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Living a Mystical Life with Michele Blood

On this episode we’re joined by Michele Blood, a successful multi-talented woman who has held mystical success events in over 26 countries, while also co-writing over 80 books, audio programs, TV shows, transformational videos, and more. After a near fatal car accident, she created positive affirmation songs which not only healed her body, but also took her to worldwide success.

Most people wait a long time for the opportunity to awaken their Divine Consciousness. Michele is an advocate in helping others live a mystical life and experience divine oneness.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • What a mystical life is and why you should want to live one.
  • What Michele combines when working with her clients.
  • Michele’s experience of a near fatal car accident.
  • Why people became so interested in her healing.
  • How Michele began creating songs and who she has toured with.
  • What brings people to a higher level of consciousness and what that looks like.
  • Where Michele found her own teacher.
  • When Michele had her full awakening.
  • What light transmission is and how it works.
  • What a chakra is and what it’s used for.
  • A personal success story she had with a client.
  • When Michele began doing this kind of work.
  • Why she decided to experiment before she started teaching.
  • Why working towards a mystic life can be difficult to do on your own.
  • How acknowledging we are a part of the divine can benefit us.
  • What Michele is working on right now.
  • Michele’s gift to the listeners.

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[00:00:02] I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the Love Method and author of the number one Amazon Best Seller, Live Love Engage – How to Stop Doubting Yourself and start being yourself. In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully. Love deeply and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence and income. Welcome to live love. Engage.

[00:00:37] Namaste and welcome to live love engage. I am Gloria Grace Rand, and I’ve got a lovely guest on our show today whose name is Michelle Blood. And first off, I just want to before I tell you all about her, I want to welcome Michele to live, love, engage.

[00:00:54] Thank you, Gloria. Very, very happy to be here with you today.

[00:00:58] Me too. I’m very happy to have you with us because Michele is an extraordinary woman and a very successful multitalented lady. She has held mystical success events in over twenty six countries. I mean, in fact, speaking in front of 50,000 people, I guess, at one time in Kuala Lumpur. She has co-written and created over 80 books, audio programs, TV shows, videos and positive thought mine transformation, meditation and more. And she’s really an advocate now for helping others to live a mystical life and experience divine oneness. And so I thought that’s actually where we would start today. If you could describe what do you mean exactly by what is a mystical life and what do you mean by that? And why should we want to live one?

[00:01:59] On mystical life means that you are dedicated to having higher consciousness and ultimately your own awakening because anything that is mystical union with God, union with each channel, with the light. And there are many, many ways to get there, but it’s extremely challenging. I had an enlightened teacher for over 12 years, and I ended up having my own awakening, and I think I’m the only one of the students who did at this point. She’s doing something different now, but it’s having a mystical life. People think to be spiritual and to live a divine sort of life means that you don’t have any fun. You kind of do things kind of do that. There’s many, many different fallacies about it. They think, Oh, no, I can’t be that disciplined, but really, I combine with my students and customers. The the premise that the higher frequency, your oscillation, your vibration. When I first started teaching that instead of wayward people, it sounds like what are you doing in frequency? And of course, everybody knows now that everything is energy. It’s all vibrating energy, and the frequency of love is what the divine presence is, and it’s omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. And I love to teach people that they don’t have to be stuck.

[00:03:24] I want everyone, first of all, to make the great success of their life had as much good fortune as possible so they can be free. So you climbing this ladder, so to speak to your higher self and on the way, doing things that give you purpose that keep your mind focused, not just meditation, not just prayer, but also. City, the last act right where you’re making money, you’re helping other people, and you’re doing it in a way that will give you greater joy and satisfaction, because when people attempt to have a mystical life and they give up everything else, it’s very, very challenging. It’s that’s the mind, the mire, the collective consciousness. The ego will trick you too much time to yourself just to contemplate denial. And I believe in long meditations. I used to do that for hours every night. Now it’s just happening all the time, but that’s what I’m mystical like. It’s having mystical success means you have success in all areas of your life. You keep yourself healthy and fit. You drink lots of water. So many components and you. You discover who you really are.

