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Expanding Your R.E.A.C.H. with Adam Hommey

Adam Hommey is our guest today. He is a podcaster, speaker, author, consultant, and trainer with nearly twenty years of experience helping business creators win at business and marketing so they can thrive.

We’ll hear from Adam about the REACH System™, which helps you connect with more profitable customers, as well as his book “Groundhog Day is an Event, Not a Business Strategy.” He also discusses how to engage with your audience effectively in a way that meets the needs of everyone involved.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • What the REACH strategy is.
  • Why Adam really believes in and loves podcasting.
  • How Adam starts a conversation with his new connections.
  • What will get you above the 50% no-show rate of a strategy session.
  • How you can “credentialize” other professionals.
  • How being on a podcast can benefit your business and brand.
  • The different ways podcasters handle no-shows.
  • What Adam does to support his community of fellow podcasters.
  • Why Adam has a mailbox set up in a separate location from his home.
  • Why so many people are afraid to start their own podcast.
  • The importance of respecting the podcast host.
  • The inspiration behind his book and how he wrote it.
  • How a last-minute deadline helped him complete his book.
  • What Adam wants people to get out of reading his book.
  • Why it’s important to be prepared for every opportunity.
  • How you can connect with Adam.
  • The importance of sharing authentically and in a way that feels right for you.

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You’re listening to the live Love Engage podcast on today’s show, we’re going to be talking about how you can exponentially reach more profitable customers.

Stay tuned. I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the Love Method and author of the number one Amazon best seller, live love engage How to Stop Doubting Yourself and start being yourself. In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully. Love deeply and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence and income. Welcome to live love, engage

Namaste and welcome to live love. Engage. I am Gloria Grace Rand and I’ve got a lovely Guest with me on the show today who is a rock and roll guy. I’ll tell you, but I’m going to tell you more about him in a minute. But first, I want to just welcome Adam Hommey to live love engage.

Gloria, it is So awesome to be here. I know we’ve been speaking about a number of things over the past few months, and I have been on the edge of my seat for the opportunity to be of service to your community, market and audience. So I trust that there is something that our listeners are going to discover as they lean in, tune in and open their opportunities to what’s before them that they may find beneficial in their businesses and their lives.

Absolutely, yes. Yes, I had the pleasure of being a guest on your podcast and I appreciate that very much that opportunity. So let me get down to it and share with our listeners and viewers on YouTube just who Adam Hommey is. You are a speaker, author, trainer and a consultant with nearly 20 years experience helping business creators win at the game of business and marketing so you can thrive from your intersection of your brilliance and Your passion while making a Difference for your community, market and audience. He’s the author of Groundhog Day is an Event, Not a Business Strategy, which we may talk about that a little bit later, too, because I’m very curious to hear about that. And I want to get started talking about right now is that he’s also the creator of something called the REACH System, and Reach is an acronym, which I’m sure he’ll explain, and it’s a way to be able to help you to exponentially reach more profitable customers. So, yeah, tell us a little bit. Yeah, let’s start there. Tell us a little bit about the reach system, and then I might go back later and get a little bit more into how you came to be here today, what what your background is.

I’ve been involved in podcasting For about 10 years Now, both as a host and as a guest. I was also involved in the launch of one of the very first agencies that Pioneered the current Environment of business that connects podcast hosts with podcast guests. And in fact, I was other than her dad, her very first paying clients. I’ve almost pretty much revealed who it is anyway. It’s something that’s always fascinated me. This modality Of podcasting as Not even so much a competitor, but is a new wave of how we share information and make connections with each other. I’ve been arguing for Many years that the Primary, in my view, Impact of social Media is the democratization of information dissemination, and that’s a lot of long words. So let me break it down. Yeah. These days, If I decided that I wanted to Be a news network, I can set up a website, I can install WordPress, go to some company like Theme Forest, do a search for news media WordPress themes. Find one, upload it, get somebody to whip me up a logo, and by three o’clock this afternoon, I could be a news network. Just post a few articles on it. And voila, I’m now, I’m now a news source. So that’s both a blessing and a curse for us. But the curse? Let’s just get out of the way. It’s anybody can get up there and spew anything. The blessing and I like to focus on the blessings of things is that allows for new voices to be heard outside of the narrow container of the censorship that is practiced by the corporate owned media. Yeah, I don’t act me on that because it’s documented.

At any rate. I’m a big believer in free speech, I’m a believer that we all have our intersections of our brilliance and our passion. We have our own unique gifts that we bring to the world, and I love how podcasting is a vehicle To do that.

