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Recognizing Narcissistic Behavior with Susan Kathleen

Podchaser - Live. Love. Engage. Podcast: Inspiration | Spiritual Awakening | Happiness | Success | Life

Would you recognize a narcissist if you met one? Susan Kathleen was married to one. Today, she is the host of the Awaken Your Mind Magic Podcast, and she’s also a heart-centered healer and change agent.

Susan is a number-one best-selling author and has 40 years of experience in a range of holistic practices like reiki, transformational speaking, hypnotherapy, quantum physics, metaphysics, and the law of attraction. She has a reflective writing program called “Write to Get Right” which helps people heal from trauma through reflective journaling and meditation. 

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • What Susan’s book is about.
  • Discoveries that Susan made after her husband passed.
  • The characteristics of a narcissist.
  • What Susan learned from reading her own journals.
  • How Susan discovered that her husband was drugging her.
  • What an emotional vampire is.
  • The tools that can help you heal from narcissistic abuse.
  • How a narcissist breaks their partner down and scares them into staying.
  • What happens when someone escapes a narcissistic relationship.
  • Susan’s views on God and how it relates to the energetic field.
  • What the quantum field is actually about.
  • How Susan used the ability to learn as therapy.
  • Why quantum energetic healing was useful during COVID.
  • The work that lights Susan up the most.
  • Understanding the importance of choice in a relationship, despite other factors.
  • Why you need to do what you love in any capacity.
  • Susan’s message for those struggling with depression.

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Live. Love. Engage. Podcast: Inspiration | Spiritual Awakening | Happiness | Success | Life


[00:00:02] I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the Love Method and author of the number one Amazon best seller, Live Love and Gauge How to Stop Doubting Yourself and start being yourself. In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully, love deeply and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence and income. Welcome to Live, Love, Engage.

[00:00:37] Namaste Hello, I am Gloria Grace Rand, and today lives, love, engage, I have a lovely guest who is coming to us from the other side of the world because I live in the United States. And she is. Are you you are in

[00:00:57] Australia, but in Australia.

[00:00:58] That’s what I was thinking. Yes, it was Australia. Yes. So we have Susan Kathleen with us today. And this is an amazing woman. One of the things she does is she hosts a podcast, which I was actually lucky enough to be a guest on earlier this year and will probably talk about that a little bit later. But it’s called Awaken Your Mind Magic. So go check it out on iTunes. But she is also a heart centered healer and change agent and number one, best selling author. And she has 40 years of experience in a whole range of holistic practices, including she’s a Reiki master, energetics healer. She’s a transformational speaker, certified life mastery consultant and hypnotherapist. And somehow you have time to find time to be able to do all these things. So it’s quite, quite amazing, but that’s not all. She also works in the fields of quantum and metaphysics, using the law of attraction and other methods in the quantum field. And she’s also trained as an educator. So she’s worked with everyone from the royal royal families to poor children in African villages. And she also has a reflective writing program called Right to Get Right, which is designed to help those recovering from the trauma of abuse and heal, being able to heal through reflective journaling and annotation. And I think that’s really cool. We definitely, definitely want to talk to you about that as well. But I thought one thing I wanted to start with today was that I know that the book that you wrote has an interesting title. It’s called Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? And if any of you out there who have kids or even remember when you were a kid, you probably think, well, wait a minute, that sounds like a fairy tale. But this isn’t a fairy tale, is it?

[00:02:56] No, that isn’t Grace. Thank you so much for having me on your show. And hello to everybody who’s listening or watching. And I appreciate it very much. And I love Gloria. She’s an amazing woman. And of course, it’s Women’s Month, though. Let’s raise each other, don’t we?

[00:03:17] Yes, that’s right. Yes. We’re recording this march.

