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The Power of Community with Shannon Procise

In this episode we’re joined by Shannon Procise, owner of the “Million Dollar Rolodex,” who has successfully attained $3.2 Million in free press for herself and her clients. She’s made appearances on television, radio, and is co-author of the Amazon #1 best-seller “Law of Business Attraction – The Secret of Cooperative Success” with T. Harv Eker.

Shannon is a successful coach and trainer who is passionate about helping her clients make a lot of money and have fun while doing it. During the episode, she discusses the role mindset plays in achieving your goals, the power of community, and how to trust your intuition to find opportunities that are the best fit for you.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • How a shoulder injury changed the trajectory of Shannon’s life.
  • The moment Shannon realized there is an incredible power in the mind.
  • How people in communities can be more powerful than the individual alone.
  • The importance of attracting the people we really want to serve.
  • The power of resource sharing despite individual differences.
  • Where business owners with a small budget should get started with marketing.
  • The foundational step to doubling (or even tripling) your income.
  • The biggest challenge Shannon had to overcome in her own business.
  • What to do when an opportunity isn’t for your highest good.
  • The importance of blending a strategy with your intuition.
  • The moments Shannon tries to create in her work with her clients and her own life.
  • What she has recently taken on and how she’s curious to learn what’s in store with it.
  • The gift Shannon is giving to the listeners.

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You’re listening to the Live Love Engage podcast. On today’s show, how trusting your instincts can help you succeed in business. Stay tuned. I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the Love Method, and author of the number one Amazon best seller, Live, Love, Engage, How to stop doubting Yourself and Start Being Yourself.

In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully love deeply. Engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence, and income. Welcome to Live, Love, Engage

Namaste. I am so delighted to be with you today. I am Gloria Grace Rand, just in case you missed the intro. and for the, welcome to those of you who are watching this on YouTube as well as those of you who are listening on your favorite. Podcast platform and I am delighted to welcome a friend of mine who we’ve known each other, kind of been in each other’s circles for quite a long time. And in fact, I even interviewed her, interviewed her on the previous incarnation of this podcast quite a while ago.

But I, first off, I’ll tell you more about who she is and, and all the wonderful things she gives to the world. first, but first off, I just wanna welcome Shannon Procise to live, love, engage. Thank you so much for having me back. I love where you’re, where you’re going and how you are transforming.

Yeah, it’s been, it’s been an interesting journey. And, yeah. So let me, let me set the stage for those of you who may not be familiar with this one, what she has a has done in her career as a woman entrepreneur, and she has successfully attained over 3.2 million dollars in free publicity and is notorious for being the owner of the Million Dollar Rolodex.

And for those of you who don’t know what a Rolodex is, maybe we’ll explain that later. But essentially, you know, having a lot of contacts, and she teaches others how to do the same. She’s trained and coached thousands of individuals in marketing, event production, business development, and personal growth.

And she’s also the creator of her own magnetic community called the Business Acceleration Network, where she also guides businesses to build a successful enterprise while having fun. And making lots of money and isn’t that what we all wanna do in life? I, I think we, there’s not enough fun in this world and we need to have more fun.

And if you can do it in making money, that’s, that’s the best thing. So she’s done a lot of other stuff and I’ll, I’ll have the, her full bio probably in, in the show notes, but let’s, let’s just, suffice it to say she’s been on television, radio. She knows her way around publicity and she even co-authored the book called The Law of Business Attraction, The Secret of Cooperative Assess Success, which is an Amazon number one best seller with T. Harv Eker who is famous for the book, The Millionaire Mind.

So, you’ve done a lot in your life and in your career and, and. I’m just wondering if we, I thought maybe a good way to start is what actually got you here. You know what I, I like to find out, you know, how people’s journeys began. So what, what got you even interested in being able to help people, do publicity and things like that?

Yeah, that’s a really, really great story. And so I was rear ended at the age of 19. I ended up having shoulder surgery that made me paralyzed with only one arm that worked. You know, tried numerous things. I had no more insurance. I ended up signing up for a Qigong class and was able to get full range in my arm in two months.

Wow. And I realized that there’s a whole ocean of possibilities within our mind that can heal our body, and that there’s so many solutions that are not mainstream that can truly heal. And so I became obsessed with getting the message out to the masses, to truly make an impact. Wow. Now see I wasn’t even aware of that.