[00:04:36] Hmm. I love that and and that’s I’m like 100 percent in alignment with that because my my book and actually the name of this podcast when I talk about live love engage, it’s really about helping you to live fully, to love deeply and to engage authentically. And so I think being living a mystical life allows you to do all of those things. I love that. Now you mentioned that you had like some sort of awakening. What what prompted that and how did that really affect you?

[00:05:08] Well, I’ve been on the path. Well, I had a near-fatal car accident, first of all, as a rock singer in Australia. And what happened was I ended up lying in that hospital bed. One of the first seven and a half hours being very successful in Australia and being used to doing all the things that I used to do on stage, I felt very depressed in not just depressed with physical agony. You know, months, months, months. Many operations and someone put a tape on Napoleon Hill was thinking, grow rich. So I wouldn’t be to hear all this positivity and wake up. And he’ll talk about his son, who was born completely deaf, right? And he ended up getting his hearing back through auto suggestion going into this little baby’s room every night. Well, that’s something within me, just that clicked, so I started doing an affirmation. I am healed. I know I am. I love myself. I am my friend. None of those things were true, and apparently an affirmation has to be. About what you do, what you don’t get down, and the main thing, though, that they said, is it has to be operationalized. But Gloria, I could not emotionally ease the affirmation. I didn’t believe it. I wasn’t healed. I didn’t love myself. I wasn’t my friend, the doctor said. If I did what we did, it would be, how about going to the gory details? Because I don’t want anyone to lose their breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on when they’re listening to this. But to make a very long story short, I realized, OK, not only written pop songs all my life, my band, I’ve also written jingles and I know you can’t get a song out of your head once it’s in there, whether you like the singer or the jingle or what.

[00:06:52] So I thought I’ll make it into a little jingle. I’ll make it into a song. I am a deal done. No, I am. I love myself and my friend. And I recorded it over and over because I could move on to a little tape recorder. I always had with me because I’ve got a songwriting idea. Mm hmm. So I ended up having miraculous healing. Tv shows journalist newspaper started interviewing me about this miraculous healing. Even the doctors were stumped, and it also felt like my body. And I thank God for that. I’m not saying medical get medical attention, everyone, no matter what, but the mind can really make you stay stop if you’ve been ill or anything. Speaking of emotional pain. So the affirmations go straight into the subconscious mind, the left brain. The logical side is with the lyrics the right, same side, the melody and the music. And so it goes straight into your subconscious mind. And so what happened was my frequency kept rising and rising, and I started writing more and more of this affirmation songs. I still had my band going, but I I couldn’t believe it. I could change anything in my life through this song success or persistence without forgiveness. I mean, I ended up writing hundreds of these songs and recording them, and I ended up touring with my character, Dr.

[00:08:16] Deepak Chopra Radar and all these people all over the world and worked very closely with my brother in Malaysia for three and a half years in him, and I actually wrote new paradigms, so many different things together. And he started writing lyrics as well because he just said, This is magical. We all teach this. Every single teacher of transformation teaches affirmation meditation. You are proof in the pudding and you didn’t do it to sell. It certainly didn’t work because the the promoters you asked me to come and do all these things a lot in Australia, in between these speakers would just came to me. It will sell the music. I said, Oh, I didn’t make this music to sell it. It was just in my own healing. And it’s sort of fun manifesting stuff and my dad. And anyway, they said, Well, I think, you know, everyone deserves to have this. So I went on to create so many things, but I was searching. I’m sorry if this is a little long, but that’s okay. It’s good. So then because as your frequency becomes faster and faster speed of vibration, you end up having a higher consciousness and you can see clearly. And I felt like my heart was blowing out of my chest. I didn’t know what was going on or do these homes and high pitched rings. And then I would find myself going into a state of meditation, and I wanted to find that that’s what I made a decision to find it in, like the teacher.

