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Energy Clearing Benefits with Caroline Perez

Podchaser - Live. Love. Engage. Podcast: Inspiration | Spiritual Awakening | Happiness | Success | Life

On this episode we’re welcoming Caroline Perez. Caroline is an energy clearing practitioner, certified transformational coach, and intuitive guide. She’s also the creator of Magical Help Desk, a sacred space that provides guidance, energy clearings, personal readings, and unique insights to help you navigate your life.

Caroline tells us all about what she does, why she does it, and shares how we can make our own lives easier to navigate. If you desire more peace and abundance, you will get a lot out of this episode.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • How Caroline got into her career and why she chose it.
  • Why personal energy clearing is important.
  • What kinds of things can throw our energy off balance.
  • How personal energy clearing can be a fresh start.
  • A personal story illustrating how energy can transfer from one person to another.
  • The three choices we have as a reaction when we have a feeling.
  • How Caroline likes to think of feelings and why.
  • Why clearing the energy in our home matters.
  • What happens when earth energy is disrupted around your home.
  • What you’ll notice when you and your home are back in balance.
  • The kinds of energy cats and dogs prefer.
  • What prompted Caroline’s interest in more spiritual, energetic work.
  • The job that Caroline was first interested in as a child.
  • A memorable experience that Caroline had with a client.
  • Why you can’t predict what will happen as a result of a clearing.
  • Why you need a desire to be happy and a willingness to take a leap of faith.

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Live. Love. Engage. Podcast: Inspiration | Spiritual Awakening | Happiness | Success | Life


[00:00:02] I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the Love Method and author of the number one Amazon best seller, Live Love Engage – How to Stop Doubting Yourself and start being yourself. In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully, love deeply and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence and income. Welcome to Live, Love, Engage.

[00:00:37] Namaste and welcome to Live, Love Engage, I am your host, Gloria Grace Rand, and today I am delighted to have Carolyn Perez with us and I guess I should have double checked. Is it Caroline or Caroline? Which do you prefer? Caroline. Caroline. OK, yes, sorry about that. I should have asked you before we started today. Oh well. Well, see, this is an amazing woman, but who does something really cool. It’s called She’s a person home energy clearing practitioner, certified mastery, transformational coach, intuitive guide and founder of Magical Help Desk, which is a sacred space for stressed and sensitive souls. Huh? I am a sensitive soul trying not to be too stressed anymore. But, you know, we’re going to talk a little bit about all the wonderful things she does. But basically, in a nutshell is she helps lots to make your life easier to navigate so you can have more peace, joy and abundance. And I am all about having that in our lives. So, again, welcome, Caroline, to Live Love Engage.

[00:01:59] Yeah, thank you for having me. Yeah, I am a personal and home energy practitioner, that’s what I’ve been focused on lately with my practice. I do come from like a corporate type background where I did finance and marketing and I got my masters in design. But years ago I decided to leave all that mattered. First pursue. I’m doing more transformational coaching, but and I find that still very powerful and I incorporate that in the guidance sessions I do. But there is another component missing. I did my own research of different energy healing alleles and the one that I do now, I find the most powerful. So what’s really interesting with this work, which I’m finding with my clients, which I think it supports, like coaching and other modalities, things like that, is that, you know, we you might be struggling in a certain way. That’s not your fault. And you have no idea. So with personal energy clearing, we are electromagnetic beings. We are all sensitive being so more sensitive than not. So even if you don’t, you know, this is spiritual, religious. It’s nothing like that. But our hearts and our minds, we have energy field. So every time we have some kind of traumatic experience or life change, we can create this almost like stress knots in our energy field. And I’ll get that into that a little bit more in a second.

[00:03:28] But what I like to also emphasize is that we can take on stuff, and that’s where I tell people how it might not be your fault. So you might be struggling financially with health issues, things like that. Some of this could be inherited from your family and a lot of this could be absorbed over years and years and years. So, like, it could be something as good as, you know, you go to the mall during the holiday season. Right. And you’re there for like ten minutes and you’re like, I am exhausted. Well, that’s your system, having to cope with everybody rushing around and like, what do I need to get over so we can pick up things like recent like that or just walking to the DMV or get your license. And those are extreme cases, but we’re constantly picking up things here and there and that could be throwing you completely off stuff could also be all stuff picked up from your mother, your father and old boyfriend girlfriend or anyone you interact with throughout your life. And it could be something where you’re not in person, like it could be called like this. And the next day, you know, you have this feeling and you’re like, why am I feeling this way? Maybe it’s not yours. So I find most of my clients, they feel liberated, like, oh my God, like maybe there’s something going on.

