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Hidden Power of the Feminine with Laura Rubinstein

In this episode we’re joined by Laura Rubinstein, a woman who has so many skills and strengths. She’s the go-to social media strategist of thought leaders. She’s also a leadership coach, feminine power coach, certified hypnotherapist, and an award-winning small business consultant.

Laura discusses what it means to embrace your feminine power, why it’s important to tune in and honor your emotions, and the question you might be asking that actually holds you back. Tapping into your heart-centered feminine energy can have a profoundly positive impact on your experiences and your life.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • One of Laura’s worst days and how she sees it in hindsight.
  • Why Laura describes herself as a feminine-powered mentor.
  • Her secret source of power.
  • How she incorporated bits of wisdom into her everyday life.
  • What it looks like to claim your feminine power.
  • Why you need to get curious about your emotions and intentionally honor your feelings.
  • The worst question you can ask yourself.
  • How curiosity remedies mental resistance.
  • What happens when you are in your head versus your heart.
  • How being heart-centered relates to the feminine.
  • The keys to conquering your fear.
  • How surrounding yourself with fearless people can increase your courage.
  • Why having a balance of masculine and feminine energies is important.
  • Why you need to be good enough for you.
  • What society needs more of today.

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You’re listening to the Live Love and podcast on today’s show, we’re going to be talking about how cultivating feminine power can help you live an abundant life. Stay tuned.

I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the Love Method and author of the number one Amazon Best Seller, Live Love Engage How to Stop Doubting Yourself and start being yourself. In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully. Love deeply and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence and income. Welcome to live love. Engage Namaste and Welcome to another edition of Live Love Engage. I am Gloria Grace Rand. Of course, I am delighted to have Laura Rubinstein with us today on the show. And first off, just want to welcome you. Welcome you here, Laura.

Thank you for having me. I’m delighted to be here. Like minded Women collaborating.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And Laura and I go way back because especially for those of you, those of you watching, we’ll see that she’s got a banner in the back called Social Buzz Club. And I actually she interviewed me years ago for that when I was talking about blogging, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I want to be able to share with you Exactly who this Woman is and Why I thought she’d be a great guest for us today.

So Laura is the thought leaders go to social media strategist. She’s a speaker, best selling author, award winning small business consultant and founder of Social Buzz Club, that gamified content sharing platform and influencer network. And over 20 years ago now, she stepped into the world of marketing and has helped over 1500 brands, and she also has another side to her. She’s also a certified hypnotherapist and feminine power mentor, and she uses her insight about human motivations with the branding expertise to craft messages that magnetize clients can build a positive reputation. So you’ve got it all rolled into one, the marketing, the spirituality sort of things.

And, you know, I love it. So I thought we would start off. The interview today is I was intrigued by the description of yourself as a feminine power mentor. So I wondered if you could explain what that is. Why do you call yourself that?

Interesting. Yeah, that’s a good good question to start off with because most people know me as a Marketer founder of Social Buzz Club and I do all that. But way back In the day Before I started doing marketing, I actually well. I had a series of things happen. I was in corporate America, and on the same Day I got Kicked out of a job, I got kicked out of a relationship to My fiance at the time came home and said, Laura, I’m and I’m not in love with you. I love you, but I’m not in love with you, so we’re not going to get married. It was a pretty bad day, but in Hindsight, looking Back, it was probably the biggest gift I could have received because it sent me on a soul searching journey. And one of the things I did, I did so much, but I took Hypnosis, training and Certification. So I’m a certified hypnotherapist Since nineteen Ninety eight actually, and I took courses and went into therapy and read and journal, then meditated and joined spiritual groups and all that stuff. And it really what I realized out of that breakup was I don’t really like myself, but I deeply desire and desperately desire to find and Be able to be The person who could attract and create and maintain a soul connected, juicy, Harmonious relationship.