It’s actually pretty simple to get started. And when you have a system in place, that enthusiasm makes you enthusiastic to keep going. It builds with grandma alchemy used to refer to as stick to itiveness where you find yourself just naturally excited about the prospect of interviewing new people every single week and our Variation of Podcasting and their competitors of mine and I happen to be friends with a lot of my competitors. There’s a lot of focus on interview influencers. Well, I focus on becoming influencer. Use your podcast is your key networking client attraction and celebrity expert branding tool.

As you do that, you will connect with more People who will become part of your tribe, part of your alliance and part of your movement to make the change that you want to see in the world. In fact, I’ll I’ll preface something I know that you want to discuss further. The way you and I met is As I was building my everything podcasting community, it’s the name of my Facebook group. You were one of the folks who were invited to join, and then I decided to start what I called the Brilliance Plus Passion Project, which is a podcast. My goal in doing that podcast and I have two different podcasts that serve two different purposes. But the purpose of this one is I looked in that group and I saw hundreds of people who were in my group. Some of them were new friends, some of them were old friends, and I wanted to. In fact, I’m still dedicated to having a sit down and having a conversation With every Single one of them. So what am I going to do? Am I going To message Them and say, Hey, great to connect? How are you? Ok, that’s OK. That’s not creepy. And that never shows up when they’re extremely busy. All right.

Or or I Could say, Hey, Gloria, I noticed you is a coach. What do you think about coaching today? Ok. Gee, that’s not. That’s not opening a fake conversation. Inevitably lead to me pitching you. Exactly. And then there’s my favorite, which is, Hi Gloria, glad to connect. And then they get a message about this long. That’s me. Me, me, me, me. Case study, case study. Case study result result results. You’re not in business if you don’t reply to this. When can we schedule a conversation? And then there’s the other.

It’s like, Hey, I like to get to know my connections in depth. Want to hop on a zoom for a virtual coffee? Yeah. So you can tell me about your business and hope I volunteer myself as a client. Now, let’s take all those aside and contrast them to this approach. Hey, Gloria, it’s really nice to connect with you. So I have a podcast. Would you like to be on it? Boom, you’re you’re most likely. And when I keep it real pithy like that? Yeah. Nice to meet you. I have a podcast. Would you like to consider being on it? That’s the entire message we don’t get into the pitch of. This is the name of the podcast. It’s about This is who we serve. This is our avatar. I have a podcast one on. That’s it. I simply want to get the I simply want to get the answers of yes or tell me more. And at that point, we’ve opened a conversation. Then once we get you on the show, we then have the opportunity to get to know each other a bit more in depth in a way that allows us to mutually serve our respective communities, markets and audience as we build the know, like and trust between us. So by the time we get done with the interview and we get what’s known as the green room. Those of us already have a bit of a sense of, wow, we might really enjoy working with this person in another level, whether it be, you know, you becoming my client, me becoming your clients, or maybe we do something together, or maybe one of us has an opportunity to introduce the other two, maybe somebody else, a referral for the other person. The point of it is it Opens conversations that lead to more closed deals and expanded opportunities.

Absolutely. Yeah, I love that. And I one one thing you mentioned early on that I will point to is the fact that having a podcast, it does, especially if you’re doing interviews like like you do, like I do, is that I really do look forward to interviewing people. I look forward To meeting Them to learning all about them, and it is a wonderful way to be able to connect. And I’m also serving the audience as well by allowing them to learn about my guest and what they have to offer. So yes, ma’am. So tell me so. So obviously, I guess that or I should say I gather, then the reach system has something to do with this, but what?

What does it? Does it stand for something or are you just being clever and putting periods after each letter?

No, we know reach stands for something. So it’s An acronym. The R stands for Represent, Reinvent and Reverberate Your Business and brand. So it’s about creating your media outlet, using the power of organic content, multipurpose purposing to multiply your current efforts and take charge of the conversation with your community, marketing effort and audience rather.

The E is about engaging Your ideal prospects clients, customers and business allies. The analogy I gave you before of what are some of the messages you receive from your new social media connections? Then there’s one I didn’t mention, there’s the free strategy session model like, Hey, nice to connect with you, I’m offering free strategy sessions about blah blah blah blah blah right now. Would you like to sign up and you’re thinking, Gee, I’d like to connect with them, but if I have to sit through a pitch, no.