[00:09:43] So I went all over the world, Japan about 12 times, all these different countries looking for a teacher, and they’re very rare to find. And so it took another 12 years before I found it and like, Teach it in America, an American woman. I couldn’t believe it 10 years younger to be absolutely stunning. And I saw, I swear to God I saw her. There might be. I started trickling. I was like, What’s going on here? I saw her hands glowing. She’s just sitting out in front of us in a really small room with 30 people, 40 people in Balboa Park. There’s no big lighting or effects, and I’m like, Whoa, what is going on here? But anyway, bottom line is, I was very blessed that she decided to teach me because then she really started teaching me the deeper levels of meditation, chakra meditation and how she became enlightened and how she transmits this light. And that light that shot that she transmits it assists to bring up your kundalini. So I decided from that moment onwards that I would stop doing all the seminars and all the things that I was doing and just focused on enlightenment and meditation and union with God. And after five years of being with her, I’ve already been through many of the leading rushes Stargate experiences rushing through space. And then on a very special day on the twenty eighth of August. It’s here. Two thousand nine, I had my full awakening, so now I am.

[00:11:14] Oh, that’s amazing. So much there. I want to unpack, but one of the first things that I just want to comment on and it just blows me away because I’ve never heard anybody talk about singing affirmations. I just think that it’s so amazing, and it’s so it really resonates with me because last year, when we first started with the pandemic happening, I, you know, I would go for walks in the morning and I just spontaneously came up with my own little ditty that was I am happy, healthy, wealthy and wise, happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. And I would just say that as I was going down this because I’m like, I’m not getting this thing, you know, and

[00:11:54] I can already hear the backing music for that one.

[00:12:00] Wow. So I love that, but you did mention it sort of at the end there a little bit about this light transmission, and this is actually how you and I well connected. You didn’t know me, but I connected with you because I attended an event where you did some light transmissions. And I’ve I’ve heard of I’ve been aware of like light language before. I’ve been witness that and experience that. But this was something a little bit different. And so I would love for you to just share a little bit about what that is and how it helps people.

[00:12:40] This is could be a longer conversation, but I’ll do my best. I know that everybody on the planet, everyone on the planet has company to become free. We have been given this particular anatomy, this beautiful anatomy, to be able to have that happen. We are not just this physical being. We also have that ethereal being and a consciousness that is eternal and immortal. So we’ve been given just like the movie avatar, we’ve been given a new car and in that car is the most amazing, miraculous things. I mean, they’re still discovering normal, miraculous things about the human body, and it is a body of light. The deeper that people that scientists have gone into cellular study, they end up seeing light in the end because that’s what we are in water in between. Oh, please, my beautiful target. So here alone, can you see that? Yeah. Here alone.

[00:13:43] And for those of you listening, she’s holding up a beautiful gold figure of the goddess, I guess, right?

[00:13:52] She’s a she is the patron saint of all environments. Ok, cool. No matter what their religion, their religion, God. Anyway, along this spine is their ethereal spine called a shoulder to shoulder and the base of the spine right here. And then after that, after the neck, then the light has to go up to the ground chakra. The reason you always see St Bishops know this little thing with these high things, that is. An example of the crowd shocker when it is when you see these things with pictures of Jesus or Saints, they’ve got the or it, that’s their aura. But it’s right around their time because many thousands of years ago and probably only a few hundred years ago, anyone could see an aura. They could see anything because there wasn’t. I mean, I can tell you people, when there are only a few million people on the planet, you have a clear consciousness, so you’re in a state of being. And there were some amazing things that happened back in Egyptian times and in Jesus time as well. But anyway, we also have shockers. Now some people go, Oh, you shoppers close that, you heal it. That is not how it works. Your shopper is an energy center that takes you through to a different universe, to a different device, to a divine dimension. And all along, this is show that is clogged. And so when we do our shop for meditation, what we do is we focus on a particular chakra, which is all fine. You meditate right there, but it’s actually he where that would be. And these have to be these shoppers have to be. Ignited and the way to do that is this vibration we call light.

[00:15:48] When you’ve got this beautiful diamond. Let’s just say you’ve got this beautiful diamond. That’s your soul. That’s your immortal consciousness. And it ends up being imprisoned by all of these different experiences that start sticking on it, cutting it so you can’t feel your God self anymore. It’s like, Whoa, you know, and so down the hurt. Sometimes even like sexual things, not seeing any of these things are bad or good, but just these experiences from a merchant that get stuck on this. And so what happens when all I’m doing is unplugged it and plugged into the device? It is not me who does it. It is my intention. And then the divine uses us. We have to be used by God. God wants to use all of us. That is our higher self, our diamond. Why do with that? So when someone has become one with that, they are in line and they put their attention for it. And I always do prayer as well. I like to be very specific for each person so that they end up creating the life that they want and from the many, many, many thousands of testimonials we have from people all over the world and countries where they don’t even speak English that have experienced amazing healings. Amazing good fortune and wonderful things. But that is not me who does it. It is my consciousness being used by the light. So when I transmit light, what I am doing is I am activating. I am in touch completely with that person’s divine presence. And then I speak to that divine presence that has been plugged that hasn’t been able to do anything that much of that person just keep them alive, basically.