[00:04:53] So I usually say, if you’ve exhausted everything and it’s like you’re still not sleeping well, you’re still have financial issues, you’re still struggling in some way you can because like this just might be something, especially if it’s something that’s going on in your life for a long time or even in your family lineage. It could be something you’ve inherited. So this can all be cleared and you can bring yourself back into balance. So I kind of call personal energy clearing like a personal reset, kind of getting a fresh start, like let’s get rid of all the stuff that’s not yours, you know, and that’s just making life harder. I like to tell the story of this one friend that I was having lunch with. And I she has some scarcity issues, right. And she’s always telling me, like, you know, she has way more than enough, but she just struggles and she she wants more and more and more. And I found myself later that afternoon, I was like looking at my budget and the differences. And we checked and I was like, why am I doing this? Like, I wasn’t doing this. That’s an example. Like, the more you become just aware of this is can be life changing because you’re like, you know what? That’s not mine.

[00:05:57] Suddenly I’m picking up her scarcity issues and I tell myself, give myself a quick general clearing. And I’m like, OK, I’m good to go. So I think it’s just really empowering to know that, you know, this exists and this can help bring that balance for all of us. And then when I talk little bit about the life experiences, that’s the other part that’s we’re a little it’s more about the stuff that we’ve experience and stuff we’ve created and that can bring us back into balance. But then we have a responsibility to try to stay in balance. And it doesn’t mean that you’re in peace all the time and you’re meditating, but it’s just how you’re able to navigate life. Right. So if you think of life as like riding the waves and you’re surfing, I would say like challenges are coming, like the next big wave is coming. It’s not like life becomes like pristine lake. But it’s just how you’re able to navigate and not know if you have all this extra emotional baggage and stress, you imagine on that board, it’s hard to balance yourself. You can easily fall off. So with clearing, it just really helps you navigate your life, like I said, with more ease. And you just kind of things don’t have such the same charge anymore, bother you in the same way, and you just find things are falling into place.

[00:07:22] But that responsibility with the feelings, because I was saying how with our energy fields, how I can describe it, how it throws you off balance just every time you have an emotion or a traumatic event or a life challenge, it kind of creates a stress not in or feels. Can you imagine like a bunch of stress knots and think of them as like almost like a kink in a garden hose. So you’re not taking anything or moving. All we’re doing is on kinking allowing things to flow. And we create these things sometimes with our thoughts and feelings. So we have three choices. When we have a feeling we can get swept away by it, we can suppress it or we can let it go. And usually what creates the knots more is when we suppress it or we get swept away by it. Right. So it’s important to start to look at feelings as just information. I love to think of it in this way. So like, you know, if you walk into a room that’s just been painted and you can smell those teams are like, oh, I don’t like that, but it doesn’t smell good. It’s just information. It’s telling me someone just painted here, OK, it’s OK. I’m not going to freak out. Similarly with a feeling like if we suddenly feel some anger and we just look at it as information, OK, it’s interesting.

[00:08:42] I’m feeling really angry right now because in our bodies we really only feel a feeling for 90 seconds and only goes longer because of the stories and the things we start to do. And what magin just letting it go and acknowledging it or even getting curious and just being like, yeah, this is anger. It’s not going to be forever. It will pass. Right. And just not getting swept away. So another way to think about it is if a feeling is a balloon and it’s coming up, so it’s like, oh my God, I’m feeling the anger come out right. The key is to acknowledge it and be like, OK, and get curious, but not to grab the string and get sucked away away for days. Other thing is suppressing it. And so, like, holding it down. And you can imagine the energy to suppress all these balloons. If you have all these balloons like it’s exhaust, you can physically feel that. But then imagine just letting it come up and then letting it rise and let it go. You know, it can take practice. We’re not all perfect. And things like thinking of our feelings is just information. And just getting curious without any judgment can really help keep us in balance to.

[00:09:57] But I did go to dinner, if you had a question, a couple so a couple of things have come to mind, I I guess I’ll start I’ll start with this one first. So is this something that you can learn to do for yourself to clear your image?

