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The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Engaging Email Welcome Sequence

By Liz Slyman

Writing an engaging welcome email sequence is a talent that comes naturally to few copywriters. Thankfully, it’s a skill that can be honed and one worthy of the effort considering 78% of marketers claim it’s the reason for their success. While there always seems to be some new marketing scheme or platform, email reigns supreme in terms of return on investment with research showing an average of $42 earned for every $1 spent

If you’re one of the many that need to sharpen the skill of writing email campaigns, we have several tips for you to follow and we’re even going to show you a template to use when crafting your very own welcome email sequence. Time to go to school!

Lesson 1: The Buyer’s Journey

The key to writing an email campaign that engages the reader is to understand where they’re at in what’s known as the buyer’s journey. This path depicts the thought process one takes from first considering a purchase to committing to purchasing it. Let’s briefly go over the three stages of the journey. 

Stage 1: Awareness

This is when the buyer first realizes they have a need or pain point that needs to be addressed. 

Stage 2: Consideration

After realizing their need, the buyer then starts to research ways to fix it and compare providers so they can determine who to purchase from. 

Stage 3: Decision

After researching their options, the buyer commits to purchasing from a particular company and the journey is over. 

Understanding this thought process will come into play as you decide what your new subscriber needs to hear in the individual emails that you’ll be writing. For example, if they’re needing more persuading to make their purchase, you could offer them a discount to sweeten the deal. 

How to Write an Engaging Welcome Email Sequence

Anytime that you’re writing an email sequence, you have to find ways to stand out from the crowd and make sure that your message is seen and heard. The best way to do this is by always including the following key elements in your campaign. 

A Captivating Subject Line

Before someone decides to open your email, they first read your subject line to determine their interest. A subject line has to grab the reader’s attention and convince them that there’s something inside of the email that’s worth their time. Many marketers have had success using the reader’s personal name and asking an open-ended question that the reader will want to know the answer to. 


When possible, you want to make the email feel as though it was written directly to the reader rather than a mass of people. You can do this by inserting their name through the message and also referencing personal information such as past purchases. 

Always Include Special Ingredients

Whether you’re writing your first or 50th email campaign, you should always be sure to include what we refer to as the “special ingredients” of marketing emails. Keep this list handy anytime you’re writing an email script to get a headstart on success. 

  • Segmented Lists: As you build your email list, keep it updated and grouped into segments based on where the subscriber is at in their buyer’s journey. This way you can speak directly to them based on their current need. 
  • Set Expectations: You should give your readers an idea of what to expect from you now that they’re on your list. Tell them when you’ll be reaching out next so they can keep an eye out for your next message. 
  • Precise Call-to-Action: Every email should include a call-to-action (CTA) that lets the buyer know exactly what you want them to do next. This may be registering for a course or downloading a freebie. 

The Ultimate Welcome Email Guide

If you’re ready to sit down and write your welcome email campaign, start with the ultimate guide that we’re including for you below. Follow the prompts and fill in your company’s details to make it suited for your subscribers. 

Email 1: Welcome

Thank the person for subscribing to your list and then deliver the freebie that they are likely expecting for signing up. This should be a brief email, there are plenty more to come. 

Email 2: Introductions

Introduce yourself and your team with short bios and pictures so the reader can get to know you and, importantly, like you. 

Email 3: Tell Your Story

Your business should have foundational stories that illustrate why you do what you do. Now is the time to share one of those. End the email by giving them something of value such as a free download or discount code. 

Email 4: Share Testimonials

Let the reader know that you have a history of making customers happy with your product by sharing 2-3 testimonials. 

Email 5: Encourage Action

Let the reader know that their offer is getting scarce and that now is the time to take action. This is the perfect time to include a discount or incentive. 

Email 6: Sign Off

This is the last official email of your campaign and your readers should understand that. However, let them know that you’re always available and that you’ll reach out again in the future with updates and announcements. Push once more for action with a solid CTA. 

Campaign for Success

Writing an email campaign is something that gets easier with time. Following these tips and using our template will help you welcome new subscribers and nurture them until they become loyal customers. Remember, practice makes perfect!


Liz SlymanLiz Slyman has worked on campaigns for some of the biggest brands you know––and breakout brands that you WILL. As the founder and CEO of an award-winning copywriting agency, Liz turns over a decade of copywriting experience into copywriting courses, coaching, tools, and resources for new and established copywriters.


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