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Think Big, Act Bigger: Interview with Jeffrey Hayzlett [PODCAST]

Think Big Act Bigger

Do you know the secret to getting ahead of your competition, achieving your goals and becoming a successful business owner?

It’s pretty simple really. You just need to be yourself and own your story.

In today’s podcast episode, global business celebrity, keynote speaker and TV host Jeffrey Hayzlett, talks about exactly that, as he shares insights from his new book, “Think Big, Act Bigger: The Rewards of Being Relentless.”

“Think Big, Act Bigger” goes beyond the excuses, self-imposed limitations, and preconceived notions to inspire readers to become the biggest, boldest, versions of themselves. It is also about taking action and having an attitude to put oneself out there, steamrolling obstacles, ignoring perceived boundaries, and even being a little irrational.

You can listen to the episode above, or on iTunes or Stitcher (where I’d LOVE to get your reviews when you have a moment.)

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Think Big, Act Bigger: The Rewards of Being Relentless

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