[00:10:20] So I yeah. So I’m trained. I’m at the final stage of my certification with Jean Hayner. It’s spelled G. And then and you are the author. She’s been doing this type of modality for, I would say over forty years so you can get her clear home, clear heart. And that’s kind of where I started and you clear and I was going to get to the next level. So you have to clear yourself and clear your home because our home should be our personal sanctuaries that support us and help us feel good and thrive, but also stress energy that can build up in our home. And she goes she goes over into detail about this, too. But pretty much we dust our homes. We build up dust over time. So think about it. This as energetic dust. So and usually the three key ones are emotional energy, similar to what I just talked about, the personal energy field as people, your homes, especially if you’re an older home, when you have you having an emotional, stressful moment or does a traumatic event, things like that, that stress can build up in the home. And the other thing could be stressed earth energies that I clear. So that is when you dig into the earth, the Earth has its own meridians. And when you dig into the earth, whether you’re constructing a house or removing a tree or doing utility work, that can kind of cut into a line of earth energy.

[00:11:59] And this one’s one less known, the one people tell me I’m having issues sleeping or concentrating on my room. I want to this. So when it cuts into the light of earth energy and the whole neighborhood, it can create this enormous stress band and a tree that starts just broadcast to your home. And so I have one in my daughter’s bed and I noticed that she wasn’t sleeping well, like always sleeps well. And she and then I naturally and this is thing with Earth energy. You don’t really notice it. It’s like very unconscious. I was just working downstairs a lot. I was wasn’t going to my office. I didn’t know why. And what happened is the city had removed a tree right here. Plus the actually a few months before that, they had demo two houses here. So who knows which one it was. But once I cleared the street stressed earth energy. So we went back to sleeping well and then like I was back in my office. So I hear so someone tells me I’ve tried everything. I have insomnia, I can’t sleep. I’m like, if you have a bad energy, you could imagine it’s really hard to relax, you know, because it’s a very active energy. And the last thing on Clearing’s is I clear any adverse effects of technology. So no technology, fine. It’s normal to have it in your house.

[00:13:15] But some of us are more sensitive to the Emad’s and the energy and all this stuff. So I just clear the adverse effects of the people that live in the homes and make sure that it’s not throwing them out of balance. And so, you know, when your home is back in balance and you’re back in balance, it’s just very interesting how life really unfolds as it needs to. And I hear time and time again clients are cluttering their homes or their you know, one of the things it’ll bring to light some repairs that you need. I got I had my home energy clearing. I realized I had bats in the attic. And this is an example we tell people it’s not always like suddenly all these amazing things happened, but sometimes things come to light that like, oh, like if I hadn’t caught that sooner, it would have been an issue. But that’s like stressed energy. So as soon as it was out, you know, it came to light or I tell people, follow your animals. Dogs usually love, like, really good positive energy. The cats love the stressed energy. And I always find my cat sleeping in the laundry basket. My husband saw the pictures on her because our our clothes usually absorb like energy, even if you wash them. Seems the cat sitting in the girls clothes, I’m like, oh, you love in that stressed.

[00:14:36] Well, that’s interesting. I never I never thought that. And I had cats all my life and I and I know especially when I was younger, I would I was in charge of doing laundry and my house. And so I would sort the clothes on the floor. And we have one Siamese that would just love to just roll around those dirty clothes, so.

[00:14:57] Closets.

[00:15:00] Well, that goes from the cleaners, Santa Claus to get away.

[00:15:06] I have to interview. The woman was telling me how their cat would love to go into this junk room. They had the whole room was the whole house was like an art, except this one junk room. They open the door. The cat would run in like crazy. And I’m like, that’s probably a build up. So I

[00:15:25] Just

[00:15:27] Wanted to clutter your house like a home. Clearing is so nice because I, I saw people do that first because then the stuff starts to just fly out of the house. I hear all the time for my clients.

[00:15:38] Yeah, absolutely. Now you mentioned at the beginning that you come from a corporate background. So when was it exactly that or what prompted this interest really in this and something that, you know, is a little bit more spiritual in nature, but not exactly. I guess it’s really it’s still dealing with science in a way, because it’s still it’s energy. But but what what how did you get led down this path from starting out in a thing?

[00:16:09] Yeah, when I was a child, I actually wanted to be the help desk person. That was like my dream. I was like, I just want to help people find their way, ironically. So and I would say I went to college. NYU Marketing Finance began my career at NYU was at the time I was working there and going to school. I found myself always helping people get places, are naturally advising them. And even I treated myself to the singing lessons uptown senior year and we would never get to the lesson because I kept just talking to this woman and she was going through a divorce at the time and she kept saying, I just feel like you are an angel sent here for me. And that’s always kind of happened throughout my life. And then so I started working in still marketing, and then I went into operations a little bit and then I did some property accounting. And then at some point I went back to school and I got my master’s interior design. I’ve always been sensitive to space. I always liked well-designed spaces. So I think it’s interesting, the home energy. I love doing that work and I’m actually going to start adding some functional components to it and some more design components to it eventually when I have more time. You know, the like Cauvin, an online learning, no jokes. So but hopefully next year. But yeah. So like I started doing, but I was actually working for an architectural firm doing more like higher education and medical. So my last project was a children’s hospital in Minneapolis. I worked on that for two years.