[00:17:26] And what I do is it starts to shock these something that’s like it knocks off a lot of the range of the diamond. And then I can speak to that diamond and say, go before this person and prepare the way. This is what is going to happen. It has happened. Thank you. And it is done. And then I meditate. This girl gaze their eyes and I do it in person. It’s very, very powerful. I’ll give you an example. If that’s OK, Gloria, I did this live event and there was a doctor who came and he said, Look, I I’m a heart surgeon and I’m telling people to. Practice meditation so that they can have their stress levels lowered. And he said, no, no, nothing about it. It’s all going to be true. It ought to be congruent, can you teach me? So I came along to a three day event. And then each person ended up coming up to me and having a light transmission and sit right next to me and I gauge their eyes. And there’s always somebody strong standing there in case they get faint. Anyway, he just went, Oh, please don’t do that. He’s embarrassed, feet taller. And he said, I’m not going to fight you or anything. You just do it. Do the thing I did, the thing I did, the thing. You stood up pasta. Just a minute. Yeah. It’s very, very powerful. I straight into you. It’s like you are now connected. And if anyone had any sort of spiritual connection or love thing, you know, it’s very, very powerful shaking your life up to sort of moment and miraculous.

[00:19:02] I oh, that’s wonderful. So how long have you been doing that type of work now?

[00:19:09] Well, after two thousand nine, I didn’t start doing it until about a year and a half later. I wanted to make sure that it was working. So what I started doing was asking people. I wasn’t telling anyone. I wasn’t doing anything like that. I just said I would do some press for you if you send me your photograph. And it was free. It was free. And so that would tell me what they wanted our guys, their eyes and photograph. What I noticed was once I was connected to their divine presence, that photograph would just turn to white light. Their eyes were closed, their eyes closed in the photograph. And then I would know what was done, and then I would hold their photograph to my chest, and I would give thanks that, you know, this has occurred, that this person has. The first one I ever did was a lady who had eight miscarriages, this Indian couple, and she was pregnant again and sort of like their pretend fairy godmother because now she’s got three kids since then healthy, beautiful babies. But I don’t know how it’s done. I just know that it works. So I experimented for a long time before I started teaching meditation. Then and then I started. Then I got to download, gosh, just a few years ago that I could, that I was going to be gifted with the ability to gift other people to be able to also transmit light and to release suffering from other people. And that’s the Light Transition Academy, which I just do once a year. Okay.

[00:20:39] Yeah, that’s what I was just going to ask you. Is it possible for for for anyone to be able to do this type of of work as well? So yeah.

[00:20:48] Yeah. I mean, on your own, it’s a little challenging because you fold and you don’t want to have people touching you either, you know, like because you don’t have an exchange of energy. So I get all my mystical experiences, students, the mystical experience that my students roll out of the world. And I mean, just anyone searching for the light. I transmit light to them every day. All of those students. And so they also experience, you know, the deeper they want to go, they want to learn more about mysticism and how to transmit light. I mean, some of my favorites are actually doctors dentists because they’re in a very precarious position. So I’ve given them a lot of extra training and this is part. I take doctors. Twenty five nurses, a students and teaching them what to do with their patients and how to take care of themselves during this pandemic, that’s been around. And I mean, it’s just been amazing that all been amazing. They’ve all got through. They’ve all been prosperous through it. They’ve all been healthy and it’s just in every day. I’m in absolute. Humongous gratitude and amazement of the divine and what is possible, because if we can be attuned to the miraculous and even have that as your affirmation, I am attuned to the miraculous. I’ve got a lovely song called I Am a Miracle. We just take realizing that it’s nothing to do with the ego. It’s about understanding and liking your diet.