However. In contrast to what can be up to a 50 percent, yes, 50 percent no show rate on scheduled free strategy sessions. Podcasts have a ninety-nine percent yes Show rate. I think I think in my many years of being a podcast guest, I might have missed one episode. In fact, what actually stands out is it was a Tuesday, and I ended up writing to my guest apologizing for missing the episode, and it turned out I was wrong. The interview was actually on Wednesday. He busted my chops with that one big good. And as far as being a host, I think there’s been. One case where the person just didn’t show up at all and didn’t respond to our attempts to get them on the air, and I later found out the person had brain cancer. Oh, which to me is a pretty valid is a pretty valid justification for maybe mixing up your schedule a little. Yeah, that’s just not only bring that up, just to Illustrate how high of a success rate in terms of creating the engagement the podcast gives you. That’s the E. Yeah, the a achieve greater presence and make a difference. The democratization of information to dissemination means we all can raise our own voices and make our messages heard. And it also as a host. By interviewing people, you credentialize Them, by allowing me, by gifting me this opportunity to share on your show, your credentials, using me Saying, Hey, this some Guy, he he is somebody who I think highly of. He’s somebody who I think has some good information, so I deem him worthy to be on my show.

Your credentials, mate.

That’s that’s a feather in my cap. Just like I gave you a feather when you’re under burdens plus passion project. So in doing so, you transform folks into unpaid evangelists for your business and brand because they want to share their on your show. The sea is close more deals and create the business and lifestyle you deserve. I said it earlier open more conversations that lead to more closed deals and expanded opportunities. Persuade prospects you have not yet met to see themselves hiring you to deliver your products and solutions and create their results in the age. Has a double meaning harmonize with your market and become the hunted, not the Hunter. So by having the modality of podcasting gives you the opportunity to do real time message testing to find out how you calibrate and harmonize with the avatars you’re seeking to reach and what’s also really cool about it. And I discovered this The first Of maybe 30 or 40 times this has happened to me over the Years.

I still get a laugh over it. I think of all those times before I had a podcast where I really wanted to connect with somebody and I reached out to them and they said, Oh, I don’t have time for you, don’t bother me again. And then those same people, once word got out that I had a podcast and they started to see some interesting names in my lineup, and I guess they said, Hey, I saw your podcast and I was wondering, is my topic something you might be interested? And I said, Well, you know, I’ll tell you what I did candidly is I actually like most of them on, but I did say, Hey, remember this email that you’re your assistant Sent me back in two thousand Nine where you suggested I do this anatomically impossible thing because I had the nerve to say hello to you. So the point about That is instead of, you know, being the Hunter saying, please, Please, please, please, may I have another bowl of porridge? Now you have people chasing you down. Yes. And think of it this way. Think of it this way. I have said I have an article I wrote about this, which is caused a bit of controversy, right? The title of it is actually candidly launch your podcast and get free business coaching. If I if I were to come to You and say, Gloria, you know, I like that those posts you’re doing And I’m kind of interested in that Topic. Is there any way that we can hop on a zoom and I could pick your brain for a little bit? Ok, now compare that to Gloria, I saw your post on X, and I find that Pretty interesting and I happen to have a podcast and I take my listeners would be interested too. Would you like to be on? I’ve said and my and my usual answer to people who want to pick my brain is as follows, I say, Oh, so you want to pick my Brain, huh? Well, you have a podcast.

If they say yes, I say cool, have me on it, promote me out, promote the hell out of it, make it one of your greatest hits episodes, and I’ll give you my really good stuff.

I like that

You don’t have. You may give away more when you’re being interviewed on a podcast. Yes, because you know it’s benefiting your business and brand. Then when you’re letting somebody pick your brain because they’re trying to pick up the crumbs rather than pay for coaching? Absolutely. You actually find yourself in, you know, if you actually find that even though you know your host is picking your brain, you may actually give them more because you perceive a mutual benefit in doing so.

And if and if you have a good rapport with the coat with the host too, I think you you naturally Just give because Of that, you know, because they’ve made you feel at ease and and you’re actually so right because I really have had some interesting people on my show who have really shared really interesting things and things I didn’t even know about. Some I did, but it was nice to hear it from another perspective. So even though we were like, complimentary of ways of thinking, but she came at it from a different angle. And so it is a really great way to be able to to learn it and, as you say, sort of get some free coaching along the way. That’s kind of an interesting way to look at it. Didn’t do that intentionally, but it is a nice benefit of podcast of hosting your own podcast, isn’t it?

Exactly, exactly.

Yeah. There was one other thing you mentioned, oh yes, when you also mentioned about the about the no shows and I just saw. And it’s not even discovery sessions where people don’t show up for those. I saw a post just yesterday from a friend of mine who’s a massage therapist who had someone didn’t show up for their appointment and everybody’s like, Well, do you have a cancellation policy in mind? You need to be. You need to be billing them for that for your time. And and it’s true. It’s like I have I think I’ve only had maybe one or two people who didn’t show up, and it was for something where they legitimately thought it was the wrong time. And I think I even did that myself where I was a guest. And I,

Yeah, I said too. But I mean, I said over over ten years, I admit to one or two.