And, and, and here I’ve, you know, and we had an interview, you know, years ago. Aand I guess then we were more focused on publicity. So that is intriguing to me. So what I, I wanna explore that a little bit more. So what, so you say you got involved in, in Qigong. What was it about that, that you think that really appealed to you?

I’m curious. Well, I, I don’t know that it appealed to me, but at that point I was really hopeless. Like I I had tried everything else and they had, I had no more insurance. They were telling me I needed another insurance. So I was, I was a little nervous about that, but, I feel like an earth angel showed up and said, My husband, he didn’t get in a car wreck, but he had a left shoulder.

Injury and he healed his arm with Qigong and just come check it out. And so, I went to a couple classes and I thought, this is strange because I can’t move my arm, right? And they kept saying, Imagine your arm is in these positions. So it was my imagining and after two classes, I started moving my arm, which I was, you know, that gave me the hope and the, the inspiration.

And then after two months I was like, okay, there’s something really powerful with, with our mind and our and to me also that hope and that willingness and that, you know, I was just, I was, I was committed to not giving up. Yeah. And, and that’s an important point, I think especially, you know, in whatever you’re doing and certainly in when you have a health challenge, to be able to have hope is you’re gonna have a lot better

Outcome or, or at least a better transition sometimes. If, because, you know, sometimes we don’t, we don’t know what’s, what’s in store for us. And, but if you can have that better mind frame about it, you’re going to at least get through each day a little bit better. So, So that’s amazing. So, so you started actually, I guess then promoting this, this healing modality.

So how did that then wind up going from that to actually helping other people in their business? Yeah. Well, well I, I, I grew up with having over 10 surgeries and so I started looking at, at my past, I got into Louise Hay, the, the emotion relationship. And at the time I had, you know, as I, as I got on my journey, my kids, we had generational hearing things.

My mom was deaf in her right ear. My sister was deaf in her right ear. and. And I had multiple surgeries in my right ear and I was really committed to not do, you know, having that same thing happen. So I just, at, in my research, what I found is that there were all of these people that, that had had successes, but it wasn’t mainstream.

And then there were all of these practitioners and healers that were really good, what they were doing, but they weren’t good at marketing. And so I started an organization at the time called Conscious Living Partnership. And the, the idea was to have collaboration, help get the message out and, and during that time, I have to add another piece in here.

There was a, there was a lot of pieces coming together. Sometimes, you know, sometimes we get messages from different things and it’s enough to give us the courage. And at the time, I remember, a dear friend who was an N.D., which stands for Naturopathic Doctor. She, the state of Florida made her a felony overnight and she’d been practicing for 30 years and they, they, they came up with some law.

And many people, like even today I can go to an audience and how many people know that this law was passed. They didn’t know it was passed. And I watched her frantically, Gloria, trying to get people to call their congressmen, do all of this stuff. And we didn’t have a body of people that came together.

And so I just kept getting, We need to come together and share these messages, we need to come together so that we can have that impact. So things like this don’t, don’t happen again. And so when I started conscious living partnership, we got into events, and then I ran into another Little challenges that I realized that our world has grown up, taught to compete.

And so then I started really stepping into, okay, this is my work, this is my work of building community and showing people how to, how to navigate those differences and how to, how we’re more powerful when we come together. even if we’re doing the same thing. And so yeah, a little bit about the journey.

There’s a few things that was like, okay, you’re, you’re here to really, you know, provide that hope and inspiration, those resources, but it was more about how do we build community to help spread those messages? Yeah. And, and that is important and I know it gets, challenging I think for

Entrepreneurs, especially like when they’re first getting started, and they’re not quite sure how to be able to navigate that. And, and there’s so many different organizations out there, and some of them believe that, that, oh, they can only have one of each type of business owner, you know, And so that they’re, you know, very lead oriented.

And then there’s others that are, you know, more accepting because ultimately, and I, you tell me if you agree with this, is that I feel that Whoever you’re meant to work with, you’re, those people are gonna find you, you know, as long as you do, are showing up, but not everybody is gonna wanna work with, You can have two people who are, who are, both do chiropractic, but they’re gonna appeal to some people and the other, other doctor is gonna appeal to other people.