[00:03:20] Yes. Leading onto this, Gloria, when you asked me about who’s afraid of the big bad wolf. Basically, it’s creating the fear of the narcissistic, narcissistic werewolf through the magic power and. And I wrote this book after my husband of 30 years died. It’s going on for six years now and. One tends to get conditioned into a certain way, and many of us who call ourselves empathic, who basically are people who want to always fixed people, heal people, we become what we what we what we basically are is people who facilitate. Other people. Mhm, and they’re usually the easiest target for a narcissist to get hooked up with because we are very easy to gaslight, to pull the wool over the eyes, because we believe that everybody is telling us the truth and they get away with a lot of things. I’m not saying that my husband of 30 years was a bad man. However, he was a narcissist. And I also had many happy years in many ways with this person and as did my three daughters, however. Me personally, I was conditioned and made to do certain things and go through life. At his beck and call, and many people will look at you and say to you, after you’ve after the after you sort of discovered all of this, they’ll say, well, why didn’t you leave when you’re in an abusive relationship? Often you don’t do that. Now you will understand this as well, because we’ve spoken about these sort of things on my podcast with with your situation in your life, it can be a father and mother, a friend, a brother, a husband, a wife.

[00:05:39] And don’t get me wrong, ladies, if you’re listening out here, there are narcissistic women, the more powerful at it because not only are they Narcissists, they have the charisma of a woman and the charm, and they’re usually very beautiful, a narcissist is usually very good looking, very vain, and has the ability and the radar to suss out the people they can manipulate and use for their own self, upgrading and up leveling in life. The when I wrote this book, I had I had actually recently qualified as a live master consultant with Mary Morrissey and Bob Procter’s training 12 months training with the brave thing in MIT Master’s Institute. And it’s a rigorous training to become the very best transformational coach and speaker you possibly can be. And it’s a damn good training. It also sort of works in the fields of quantum and metaphysics, which we call that most most people on the on the sort of laymen and women call it the law of attraction. There’s look, there’s various different laws, but that’s what most people understand from the secret that everybody’s read. And I started to be able to see myself and understand myself far better. And in order to be able to hold workshops, give public speakers, speaking engagements, etc, etc., I because I am a journalist, I trained many years ago to be one and a writer. I thought, oh, well, I’ll just write a little self-help book using my signature story. Right. And it was it I called it Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? After our Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, it gets lured into this wonderful place and subsequently ends up in a cage and doesn’t have very good time.

[00:07:50] That is basically what happens to a person who has been manipulated by a narcissist. And when I wrote this book, it was meant to be a giveaway to two people who came to my, my, my workshops. And much to my surprise, it became a bestseller. And at the time when I actually was doing my research and writing about it. I couldn’t really find very much about what. What a narcissist an empath was. Oh, yes, Dr. Google was my friend and all the other stuff, but I’d also basically been journaling all my life and I started to look through my journals and I started to read through those as well and understand myself better. And. Consequently, I realized that I’d had or in 30 years, 30 years of free therapy is what I was doing. I was journaling. And often what happens is we you know, I mean, I’ve studied NLP and things like that as well. But it’s your mind and you sort of working through your hand and writing down thoughts. None of my intrigues in my journals were malicious or nasty or anything like that. What they were were seeking and putting down times and places and things like that and going back through these journals, I was able to discover why at one stage in my life I thought I had early stage Alzheimer’s. Oh my goodness. And things like that. And the reason why is because my husband was actually feeding me the date rape drug.

[00:09:39] Oh my gosh.

[00:09:41] In the evening he would come very kindly and bring me a glass of wine with my sundowner. And in that glass of wine. Was the date rape drug, so if anybody’s actually studied that, you must understand that you just don’t remember anything. And I’d wake up in the mornings and we were sleeping in separate bedrooms at that time, at that stage, because he basically told me that he he just needed to have his own space. And he was a big snorer as well. So it’s quite relieved when you’ve been married for 30 years. I think most women know why don’t we have two rooms and get on with each other in the kitchen, dining room and whatever else you have to be and visit each other if you want to. Anyway, I’d wake up in the morning and think, how did I get here? Wow, that’s scary. I realized after he died, he had these two cell phones, mobile phones, we call them in the UK and Ozzy. And after he died, I’d actually thought, well, he was he was an agricultural consultant. And I thought I need to get hold of his clients to say he’d passed away and. He normally kept everything locked up under lock and key and all sorts of things, but these have been left there obviously, for me to find after he died because clearly he didn’t want to tell me about himself before. And much to my shock, I discovered that he was a closet gay. Oh, wow. And that he had many, many lovers.