Yeah, yeah. As opposed to.

And I also admit to one time where I had my guest actually dialing in to do the interview, and I cancelled it right when we were about to start. But I was doing with

Some actual existential Life stuff at the moment where I just could not mentally do that interview. And they were understanding and we rescheduled it then and there, so. And they themselves being a pro, understand it. Life happens sometimes. Now what? I don’t know, what I don’t accept is if somebody keeps using my scheduling App to Reschedule the interview for five or six times, it’s like, No, my podcast is not a vending machine for your convenience. In fact, what people need to be aware Of is If you are booked to be on somebody’s podcast, even if your interview has not been recorded yet, you’re probably already baked into their marketing schedule Because They have an expectation. The interview will happen on the date and time that it’s been scheduled for, and then it’ll then appear in the Lineup X number of days, episodes or weeks away. Right. So to just say, Oh well, I can just go to one tab or cowardly and I’ll just click the reschedule button, OK, I might allow it once when it starts to get this two, three or four times, I say, Look, my my my podcast Is not a Vending machine and it’s not your own YouTube channel. We take our bookings very seriously, so depending on my mood, the person and a lot of other things, I may, I may say something. The effect of, OK, I see you’ve rescheduled this twice. This is the date that it is now going to happen. You cannot reschedule it again or you’re not going to be on the show. I may phrase that slightly nicely, slightly more nicely and rearrange the words a little bit, but that’s actually the message I want them to hear, which is you’ve already done this twice. There is no third time you’re committed To this date. You will show Up with bells on ready to go or you will not be on my show.

Yeah, absolutely. And that’s the thing is that people need to be aware of is that this is your show and you are allowed to set the rules. You are allowed to say, Yes, I want you on and no, I don’t want you on. And that’s Ok because I encourage people just to be nice about it, I said, I mean, I’ve I’ve requested to be on shows and and my booking agency has put forth its clients or our clients asking the host to interview them. And I remember I remember two types of hosts, more than any others, the ones who were really, really nice about it, whether they said yes or no. And the ones that were complete jerks about it. And and in both cases, I do tell the stories not only to on other podcasts like this one like I’m doing right now, but also to what I call my Mac, my mutual assistance community. As a podcaster myself, I’m allies with other podcasters. So if one of us has a guest on and I and I think, you know, this person would be really great on Denise’s show too, I might say, Hey Denise, I had so-and-so on my Show here. Check out their one sheet. I think they may be good for you too, which like to interview them. Mm hmm. However, I could also say, Denise, you know, I just had this person on and and Their their name Was their name was their name was Terry or Tracy or Jamie or or Lou Or John Or whatever. And I would say, you know, I had I had John Smith on. And boy, is he a prima donna pain in the ass?

Well, I Just pulled Denise’s coat on that. And guess what? Booking he’s not going to get? Mm hmm. Yeah, yeah. So my advice to everybody. And I’m going to quote Eli Delaney, who’s our mutual friend, although I’m going to sanitize his quote a little bit is Just freaking be nice. Yes.

Absolutely. Absolutely. It gets you so much More In the world. And I also encourage people to be authentic with podcasting. It’s metta Marketing where

People get to see who you authentically are. It’s and that’s actually the whole point about it. If they’re considering working with you as a client Or Or having you as a client, then you want to see what people Are really all about.

So right now, you see my office supervisor, Princess Alexandra Francesca, who is briefly joining us here. And if somebody were to look at this, they may say, Oh, look at the cat daddy holding his little princess. Oh, those are my people. Yes. Now, now there may be some watching to say, Oh, he’ll let his cat on the show. How unprofessional? See, I don’t know. Yeah, not that they’re not nice people, but we just may not click at that level because in our interpersonal interactions, most of them are going to begin with the story of the latest thing my cat did.

Yes, absolutely.

Oh, Sandra or her sister Stella, who is right now taking a nap on her upside down cat bed?

Well, you’re fortunate to have them. Or maybe not, depending. Have them with you. Minor in the other room. So some occasionally I will. If I have a UPS delivery, you may hear my dog. But thankfully the UPS truck already came today, so we’re good. You won’t be hearing my dogs barking.