And it’s okay. They can still find enough business. There’s enough people to go around. What, What do you think about that? Oh yeah. I think we, we attract our. And we wanna attract our tribe. We really don’t want everybody, you know what I mean? I used to think, Oh, I want everybody. But then I, then I just realized that, that, that we’re, you know, we, we, we mag, we’re.

We attract who it is that we ideally are here to serve and, and here to work with. And the piece of collaboration is that when we, when we can actually align with those people, you know, if you can align with that chiropractor, you can actually learn from each other. You can share gifts there.

There may be things that they like to do that they don’t. I mean, when I first started we had a Six hypnotists show up to our networking meeting. So imagine that. Gloria six hypnotists, and I was watching them go around the circle and, and it was a little bit of that one up energy of like, well, I do this and I, and, and you could just feel it.

And I was, my heart was like, Oh no, this is not what I wanna build, like this is, And that, that was really the eye opener for me. And, and I ended up pulling them together on the side and, and sharing and, and, and exploring. Okay. Oh, so you like to help people quit smoking. Oh, you like weight loss? Oh, you’re really skilled at past life regression.

And, and what happened is they ended up starting their own hip hypnosis association and they started cross referring. And they, that, you know, all of them that came together flourished. Once they learned that, okay, when we come together, we can find our differences, we can honor them, right? Because we all have different beliefs, we all have different understanding, and then we can start resource sharing.

And it was really a powerful thing to help attract more of your tribe and who you wanna serve. Yeah, I like that. And that, and that is important, having that dialogue with people and being able to learn and see, you know, yeah, what are you good at? What, and sometimes it might be maybe they don’t like to work with a certain type of client.

And so then you can, if you can refer, have that. Cuz I’ve had that happen too, where it’s like, oh, you know what? We are not a good fit. Let me refer you to somebody else who I think we’ll be able to manage, So, What do you, what would you say to someone who, is, is in this sort of dilemma? Maybe a little bit of like, they wanna be able to promote themselves, but they’re not quite sure how to go about it.

What, what do you, what is sort of the first thing that you recommend to someone? Yeah. So, I like to work with people, you know, first it’s, it’s very budget. I, I work with people that are, that are getting started and they don’t have a budget, right? They, or they, they have a limited budget. and then there’s also people that, that have a budget and that, so I tend to, share some of the free,

Pre-marketing opportunities. So I’ll, I’ll start, I’ll start there. but I, I think that getting our press kit together, working on your, your power bio to me is like the very first basic, I know that’s different than marketing, but if you’re gonna market, they need to know who you are and you will get more yeses if they clearly know who you are.

And so I was, was struggling getting clients to say yes, I was, you know, not really happy with my income. And once I kind of crack the code on what we call our expert power bio. I was able to almost triple my, my wage and I’ve seen so many people, you know, just double and triple their income by, by doing that.

So I always feel like that’s a foundational thing. And and, and it’s a time to brag. It’s not a time to be humble. Right. It’s a time to, to really, I’ve worked with this person, you know, you can name drop and or I’ve studied from this person or what, whatever those successes are, is important.

and I, I love the, the publicity aspect. Now, I, I know we’re on social media. I think that that is a tool, but that you gotta really, like right now, and I have no, Gloria, you’re. With what you do, how you help people with both personal and business. You’re an incredible coach. Anybody that can, that can work with you, they’re so blessed.

Sorry, I’m doing a little side rail here because you get business, right? And you get the, the, the connecting the dots. So I can share about social media, but my biggest advice is yes, there’s free stuff there, but it’s controlled by algorithms and, and so really, you know, building community, if there’s a community that you can step into where they, they foster, like I’m a part of a community where they have a person on staff that does strategic introductions.

Like that to me is, is so powerful because I’m constantly getting leads. the press release is another thing where we, you know, we had our, when I first cracked that code of writing a press release and submitting at our event was stuck at 500 attendees. One press release, which got picked up by multiple places, took our event from 500 to 2000 in one year.

So that’s another, you know, there’s so many ways I could talk for days about, but there’s a few that I feel are, are kind of foundational to get started. Oh, that’s awesome. Well, thanks for sharing that. And yeah, it’s, it is a, interesting that people don’t always think about that crafting that bio, but it really is important to be able to get clear, especially if you are going to, let’s say you’re going to a networking meeting.