[00:22:21] Yeah, absolutely. I think that’s so important. We, you know, there’s so much doubt in the world, you know, so many people doubt themselves, and they don’t really appreciate that we are divine. We are part of the divine. And if we can help others to be able to come to that realization, I think they will be a lot more happier and full of peace and joy. And if we can spread more of that, that type of light in the world, it will benefit all of us. And I appreciate the work that you are doing in the world to help bring that about. So kudos to you for doing that and thank you for being here today and sharing a little bit about what all the wonderful things you’ve got going on. What what? As we’re recording this, it’s September already. So do you have what’s you have any type of like a goal or something that you want to accomplish, maybe say in the next year that you you’ve been starting to think about, maybe you haven’t haven’t done yet. Is there anything like that that you’re thinking about?

[00:23:31] Well, actually, at the moment, I’ll give you a gift to your listeners in a moment, but one of the things that I had been wanting to do was to have because I love technology to be able to get the message out there. So we are in the midst of creating these beautiful apps with this big team of really smart people. The minute the meditation, the lesson is about light, the affirmation songs that you could use as a ringtone or alarm, or, you know, little notifications to remind them to listen to the affirmation song. And so that’s that will be finished before the end of the year. It’s going to keep expanding upon this. This very, very wonderful and positive app for everyone to have fun with.

[00:24:15] Oh, that sounds great. Absolutely. I will definitely be looking for that myself because you can never have too many affirmations and positive reinforcement in your life. And so I think that’ll be awesome. And yeah, so before before we close out today, you did mention that you said you had a gift. And of course, how can people who want to connect with you, how can they best connect with you?

[00:24:40] Well, first of all, the gift. Ok, so the magic of affirmation PowerBook. I’ve got tons of products, but I love this. It’s a really good place to start. It covers a lot of different things. But inside the book, we’ve got links to. Some of my favorite products I’ve ever done. Some of my favorite affirmations, songs, some that I’ve written with Bob Proctor. Creative visualization, turbocharge goal setting. So you get all of this for free on this link. Michelle Block with one l m i c, h e d l o d dot com forward slash, of course. Live love engage.

[00:25:23] Very good. I love that and I will. Definitely I’ll have that in the show notes. For anyone who is, you know, watching somewhere where you can’t be writing that down. So not to worry, we’ll have that. So that’s that’s fantastic. And and your website again, where people can get a hold of you if they want to learn more again, maybe they want to learn more about your academy for the next time you have that available mystical experience. Ok, all right. Excellent. And I’ll have that in there as well. So thank you so much for taking time out of here. Thank you. We appreciate you and thanks everyone for listening, and I appreciate you as well for being here and joining us. Whether on YouTube or if you’re listening on Spotify or one of the other podcast platforms, do leave us a comment. I would love to hear from you and let us know, you know, if there’s something you want to hear that we haven’t talked about, definitely. Let us know about that and until next time. As always, I encourage you to go out and live fully. Love deeply and engage authentically. Did you know that a majority of entrepreneurs

[00:26:30] Tend to discount the importance of their work and a good number feel their success is simply due to luck? I know from personal experience that self-doubt can keep you from having the kind of life and business you desire. That’s why I’ve created a free guide called Uniquely You How to Move From Self-doubt to Self-love in four simple steps to claim your free guide. Go to live love. Engage dot gift. That’s live love. Engage dot G. I F.T.

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Known as The Insightful Copywriter, Gloria Grace Rand is also an inspirational speaker, author and host of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast. Prior to launching her SEO Copywriting business in 2009, Gloria spent nearly two decades in television, most notably as writer and producer for the award-winning PBS financial news program, “Nightly Business Report.”

Gloria turned to writing as a way to communicate, since growing up with an alcoholic father and abusive mother taught her that it was safer to be seen and not heard. But not speaking her truth caused Gloria problems such as overeating, control issues, and an inability to fully trust people. After investing in coaching & personal development programs, and studying spiritual books like “A Course in Miracles,” Gloria healed her emotional wounds. Today, she helps entrepreneurs develop clarity, confidence and connection to the truth of who you are, so you can create a business that has more impact, influence and income!

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