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Unlock Your Sacred Powers: 5 Steps to Develop and Utilize Your Abilities

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to tap into your intuition and unlock the sacred powers within you? I had the good fortune to explore this subject with Nancy Orlen Weber, R.N. on a recent episode of Live. Love. Engage. Nancy believes that everyone has the ability to uncover their own sacred powers, and in this article, we’ll cover the 7 steps you can use to develop and utilize your own sacred abilities. So read on to learn the techniques and discover the power within you!

About Nancy Orlen Weber

Nancy Orlen Weber, RN

Nancy Orlen Weber, R.N. is a medical intuitive, animal communicator, and psychic detective. She left nursing because of a permanent disability and began a private practice. Nancy believes that everything we need is inside, and that we are able to uncover our sacred powers. She has released several books, including The Life of a Psychic Detective, and All Nature Speaks. Join us as we explore Nancy’s journey to uncovering her sacred power, and learn valuable insight from her experiences.

Why is it important to uncover Sacred Powers?

For spiritual seekers, uncovering Sacred Powers is an incredibly important part of the spiritual journey. Sacred Powers are the hidden spiritual dimensions of life that, when accessed, can lead to greater connection and understanding of the Universe. By uncovering our Sacred Powers, we can access the fullness of our spiritual potential and gain a more profound appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things. Uncovering these powers can also help us to recognize and accept our own inner power. As we learn to unlock and access these Sacred Powers within ourselves, we can more fully embody our true spiritual nature and begin to realize our fullest potential as spiritual beings. In doing so, we become more connected to the spiritual realms, allowing us to access the wisdom and guidance they provide. Furthermore, we can use this newfound power to help benefit others, as we become more in tune with the spiritual energies that surround us.

Here are the steps to follow to unlock your own sacred powers:

1. Develop Curiosity: Be curious about how you know things that no one else does.

Developing curiosity is essential to uncovering your sacred power. To do this, you must ask yourself questions about how you know things that no one else does. Nancy Orlen Weber explained how she uncovered her sacred power in her interview on Live. Love. Engage. She told Gloria that she began by being curious about how she knew things that nobody else knew and how she knew when someone was going to die. By examining what was happening to her, she was able to uncover her sacred power. She explained that sacred power is present in everyone, it is just hidden until you bring it to the light.

Nancy believes that we all have a unique set of sacred powers, and that once we tap into them, we can start to use them in our daily lives. She also believes that developing our sacred powers can help us heal from our past experiences and can help us to become more connected with our divine purpose. It is important to remember that everyone has sacred power, and that by developing our curiosity, we can start to uncover our own.

It is also worth noting that although sacred power can be a powerful tool, it is important to use it responsibly. Nancy suggests that we take the time to learn about our own sacred power and how to use it for positive purposes. By doing this, we can ensure that we are using our sacred power for the highest good. Ultimately, developing curiosity and uncovering our sacred power can be a powerful and transformative experience.

2. Understand that you have Sacred Powers: Understand that the abilities you are born with are considered sacred.

Understanding that we have sacred powers is a key part of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Our sacred powers are the special gifts and abilities that we are born with. These can be anything from the ability to sense danger, to the ability to connect to our spiritual selves or to the environment around us. We can also have the power to heal ourselves or others, to manifest our desires, and to connect to the divine.

Nancy Orlen Weber explains that understanding our sacred powers takes incremental steps. It begins with questioning how we know certain things that others don’t, and taking the time to examine and practice what we learn.

Another important part of understanding our sacred powers is to be mindful of how we are using them. We must be careful to not misuse our gifts and abilities for selfish purposes, as this can cause harm. We must also take the time to practice self-care, as our abilities can be draining. We must be aware of our own capacities and limitations and to know when it’s time to take a break.

Finally, it is essential to respect and honor the sacred powers of others. We must remember that everyone has their own unique gifts and abilities, and it is important to honor the power that each individual has. We should never misuse the power of another person, and we should always treat them with respect and kindness. By understanding and honoring our own sacred powers and those of others, we can use them to create a better world.

3. Practice: Practice and exchange ideas with others to develop your sacred powers.

Practicing and exchanging ideas with others to develop your sacred powers is an important step in understanding and utilizing these powers. Nancy shared an exercise to help you uncover your own sacred power. This exercise involves becoming a magnet and feeling a pole. She explains that we are all magnetic, and that by focusing on a specific item or area, we can make ourselves a magnet and act like a laser beam. She also encourages people to practice daily with simple techniques, such as asking yourself if there is any real mail that is coming today before you go look.

