I experienced so much and I always found the glory. I never got bogged down by dogmas. So, you know, so it made sense. Plus, I had very, a lot of interest in modalities and practices like the Tao, the Buddhist, the char. You know, a lot of them, so, yeah.

So that’s how I got onto this path. I love that. And like I said, I knew we were in alignment, so I, I was raised Catholic as well. And ah, so I, yeah, I only went to Catholic school for four years though, so I only, I only, and I think I only had two nuns for teachers. but I know. When I started so lucky, when I started feeling this call to talk about spirituality.

I was really nervous cuz it was the same thing I had been dealing with online marketing. That was my business. And so I thought that, you know, people are gonna be like, how are they gonna react if I start talking about God and love and all these things. But when I started doing it, the more I did it, the better I felt.

And so I knew I was on the right track. So I I’m glad that you decided to forgo some of this old conditioning and be able to do that as well for ourselves. It wasn’t that hard with some of it, but yeah. Yeah. But I’ll tell you, I think right now in the world, I think we need more than anything. I think it’s time because people are starting to ask questions.

We’ve had a lot of disillusion. Is that even a word? And they are very, I mean, let’s face it. Everything we thought was stable and secure Has been ripped out from under us, every single thing. I mean, health, institution, government, everything, it’s like the universe is saying, Hey, you know what? It’s time to go within, it’s time to find your own gifts, your own power, your own way of purpose and being, and.

And then from there, act in love and compassion to form a new world. And basically that’s what we’re seeing in so many ways. Everything is blowing sky high, and it’s just very interesting, but it is a wonderful time to be alive. I know a lot of people don’t say that. I think it is because truly we do get to create.

It’s just, what do we want to create? Yeah. More of the same or something better. Right. Absolutely. And not to mention that we have the advantage of this technology that, you know, oh yeah. You know, the, like the last pandemic during, you know, the. Around world war I, you know, people were, were really, really isolated.

You know, we felt that we were isolated over the last two years, but at least we had zoom, you know, and, and other ways of being able to at least see each other virtually. And so to be able to stay in contact. So I am very, I, I agree with you. I’m very blessed. I know it, it is challenging for many people and the potential for growth is really there.

Cuz I really do. I felt like I, I called it this in 2020. It was like the, the, this age of awakening, you know, it was like, or the great awakening. Yeah. That’s and I know other people called it that too. It’s like, we really are being called to, you know, take a look and say, okay, maybe these things aren’t really working and there’s.

There should be a better way of being able to live our lives and take better care of each other. Take better care of the planet. And there’s so much going on in the energetic field too. I think really people and I don’t think I should tell people how to process everything because that’s, that’s totally a personal thing.

But I do say find your best way to process because we have a lot to process. People are upset when they don’t know why; people are depressed and they don’t know why, you know, and, and it’s because we have been through a lot and for a lot of us, it’s it’s, I mean, gosh, family members and every come on, pat yourself on the back.

First of all, We’ve made it through somehow, but now it’s time to process. So, you know, everyone has their own way. Everyone, if it’s dancing in the rain, if it’s taking a walk in nature, if it’s shutting the door and just being left alone, I used to, one of the best ways I process, then you don’t have to do it.

I’m just sharing some of the crazy things we can all do. I. When I was a conductor, I, I, I worked on Sunday. I worked in universities, but I also worked, in churches. So I do the church thing, whatever it was in service mass. And then I’d go to when we had blockbusters. because I, when I was growing up, I just, my dad was a mid doit.

He was a, he made himself who he was, he was a self-made man. That’s the term I’m looking for. And he always told me, you Don’t. You don’t cry until after everything is solved, because right now you have to fight, right? Yeah. Good. Old Irish Catholic there. And so then I, I, I learned to tough up and he was always worried about me cuz I was a flower child.

So he’s got to toughen me up. Right. So I got so that I could push really far. And, and I knew that, and I would know that I wasn’t feeling right. So I would go to Blockbuster when we had those and I’d rent a movie, I’d know I’d cry and I’d bring it home and I’d sit and I’d watch it. And then I would cry.