[00:11:20] And what he was doing is he was. Bringing them into our home and men and of course, I didn’t know I was asleep and it was all revealed in a lot of correspondence to these phones because, of course, it was connected up to know they were connected up to emails and things like that. But I didn’t know existed. And being the person I am and as an empowered as never really suspicious about anything, I just thought is a bit odd sometimes. But if so, that was a shock to my system. And I realized I was going through all of these diaries and everything that what had been keeping me sane. Was the one side actually regrouped and realized that life moves on and stopped the pity party and all the other stuff that we do go through as we do and we’ve been abused or anything like that. And I I thought, well, let’s put a little program together that’s going to help people. And it can be children or adults. That’s really just five different little modules that show them just what I was doing. And it’s a no brainer. So that’s basically what that little program is, it’s called Write to Get Right, and it’s associated with the book that I wrote. OK. And I’ve had many people who’ve actually come back to me and sent me emails or some people have even written cards much to my interest, because most people don’t anymore getting those. Don’t you, Gloria?

[00:13:10] Oh, yes. It’s so lovely.

[00:13:12] And basically, they’re what happened was they were actually saying, thank you so much, because now I understand who I am. They’ve now they now call these sort of people emotional vampires and predators and things like that, and in this modern day and age, we get many people who point a finger if they’ve got a broken relationship or somebody. But somebody has done something bad to them and they call this person a narcissist. No, you should not be doing that because it’s actually it’s actually a clinical Issue with a person just like being a psychopath or any of those sort of people, are they they really are genuinely not very well and many of them have had something very traumatic happen to them in their lives, especially as children. So that’s basically what the book’s about. It’s basically that and really through mindfulness, reflection and meditation. Plus, the journalling or the reflective writing? You can still feel, oh, obviously, if you really if you really have to and you need to go to a therapist or a counselor or something like that, absolutely. I’m not I’m not saying that only these things will work, but they did me. That’s in a nutshell.

[00:14:54] Wow, that’s awesome. And you covered a lot of things because I was going to ask you a little bit about to describe. I guess maybe you had to be able to spot narcissistic behavior, but I think you kind of kind of touched on it a little bit. I think it is. It’s really it’s. But maybe maybe just give us another example. Maybe even if you’ve worked with other clients, maybe whose experience is absolutely so.

[00:15:22] So basically a true individual with that. It’s it’s known as NPD, narcissistic personality disorder with and with a well calculated practice. And they have put this mask on of deception. They manipulate the unsuspecting target victims into their lives just like a wolf does with a total mind bending games. And they and they are lies and they have anger. They a lot of attention seeking. They have huge power control. And they have this obsessive self-image with toked and they have total lack of empathy for the person that they slowly but surely erode into submission. And then and some of the traits are. Which I have found with early days with with my husband, I find it kind of cute, you know, he was always. Fastidious about how he looked and if we went out socially early days, I had to look extremely glamorous. Hmm. As you’re going through the when they start to utilize and use you for their self empowerment, you start to believe that you’re not as good as they are very often, even if you’re a really good career woman or man, you you basically put your your career or your your creativity on the back burner and you become manipulated into uplifting them in in in your state. They they will basically tell you that. Something has happened that you have done. That you haven’t done and they tell you this so often that you actually think, well, I must have done it. That’s why I say there were times when I thought I had early stage dementia, because I’ve worked in the field of dementia, dementia with with clients. And because of that, I started seeing those traits in me and it was scary. Oh, yeah, I can imagine. And I mean, I’d even say to them, oh, I think I’ve got early stage Alzheimer’s. It’s say, yeah, you definitely do. So you start you start really believing that you are you are not enough.