And one day, about a year later, or less, maybe even less. No, it was probably more than a year later. Take that back. I was in a networking meeting of all things, and this woman at the front of the room stood up and said, Hi, I lead gatherings for succulent wild women, which happens to be a book title by the name of S.A.R.K. But she took it and got Permission to Lead these gatherings for a second and wild women and and we talk about The most powerful form of Energy there is out there and it’s called feminine power. And then she that was her 30 seconds. She left the stage and I’m like, I have no idea what you just said, but I want to know. I have to know. I don’t know why, but so I beeline for her afterwards. I said, Can we have lunch sometime?

We had lunch. It changed my Life because Who I saw, who I met with this woman was the epitome of something I wanted.

By the time I left that lunch, I had, I felt like. I had champagne bubbles running through my body, and I said if she if that experience With her could happen to me, I want to be able to do that with others. So I took her courses and I, you know, I just went on this journey and I Really, you know, at first, I didn’t Even think I was a feminine type Of person, like I thought feminine Was liking Laura Ashley prints and lacy stuff. And to some degree, I liked it. But you know, I wasn’t I really wasn’t really into any of the frilly stuff that People would go gaga over or women would go gaga over. So I was like, I’m not feminine, you know, and I’m just like, you know, Get things done, girl. And I still am. But now I understand what the feminine really is, and it’s my secret Source of Often and how feminine I really am like the whole thing of being able to Multitask, Like I was putting myself down for that. But that’s part of our feminine nature.

So I was like, Oh, I Can do this, I can run an Orchestra, you know, and That’s part of my feminine. So I started Embracing it and I took her course like six times. I then I begged her to teach me how to lead it.

And I started leading the class and she gave me her blessing to do that. And then I created every time I Got a nugget that I really Wanted to embody and a principle and a way of being and something that felt right on for me. But I, I felt like was so far away, which it really wasn’t Until I got the new Perspective on it and I really Understood it.

Then I wrote it down on an index card, and I would go through these index cards when I was struggling with something, whether it was I had a bad date Or I was Sad about something or a friend did Something that I didn’t understand and I was just struggling. Whatever emotional and the pieces of wisdom began to become a way of life And there was this flow, and this was more of an assumption of Love in my life. Like, I came from loving every moment. Then a Then, you know, like criticizing myself every minute.

So it was a huge transformation I went through and when I started leading, and this is the long answer, the long answer to your question, Really. And when I started leading those courses, which I called journey to feminine Power, I really took on that role Of being a feminine power mentor because I started seeing other women like Myself who didn’t get their power And we were too Much relying on our masculine side and we’ve mastered it. We have got that down, man. But the feminine, we weren’t bringing into concert with our in our life and we were missing out. And when I got that secret sauce, I was like, Oh, OK. Not only is it powerful, but it’s also a big responsibility. So.

Wow. Well, I appreciate you sharing me that. So with with that. Yeah, it’s it’s been. I’ve been busy today, so I apologize for my tongue is getting a little twisted today. I appreciate you sharing that. So what is an example of maybe if you can share, like what does it look like to say, not be in your feminine power? And then when you do kind of claim that feminine power, then what does it look like?

Yeah, when you’re living in your feminine essence, you. Honor every feeling you have.
You are not resisting it, you’re not beating yourself up about it. I mean, it could be, but truly coming from a feminine place in the best of the feminine is that heart centered position that you take and you really need to slow down to take it and listen to yourself when you are in that feminine space. There’s a lot of grace there and there’s it’s easy. It’s really much. Life is a lot easier because you in a sense, surrendered, trying to control everything. You know, it’s like, Oh yeah, I Don’t have to control everything. I can use the power of the Feminine to have Life work really well for me and everyone around me.

So I don’t know If that answers your question, but keep asking me questions and I’ll give you some more Juicy stuff.

Well, I appreciate that. I think it’s starting to. Yeah, because it seems like it is. It’s coming more from. It’s really pay attention paying attention to your intuition, I guess. And and, as you say, coming more from a heart centered space than that, you know, getting things done and the importance of, I got to do this and and. So you want to add something I said you have to honor your Feelings, right?