[00:17:48] But I love creating spaces and just making people fall in love with their spaces. And then I had my two girls and my husband travels a lot for work and lose a lot for work. So I started moving. So I kind of left that for a while back to that small desk thing. And I was like, how can I help people? And I was at this retreat for the program. I eventually went through my master’s training, which is based on normal programming and just really rewiring our beliefs and who we are so we can thrive. And they said something like, you will learn how to change without needing to remember to change. And I was like, that is gold. Like, I need to know what that is. And it is like and I think that’s really where my transformational journey happened. I think that I was struggling a place in my life where I had enough time, enough money and enough space. And I probably was a perfectionist and constant, like I would say like over organizer my life. And I kept trying to figure out the answer. I’m like, why is life not working out for me? Like, I’m just like spending so much time trying to imagine these life organizing programs and all this and it wasn’t working. And then I realized I had to learn internally and I ask for help and other whatever way you ask, pray or whatever. And the coaching really changed my life. But I always wanted I always got connected with energy around me and even my intuitive guide, the work that I do there. So I’ve always wanted to add an energy component.

[00:19:33] And I did try breaking it down with Reiki. I was taking things. I did one client and I got really nauseous. I’m sick afterwards. And she’s like, Oh, I have vertigo, Michael. So with this modality, if you’re interested in learning it, you know, I if I clear you, it actually clears me. It was the life. Changing my last one exploded shock or bounce off things, but this seems to me the modality itself, it’s so simple. It’s just about having a compassionate heart and training with the stress energy and just letting it dissipate kind of the end of the hose. There’s no bells and whistles. There’s no like rituals. It’s really, to me, a lot of common sense. And it’s based on the spiritual side of Chinese medicine, which is over five thousand years old. And sometimes the best modalities are based on the most foundational basic concepts. It is very complicated when you die really into it, but it is understanding. And so what they did five thousand years ago is they studied nature and how nature transforms naturally in the patterns of nature. And they saw that there’s a universal organisational structure to everything, you know, to the days, the months and everything in to how we operate tends to. So it’s really about bringing that old balance so that similar to acupuncture for the body. If you’re familiar to this, this is like how a puncture for your spirit. So it’s really allowing acupuncture allows the body to heal. This really allows your spirit, who you are, to flourish and really be aligned with your true nature.

[00:21:17] Very cool. I love that. I’ve always wondered if you could maybe share if you have, like, one really great experience with the client, something that maybe maybe they found and nothing’s ever going to work. And then they were so blown away by a transformation. Do you have any stories like that that you can share?

[00:21:42] Yeah, yeah, I mean, I have one client that he was rushed to purchase this home and the wife was like, we just have to do we have to do it. And he did not like the home, the owners beforehand or kind of sketchy. And, you know, he’d been living in the home for a few months. He had no motivation to do Bergmann’s I really don’t home. And he’s really cool. And it was amazing. And this will happen as soon as I schedule the clients. Sometimes they already feel the show happening. It was like night and day. He’s only found himself cleaning out the garage. He’s definitely found the key, all that negative energy that he felt from the old owners stop. And suddenly it was like I was like, now I can. Now he’s investing money in home improvements. Like he could not settle and be like, this is my home until I had done the home energy clearing for him. And similar to like a house I did in Scotland that was in the seventeen hundreds. Imagine how much stress energy build up there. He was struggling to and there was a lot of stress energy in there. And again, similarly she wanted to do home improvements and do things, do things for the home.

[00:22:52] And she was thinking a lot of people, I tell them if you’re thinking of moving because there’s something you don’t like about the home, do this for because it’s cheaper to. Similarly, you see, if you fall back in love the home. And now I love watching her Facebook because I can see all she’s redoing the kitchen, she’s doing all these great things. And then like, you know, things can happen in life. Like, for my example, I had a different certified practitioner do my home because I wanted to have the experience and my husband got his dream job. I swear to God, like within like a month afterwards, like, it was like amazing. It was a very odd situation where he was just the extra interview for the he works for GE and he’s a senior executive there. But he just the extra interview. But he’s like, I want this. I can’t believe this showed up. I don’t even know how it showed up. And then suddenly it all worked out. And I was like, oh, my God, you know, is this a lot of stories of people suddenly feeling like one woman who felt stagnated in her business and now like it’s just things are flourishing. So we always say we don’t know what’s to happen as a result of clearing.