[00:18:08] Yeah, that’s. So sad because we have a lot of that, even just naturally, there are a lot of times just the way we grow up and then to have this other person just kind of keep that on top of it. It’s a bad recipe

[00:18:24] For sure, a very bad recipe. And when we talk about this, I mean, I’ve had people come to me and say, I’m just not I’m not beautiful or I’m not handsome. And you can see I mean, look, the that sort of thing. But it’s how you feel inside as well. You start to feel very as if you just not this not nice person and you’re not you’re a great person. You can and my clients, I can see that they are and they’ve been browbeaten into believing that they really are not worth anything. And what also happens is a really manipulative narcissist will say to you, if you leave me. I will I will kill I will see to it that people that you love die, I will see to it that they never speak to you again and they can actually go in even with family members and make the family members believe that you have done something and that you are truly not right, not worthwhile having them in the family so often when people do escape a relationship like this and that can be with a boss as well. It’s not just, you know, it’s not just a couple. You know, it can be it can be with anybody who has the ability and authority over you or thinks they have authority of you. So very often when you do that, you become too afraid to leave. No matter how intelligent you are,

[00:20:11] Yeah, absolutely, because especially if you’re you want to be able to protect the people that you love and if someone is threatening them, then you’re going to do whatever you can to keep them safe, even if it’s at your expense,

[00:20:25] Sometimes directly. And that’s what empathy do because they protect the people they love before they protect themselves. And when a lot of people when they’ve managed to break away from these sort of relationships, I mean, I break away from the relationship because because my husband died. Yeah. I don’t know what would have happened if I stayed on with him. It wouldn’t have been a very good conclusion because we’d got to the stage there where he really made me feel that I was totally inadequate in many, many ways. So when they do break away, if they do and they start onto the road of self healing and discovery, they start to discover strengthen themselves when they when they acknowledge that they have been an enabler or a facilitator and that they have to change what they who they are because none of them can fix other people.

[00:21:32] That’s true. Absolutely. It starts with

[00:21:35] Ourselves. We have to fix ourselves. And even fixing I mean, it’s not about that. It’s about learning self-love. Yes. When you when when you’ve sort of grown up very often with your own outward issues and all past life regression, where this maybe you had a brilliant childhood this life. But in past life regression, you discover that some ancestor in your in your upline. Who’s maybe the head a couple of centuries has had all of these sort of things and you start discovering these things because I did time line therapy and you discover these things. You break that epigenetic tie from then and it then actually brings you to being the person that you truly are and the person that you’re meant to be on this earth, because we are quintessentially all energy. We come from the quantum field, which we call God. I don’t want people who who are extremely religious to think that I’m being anti religious. I believe that there is a God father, not the godfather of the fear of those two. They’re probably narcissists. But the basically when we start to understand our true worth and that we’re not just these humans that have been planted on Earth, that we are incredible spirit, that that are all interconnected with this incredible God force, the energy, the quantum field. We we are these incredible spirits that have the right to and we’ve chosen through a pretty sort of pre written agreement before we born that we are going to go to Earth to go and experience being a human.

[00:23:44] And in that time, we can have this awakening. And that’s why my podcast is called Awaken Your Mind Magic, so you have the awakening where you it’s like a light bulb moment. I always think of the very first time I heard that was Oprah Winfrey, which is all of this light bulb moment. I thought, that’s cool. That was that’s a good one. So when you have that epiphany. And you understand and say to yourself, oh, my gosh, the person that matters the most is me, I’m into interconnected, into intergalactic with this incredible field of energy, I have this ability to be whoever I want to be. I can choose to reflect back on anything that’s being bad in the past. And then I’m tied to that and I can’t change it or I as of now. I, I will be the person I’m born to be and become, if you can become you, you can live your dream into reality. Absolon that is what the quantum field is about as well, is understanding the power of being able to create. Anything and that when we talk about the law of attraction, I mean for you, for instance, you you. What happens when a person like you says, oh, well, you know. That’s not working for me, I’m just gonna sit down and be sorry for myself, you didn’t do that.