Right, yeah. So when you honor your feelings, your feelings, your emotions, and I know some people make a distinction, but I’m not making a distinction here. They are messages from your soul. Hmm. If you want to squash them, ignore them. Deny them. You know, push them down, Whatever you’re dissing Your soul, so. What if we got curious about our Emotions Because they have wisdom there and in the beginning, it’s like listening to Chinese? We don’t really know what they’re saying. You just know something’s not right and that’s good. That’s the first step. Something’s not right and go underneath it. What is right? What would be right for you? What do you need? Then what do you want? Right. So, OK, I want a peaceful relationship. I don’t want somebody yelling at me, OK, if you’re feeling like put down or screamed at or assaulted or whatever it is, then OK, what do I need to do for myself to get it? You know, you keep asking yourself Questions because your soul Has the answer. If it’s saying something’s not right, something’s not right. It may not be what you think, though you may want to point fingers, but guess how many fingers are pointing Back at you.

So you always want to bring it back to you. What can I do About this situation? What choice conscious choice can I make to take care of myself?

So this process Of honoring our feelings will lead to so many Answers.

People like don’t know what the right thing is because they’re up here. They’re worried about what other people think. They’re trying to control a situation versus consulting with the heart. Let’s say you know what the answer is, You know, and You just have to listen a little deeper.

Stay with that feeling a Little longer to know how to take care of yourself. Hmm. And it’s a beautiful it’s a rich time when you’re in the midst of something uncomfortable. If you can embrace it really, truly without Judgment that nothing’s wrong with you. It’s something is trying to get right.

Even better with you, right?

Yeah, absolutely. And I definitely have experienced that in my life, and I do believe I’m getting better at doing just that. You know, listening to my feelings And. And sometimes in the past, it’s also actually manifested into like, you know, physical symptoms. And I’ve learned now, like when my back is bothering me, it’s like, OK, Back, what are you trying to tell me here?


Yeah. So I love that. But sometimes, though, I think I think patients, especially if you’ve been so used to, you know, wanting to, like, know all the answers right away. And again, I’m speaking from experience. I’m like, you know, In this journey I’ve been on, it’s like, I want to be fixed now, you know, I don’t want to have to take the time to, like, examine my feelings and you know, and Listen, although now I See that there Is, you know, benefit to that. So what would you say to someone who’s like, you know, still sort of in that resistance of like, you know, really, I really have to do this.

I was there. First of all, I was totally there. In fact, my mentor told me at the time when I walked into her gatherings, she said, You were like the Ice queen, Laura, and I’m like,
Horrified to even say that out loud. But I was very resistant.

I wanted the I wanted the answers given me. Why can’t you give me the answers? And her response basically was my answers are not your answers, OK? And my suggestion would be is Ok, breathe, Breathe. Take a nice long breathe. Take a Bath. Do something nice for yourself.

And then trust that the answer will be revealed that the perfect time and it may be sooner and it may not be sooner. And that’s. Ok. It’s what if this is Perfect, what if we start Asking ourselves different questions about our situation and that’s what You can do in the meantime, is ask. Keep asking questions. You know, the worst question, though you could ask, is why me? Ok, not why me? It’s OK. I mean, that’s not a bad question, but it’s there’s two types of questions.

There’s questions that put the gas. Put your pedal on the gas. And there are questions that put your pedal on your foot on the brake pedal. You want to ask the questions that put your foot on the gas pedal because, like you said, you want answers as quickly as possible. So stop resisting and start asking really open ended curiosity based questions. I wonder how I could Have this Better feeling.

I wonder how And the better you get at asking questions. The answers come fast because in the feminine, it’s not linear. It doesn’t have to happen. One, two three. It happened one twelfth and it’s done like you didn’t have to go through all the 12 steps, so it could be radically faster when you Slow down and when You wait and when you trust and you’re trusting your soul to reveal what you need to know. And. You know, the awareness, it’s just so fun to get new awareness, but your brain trying to get the answer now is going to put the Brake pedal on, not the gas Pedal. Your curiosity will open that up and you’ll be flooded with new information like crazy.

