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6 Ways to Use Video as a Marketing Tool

Online video is more popular than ever, and with inexpensive cameras on the market, like the Flip camera, there’s really no reason why you can’t incorporate video into your marketing efforts.

However, if you want to use video to demonstrate products or emphasize corporate branding, you’ll be much better off if you spend the money to hire a professional videographer to do the work for you. The difference in quality will be noticeable, and well worth your investment.

Where to post your videos for maximum exposure

1. Video-sharing sites – Uploading your videos to video-sharing sites like YouTube, Viddler or Vimeo is a great way to get your message across to a large audience. Remember to include keywords in your title and description so people searching for the content in your video will have a better chance of finding it.

2. Website – Including video on your website is almost essential these days if you want to engage your audience. This is where you might consider using professional video, especially if you’re going to do product demos. If you’re featuring testimonials, then you can get away with the DIY style of video.

3. Blog – A blog is a perfect place to incorporate video. If you do any speaking engagements, you can include clips in your blog. Consider sharing other people’s videos in your blog from time to time too, so it’s not always about “you.”

4. Social networking sites – Sharing your videos on social networking sites is another great way to distribute your message. 20 million videos are uploaded to Facebook every month. And if you have a custom page on Facebook, consider putting a video there. Believe it or not, Twitter has emerged as a popular video sharing site, even outpacing Facebook, at least according to TubeMogul.

5. Email – Incorporating video into your emails has been shown to improve conversions. In fact, according to a study by Implix, video increased email marketing click-through rates by 96.38%! (Of course, it’s possible people were just curious about the content, but it’s still an impressive statistic.) Since only a few email marketing providers can handle video, you’ll probably have to host your video elsewhere, and just include a picture of your video in the email with a link to it. Remember to use text to describe the video, and if possible use flash video (FLV) to achieve higher compression rates.

6. Podcasts – Consider creating a podcast of your videos, and then submit it to a few podcast directories to get the maximum exposure for your content, such as

Remember to keep in mind your target market when creating a video. Think about why you want someone to watch your video and what action you want them to take after they view it.

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  1. how about vidoe site maps? do you know how to configure them?

    • No, I haven’t done that before, but that it is a good idea. But I found some information on Google that should help.


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