[00:25:19] You went ahead and you became this incredibly well-known TV presenter. You did all these amazing things. How did you get there, that was your power of your mind, you chose to do it, and you also open yourself up to understanding that nothing happens by coincidence, the people you meet when you open up the portals of your mind, the windmills of your mind, when you open those up and you start thinking there’s a reason why I’m standing in this queue. At the airport. When we get to do that, yeah, and I’m chatting to the person behind me and we just talking about something, we’re going in the same direction. And you get you get attached to that person, maybe they’re sitting and suddenly they’re sitting next to you on the airplane and you think, OK, a lot of people will just brush that aside, right? In the course of that conversation. You could have a job opening or an interview or a financial, because I know I’m talking to the financial boss, a financial something that’s going to happen, you know, you could be sitting next to. Mr. Bitcoin himself and and and early days in nineteen ninety eight, and he said, would you like to buy some Bitcoin for one cent and you were by buy and now you’re a multibillionaire. Nothing happens by chance.

[00:26:56] Yeah, absolutely. I think that’s true. Well, tell me let’s tell me a little bit about what actually got you interested and all of this quantum field in the law of attraction and even just some of the other things that you do, like hypnotherapy and Reiki. What what set you on this path?

[00:27:21] I’ve been gathering certificate pieces of paper, I could work for my house for more than 20 years to curiosity, so one of my one of my therapies was using the ability to learn. So I wrapped myself up into something. And in 20, 20, 30 years ago, we had the Internet, but it wasn’t as easy to to get hold of we had what was called correspondence courses to look down their noses at both with a great big file and all sorts of stuff would arrive in the post office. And you had to send off your assignments. And eventually you’d you’d you’d either have to go to the university or college or whatever and start an exam or two or three or four and get your qualification. So. It was many, many years ago that I became very interested in homoeopathy, I come from a long line of healers and herbalist and people like that. So I studied homeopathy for three years and under a really well known person in Africa, actually. And then I went on to learning about the back flower remedies. And then I love that. And I worked in and early, early days actually more than 20 years ago now. I studied Enthalpy Neuroplastic program programming. And associated with that in those days was something called Touch for Health and Integrated Kinesiology. So I studied those as well, and that was from Switzerland and stuff like that. And again, because I’m a touchy feely person, I thought that was cool.

[00:29:19] That works. And I started working and understanding the the field of meridians and bodies and how they work. And that got me into wanting to know more about healing because again, I come from a long line of healers and wise woman. And and that’s going back generations. So I want to know more about the power of healing power of touch with the power of healing, and I was introduced to shamanism by Yoruba priest there she was Cuban and live between Cuba and Spain. She was quite a bit of character. I need the diminutive woman with a great big white turban to make herself taller. And I sort of she just she looks up at my door one day and she says, Funny little lady. And I said, hello. And I’m used to that sort of thing going on. And she said, I’d like to be able to see you and talk to you and. She said, I’ve been sent to you by who you wouldn’t understand, but here I am. And so I used to go to her once a week. I had to sneak away to do it because my husband didn’t like me to have anything to do with those sort of people, and mainly because I think he thought that I’d he’d lose power over me. And so that was it was my little sneaky thing.