I love that. Yeah. So many things are going through my mind as you were talking about that. And again, I’m sort of, you know, thinking back on my own experiences. Yeah, I’m definitely

Doing that, putting the putting my Foot on the brake pedal instead of letting go. And that and being curious. And sometimes I think and again, speaking from experience, we tend to be sometimes too hard on ourselves. And and we want it, like I said, you know, and we want it to be done, but I used to. And again, this was a story I used to tell myself was that I I’m no good at asking questions that I don’t ask. I find it challenging to come up with questions. I’ll be in a call and they’ll be like, Do you have any questions? I’ll be like, No. And then later things will come to me. So. All of this is leading to my question for you is what does then it look like, say in in life or in business, or maybe in your relationships when you really are, you know, tapping into that feminine power? How does that show up?

Oh, well, it shows up as. Intending something and it’s showing up. Mm hmm. Like I remember. I was on an airplane, and It was when the Olympics were in Utah, OK? So this was like thousand two or something. And I was in the height of my. Practicing feminist, my new Feminine essence and Power And these Principles. And so I said, hmm, I wonder wonder how I can get to the Olympics. It’s like February 2nd, they just started. I had no ticket, no plans, no nothing.

I’m on an airplane, just flying Cross-country from a family visit or something. And I’m like, just kind of playfully thinking to myself. But it’s a clear intention. Like, I wonder how I could get to the Olympics. I would be just like, so cool, right? And how could I get there without having to spend a lot of money And effort And Time to try and figure out Everything and blah blah blah. Two days kater, I get a phone call from a guy Who who
Is in another part of the state. I think he has a crush on me. You know, and that’s very nice. And he’s like, Laura, do you want to go to the Olympics? I can get tickets. I’m like, Yeah, sure, I can get us a place to stay because I had a friend who lived in Utah. And he’s like, OK, I’ll get the rental car and I’ll play for your foot.

I’ll play pay for your plane ticket there. I’m like, OK, You know, it’s about saying yes. Yeah. And I went to the Olympics. Wow. Just like that without any planning the one phone call to my friend. Can we stay at your place? Do you have two bedrooms, by the way?

Yeah, that’s right. Don’t give them any ideas.

Yeah, and we did. I was clear, you know, I was very clear, like, we’re staying in separate bedrooms that OK, that’s OK.

You know, He was like, Oh, should we get like a hotel? And I’m like. And he heard the hesitation.

I said, Well, I have a friend who has, I believe, two bedrooms in her, I guess, bedrooms in Our house, and we’ll do it That way.

It’s like, OK, great. So he got the message, you know?

And we Had a great time and we got Tickets. And, you know, I didn’t have to Manage all that and I’m a planner. Ok, so that’s what it looks like. It looks like fully embodying what you want, you know, and allowing It to Happen. And does it Happen with everything? I don’t know. You know, like, am I intending everything I want? Maybe, you know, it’s not going to be that analytical about it. I’m just going to keep dropping into the feminine and that’s why I had those index cards. I any time I felt out of the feminine energy and I was in my head again and I was struggling and I was like, How am I going to do this? And I have am I asking the right questions or Whatever. I just go to my cards and look and
See what, oh, That’s what I needed flipping through until the one, you know, a lot of people will pick Cards at random. I do that, too.

That’s not the card. So again, honor, honor, the feeling, you know, honor the and don’t go in your head about now, you know, I’m not. And just when you can decipher when you’re in your head and when you’re in your heart, that is the power. That is when you have the power, because then you can choose. And what I learned was that really operating from the Feminine is feeling into my heart, making the choice from the heart and then notifying the head, Let’s go do that. Hmm. Not the opposite way around. If the head leads, it’s going to be a little bit harder. Yeah. You know, I have a smart head so I can get it done, but it’s much easier when I do it the other way.