And then all of a sudden in that crying process for the movie, all the stuff I was holding deep down inside would come up and I could cry about that and get it all out. So everybody has some kooky crazy way that they process do it, because that is the way that we are gonna start to heal and you can move on to the next level, but you gotta get it outta your system.

you know, otherwise it comes out like popcorn. Oh yeah. You’re driving down the road. And all of a sudden you sign, you see you honking at someone for no reason. You know, and you’re getting impatient and you’re every, all that stuff is assigned. I call it popcorn that you need to unearth it. You need to rid your cells, your muscles, your whole body from that stuff.

And just process. Yeah. It’s a time. It’s an important step. True. I say that anytime you’re healing too, you know, Yeah. And, and I think it’s important for people to know that it’s, it’s okay to do that. You know, sometimes I think because we’re, we, we wanna, I think women in particular, you know, we, we have to be, we wanna be number one, like all things and, and we wanna be good at everything, you know?

And so then we are, you know, trying to be perfect and there is no perfect person anyway. And so we do stuff it down. So you. It’s important to be able to give yourself permission, to feel those feelings, whatever they are. I mean, when I was a teenager, I, I used to listen to Barry Manilow and that would make me cry. heaven.

Cry. Oh, me too. yeah, that would make me cry too. Poor guy. I know, I know I was great, great music. There would like just certain songs that would be like, ah, yeah, so it was a great release, but whatever you have to do now, do this, do the same thing, you know, you and. And also have fun. I, I think you mentioned at the very beginning, something about, about having gotta have fun, having gotta have fun in life.

And I was listening to, actually I was listening to Mike Dooley today and he was talking about how to make your soul sing and to like come up with the fun things to do. And yes. Because, but I do that every day. Yeah. You, you, you really that’s right. You said that. Yeah, I cannot, I, I, I can’t see, I don’t wanna live in that heaviness that people live in.

And so I really do have fun every day. It can be fun just meeting a new person or having a new experience or going out to little, like the nature, the woods or whatever, and hiking, or just having. Hey, taking your latte or whatever you like and going out there first thing in the morning, and if it’s too cold, don’t get out of the car.

I don’t, I, I don’t like the cold guys. So I, I sit in the car, I roll down my window and I talk to the beech tree, or I talk to the birds that come to visit me and they do, you know, and so I talk to bluebirds, I talk to the ducks, you know, just have a nice little conver and the beech tree. And I just enjoy, just enjoy, have fun hike, do dance with music, turn on music that you love, just, just do whatever it is.

You know, that you have fun with. Like you’ve gotta have fun. And if at something is I’m to the place where if it’s not fun, I probably won’t do it. so I’ve learned how to make it fun. So if I have to write bills, which is probably my most boring thing in the world, I will put on my favorite music or a really good movie and then do my bills because I cannot just do them.

I just cannot Oh my God. so there’s just, there’s just some stuff that’s like watching paint dry and that. So you have to make it fun, but you know, that’s, that’s my life because you know, life is short. It is so short. And so why not live it to your very best and why not live it more on your own terms?

Yeah. You know, and I always hear from people, oh gosh, what did I see? I even saw it on TikTok. I saw this, this woman was so upset. She had been healing and all the people around her didn’t agree and called her selfish. Hmm. Yeah. Isn’t that sad? Yes, it is. And I, I thought how. How demanding people are of each other.

When they don’t conform. absolutely. Yeah. And, and, oh, I think it’s, I guess it was, I listened to a lot of like Abraham Hicks and yes, they talk and they talked about this one time and it’s like, you know, these people who, who say how selfish you are, that you’re not doing what I want.

It’s selfish. You’re not doing yeah. Yeah, yeah. Selfish. Yeah. And while you’re healing, you have to be a little selfish. Yeah. You have to take the time for you. You have to start honoring your yourself, but I’ll tell you when you get, because, because you haven’t been for years and years. That’s what got you into the place where you need to heal.

And so you can go back to being what other people want you to be and never heal or better yet. Let them call you selfish and go on with your healing. Take the time to be by yourself. Set your boundaries. And, you know, you can always set it with compassion. You don’t have to banish people into the nethers, you just have, you have compassion and just set up healthy boundaries about what you will do, what you won’t do, what you will take, what you won’t take and heal that’s the, you can do because once you heal, then you can start to bring forth the beauty of you in everyone’s life.

And then you’re helping others. And that’s what we’re meant to do. When you walk in compassion, you are walking with total authenticity and the true you without all the baggage, it’s great to be authentic, but it’s even better not to have all the baggage when you’re being authentic, because then you’re showing the beauty of you.