[00:31:02] And I’d go and learn from her. And she she taught me about herbs and stuff like that. I was already into that sort of thing. And I found her more fascinating than anything. I mean, she’d go bathe in the moonlight with no clothes on and the chicken and dance around the chicken. Don’t worry, everybody. I don’t do that. I’m not into killing chickens and prancing and dancing around the moonlight. And even if I was, I wouldn’t tell you if you got into that. And then, you know, Gloria, it one thing led to another. I studied very, very shamanism and I worked on the power of because I’m also an artist. So I am an art therapist, therapy teacher. And that works in with healing as well. So and I’ve worked with people who have special needs and and need. That’s sort of outdates because they can’t really speak about anything that they can paint it. And when you start to have the understanding of what they’re doing, you can get into their head a little bit, which, of course, I don’t that doesn’t sound really good, but it’s just understand them more and be able to speak to them more and then with with distance healing. So the quantum energetics healing, I can do that at a distance. I can do it from here to you or wherever. Which is very useful during the covid period.

[00:32:38] Absolutely. Yeah, for sure. Very helpful because

[00:32:46] That’s how I got into it. And and it just it’s ongoing. I mean, I don’t stop learning and. Even more so now, because I have I have the freedom of being stuff myself that doesn’t say that, you know, I wouldn’t love to have a wonderful romantic partner who brings me flowers and chocolates and stuff that wouldn’t do very well at the moment because I put on a lot of weight during covid on my own without the chocolates.

[00:33:24] I love it. Oh, you’re such an amazing person and you do so many different things. So we mentioned that. Well, obviously you’re a writer and you’re a healer and you do have you do podcasts, especially if anyone watching this on YouTube will see you’ve got an impressive microphone set up there. And so those are listening, will be able to hear that. But hopefully it’ll come through when you’re in the recording. What and this might be even hard to say, but do you do you have a favorite of the different things that you you do or what really lights you up the most?

[00:34:06] I absolutely love transformational coaching, and that’s when I, I coach a person into living their dream into reality and it sounds kind of weird, but it’s not. So, you know, some of the most successful people in the world like Richard Branson. They they they do that, they dreamboat, I love doing that, and more than anything, I love being the storyteller that I was born to be and many wise woman or shaman. As retailers. And. That, for me, is the virtual storytelling, and it’s a very good question that you’ve just asked me because I’ve been doing a lot of deep. Beginning in the last month and and meditation and stuff, and I’ve been saying, OK, so I can do all these things, but why do all of these things that the stage when I can be master of one or maybe two? So my wish at the moment, I’m just coming to the the last interview of my first season with Awaken Your Mind Magic, which is its magic number for me, it’s number 55. Oh yeah. So that’s fifty five week they’ve got under my belt. And then they have to. So I thought that over and I thought. Where do I go from here? Because I love telling stories. I adore children, but I love grown ups and as well, people are good people. Everybody is usually and some of them are a little bit different, but they will get a spark of something that’s precious.

[00:36:11] And I thought. Let me look at season two and what am I going to do and somebody said to me recently, Susan, you are such an incredible virtual storyteller. Our stories and bring some people in and and that’s what awake in your mind. Magic is about is. Up until now, I’ve interviewed the most incredible people, some people are unknown people, other people are amazing actors, actresses, bestselling authors, whatever. People like you as well. I mean, you’re an incredible woman with a lot of achievements. You got not just the black belt. You got brown belt in what you do. And then I thought to myself, well. Listen to what people say, and I’m very keen to go forward with a magical. Mm. And not obviously not putting rabbit out of a hat and not my job, we might being able to do that. Maybe I should have learn how to do that to the other ones. David Copperfield and people like that. But being able to say to people, what’s your magic? And getting a 10 minute sprint from them on their magic and then telling a story around that person’s magic and asking them permission if it’s OK that I do that. And then connecting it all up and putting it out there, a podcast. I think I’d be kind of fun, kind of different.

[00:37:55] I think it sounds of here. It sounds lovely. So what? Oh, you don’t know how it’s going to go until you try and you never do. Exactly. So you just see what happens. But I think it sounds like it would be marvelous.