Absolutely. Now I was and actually I think it was, I was on an interview with someone recently and we were talking about that. Some people think like hate is the opposite of love, but it’s really fear. So can you talk about how, you know, because even even I know sometimes that when you’re trying to even make a change and you’re trying to be able to step into your feminine power, that you’re also going to have to overcome some fear sometimes comes knocking at your door and going, you know, because as humans, we sort of are Innately resistant to change for some reason. So what what’s your wisdom around that area?

I am so glad you asked this because that is exactly where I’ve been and fear conquering fear is, is important. I don’t know that we can actually ever conquer it but making friends with your fear is what you want to do.

So Love is Letting go of fear, right? That’s Jampolsky, Gerald Jampolsky’s, yes. Masterwork that you know you Cannot have Love in the space of fear. It’s really challenging to do that. So again, Breathe first and know that your fear has one tool. You feel fear is not you. Your fear is a part of you. Ok, so you want to make sure you can Identify fear Versus what you want.

Ok, and then you want to create a relationship with your fear. What that means is identify when fear is running the show, and I have a quote about fear. If if you’re in physical danger, if you’re not in physical danger, don’t let fear run your life if you are in physical danger. Run for Your life.

I like that.

Yes. Ok, so but we have to fear has one tool fear, and it can be very fierce.

So it can have a grip on you as strong as any other part of you. And then when It’s about coaxing it to let go of its grip by saying, I know we’re afraid and I use the word we because it’s like this part of me, but it’s not all of me. Ok, so we’re afraid, they’re afraid of whatever happening. And I need to use another tool right now because the only tool you have, I know you see fear loves you as much as as love loves you. You know, like it’s like fear loves you, and it’s as intelligent as you are. It’s as spiritual as you are.

So it takes time. Sometimes, if it’s if it means really to be coerced into understanding why, it doesn’t have to be the only solution. I have another tool fear and fear wants the same thing. It’s just always one thing it can do.

So we’re going to try another thing. Fear we’re going to breathe and we’re going to go out on this date, or I’m going to pick up the phone and make this phone call, or I’m going
to go to therapy or I’m going to whatever it is that you’re afraid of right now. If you’re if you’re in communication and you’ve felt your feeling of fear, OK, And you work with it in the sense you let it be, It’s not like I got to get rid of this fear,

Right? It’s like, OK, fear,

I know you love me as much as any other part of me, and you want the best for me. So here’s the new tool we’re going to try, And sometimes you have to get get a Mentor
Or get a therapist, get a coach to help You through this. Read books. There are lots of great books. One of my mentors in fear is Rhonda Britten. Careless living should be a great guest. But she, you know, I’ve gone through her Programs and, you know, Just taking one program Doesn’t do it. It’s a Muscle. You’ve got to build this. Getting in conversation With with your fear and Letting it Work its way. How to work with it so it doesn’t run your life.


And get around people who are a Little more Fearless than you, but who practice because any time I’m Around somebody like Rhonda, I get more courageous. And of course, courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is stepping in, doing the next step. Regardless of fear, right, you will be more able to do that the gentler and kinder you are with yourself.

So I practice a lot of gratitude and acknowledgment and then there’s so much. More power I can I can access them my fear power.

Yeah, absolutely.

Yeah, because ultimately, I mean, the fear is is just trying to protect you, so we can say thank you. I know that you’re trying to protect me, and there are other ways that we can deal with this. Yes, exactly. Yeah, I love that. What what do you wish you had known about when you first started, you know, exploring this journey about coming in power?

I wish I knew it sooner. You know, I wish it was, I grew up with it. I grew up with a feminist mom, someone who taught me I can be anything I wanted to be, which is awesome. But we missed one big thing this feminine part of me, which was almost disowned, not talked about, not known. I don’t blame my mother or my father or anybody for not teaching it to me because. It’s just I wish I knew more, I wish that was a

Part of the cultural conversation. So I think the pendulum swung from women being very. Undervalued and, you know, we didn’t get the right to vote until the nineteen twenties, right? So, you know, I’m really grateful for all the freedoms, all the rights that have been fought for us and still being fighting to keep hold of our bodies and things like that. So I’m grateful for the feminist movement and I think that the feminine was devalued and I’m fortunate. And but it is the most powerful form of energy out there, so there’s a reason it’s been devalued as well. But we won’t go into that right now.