You know, people always talk about, or I, and I. The first time I had to do this, you know, what they call your, your 30-second elevator pitch. You know, it’s, it’s something that, and for those of who aren’t familiar with that term, it’s basically if you were stuck in an elevator with somebody and you wanted to be able to, you know, talk about what you do, you had to be able to, you know, go from only, if it’s only from like, you know, one floor to the next, you’ve gotta be able to talk and get that point across quickly.

So being able to nail that is really important because, frankly, if you’re not clear on what you do, then how can anybody else know and how are they gonna want to even do business with you then if, if you’re not clear on that. So it’s so important. What, what has been your, like one of your biggest challenges that you’ve had to overcome in growing your own business?

I, for me, I would say, staying true to what I’m, what I’m here to. To do. So we, we get bombarded with a lot of information, a lot of great coaches and mentors and things like that. And so, you know, really learning to discern and honor the people that share. Right. It’s like, thank you so much. I, I’m gonna consider that, but really understanding that, that what works for everybody.

May not. You know, I, I tell people, it’s like, if you don’t wanna be on tv, I don’t want you to be . I’m not gonna say, you gotta go get on tv. Or if you don’t wanna be on the radio, you know, if you enjoy. Right. Like, like really finding what, what makes my heart sing. And, and even if there’s people that are, are more successful than me, you know, we do at the Business Acceleration Network.

We bring in like really successful people just honoring them, but knowing, Okay, it’s okay if I don’t follow that. Like I’ve gotta follow my heart and my guidance and, and, and trust that and, and have, have a, you know, a tool that we actually teach people. Cuz right now we’re in a place of overwhelm as you, as you can imagine.

Now everything’s even more moved online and, and it’s like, to, you know, I would say the biggest challenge is, is really learning how to decipher and then trusting that, that when I get a no, it means no. You know? And, and I, I have an example of one time I was doing a, I just completed a, it was a $23,000 agreement.

She was just, just signing it. We spent a couple months getting it together for a really big event in New York, and, and I went, Oh shoot, I forgot to check if this is, if this is for my highest good. And so I checked and I got a no, and I’m just like, Well, wait a minute. I could use the cash. I like the lane, you know, like all of the, all of the things

Lined up Gloria, but I kept getting a no. And so, I ended up, you know, doing a double check with a person who, who shared the strategy and it was a definitely, no, well I got pregnant two months later. There is no way I could have done that. Right. I I probably, it would’ve been a breach of contract. I, I mean, it would’ve been a, it would’ve been a nightmare.

Yeah. And so really learning to honor and now I check a lot earlier. I don’t wait until I spend two months putting things together on and is this for my highest good? Is this what I should be doing? Yeah. That, that is a good lesson that so many people need to learn. I know I’ve had to learn it for myself because, Yeah, when you do things and, and, and sometimes, you know, you might even still get those hits, but you know, you, you tend to ignore it and that can really, you know, bite you in the butt.

and so when you can start paying attention to that, and as you say, you know, act on it more, more quickly and trust it. Be able to, to trust. Trust, like trust. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s an important thing to do. What is, What is a commonly held belief maybe about business or maybe even dealing with, with the media that you passionately disagree with?

Okay. A belief about business that I passionately disagree with. I, I, I really disagree that we, that people need to, especially right now, Gloria, where everything’s being reinvented, how we did business, like, like there’s this certain construct that we’re taught in school. There’s this certain construct with, you know, even parenting.

Like your, you know, your kids need to do this and, and so we, we are taught and it shuts down and it dims that, that intuition knowing. that, that God inspired wisdom. And so I’m, I’m passionate about letting people know that, that, that we are so unique and so individual and, and you know, these formulas.

And it doesn’t mean we don’t honor. Like, we have a, we have a blueprint, we have a formula, But I’m gonna tell you all day long that, that you’ve gotta follow what, what your intuition says. We’ll give you some wisdom, we’ll give you some insight, but you might be able to add to it. You might find, you know, it’s just, It’s just designed as a, as a, as a guide.