I so care that a long time ago, all my mail goes to a third party mailbox. I figured this one out well over 10 years ago. I was living in my first apartment. I’d been in business for about a year and a half. I lived in this building at 16 units in most of the demographic where people who work nine to five jobs. There were cases where during the day I’d be the only person in that building. So the regular ups guy would come by and a couple of times I just happened to be walking down the steps and we were standing outside the door and I was like, OK, this is the ups guy. I’ll open the door so you can leave the package on the inside. Right? Oh, he started to put two and two together, And he made a comment To me and said, Hey, you know what? From now, from now on, I’m just going to buzz you when I need a package late at night. I said, Well, not only is that not going to happen, but I will be speaking with your supervisor to reinforce that message in case you’re not hearing it right now.

Yeah, that’s not good. I’m not your doorman.

And it was about two days Later that I had an external mailbox set up And everything goes there. I even have it set up so that my residential mailing address will reject incoming mail was returned to sender.

Oh wow, OK.

Nothing comes to me here. I say that. And the reason why is actually very simple. Those inconvenient knocks on the door when you’re in the middle of something. That’s true. Yeah. And this and this goes to environment, noise control and and this is the concern of some podcasters have a lot of times it’s just little things. Does it matter if your mailbox is right next to your door or if you stop by three times a week because your your mailbox is next to the grocery store you shop at, it makes no difference. And and you know, I had I had a case where after I got the external mailbox and I Notified, I notified, say all the people in the family and the family friends group and all that. And I had one of them say, you know, That’s kind of a that’s kind of a Rude way to treat a family member. You should not be having them send to a third party mailbox. What is your? Personal mailbox, and I said, look, if you want to send something to me and I tell you to send it to a mailbox in Vladivostok, Siberia, to have it forwarded through, to have it forwarded to Canada via Transnistria To Ultimately land on my Doorstep after a passage Through New Hampshire and Oregon, then that’s what you’re going to do. Otherwise, don’t send me anything

Really what you said,

And I’m only sharing that slight amount of abrasiveness to it because to be successful in this. We’ve discovered that sometimes entrepreneurs are reluctant to start their podcast for a number of reasons, but it really comes down to is fear and it’s a fear of disappointing yourself. It’s a fear of disappointing somebody. It’s a fear of looking like an idiot.

It’s a fear Of. Somebody thinking you’re a jerk because you stood up for the. Standards of your show or the standards of your business, right, and sometimes you just have to Take that attitude Of, hey, look, as you said, it’s mine. Yeah.

Exactly. If you want different standards, start your own podcast, right? And that’s all just like it would be start your own business. I mean,

I’ve I’ve and I’ve had folks say to me, Well, You know, like my Business creator’s radio show, which is one of my shows, is audio only their 60 minute episodes. They’re like listening in on private mastermind conversations. I conduct them while sitting out on my balcony, slouched down in my lounge chair. And I usually have a cigar lit that is not a media pose, and I’m not going to hold a media pose for an hour while I have that conversation going to happen. So if I if I have, the people say but but why? Why can’t you turn your camera on? It’s like, because it’s my show and I don’t. Yeah, it’s an audio show. I do. Now you’re on my other podcast, which does have a video component to it because I I chose to. Now, if I know Your show, when you Invited me to be on yours, you inform me that both video and audio. So I’m not going to say, Well, I don’t do video. So how can I like?

No, no, no,

No, no. This is gloria’s show. I’m going to show up the way Gloria needs me to show up, and I’m going to do a damn good job.

And so far, so good.

I appreciate it. Thank you. The story I like to tell is I live In Las Vegas, it’s in the Pacific Time Zone and I’m more a night owl by nature. So there may Be opportunities For me to be on. Shows where the episode would actually take place Is something like eight a.m.. Now I’m often not Even awake by that time. And on the days that I allow phone calls to be scheduled, they don’t have them before 10:00 a.m. my time because I just don’t like to jump in. But if I have a podcast opportunity that I really want and it’s going to happen at eight a.m., I’m going to get a wake up call and make sure I’m there for it.


Yeah. You don’t know why, because that is my opportunity to be of service. And that’s how the other person wants to do it on their platform. That’s how I’m going to do it. So you keep that mindset and you just take all that prima donna nonsense and just forget about it and just focus on this is an opportunity for me to be of service and make the world a better place by being part of it. And forget about all those little rider requirements and the green M&Ms and everything else now. I mean, now Some I occasionally get Folks who say, You know, don’t ask Me about politics or don’t ask me about my wine collection, whatever it’s like, I wasn’t going to anyway, but I won’t.

Yeah, that sounds good. I wanted to Ask you a little bit about I’m intrigued by the name of your book that you wrote. We mentioned it at the beginning. So Groundhog Day is an event, also a movie, but not a business strategy. So what do you mean by that?

All right.