Yeah. And, and you’re feeling the beauty of you. So, yeah, we have to, we have to, we have to see how important it is for us not to worry about what other people think of us, because really guys they’re projecting, they’re projecting what they think of themselves. We are live in bubbles. And what we see inside is what this world is.

So if we see ugliness, guess what the world is. Yeah. If we see beauty, oh my gosh. I’ll tell you the veil opens and you start to see real beauty for sure. Yeah. I, I agree. A hundred percent. Let’s shift gears just slightly. I would love to know what actually gets you excited about the work that you’re doing in the world.

Oh gosh. Lots of things. because you know, you’re always growing anyone who doesn’t say this. So the more I grow, the more I get to experience like true magic in my life. And so I love that aspect. That’s a personal thing. I love my clients, it’s a, that’s good. I love, I love when, I love when they first they’re with me and they get that.

They first get that feeling. That there’s more and they, they do like, I I’m known for my journey. I do these little journeys that bring people. I don’t even understand it. Totally. I mean, I know what I do. I’m I know what I’m doing. I’m not, you know, it’s not haphazard by any shape of, but I’m always amazed on how fast people get into that.

Theta state, how fast I can get ’em there. And then their mind opens and then they get incredible guidance and they meet incredible guides and angels and passing people and they just get so, but anyway, in these journeys, when someone gets just that gold nugget that changes their whole life, when they say, or they get that wash of forgiveness all over them and they feel free.

I love it when they get to experience some something bigger front than themselves. And discover what’s inside themselves, that beautiful power that they all have and their lives start to change. And when I see that, I know I have done what I’m here for and it, it just. It excites me. It really does. I love taking people out.

I love taking them out in nature. I love for them to see, lifts the veil for them to see something really cool. I love that whole aspect of it. Yeah. What about you? Oh, pretty much the same and, and I love when I love when they, they really can see the possibilities of life when they haven’t been able to see them before.

And when I can point out a new way of doing something that maybe they weren’t even aware of, that they could do. And that, that actually gives me pleasure as well, to be able to help them. So, yeah. Yeah, it is. It’s a wonderful world in, you are serving other people, you know, Yeah, definitely. It is. What, what do you wish that you had known when you started out on this adventure we call life?

I wish that I had like, yeah, a little hint. Would’ve been nice. I think a little hint that, that I didn’t have to listen to people when I was younger. You know, and that I was always on the right path from the very start. I knew what I wanted to be. And to just, you know, it’s a double-edged sword.

Sure. We wanna have all that. Right. Right. I think then I would’ve had a lot more confidence. I would’ve stuck to my guns better, but then again, some of those little turns and those little. Y’s in the road. And maybe I took the longer road. We always end up where we’re supposed to be. We just take the longer road or the shorter road.

And some of those longer roads, I think I wouldn’t have gained the knowledge and wisdom that I needed to gain to be able to help people so much. So everything is a design that I really can’t question. However, I think it would’ve been nice. Who knows I might have been, you know, maybe I would’ve turned into that flower child and lived up in the mountains and joined a commune and my dad would just die.

you know, so who knows what would’ve happened when I was younger and, I think maybe I was meant to go through that maybe I was meant to learn what it’s like To really be that person who is like, you know, a self-made person, which really that fortitude. He taught me a lot of really good things that, that really, they were good things for mindset.

And I experienced incredible things with him. I understood what electricity of ideas is, you know, when you get people together and those ideas are just, oh, you’re lifting each other up. And you’re supporting each other in such a powerful high vibrational way that everybody in the group succeeds, you know, I have a mastermind that’s doing that now that I’m putting together, but on the other hand, but we’re adding a dash of spirituality to it too.

That even ups it, even more, I wouldn’t have learned that if I hadn’t, maybe forgotten what I’m supposed to forget, you know, what I was supposed to forget. Right. And just experience life as it unfolds. That’s what’s important. Really. We have to start experiencing life as it unfolds the good, the bad, the indifference.

But when you see it from a higher let let’s face it, when you start to understand, when you see it from a higher position, you don’t go into the panic modes. As the Tao says, you stay detached and, and you just see it from the higher. It’s not that you don’t care, but you just see it from a different vantage point.