One exercise suggested by Nancy is to practice focusing on one item. For example, when shopping, focus on a certain genre, such as mysteries or art, and take it slow. As you walk, pay attention to any feelings or sensations that you experience. In the same way, when searching for something you have lost, take three deep breaths and don’t focus on the franticness of the situation. Ask yourself if what you are looking for is upstairs or downstairs, and then slowly walk around and pay attention to any sensations or feelings that arise.

It is also important to practice with others. Nancy encourages people to exchange emails, cell phone numbers, or other contact information and practice together. This allows people to not only practice but to learn from each other. By practicing and exchanging ideas with others, you can become more familiar with your sacred powers and learn how to use them.

Another way to practice and exchange ideas to develop your sacred powers is to seek out mentors and teachers. There are many people out there who are knowledgeable and experienced in this field and can provide valuable insight and guidance. Seek out those who have experience in the area and can provide guidance and tips. Additionally, many teachers offer classes and workshops that provide an opportunity to work with others and learn from each other.

It is also important to remember that developing your sacred powers takes time and practice. Don’t expect to immediately become an expert overnight, but rather take it slow and be patient with yourself. It is important to practice consistently, even if it is just a few minutes each day. The more you practice, the more familiar you will become with your sacred powers and the more you will be able to trust and rely on them.

4. Relax and Focus: Take deep breaths to relax and focus your power to find or do something.

Taking deep breaths is a great way to relax and prepare your mind to focus your power. This can help you find something you are searching for, or to do something that you need to do. Focusing your power is about using your intuition to guide you. It is about listening to what your body is telling you and allowing it to lead you in the right direction. It is also important to remember that everyone has a different level of intuition and what works for one person may not work for another. Taking time to relax and focus on the task at hand can help you unlock your inner power and use it to find what you are looking for or to do something that needs to be done. You can practice this by taking some deep breaths, closing your eyes, and focusing on the task at hand. Allow yourself to feel the energy of the task and trust that you will be guided in the right direction.

This step is also about taking time to reflect. Reflecting on the situation can help you to gain insight into what you are searching for or how to approach the task. Taking a few moments to close your eyes and think about the situation can help you to process what needs to be done. It is important to be honest with yourself during this process and to take the time to listen to your inner voice. This can help to uncover any doubts or fears that you may be holding onto, as well as to gain clarity and insight into the situation.

Relaxing and focusing your power is a powerful tool that can help you to find or do something. It is important to remember that everyone is different, so what works for one person may not work for another. It is important to take time to relax and focus, listen to your intuition, and trust that you will be guided in the right direction. Taking time to reflect and process the situation can also help to gain insight into the task at hand. With practice, you can use this technique to unlock your inner power and find what you are looking for or do something that needs to be done.

5. Have Gratitude: Appreciate the sacred power you have and express gratitude for it.

This is an important step because it allows us to recognize the power we have within, and to be thankful for it. Having gratitude can help shift our perspective and make us more mindful. We can learn to embrace our gifts and be thankful for them, no matter how big or small.

One way to practice gratitude and appreciate the power we have is through meditation and reflection. Taking time to focus on the things we are grateful for, such as our health, family, friends, career, and even our struggles, can help us to recognize the power we have within. We can also practice gratitude through affirmations, writing in a gratitude journal, and taking a few moments each day to express our appreciation.

Another way to appreciate our power is to take time to recognize and celebrate our successes, no matter how small. We can also take time to recognize the successes of others and be thankful for their contributions. Taking the time to show gratitude and appreciation can help us to recognize our own power and gifts, and can help us to stay focused on the positive.

Having gratitude can also help to foster positive emotions, such as joy and contentment. When we recognize and appreciate the power we have within, we can become more mindful and aware of our thoughts and feelings. This can help us to stay positive and find joy and peace.

Finally, having gratitude can help us to live life with intention and to focus on what is important to us. When we are grateful for the power we have within, we can take the time to recognize and appreciate the beauty in the world around us. We can also use that power to stay focused on our goals and work to achieve our dreams. Gratitude can be a powerful tool for manifesting our goals and manifesting the life we desire.


In this blog post, we explored the journey of Nancy Orlen Weber RN to uncover her sacred powers. We examined the six steps of the process, including developing curiosity, understanding that we have sacred powers, practicing, relaxing and focusing, and having gratitude. By taking the time to understand our own power and to practice with others, we can access the fullness of our spiritual potential and become more connected to the spiritual realms. So don’t wait any longer – start unlocking your sacred powers today and discover the power within you!

Leave me a comment on how it went for you or drop any questions you want me to answer!

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