Back in, there was a three year period in my Life where I didn’t know what I wanted to
Be when I grew up. So I Had clients. I loved working with the clients. I loved the work I was doing with those clients, but I didn’t really know what kind of business I wanted to have. And the marketing I had done up until then referred to things I really didn’t want to do anymore of. When I looked into the future, all I saw was a blank screen. So what do you think that did to my marketing? It kind of killed it, except I had the business creator’s radio Show where every week I opened a new conversation, It could lead to close deals
And expanded opportunities. Hmm. Well, at the end of that period. A friend of mine actually gave me this idea. His his name is George Bruno. He’s an actor, among other things. He said that he liked to visit my Facebook wall because almost every day I would post either a rant about something or share about something I saw interesting. And he said, I love. I love keeping up with additions of the daily atom. I thought, OK, the daily Adam is already taken. So what about the morning, Adam? Ok, well, there is a morning Adam out there, but he hasn’t done anything in three years, so I’m going to go with that one. It’s not. And then I checked. It wasn’t trademarked or copy written, so I made it. I made a decision. I started a blog simply called The Morning Adam, the only design was an avatar of my face. That’s it for 90 days. Whatever I posted anywhere on social media that inspired me, I wanted to share that was grinding my gears or what have you. Even if it was just funny stories, whatever it was, I was in the post that blog once a day use a social media channel to build a following around

It, which went pretty well. At the end of the 90 days, go back into the WordPress site and categorize those blog posts into categories. Categories became chapters Which went into the outline of this thing Called a book.

Oh, very good.

Let’s go to. I first Outlined it right Around. I think it was December twenty sixteen give or take and then life got in the way. And, you know, the project kind of got set aside. I suddenly got real busy with business and I just wasn’t in a position to write a book. So then fast forward to say, maybe July, August, twenty seventeen. I was speaking with my business coach, Jim Palmer, and I told him that I really had this project. It’s still on my mind. And he asked me. Bottom line. Why do you want to write a book and this is the owner of success in publishing, which is a company that helps people write their books?


And I gave the answer. I said, you know, it’s been my experience, not only for myself, but with a lot of other entrepreneurs I work with And even some of the People on this call. Believe it or not, that. No matter what happens in their business, what are they launch something really big or some opportunity comes along that sets them into orbit by the time the dust settles. They keep finding themselves right back in that same place where they have the exact same level of profitability or lack thereof. Sometimes it’s even the same dollar amounts and those same irritating, annoying questions that are these big problems they keep trying to solve are still there year after year after year. Why hasn’t the subscriber list grown?

Why haven’t we added a zero To our revenues, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera? And I said and I mentioned a Jim. It feels like during that movie Groundhog Day, except in Hell, Which is actually a Quote from NYPD Blue referring to Groundhog Day. And he said Groundhog Day is an Event, not a Marketing strategy. I said, well, this isn’t a marketing book, it’s a business book. Ok, business strategy. Is it Groundhog Day? Is an event, not a business strategy. So to tell you the final piece of the story? Again, I got really busy with some things, and next thing, you know, it’s about January 5th twenty eighteen. Mm hmm. I. Have this outline. I had already copy pasted The episode, the blog Post, into a master word document where I could begin laying the groundhog story in the analogy is on top of it and frame the transitions and everything. So I was on my way.

I realize now think about It, what is the best day of the year to launch a book that has the word Groundhog Day in it? Every second, every second. So here it is, about January 5th. And I’m thinking, OK, I’m either going to wait another Year or this, I’m going to wait another year to write this book. Or publish this book or I’m going to retitle it and do it a little later this year, but then I lose the groundhog theme, which I’d already developed to a certain degree. And it might not be as interesting to either me or my audience.

The very next day, I had the opportunity. There was a there was a seminar happening here in Las Vegas and they had a Speaker in their Lineup who canceled. I happen to be friends with the meeting planner behind that event. She put out a post on social media saying We need a speaker to fill in on such and such a topic. Well, son of a gun, I’m a speaker on that topic. They were asking for, I said, I said, I’m right. I said them right here. I’ve got examples right now of that topic. I have a signature talk that’s based on
That topic that I can. I could get up on stage and do right now I’m here in Las Vegas. You don’t have to pay for my hotel. You don’t have to pay for my flight. In fact, I even come with an illuminated glove compartment.

Where do I sign? And and at that point, I decided. Screw it, let’s do it. I went to that, I went to that seminar and gave a speech and I announced it. Groundhog Day as an event, not a business strategy, would be hitting shelves on Friday, February 2nd 2018.