And so same thing with media. Like we do, we do a media magic bootcamp, and Gloria, people are like, well, why are you bringing in all these media people to competition? And then the media people come in and tell me, well, the way that you write press releases, it doesn’t work. And I’m like, look, I’ve gotten millions of dollars in free publicity.

it, it does work. And so we’re really programmed in, in this is how it is. So those absolutes, that’s what it is. Yeah. It’s getting rid of those absolutes and leaving room for curiosity and leaving room for possibility and, and again, trusting that knowing, not abdicating our business to other people.

When, when people partner, and I know you do this, Gloria, when people come to you, you’re side by side, elbow to elbow. Right. It’s like you’re, you’re a Partnership with them in, in moving things forward. And that’s what, that’s what I feel is, is, you know, strongly of letting people know. Yeah. Great question, Gloria.

Wow. Thank you. Yeah, it, I, I, I love what you said about that because it is so important for us to, well again, it comes back to that trusting, but yeah. People get so caught up into thinking it has to be done this way. Well, because it’s been done that way. And it’s actually funny, over the weekend I was watching the movie Fiddler on the Roof, and you know, and there’s the great song in there, tradition.

You know, tradition, but he had, Tevye in the, in the movie, had to learn that some, you know, times change and he had to start making some changes in his own life and he wasn’t always happy about it, but it. You know, things did get better. And yeah, to be able to recognize that just cuz it works for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna work for you.

And to be able to, again, trust your instincts. So that’s, that’s our, that’s our, that’s our main theme today. I think we’re getting that out. So, I hope you’re hearing that today. Wow. What is the question I was gonna ask you? And there was something I was gonna ask you and now it has escaped my mind, but it’s okay. oh, I know what I was gonna ask you. What is, what lights you up?

What lights, lights me up? There’s so many things that light me up as you can imagine, Gloria. But, what lights me up is when people are inspired. I love our, I love doing events and bringing people together, whether it’s for a birthday party or it’s, you know, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a conference or even it’s a one on one.

And when there’s this, it’s like this light bulb that happens or this possibility that happens or people, get, get awakened to, you know, to possibilities. I’m gonna just use this, this, this example. I’m, I’m a big firewalker. That’s kind of what got me into events was fire walking. And my, at first, I, I remember I got written on a doctor’s pad, I don’t know if you know this story, but the doc, I went to an MD and she actually wrote on the doctor’s pad that I needed to go to the fire walk.

And I’m thinking this is the craziest thing ever. And I was getting ready, ready to move to Florida. And she said, No, you have to change your trip. You’ve gotta, you know, just postpone it a week. And, and she goes, you don’t have to walk, just watch. And so when I went there, it, it really, you know, I watched people and I was just like, Oh my gosh, they’re not getting burned.

I’m going up to ’em after, Let me see the bottom of your feet and. And, and it, and it got me to, to. First off, just go, wow, there’s so much that we’ve been told that we need to question. Right? Like, like there’s just, there’s a lot that comes in that we have to say again, it gets back to that absolute, Is that an absolute truth?

Yeah. But that lit up this like a God spark in me that. That just put me on fire of possibilities and questioning and curiosity. And so when we do events or when we, you know, when somebody’s stuck in business or when, when there’s, you know, they’re having a challenge with their kid and parenting and they can’t break through, it’s like when that possibility opens up and you can just see that that heaviness kind of leave them and they light up again.

Oh my gosh. That, you know, it’s like every day I look for, how do I create those moments? I’m like, yeah. I’m like, I gotta create one of those moments today, you know, in myself, Right? But also in, in others, you know, where that, where that God spark gets brighter. What a wonderful doctor to prescribe that. That is so cool.

I love that. cause yeah, I did, I did actually do a fire walk and, and, and it is amazing cuz I mean, if you had even the thought of it just seems so ridiculous. It’s like, what are you crazy? Why you’re gonna burn your feet. That’s ridiculous. And then you do it and you don’t and you’re like, Wow. I mean, it just totally changes your whole perspective on, on the power of the mind, the mind over body, and, and it.

It’s amazing, so very cool. Did you actually do, did get to walk on fire or did you just watch it? I’ve actually been a fire walk producer. I’ve done a lot of fire walking events. I’ve flown in fire walk instructors and I have a very bizarre You do, people do get burned, so I don’t wanna, We call ’em little fire kisses and they usually go to, go away very quickly and they say that it’s a kiss on certain parts of your reflexology that you may need in your feet.