And when you do that, then yeah, it’s a whole different world. Yeah. It’s it’s, it’s interesting. Cuz when, when you’re in the thick of it, sometimes it’s, it’s really hard to see that there’s gonna be a way out and yet eventually you do make your way out and then you can look back and go, oh yeah. Okay. I can see even see why I needed to go through that because you’re right.

We do have. You know, some, some people ask you now, you know, if you had your life to do over again, would you, would you do it, you know, would you still do it the same way? And, and so, pretty much, yeah, because it is who I made me today. And so yes, some of it I would’ve loved to have done without, and it’s still, there were lessons.

I can see them now at the time. Not so much, but now I can appreciate it. Yeah. All, all the, you know, crap, frankly. that, that we go through in life, you know, sometimes I know it’s true. I think then it’s trust. I remember when I was going through my very bad divorce and I, it was a long one. It was bad.

It was just plain bad. How can I say it? Just. And, and hurtful, hurtful, and very, very devious. So not on my part. I wish I could be devious. I’m just not that tie, you know, and, but, but I did learn and, and, but the powers of perception that I learned and I learned, you know, and I, gosh, I was forgiving constantly and I did that on a reason because.

I didn’t want to, well, I had three boys. I was trying to stay strong for and build that family. But on top of that, I didn’t want it to get worse than it already was. So I kept forgiving and I swear to God, I was forgiving once a week. And there’s somebody who says, oh, does it become redundant. I think some speaker was out there.

If you forgive all. No, not if it comes from your heart, if you keep it coming from your heart only, you know, whether it’s redundant and if it is stop, but if you’re really forgiving, it’ll change the outcome and it’ll speed it up for you. And because you are not adding the fire to the fire and, and I always just said, let it be the betterment for all.

I still took the steps over to protect my children and get the child support, which that was a long battle for them. And to ensure a lot of protection things for them. They had a lot of things at stake, but I really saw a change in, in the whole way when I forgave, cuz I wasn’t adding fire to fire. I was putting water with fire.

Yeah. it makes a difference. Absolutely. And it also affords you to get above the trees. Yeah. And when you get above the trees, you understand that it’s not, God’s not just on your side, God’s on everyone’s side. There’s a news flash for you on that one. I know. Cause there’s things you don’t understand and you don’t see.

And so to get into that bird’s eye view. All of a sudden, you are trusting that the universe will unfold it the way it’s supposed to unfold. And then you help by forgiving and being the best you can be throughout. And it really, and you don’t, you don’t always have good days. It’s not like, oh, I magically forgiven.

I’m just, oh, I’m a little angel on earth, right? yeah, no, we have, yeah. Sometimes there’s days that you just. Ah, you just get so angry, but those are the days you need to process it and forgive as best you can. Maybe maybe the next day, maybe you need a date event. It’s possible. I did have one of those, a few of those.

nobody’s perfect. But it’s the process that you’re on the right road that helps you, you know? Yeah. That’s what it is. Nobody’s perfect. Really how boring that would be. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. And, and how does gratitude fit into that? Everywhere. Hmm. I know everybody talks about gratitude and I do too. I love gratitude.

Don’t get, but gratitude, gratitude is freaking powerful. I mean, if you really feel it, it is powerful. I, gratitude is the fundamental rule. It is the rule of changing your vibration immediately. I I’ll tell a quick story of my lesson with gratitude, if you’d like it was with Bob Proctor and, Bob. I knew Bob.

I studied with him. I ever since that day he was on that email saying you need to come to me. And I said, yes, I do. From that day on, I made it a point to get to know Bob. And I really, really liked Bob very much. and I, I was I was putting together a, a presentation in a part of the United States that nobody knew me.

Why? Because my friend thought it was a good idea yet. Not, not one of the best things to do. Okay. So you’re going into an area where nobody knows who you are and you’re gonna throw an event. That’s hard. Yeah. And we were doing it in New York City. Yeah. Even harder, not even Los Angeles or somewhere where they’re at least aligned with this stuff.

Right. We’re going to the hardest place at that point. Yeah. And, and they’re coming around, but really it’s not like Los Angeles. Right. It’s, it’s more Eastern anyway. So I I’m, I’m doing this wonderful event and. It’s not pulling together. No da. Right? And I found out, and I had hired my friend who had put together Bob Proctor’s Carnegie Hall that, which I spoke at.