We need the balance is what it is. You know, we need to be able to have the masculine and the feminine in balance. And I sort of the same situation as you. The way I grew up, my mom was definitely a strong role model. And and looking back at it, it’s like, yeah, a little bit too much independence and when I can do it and. And operating more from that masculine side as opposed to allowing the feminine in. Is there anything I haven’t asked you, actually, I think related to this, that That that I should have that you’d like to point out about this.

Well, we can go a little bit deeper into the gratitude part, because I think there’s a couple
Of things that really Help the transformation of going from that really masculine centered life to a more balanced life, which I in my mask. And I don’t know if this is true of everybody who’s in their mask, but there’s a lot of criticism, mostly self-criticism and then criticism out there, and it is a relationship killer. Yeah, OK. So I and like I said, the whole thing that started me on this journey was I wanted a soul connected, juicy, harmonious relationship with somebody.

And I wasn’t going to get there if I was. Keeping the critical mind in play as strongly as it was and there was a point at which my counselor said to me, Laura, you can put away the whips and chains on yourself, you know? And that was like, Well, I can’t. What would that look like? I was like, What do you mean? She goes, You’re extremely hard on yourself. And I go, Yeah, so What if you were nicer, you know, like you can only
be, as she said to me, something like you can only. He was only going to be good enough for you if you’re good enough for you. You can only match as good as you feel
about you is how good somebody else can feel about you. I was like, Oh oh, Oh my gosh.

Big aha. So that went on the cards, by the way, I turned all those cards into a tool, into a
deck of cards. I was hoping you would. Yes, very good. Power cards. So would you like me to pick one for right now? Oh, that would be awesome show. Ok. Yeah, I have.

I have a deck here, so I’m just going to pick one. And it’s perfect, right? So it says practice, compassionate self-talk. Here we go. The pink side is the principle. The blue side is the practice. So they’re like little coaching cards for feminine power and relationships. So it’s it’s a practice that says today, treat yourself like you would treat a baby who’s learning to walk and write five. You know, so have that mindset like you’re

Oh, you’re baby learning to walk. You don’t know how to walk right now, but you know how you’re going to walk. Ok, it’s a foregone conclusion, OK? So the action is write down five things for which you can praise or encourage yourself. Hmm. Right. So like, I think I like putting I put that baby example in there because when a baby learns to walk,
There’s like they’re pulling themselves up and then they plop down.

Yep, exactly. And they don’t say, Oh, stupid, baby, I’ll never learn how to walk to themselves, right?

Right, right. And we don’t say that to them either. You know, we just say, Oh, get up, you can do it.

Come on. Yeah, exactly.

They’re like, Oops. Ok, well, I think I’m doing something here. I don’t know what I’m doing. Maybe I’ll get to walk someday. So well, they see these big people walking around them so they know it’s going to happen. So practice compassionate self talk with yourself is like perfect. So I love these cards are really timeless. They any time I hand them to someone. People go like, I love these cards.

Like those, those words come out of their mouths, like 90 percent of the time. And it’s just like, It makes me smile. Because after all these years, I came out with these cards in two thousand seven. And after all these years, it still makes me like, Oh my God, you said the same thing that the very first person I handed them to said. And by the way, that person was John Gray, the guy who wrote, My men are from Mars. And so his endorsement is on the front of the cards because he was the very first person who said it and people have been saying it ever since.

And he asked me to. He was the first person who asked if he could buy a set of cards, and we’ve been friends ever since. So yeah. And that’s something to be grateful for, isn’t it? Because we’re starting to talk about gratitude.

So, yeah, And I found that the more I practice gratitude, even If it was, you know, what
I would do is just write five to 10 gratitude a night and I either and I start him off in different ways. I’m so grateful for Thank you God for thank you universe for or I’m so filled with gratitude for. And that was something outside of me. And then I’d write another five things that I would I could acknowledge myself for to do the opposite of
criticizing like, Oh, look at that, My nails are all the same length. I can acknowledge, wow, you know, like something. It doesn’t have to be anything huge.