[00:38:11] I’m looking I want to be able to splash some more paint on canvas. Gloria, I have not really painted in a long time, again, because I used to sell my my work all over the world and my husband had me and he was an incredible artist himself, a really good one. But he made me believe that I wasn’t as good as him, which is fair enough. He had his style and I had mine and so used to promote him and market him instead. That’s again, was my choice. I can’t put a point, a finger at anybody, and this is something that people must understand when they’re in a relationship, whatever you. We want to be able to throw at the other person and blame them for understand that you had that choice. Yeah. Even if you have been mentally abused or anything else, you you’ve got to find that strength within yourself to say, is this really working for me? And then and practicing self-love. So, yes, I’d like to be able to smash some paint on canvas and have fun. That’s what I’d like to do and write another book.

[00:39:30] Well, it sounds good and and I think that’s lovely advice for anyone really out there who is. Wanting to do something is to just just start doing to do something, do you know, and everybody has different talents and different things that they’re interested in doesn’t necessarily have to be artistic. But whatever your whatever you enjoy doing, spend more time doing that. And I think if anything, this last year has shown us is that, you know, life especially can be can be short and we need to spend it doing things that we love to do.

[00:40:10] And so, you know, that is such a good thing to say because anybody listening. Who has been indoctrinated into believing, okay, cow, got to go into this corporate world 9:00 to five every day, or I have to do this, and that’s why not sit back and say to yourself. What is it that I truly loved doing when I was a child? What did I really love to do? I mean, look at you. You went from what you went to trained to do when you realized that copywriting. And things like that with what you loved. And it got to that action. And it’s it’s it’s building up the confidence to say, OK, what is the coincidence of a getting in a letter in the post every now and then about the writing school or something like that? And why am I not looking at this? It’s not just junk mail. It’s coming to me for a reason. Let me open it up, see? And I and I say this to everyone. Is this a writer? And a creative, incredible force within each one of us. And we are we are here for that. That power of the pen or a paintbrush or to become a musician.

[00:41:46] I mean, I have a client who was close to 80. She’d been a lawyer all her life and very successfully. But it made her sick. And I would think taking on all of those sort of things would make you sick just like a dentist. I mean, they have the highest suicide rate in the world. And I’m not surprised looking down that those mouths and all the czi, the bad gee that might come out of a person’s life and death and stuff and whatever, they’re going to think about not wanting to stay around looking and mouths anymore or getting back to the lawyer. I digress. My brain works. Sorry, Gloria, but going back. When I actually finished with her dream and we started creating something I do vision boards and things like that with people as well, and especially kids, because it’s a perfect thing for them. But when she really got down to the nitty gritty, obviously she is 80. So wasn’t being a lawyer anymore. A lot of people asking for it. So, um, but she went she went to college and she trained to be a fashion designer. Hmm.

[00:42:58] That’s amazing.

[00:43:00] She loved drawing from when she was little, but she was told by her dad that she couldn’t do that. She had a brain and she had to go and do something else. Their last years were happy, happy years because she’s awesome. She did what she loved. Yeah, we should all be doing what we love.

[00:43:17] Yeah, absolutely. And and I know sometimes people, though, they sometimes feel, well, I can’t make a living at it. Well, you know what? That’s OK. Maybe you just do that what you love as a part time thing or as a as a hobby, but still spend time doing that because it’s going to fill you up, is going to give you joy. And then who knows if you spend enough time doing that. Then maybe there will come into your life away that you actually could make money doing that because you are aligned and you are happy, then you’re going to attract more of that and you know about it.

[00:43:57] People have said to me, well, how do you sort of how do you stay sane after what we do all these things? It’s not about as I say, you’re allowed to have a pity party, I’m sure.

[00:44:12] Sorry for a little while. For a little while

[00:44:16] Until you say to yourself, OK, suck it up, princess. It’s time to actually get on and do something else. Yeah, because you’re not helping yourself. And this is I say this to anybody in extreme depression because I work with people with anxiety and depression all the time is. You stay in that pity party. You keep that depression it because your friend it’s not a good friend to have, it’s a friend. You don’t want toxic people in your life, including.