Okay. So I can say I spoke at Carnegie Hall kind of cool. And so I, I thought, okay, if he filled that he can fill this, cuz he can draw upon those same people. I even spoke there. He can do this. Right. All right. Well, it came out that he was offering free tickets to everyone that would’ve been fine, except that it’s more expensive in New York.

And so I was already a hundred thousand in the hole. Oh no. Yikes. Yeah. And so it’s Sunday morning, this reality is hitting me that this is not working and I am driving. And it’s nine o’clock in the morning. And my head is a, is like going, you know that your guess what your critical mind says, oh boy, we get something to really go after now.

we’re gonna let Alena know that this was so bad. Oh my gosh. We’re gonna really ram her. Right. Well, that’s what what’s happening. My mind was going, oh my God. How could you be so stupid. You know the story guys. I really all go through it. So yeah, I’m going through that and I’m in my car driving because that’s a, that’s where I need to be.

If I sit down, my mind gets worse. Right. I need to be moving somehow. Yeah. Yeah. Fast focused on something else. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I gotta see a tree or something or something, a store, people. So anyway, I’m I’m so I’m really upset. And, and then I, I started, I started to tear up cuz I’m starting to think this is I’m really, I have a problem here.

And this is a friend too, and I don’t wanna hurt him, but on the other hand, I can’t do what he’s doing. So what do I do? I text Bob nine o’clock on a Sunday morning. I said, Hey Bob, do you think you, you have time to chat? And he’s, he says, surely to give me a call. So I parked my car at the end of my driveway and I call him and I say, And the first thing he said, do you know, I’ve been doing this for 50 years and nobody’s called me on a Sunday morning

I said, oh. And then I said, Bob, I’m really upset. And I told him what was happening and he didn’t say, oh, stop everything. No, he said, you gotta have you been doing your gratitude? And I got real quiet cuz I had not and I said, no. He said, Alena, you know, this stuff start doing the gratitude. I said, but Bob, he said do the gratitude.

And so I said, thank you very much. And I, I hung up. That’s all he told me. You know, for all the money people pay, that’s what he told me. And I started doing the gratitude immediately. And the, when I started to do the gratitude, and I’m not saying you do the gratitude, everyone says, okay, you write down 10 things that you really are grateful for.

Yeah. It, but it’s, you know, it’s the vibration, the universe does. The world goes by our words, right? The universe works by vibration. Exactly. So you can say thank you. And someone says, oh, I’m so glad. You’re so grateful for your dog or whatever, but if you don’t feel it, the universe doesn’t hear it. So you have got to write the things that you truly are grateful for and then read ’em through again and feel them.

Oh my gosh. I love, I say I’m grateful for my beautiful, well, I always say my boys, but I also say my big red dog and my little white dog, but. And I see how, you know, Sammy is always cuddling up with me when he sleeps and Ralphy, every time I’m doing something important, he sticks his big wet nose in my face.

And I’m just so grateful for that love of my family, my dogs, my dogs are part of the family. So everybody’s one and it lifts me up to a different level of Vibration. I’m not anymore. I’m not in that fear. Right. Right. And I’m not in that lack and, okay. So I’m spending a hundred thousand dollars on this thing and I am giving away the tickets for free.

Yeah. Whatever, and, but I am grateful. I am gonna let that go for now. And I am gonna live in that grateful state and you know what, I, I’m not gonna say, oh, miraculously, everyone started to buy it. Does the universe doesn’t work as directly as you think it just doesn’t. It never has in my life anyway, but I’m driving down the road and all of a sudden, I say, Hey, okay.

So we got some lemons. Let’s make some lemon pie. Let’s morph this into something else. Let’s make it even better than what we were gonna make it. And that’s how my Inevitable U program, which is an award-winning program, was made. And it’s got I, I brought in beautiful, powerful instructors from all over and I have from Canada, from New York, from California.

I’d love Europe, but I didn’t have anyone from Europe at that time. So I just have these wonderful instructors that are incredible coaches and experts in their field. And I also have Elizabeth Gilbert and of course you get me, both. Life is good. So you get all these people in this wonderful program it’s it truly has been.

Bob thought it was an, A-1 program. He liked it better than. So it’s gotta have something cuz he would never say that. Yeah, it’s very high praise. So with that, that program has, is on my website. It’s at and it is yeah, it is, it is a really good program, but it’s also fun. And you know, a little bit of sugar, it helps everything go down.