Like, I want to acknowledge myself for getting up and doing five jumping jacks today or whatever it was. You know, You want to acknowledge yourself for it. So that was the self starting to practice compassion itself. Talk with myself. and then the gratitude was really appreciating and expanding my awareness to allow more good things to come in and and. Those two things will transform your life if you do them, do them for. 90 days. Mm hmm. Yeah. See what happens consistently and you’ve got to get into the feeling of it if you’re just writing it or else you’re not going to. I’m doing this, then prove this wrong, you know, and that’s not going to work. Yeah, that’s for sure. Go for it, you know?

But I like the idea of really acknowledging yourself. I haven’t been I don’t, you know, I want it because I do write gratitude before I go to bed as well. And I don’t think I’d do that personally enough. I’ll be like, Oh, I’m grateful that this happened today, or I’m grateful that, you know, whatever.

And and sometimes I’m grateful for something that I’m intending to happen as well.
Yeah. Great advance. The one things that are giving them to me in the morning, you know, whatever, but it’s I acknowledge myself for. I praise myself for that really can start the compassionate, self talking point. It’s a good. It’s a good recipe.

Yeah, absolutely.

Oh, very cool.

My goodness. Time is flying here already today and this has been so. It has been a juicy conversation. So I’m enjoying it tremendously. And I love connecting with like minded people because it also just reinforces that, yes, these are the things that I’ve been practicing about. Some of the things I wrote about in my book and it’s like, Yes, you know, it is the right way to be and and and to embrace it is so important. Anything else?

I think we really I really think we need a joy. Jump start in our society today, I’m feeling the need for it, I feel like I can use it. And so I’m really glad you’re doing this podcast and I would love to keep in touch with people. They can go to feminine power and read the blogs there and hopefully insert some more joy into their life. That is the
whole my whole mission with my passion project here of being a feminine mentor at this point in time. And you know. Joy is a Choice we just have to make the choices That bring About joy and your feminine. Energy is a gift. And I want to and you know what you know, who knows that this gift exists and this power is so powerful as men. It’s like they get how powerful women are, you know? And if you don’t believe me, think about if you’ve looked at a man in a certain way. Give them a look. You can either increase his ego by tenfold or squash it like an ant. Ok. That’s how powerful we are.

They know it. We need to use our power wisely.

And the more conscious we are of it and the more we use it for good, the better. Yeah, absolutely. And that’s the thing is we have to be conscious of it ourselves. And so I’m glad that you are doing the work that you are doing in the world to help people do that.

So thank you so much for being here today and shining your light in the world and tell me the website again. It’s that women in power cards, OK, we have the cards there, the blog there, you can contact us.

There’s also a free download of how to live in feminine energy.

Excellent. All right. Well, I will have that in the show notes as well. So in case you’re listening somewhere and you don’t have a pen handy, don’t worry about it. So thank you so much again for being here and for doing all the good work you’re doing in the world, both in your, your marketing side and your feminine side. So, so see, you’re in balance. I think you’re in balance very well.

Thank you so much. It was a pleasure. And thank you everyone for watching and for
being a subscriber. I hope you’re a subscriber already and for watching on YouTube as well. And do if you have missed any episodes. You can always go to live, Live Love Engage Podcast dot com, and you’ll be able to Catch catch any of them, as well as on your favorite podcast platform. All that good stuff. So until next time, as always, I encourage you to go out and live fully. Love deeply and engage authentically.

Did you know that a majority of entrepreneurs tend to discount the importance of their work and a good number feel their success is simply due to luck? I know from personal experience that self-doubt can keep you from having the kind of life and business you desire. That’s why I’ve created a free guide called Uniquely You How to Move From Self-doubt to Self-love in four simple steps to claim your free guide. Go to live love. Engage dot gift that’s live love. Engage dot G. I. F.T.

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