[00:44:45] Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. I mean, because it can make you physically sick, not just not just emotionally sick if you stay in that long enough.

[00:44:54] Well, it makes you so sad that it’s well, I mean, I work with suicide prevention and people like that and and yeah, it does. It gets you to the stage. You think, well there’s no point in being around. Let me go.

[00:45:08] And that’s a waste because it’s a waste.

[00:45:11] You know, you’ve written you’ve written this contract before you were born. You know, you’ve got to get on with it and get your stuff. You get your stuff together.

[00:45:20] Absolutely. You are such a delight to talk with. I really enjoy I enjoy having conversation with you. Chatting to you, too. Thank you. So if someone wants to learn more about you and what you do, and maybe perhaps they’re called to work with you in some fashion, what is how can what’s the best place for people to to find out about you?

[00:45:49] The easiest places to go to my Web site. So it’s w w dot Susan. Kathleen dot com. And you can you can catch me there. It’s there’s an easy way to get hold of me. You can you can even actually sign up for a forty five record with me. If I assume so. I do that and it’s not always a coaching call and I make it very clear to everybody it I do not like to say to somebody right now after this, without me you’re not going to survive. Yeah. I like somebody go and say, well you know, that was a good chat and I have a choice. If I want to work with Susan, that’s what I’m going to do. And if not, bring me on Facebook. I’m pretty good at saying hello to people who do that,

[00:46:37] So I love it. Well, make sure also that if you’re to at least they can go back in and listen to the other episodes from season one of a week. And you’re my magic. And so you’re on iTunes and probably other podcast platforms, I imagine.

[00:46:56] Yeah, man, all of the podcast platforms, thanks to my very wise manager who does it all for me. He does that stuff. I just do the talking and find the wonderful people and they find me too. Well, that’s good.

[00:47:10] Yeah, absolutely. Well, and that’s the engineers are wonderful people who do stuff. But, you know, you do this is an important job because you’ve got to talk. You’re the face

[00:47:22] Of the research. You know about that, Gloria. We’ve got to know who we’re talking to. I mean, I think that’s another thing that people don’t realize is that when you podcasting, it’s not just a case of saying, hey, come and chat on my podcast. I mean, you and I both know with any form of speaking, when you speak to somebody else, you want to put them in their best light and you want to know about them so that you can ask the relevant questions. So, yeah, everybody, we spend about an hour or two looking at what it is that you do, that we can put you out there and make me think like two is just done for me.

[00:48:01] Yes, absolutely. And you have done for me. So it’s it’s just a love fest we’ve got going on here today. We’ve got a

[00:48:08] Little love party going on. So why

[00:48:11] Not? Yeah, absolutely. Oh, goodness. All right. Well, you know what? I have enjoyed this so much, and I thank you so much for being here. And I will have your the link to your website in the show notes. And I have a brilliant person who puts together my show notes now, which is awesome. I have to do that anymore. That’s great. Yeah.

[00:48:31] That’s time consuming as it is.

[00:48:34] Yes. And I love what he does. He does a great job. Joel, as a shout out for you,

[00:48:40] Don’t have me smile. I shout out for Shane.

[00:48:45] There you go. Absolutely. All right. Well, thank you again for being here. And thank you. The listeners and subscribers and everyone also watching on YouTube. I appreciate you so much. And until next time, as always, I urge you to go out and live fully loved deeply and engage authentically.

[00:49:12] Did you know that a majority of entrepreneurs tend to discount the importance of their work and a good number feel their success is simply due to luck? I know from personal experience that self-doubt can keep you from having the kind of life and business you desire. That’s why I’ve created a free guide called Uniquely You How to Move from Self-doubt. Self-love in four simple steps to claim your free guide, go to live, love, engage dot gift. That’s live love, engage dot g-i-f-t.

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