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Finding Your Joy in Life

The following is a transcript of today’s Facebook Live:

Namaste and happy Monday to you. It’s a little cool this morning, that’s why I’m wearing a sweater and I’ve got a little different background because I’ve been Fung Shui’ing my office over the weekend, and so I have to had to shift things over a little bit today. So we’ll see how this all works, but I am delighted to be with you to share with you another Daily Word from Unity as I like to do Monday through Friday at nine o’clock Eastern.

So, whether you’re catching this live now welcome, if not good afternoon, good evening. And I’m glad you’re here yeah I’m glad you’re here on this Monday, because today is a really great day to start because the daily word for today… it’s a good way to start the week. That’s what I’m trying to say, it’s a good way to start the week. The word for today is Joy ah Joy. Isn’t that a great word? And the affirmation is ONE WITH GOD, I AM FILLED WITH JOY. Hold on to that for a moment, as we listen to today’s reading.

Daily Word: Joy

When insecurities tempt me to doubt my worthiness, I affirm the words of “Desiderata” by Max Ehrmann: You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. I am an expression of the Divine, wondrously made, filled with the light and joy of God. No apparent lack can cast a shadow of doubt or fear across my life when I center my awareness in the Christ within. I have a right to a joyful, healthy, and prosperous life.

When I am in tune with the world around me, I find joy everywhere. Even if it sometimes feels distant or elusive, I listen to the forest, desert, or mountains sing for joy before the Lord. Once again, I feel divine love within me and within the starry heavens, and joy fills my life.

And then of course there’s always a reading scripture reading, and this is from the I guess the first letter from… or something. Okay I’m not a big Bible scholar, I will tell you this right now. I should have my Bible handy before I do these. Next time I will. Anyway 1 Chronicles 16:33: Then shall the trees of the forest sing for joy before the Lord.

There’s a lot going on here and and it was interesting when it starts off talking about affirming the words of Desiderata. I have this memory that I think my, I don’t know if it was either my mom bought it or maybe my older sister. But we had a poster up in our house, I don’t know if we had it in our kitchen or a living room or something. Maybe it was on my sister’s bedroom door, and I think about it, possibly, but I know, there was a poster of this poem Desiderata and it’s like I feel like I want to go get a copy of it now to read the whole thing, but I actually was kind of looking at it a little bit this morning before before I got on today’s video. But I love, how it says here, “you are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here.”

And that’s so important to remember, that is so important, you are an expression of the divine as it says here wondrously made filled with the light and joy of God. Because remember God is love and when you think of love doesn’t that make you feel joyful? I mean most of the time if we’re, when we’re in the throes of let’s say romantic love and even when we’re just expressing love for children, or you know our children or our pets, they give us joy. And that is, I think, love and joy really do go together, so if God is love then God has joy, God is joy, I should say, and that means that we are also love, we are also joy and we have that ability to tap into joy.

I, doing some of the things that talks about here, you know looking for joy. What’s that song? Looking for love in all the wrong places. Well, we can look for joy in all the right places, which is basically anywhere in nature, for sure and and again, if you have pets. I had like I said it’s chilly here this morning and central Florida and I was finishing up my meditation, I was sitting on my meditation mat and my Siamese cat came up and sat in my lap for a little bit and he doesn’t, he’s not always a lap cat. My other cat Fiona will do that when it’s cold. He was cold, I felt his fur. But it was nice having him, you know snuggle up with me a little bit and that gave me joy to be able to have that experience with my with my feline this morning.

Oh the other thing I want to say, too, is that I know I’ve had a friend one time, and she had bad moments I think she’s gotten past it now, but at that moment in her life, she was, didn’t feel, I would say she couldn’t feel joy and she didn’t know how to feel joy and I wish I’d had this reading, to be able to share with her, but I do think it’s so important for us to realize that we can access joy, even if sometimes, as it said here, sometimes it feels distant or elusive.

That is why I’m having this, Thank you divine download, that is God’s way of calling us back to joy and inviting us to look for joy when those things happen. That’s what we can then do is because we’re not meant to be morose, grumpy, sad creatures. No, we are meant to be joyful, to cry out with joy unto the Lord and to be to be joyful. And, and as it said also you know we have a right to be, to a joyful healthy and prosperous life.

So look outside look outside your window sometime if you are feeling not as joyful as you would like to be. And look at the trees and especially if you live in let’s say the northern hemisphere of like in the United States, right now, where it is fall. It’s November and the trees have been changing leaves their color the leaves have been changing the colors. Of course, they might be falling down by now, since we are already into the second week of November well, getting to be starting the second week of November. And you can also look at flowers, or birds. There’s lots of things in nature, stream, lake, if you’re near one, a pond. Even where I where I live, we have subdivisions here in Florida have retention ponds, but, but again it’s a nice way they have it, they’ll set up these sort of conservation areas where there’s some woods around this little body of water. And it’s a nice little retreat that you could go to where you could take a walk around it, or some places have park benches, where you could sit down and just take in nature around you and that’s enough to bring you joy. And sometimes it doesn’t say here, but another way to find joy is to go out and move your body. That could be going for a walk, maybe dancing around your living room or ride your bike. Again when the weather changes if you live somewhere where it’s, Where it snows, maybe you go out and go sledding or go skiing or something like that. Not my choice – that’s why I live in Florida! But I know lots of people love that type of weather.

The point is, you can always find joy, when you look for it. The thing to do to remember is that you get to choose, you get to choose to find joy. Because that is something else that God gave us. God gave us free will. And of course you can choose to stay in a bad mood perhaps and that’s your choice.
And you can also choose to get out of it and that could be looking for something funny to watch. Look for a funny YouTube video. Look for babies, baby videos are great on YouTube when you see a little child laugh. Oh man oh man, that is a good way to cheer yourself up and to bring joy into your life again. Because there’s nothing more precious than seeing a little baby laugh, and some of those videos of like the twin babies having conversations with themselves, you know babbling it’s adorable, how can you not be happy when you see something like that? That’s that’s my belief anyway and I’m sticking to it today.

Okay, I think I think I’m done, I think that’s going to do it for today, so I thank you for watching, I appreciate you and I would like to encourage you, if you did not happen to see the podcast episode that I recorded live last week on Facebook with Cathay Reta I encourage you to check it out. It is now on, the audio is now up on your favorite podcast platform, whether that’s Spotify or iHeart Radio, Pandora, Apple whatever. She talks about her journey along the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and this was a journey that she took for her 65th birthday and we had a really wonderful conversation, and I hope you will check it out, because a lot of people do this pilgrimage across Spain, I think it also starts in France, and anyway it’s a very ancient practice. I had a coach of mine had done it a few years ago. I had watched a movie about it actually back in 2015, I think, with my sister, and there was a movie with Martin Sheen in it, called The Way and that’s when I first found out about it and totally intrigued me.

It’s a very spiritual journey, some people, maybe not quite as spiritual for some people just do it just to do it, just to be able to have that experience of of walking for miles. And I think for most people, though it does turn out to be a spiritual journey, and it was for Cathay and she really learned something important about herself in this process, so I hope you will tune into the podcast and check it out, you can also go to live love engage

That’s at my website and you’ll be able to listen to the interview there. You can also catch on YouTube as well, so just wanted to just want to put that in there for today. So until next time, as always, I encourage you to go out and live fully loving deeply and engage authentically.

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