Right. absolutely just a spoonful. to swallow. So you swallow it better. Yeah. You swallow it better. You get it down so it can do you some good and that subconscious mind. And that’s what it is. You have a little bit of fun. Your subconscious mind doesn’t feel threatened. So I always try to make something fun or discovery or some, because we don’t need that.

Subconscious mind going crazy on me. Like it did in my car. yeah. So gratitude is very important. It is it, you know, and then from gratitude you graduate to wonder, guess what? You have the eyes of a child. And that eyes of the child is so important. That’s why it’s mentioned in the Bible. That’s why every faith, every modality, even the Wiccans and definitely the shamans, even music, the eyes of the child is the curiosity.

It is where you see the wonder it’s when you look, look up at the clouds and you see shapes, but now as a full-grown wonderful person, You see those shapes and you understand the universe is talking to me and the world changes again. You know, so it’s that wonder, and wonder is when all of a sudden we find we have a terrible pandemic or whatever our epidemic coming, or a virus.

And instead of just curling up in a ball and saying, now what? You end up at my table at lunchtime. With the saying to me, we gotta do something. And I say, yes, what do you propose? And they say, I’m gonna start a, I’m gonna turn my factory into a mask factory. See, see how that, that wonderful wonder eyes of a child.

Didn’t look at it as good or bad, but I’ve gotta do something. What am I gonna do? Right. Yeah. Eyes of a child yep. Starts with gratitude and goes to wonder, then it goes off into magic living, you know, seeing those signs, being able to start to, start to delve into your own self and hear that soul wisdom of yours.

Yeah. It all is a good stepping stone. I love it. Oh my dear. We could talk for hours. I have a feeling, but, and I have been enjoying this so much. It’s been, oh, I’m so glad. Awesome. Have people, you know, guys, you can check out hello soul right now I’m sending you to Amazon. If you go to soul manifest, I don’t know when this is gonna be airing.

Soul is actually going through a little bit of a renovation, but so Amazon, is a good place to go. For, I, you know, I don’t usually do this. Amazon is a great place to get this book. Hello, soul. It. Yeah, Peggy McCall doesn’t even read books. And she she’s like a, I don’t know how many times she’s got New York Times that woman’s something, but she loved this book.

I don’t think she’s, I was shocked. She even read it and she just endorsed it up the high end. She doesn’t endorse anything. So that’s high praise right there, but I’ll tell you what look up my YouTube channel, Alena Chapman. And if you really wanna reach out to me, I’m also Alena Chapman on Facebook. Go to messenger.

Okay. Me and send me messages there or Instagram or, anywhere. Just if you are interested in inevitable U, if you’re interested in, gosh, the mastermind I’m doing, it’s six months. We meet for 90 minutes once a yeah, I’m looking for people who are startups or stuck, or wanna take that next level and wanna build a powerful, collaborative mastermind, which people really care and will help.

That’s a good one. And then, just let me know, just let me know. And that’s the, then while we get that website going, you know? Yeah. Well, I will be sure and have all of that information in the show notes. So if you are somewhere listening to this and you don’t have a pen in hand, don’t worry. Just go to, yeah.

Go to and you will be able to see Alena’s episode and you’ll be able to get all that information there. So thank you so much for being with us today. I so appreciate. Getting to know you a bit more love getting to know you and also guys watch out, cuz she’s gonna be on magical moments.

My show that’s so that’ll be really fun. I can’t wait. We’re gonna have a good time. Yes. All right. I forward to it. All right. Thank you. Thank you, and Thank all of you for watching and for lifting. I really do appreciate you. And, remember if you got some value out of this today, tell a friend, let them know about it.

Invite them to subscribe as well on your favorite podcast platform. We’re on a, my YouTube channel as well. And until next time as always, I encourage you to go out today and every day and live fully. Love deeply and engage authentically.

Did you know that a majority of entrepreneurs tend to discount the importance of their work and a good number feel their success is simply due to luck. I know from personal experience that self doubt can keep you from having the kind of life and business you desire. That’s why I’ve created a free guide called uniquely you how to move from self doubt to self love in four simple steps. You claim your free guide. Go to live love, That’s live love, engage dot, g-i-f-t.

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