Then I cleared My then I cleared my calendar for a week, went to my secret hiding place and just camped out there all day. And within a week, I basically had the book done, and it was just a matter of having the introduction transcribed a couple little things, I added getting a little bit Of Peer feedback. Fear, fear, feedback. They kind of mean the same thing, a little editing, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Have somebody teach me how to post it on Amazon. Round up the people who have been following the morning, Adam and the people who’ve been following my posts about the progress of my book pull them all into a private Facebook group and rally them on February 2nd. They’re going to go buy the Kindle copy for ninety nine cents so I can get my international bestsellers badge and son of a gun. We did it.

It’s amazing what a deadline will do for you.

Broke all the rules. Screw it. Let’s do it. So option one was wait another year. Option two was change the title and be bored with it. Option three was do it anyway. Mm hmm. And this book is not perfect. There’s one place where it says Here are the three reasons why something. And then it goes on to list five of them, and I forgot to go back and read it after I came up with two more when I was in the developmental editing process. I have a copy of the groundhog book that sits on my desk, and it has as Post-it notes and stuff in it that mark the couple edits it needs if I ever go up and decide to edit the manuscript, which I’m not going to do. Well, care, so what I mean. The best review I ever got, and unfortunately, this is a guy who did not really use the internet. His name was Trevor. He’s a guy I knew here in Las Vegas, and he attended one of my local book signings and bought it there. He told me that he had been sitting out on his patio one morning after he bought the book. He had his coffee and he had a Cigar and he started Reading the Groundhog Book. After I’d read about 10 pages, he just started laughing and couldn’t stop laughing because he read the page when he read the words on those pages. He could hear my voice saying them.

That’s exactly what I wanted.

I want people to pick up that book and see authentically who I am, how I think, and what motivates me for my intersection of my brilliance and my passion. Take it or leave it. I hope the right people take it.

A lot of. And you you I just want to point out for those listening that there’s a couple of really important points that you shared there in that story of things that you did.

And one of them was Being prepared, the fact that you had a signature talk ready and that also then that you were able to take advantage of opportunities that came along. So when someone said, Hey, We’ve got an opening for a Speaker, you Were like, I’m there, I’ve got It. And you were ready and prepared to take advantage of that. And then if they said, if they said the speaker missed their flight, we need somebody to get on stage in two hours.

I could have done it.

Yeah, that was that was simply a Matter of saying, OK, send me Your logo so I can add it to the slides and make it look like yours. Tell me a little bit about the events. I’ll take 10 minutes and go over my slides and maybe change a couple of things. Then I just need to get my suit on. Have my get my assistant on board to cancel the rest of my day, and I’ll see you in two hours.

Yeah, yeah. And that’s and that’s perfect. That’s and that’s that’s really important. If you want to be a public speaker, that’s what you need to do. You’ve got to be prepared. And and then I do love how you did take advantage of that to state that, you know what? I’m going to publish this book on that day because it really did make sense. I have the same thing with my book because it Was a big Part of it deals with my sister and her birthday was February twenty first. And then when I realized that this year was going to be twenty twenty one was like, OK, I have to have the book done in order that it can be published on that day.

Oh, two twenty One Twenty one

Yeah, yeah.

So it’s it’s all divine timing, so I love it. You have shared a wealth of information here today and I Am really Pleased that you could be here and there’s like so much and I love your passion. It definitely comes through along with your brilliance.

I wanted to Invite you to share with our audience. If someone wants to be Able to get a hold of you and maybe join either the podcast community, or maybe They want to contact You about being a guest or offering to have you be a guest on their podcast. What’s the best way to connect with you?

Ok, the easiest way, of course, is to join the everything podcasting community on Facebook, and we do have a URL for that. So you don’t have to go searching. It’s WW W Dot Everything Podcasting Dot Group. I’ll say that again slowly W-w-what everything
Podcasting Thought group, Not dot com, because that’s being held hostage by a domain broker dot group, and that’ll give you a direct link to join the Everything podcast and Facebook group. That’s really the fastest way, because most of the time that I spend on Facebook is in fact in groups, and that’s obviously since it’s mine. One of the more I spend a fair amount of time. If you want to connect with me on social media as of our conversation, the only two places you’ll find Me are On Facebook and LinkedIn.

So those are the two places you should connect. We pick the one you like best or pick both. I may have. I may have profiles in other places. The if they even exist, you’ll probably see that they’re all blacked out because I don’t use them. Don’t add me Facebook, LinkedIn. I reserve the right to modify my answers to that later, but I want to make one other final point OK? As an entrepreneur, as an influencer, whatever you call yourself and this is for our audience, there are so many different ways you can exude your brilliance and your passion. Make a difference for your community, market and audience. About nine months ago, I looked at all these social media networks that I was on, and a lot of them were just repeating content from the ones I actually participate in. There was one network in particular I couldn’t even stand logging in to because just the way that they use their algorithms to control what displays in their sidebars and the way that they amplify certain content. See somebody who understands neural linguistic programming and how psyops work. I knew that the entire platform was designed to engage me by enraging me, making me feel down, make me feel sad, making me feel like my side was losing. And everybody was out to get me so that I would get in there and start yelling at people. I don’t want that.