[00:24:02] It’s just life. Sometimes what you hope will happen won’t happen first because sometimes other things need to resolve and stuff like that. But it’s all about really bringing into alignment what you’re here to do. Another side of the work I do is the energetic design meetings. So we’re all here with a purpose in the life design. And when we’re not in alignment with that life, it’s just harder. And sometimes we are not celebrated for our uniqueness. One client, she was stressing about how she likes to work at night and she was like, no, I need to get I’m like, you know what? You know, maybe you’re not private, funny, and you should step up for that. I’m I embrace and and that’s when you thrive. So sometimes I feel like we really need to embrace. Someone must drive working at night. Sometimes some of us need alone time. Sometimes we need work. We need people in our lives know we all thrive differently. And I love when people can really embrace who they are without judgement and just allow. And I feel like when I see that people just you know, someone asked me a client recently, I just want to get in the flow, like how you can give them math.

[00:25:13] And I was just like part of it is letting go. It’s like try to control the flow. And it’s hard. I understand just I always say requires like two things, like a desire to be happy and a leap of faith. And that leap of faith can be scary. I get it. And I have a mantra that I say that I always worry I’m going to forget, but I say I live my life following my heart. Right. And I feel like if you master all these things, the things just flow. You know, you’re as you brace your journey without how you appreciate your presence, you revel in your uniqueness in the last one is trusting the unknown. And that can be scary. But what I found in my own life is when I really let go of the how and trust what appears so much better than you could even imagine. And I heard that for a long time. If you like a Mike Dooley or change why or whatever is so true, it is. I can’t climb this way because I said intentions and then you do your part. I say you meet fifty percent do you are. And they take more usually like 80 percent. And it’s amazing how things just fall.

[00:26:29] Oh yeah, absolutely. Yes. I’ve experienced that numerous times and that’s definitely what I talk to clients about as well. Just let go and, and see what happens and trust you and open your heart to receive. We’ll see what comes up. So this has been amazing and I know I’m sure that there are people out there who are going to be like, OK, I need to get my house cleared. How do I get a hold of Caroline? So what is the best way to reach out to you?

[00:26:59] You can go to my website aligned by Carolin, Ally G and E, D by C, a r o l i n e commerce. And then if you want to join the magical help desk that’s on Facebook, you just put in magical help desk. I’ll pop up right away. And I do offer a free general energy clearing for anybody who joins that once one. So this way you can experience a personal clearing. And what that does is like if a full personal cleaning, you think of like a deep tissue massage or you get all those knots out, this is more like a light Swedish. We’re going to start getting some of those stress

[00:27:36] And it’s kind of a shoulder, head, neck and shoulder massage.

[00:27:43] It is on my site of it’s just not. And they’re all like little things here. So I’m always

[00:27:47] Doing this quick. But I love it. I love it. Well, thank you so much, Caroline. I love I love your energy. Number one, you’ve got great energy and so negative energy doesn’t stand a chance around you. I can see why. Just clears read up when you walk into a room. Absolutely. So thank you so much for being here today and sharing a little bit of your story and what you’re up to in the world. And I really appreciate you being here and. Yeah. And being on the show today.

[00:28:21] Yes, thank you so much for having me.

[00:28:23] Yeah, and thank you everyone out there who is either watching on YouTube or listening on your favorite podcast platform. I appreciate you as well. And I love it when you leave comments. I actually got a phone call today from someone who is listening to the podcast, and that was a wonderful thing to experience. So thank you for. Thank you. In fact, I will shoot now. I just forgot her name, so I can’t even give her a shout out, but I will next time. But I appreciate all of you out there listening. And until next time, as always, I encourage you to go out and live fully loved deeply and engage authentically. Did you know that

[00:29:07] A majority of entrepreneurs tend to discount the importance of their work and a good number feel their success is simply due to luck? I know from personal experience that self-doubt can keep you from having the kind of life and business you desire. That’s why I’ve created a free guide called Uniquely You How to Move from Self-doubt to Self-love in four simple steps to claim your free guide. Go to live, love, engage dot gift. That’s live love. Engage dot g-i-f-t.

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