But I remember one time, Gloria. We walked and usually I would walk with the fire tender. He’s the one that kind of sets it up and gets it ready and every time we’d walk, we’d grab hands, we’d look at each other and we’d smile and we’d walk. Well, this time he like, I felt like he dragged me across the fire.

There was no check in. It was kind of like it was a burden to walk. Ooh. When I got across the other side, I, next thing you know and I didn’t, figure this out. Until afterwards, I was just like, Okay, we’re walking, and I was totally fried on the bottom of my feet, the feeling. And as the host, like, there’s no way I can go, oh, my feet are burnt, right?

I have to like keep my cool, and I’m just, I’m like, Okay. Thinking cold as ice, cold as ice, but they’re still burning. And my friend Who i another fire walk instructor came up and she’s dancing to me, Come walk with me, walk with me, and I whispered her in the ear and I go, If I walk again, my feet are gonna fall off.

This black nubs are so burning. She goes, No, walk with me, Trust me. Walk with me. And I walked with her and it went away. Gloria. Wow. I ended up walking three more times after that. So I was just like, okay, there’s some magic here that I don’t understand. And I guess, you know, that’s it. It’s like being open to magic that we may not comprehend.

Uh, what a great story. Thank you for sharing that. That’s amazing. Yeah. I love fire. It’s a, it’s a powerful thing. Yeah. Absolutely. let me think, Oh, one other thing I wanna ask you about is what are you curious about right now? so right now what I am curious about is I’m, I took on homeschooling and I’m full time running my business.

And so, I’m really curious about how, Yeah, just how I’ve been doing it for a couple years, it seems okay, but I’m just curious how I’m going to do that as he gets a little older with what some of, what they learn. I’ve, I remember I’ve always wanted to homeschool. And I never did it because I just didn’t think I could.

And this was one of my covid blessings, was like they forced us to do it, and it was like, Wow, this is really cool. I don’t have to get up at six in the morning. I don’t have to stop in the middle of my day. You know, things that would take him three hours to learn, he could learn in 20 minutes. I mean, it was just, it was really mind blowing.

But I, and I, I had, I’ve had some self-worth stuff of, you know, both my parents didn’t graduate from high school. I don’t have a college education, so I’m dealing with, you know, I’m just curious and open. Right. I, I, I have to walk every, all my talk of what I’ve shared. But, you know how it will look as we’re going into this new age of a lot more people homeschooling and, and, you know, will I?

Will I be able to, you know, find the things that I need to give him the nurturing that he needs to learn and grow in, in what he desires and still run my business and do what I wanna do in the world? Well, I can tell you, I’ve actually had guests on the show who do homeschooling and, and so I, I blanking on the names.

It, it was, I had, they were a husband and wife couple that, and, and I know they’ve written a book about it and they’ve got, I think, I think five kids, I think that they’ve been high schooling. Wow, okay. Yes. And so they’ve gone through the ages and stuff. So, it can be done and you can get support and then you also have the opportunity to decide.

If you decide you don’t wanna do it, that’s okay too. That’s the beauty of life is that we always get to choose. What we want. Yes. So yes. Yes. but just know that there are resources out there for you. You can, you can don’t, don’t worry about it, you’ll be okay if you decide to do that. this has been, we’ve had wonderful conversation today.

I think we’ve covered a lot of different stuff, which has been wonderful. I wanted to give you an opportunity to share with our audience. If someone’s out there and they wanna learn a little bit more about what you do specifically about, you know, events or maybe you know how to come up with this, you know, power bio, or, or you, you had a better name for it, that you were talking about.

How, how can I give some gifts? Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, so if people wanna know how to get in touch with you and what, what you’ve got for them, yeah, please do share. Wonderful. So, if you go to meet, you have access to all the social media, my calendar, you can text, WhatsApp, meet

That’s all there. And then I love, I have a 13 step expert power bio, system that we, we give away. And so if you go to expert power, you can download the 13 questions to get you started in that, in that process. I also give away my media magic book for free. if you go to media magic, and this is the book that has templates and how to put your press kit together and ,and even stories I brought, I brought in a, a couple of other experts.