So bleep. Yeah. I feel so much better. You don’t have to be where everybody else tells you you have to be. That’s just because they say something like, well, if you’re not on this platform, then you’re not really in business or how can you call yourself a podcaster if you’re not on Instagram? They’re easy. I call myself a podcaster. I’m on an Instagram. I just did it look.


And in the case of Instagram and again, I reserve the right to change my answer these questions later. I don’t have many pictures of myself.

I don’t I. Not only do I not take selfies. I’d like to see selfies eradicated because I believe that selfies kill their websites that track selfie related deaths and injuries. I think they’re the worst thing that’s happened to our society in the past hundred years. As far as how We dialogue With each other, I mean, there are so many studies, oh my god, I hate selfies. But anyway, so you’re not going to see me taking many selfies.

I don’t take pictures of much stuff. And part of that Is because I tend to be a very private person as far as how I move To the world.

If you ever see pictures of me posted at a seminar or conference or what have you. You can pretty much take it for granted. That seminar or conference is already over because I don’t like things posted about myself when I’m not home. Hmm. All that being said, what the hell do I need to be on a platform that’s about pictures?


And in my communication, I do best with the written word. I do live streams in my everything podcasting group once a week. Yeah, they’re on Wednesdays. Usually I usually have notes in front of me because that’s how I do better presentations. That’s how I do it authentically. I don’t like doing live streaming personally, but I will do it in that case because I feel that it’s appropriate and I feel that it’s a great way of engaging. So my bottom line to you is find ways Of sharing that you will not only be comfortable with it, will be in alignment with your authenticity, with your truth. And will motivate you to want to

Keep doing it, that’s how I feel about podcasting, I Love the opportunity to have these candid, meaningful conversations with great people Like like you, Gloria.

So that’s why I do it. I could do a hundred different things with podcasting is my thing.

And that’s what I want. Everybody in the Audience to consider is find your intersection of your brilliance and your passion and serve authentically Your community, market and audience and make The world a better place with you Being in it on your Terms, in alignment with your truth.

Absolutely. I love it. Yeah, and I’m 100 percent with you. You don’t have to be everywhere every all the time just because people say that you need to be there. So like, you know, if you don’t want to be on Clubhouse, you don’t have to be on Clubhouse. If you don’t want to be on Instagram. Don’t be on Instagram.

It’s OK. There is plenty Of places out there to hang out and to meet awesome people like yourself. So thank you so much for being here. I appreciate your assistant showing up from time to time, too. She’s very beautiful kitty.

Oh yes, yes, yes, she she runs things around here, as you can See I think. My biggest concern about her and I and those of your audience who are Laura fouls, which means people who like cats will understand that there’s something about a cat’s ability to step on your keyboard and find the one Button that will screw Everything up.

Yeah, yeah, I try to let my near it anymore.


More than once I’ve walked away from my computer Or my laptop while leaving it Logged in and come back later to see that Alessandra or her sister had gotten on the keyboard and Managed to post to my social media, No. And it looks like about 19 lines of the letter f or whatever. It’s to the point where I’m recognized enough as the world’s best cat daddy that people will reply to these posts and say, Hi Kitty or Alessandra. Get off the keyboard. I’m telling Your dad,

I love it. I love it. Oh, goodness. Well, we could talk all day and all night and we could. But I’ve got some other stuff to do today, and I’m sure you do too as well. So thank you again for being here. I appreciate it. I will have all of the information about the Facebook group will be in the show notes for everyone.

So if you’re not in a place to have jotted that Information down, don’t worry. Go to Live Love Engage podcast and you’ll be able to see not only this episode, but all of our previous episodes.

And I appreciate you For being there and for listening and watching and until next time. As always, I encourage you to go out and live fully. Love deeply and engage authentically.

Did you know that a majority of entrepreneurs tend to discount the importance of their work and a good number feel their success is simply due to luck? I know from personal experience that self-doubt can keep you from having the kind of life and business you desire. That’s why I’ve created a free guide called Uniquely You How to Move From Self-doubt to Self-love in four simple steps to claim your free guide. Go to live love. Engage dot gift that’s live love Engage dot G I F.T.

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