So this is really all the tools that I use to get millions of dollars in free, free press. And, and some people, you know, even if you have a budget, like I love when people have a budget cuz all this does is just expand your possibilities. And so you know, I, I’ve feel it’s really important for people to be empowered in their, in their marketing so they can make those.

Discernments on what’s, what’s best for me. Yeah. For, yeah. Best for you. Yeah. Yeah. And I do have a copy of that book, Media Magic. So it is a very good book. You’ve got some wonderful stuff in there. And in fact, it’s making me want to reread it cuz I, I probably, I haven’t looked at it in quite a while, so I think I need to dig it out again.

Probably be very helpful for me, especially cuz I’ve been Changing and, you know, just adjusting a little bit of my business and, and getting the word out of endeavoring to launch a group coaching program and haven’t quite been able to get in front of the right people. So it might be time to, for me to take a, take a look at your book again and see how that can help me.

So, Beautiful. Well, you’re, you’re amazing. I’ve watched you over the years and, one of the things that I know about you, Gloria, is that you put your heart and soul into whoever you work with, and so that’s, that, that’s that magnet. I know once you get clarity on, on the messaging and what it is that you’re doing that, like right now, so many people, are looking for that, that guide and somebody to be by their side.

We should, if you’re alone, like if you’re listening to this podcast and you’re doing business alone, like really look at, you know, just. It’s one of the best investments is having somebody like you, a coach, just to be there and be your cheerleader, give you feedback, support you. Nobody should be alone right now.

It’s, it’s absolutely, it’s a time to, I 100% agree with that because no matter where you are in your business, even, and I’m sure you probably still have coaches as well, because… many Yes. Yeah, because. We always need to be working with someone to be able to help us to get to that next level. It’s so important.

And the, and the thing that I learned, Gloria, is that, you know, I was so focused on business coach, but I have somebody that helps me with parenting. I have somebody that helps me with relationship, and I don’t wait until it’s broken. Does that make sense? Like I, I have the most incredible relationship right now.

And, and I said, Look, we, we wanna build a foundation. We wanna have that outside thing. So I, I just really feel that the greatest investment is in ourselves and. And finding other people that can, can be on a journey and being discerned because they’re gonna share things that may not resonate. And it’s okay to say, Hey, Gloria, I’m, I like that idea what I like, you know, can we talk about this?

And so thank you Gloria, for having me and letting me. Oh, thank you so much for being here. It’s been a pleasure and a joy and we’ll have to make sure we don’t wait quite as long for the next time around. So, Absolutely. so yeah, thank you for being here and I’ll make sure, for those of you listening, I’ll have all of Shannon’s information will be in the show notes.

So I,you go to live love engage You’ll find all of that as well as our previous episodes. And. I, If you enjoyed this episode, please share it with a friend and, you know, tell people about it. And if you wanna leave us a review, I’m always open to that as well. That’s wonderful. You have a great Facebook group too.

I, Yes. Is that open? Is that your community? I do, yeah. Well, I’ve got, I’ve got a Couple groups, but the one that I’m, I’m mainly working on right now is called, is called Live Love Engage. And it’s for, it’s actually intended for women over 40 and to help them to align, to shine. And, so working on, you know, your mindset and so that you can really get out there and shine your light in the world because that’s what we need more, more of everyone doing.

But in particular, I. Since I’m a woman and I’m over 40, I’ve got an affinity for them. That’s your tribe. That’s your tribe. That’s my tribe, exactly. Yeah. So I would, I would encourage anybody to, to follow that. I, I joined it. I’m, as I told you, I’m like, I’m not always on Facebook. It’s, but I love, I, what I’ve seen is that you’re just giving gems and it’s building this beautiful community and, and, and again, this is something that, that we need in the world is women coming together and lifting each other up the way that you do.

Yeah, absolutely. All right, well thank you again and thank all of you for watching and listening, and until next time, as always, I encourage you to go out and live fully, love deeply, and engage authentically.

Did you know that a majority of entrepreneurs tend to discount the importance of their work and a good number feel their success is simply due to luck? I know from personal experience that self doubt can keep you from having the kind of life and business. That’s why I’ve created a free guide called Uniquely You, How to Move from Self Doubt to self Love in four simple steps to claim your free Guide. Go to live Love That’s live, love, engage dot g-i-f-t.

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