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Journey to Joy: Nina Presman’s Conquest of Trauma Through Self-Love

Discover the profound impact of self-love on transformation and healing in this enlightening episode featuring medical intuitive healer, Nina Presman. Nina’s compelling story, from overcoming childhood trauma to realizing the power of divine love, offers invaluable insights for anyone on the path to personal and spiritual growth.

Show Notes | Transcript

What if you could unlock the secrets of self-love and divine connection to transform your life? Join us as we engage in a revealing conversation with Nina Presman, a renowned medical intuitive healer and channeler, who shares her profound journey from a traumatic childhood to embracing self-love in its purest form. Listen in as we explore a fascinating journey of personal healing and spiritual awakening. We discuss the realization of spiritual entities, past lives, and the mind’s power to create, delete, and reinstall programs, all of which led to profound personal transformations for Nina. You’ll also learn self-love’s crucial role in understanding your purpose and appreciating your life, offering inspiring insights into personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Nina Presman’s challenging childhood experiences of abuse and neglect
  • The pivotal question to God that transformed her life
  • The role of a puppy in understanding unconditional love
  • Nina’s personal healing and the gradual revelation of her gifts
  • The mind’s ability to create, delete, and reinstall programs
  • Understanding life’s challenges as opportunities for learning self-love
  • The power of love to overcome fear and negative thought patterns
  • Practical advice for starting a journey toward self-love and spiritual connectiom

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Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
Namaste. Today’s guest, who I’m bringing out here shortly, is talking about my favorite subject, self-love and how to embrace it fully, and I can’t wait to dive in to that with her. But first, if you are new here, welcome. I am Gloria Grace, the light messenger, and I help female entrepreneurs release negative thought patterns like self-doubt, so you can grow a business that aligns with your soul’s purpose. And our guest today is Nina Presman, and she is a successful medical intuitive, healer and channeler.

And, as the founder of Anti-Aging Center of Boca, which is in South Florida, advanced rapid healing and energy work unlimited, her desire is to make life better for everyone she can, and I share that desire as well. So without further ado, I’m going to bring her up and officially welcome her to Live. Love. Engage. I’m so glad you’re here, Nina. I want to dive right in, actually, because we’re going to get to your story in a little bit, but I’m changing things up a little bit here, so I want to dive right in and have you explain to our listeners and viewers why you believe self-love is a divine gift and how we can embrace it fully.

Nina Presman (Guest)
Okay, I have a very interesting story. I’m going to make it really quick. I was really abused as a child. My mother worked for KGB. I was never knew love existed, didn’t even understand. I had a dog but I never had an ability to connect because I was raised as an asset. I was trafficked by my mother. I was not allowed love and then, as I was growing up, I tried to find it in man, I tried to find it on alcohol, I tried to find it in everything and I never understood. I never understood God. I never understood me. I never understood love.

And I guess this is what I signed up for to find it for myself. Because I really went through tremendous amount of trauma and tremendous amount of disappointments and loss and grief and I lost my. I found a soul mate. He fell off the roof and died and I felt all alone, always. And one moment, one day I had several near-death experiences that kind of got me closer to God, but there wasn’t it.

One day, something woke up and what woke up was oh my God, there has to be something better. I am looking in the wrong place and I think God kind of knocked on my shoulder and said, hello, I’m here. But I really didn’t know where to look. The only place I could was inside myself. And then I started realizing that, oh my God, you really need courage to look inside yourself. It’s scary. It’s scary to look inside and say, oh my God, nobody loves me. I’ve been a victim my whole life. I’ve been abused my whole life. Who is going to love me? And then, in one moment, all it took was that courage to look inside yourself and say I can love myself, but who is going to help me? And then I literally heard a voice, and the voice was from God. And the voice said I will love you. And my next question was God, how do I love myself 100%? And this is when everything opened up. I cannot even describe to anyone the amount of love and understanding, thought patterns, doors that start opening up when you ask that question. I actually tell people to say it all the time.

You don’t feel good about something, you just go and ask God, how do I love myself 100%? Because we are through God. The love comes. God is love, God is energy of love. If you don’t connect to that, you don’t know what love is really, and we all try so hard to please others and to do good things for others and we think, okay, if I do this right, okay, maybe if I donate, or maybe if I volunteer, or maybe if I go save animals, or maybe if I just go take care of my sick mother, everything is going to be right because I’m doing the right thing, I’m giving love. But then you feel alone inside and you feel empty. No matter what you do, it doesn’t work. It’s only because there is not enough self-love in there. When you say, God, how do I love myself 100%? It creates this energy in your heart that allows you to love yourself so much and starts growing that it starts spilling out of you onto others, not that you’re looking for it somewhere else. It starts growing inside you to the point where you actually want the joy of giving it and sharing it.

I started a business and, um, I was terrified. It was like part of my growth. I had absolutely no money, but I knew I wasn’t going to succeed. I didn’t know how and my fear was just draining, until I found this Abraham Hicks. And then I was listening and kept talking about a vortex and after I joined to understand what is the vortex? What is it?

And one day I picked up my puppy and I felt it. I felt the vortex was the love they don’t explain. Abraham Hicks does not explain this. The vortex is the unconditional love. When I felt that love from my dog, all the fear disappeared, all the bad thoughts disappeared. It overcame everything and I had the aha moment.

At that time I was like that just starts showing me these things. It was like, oh my God, any moment of the day when I feel sad, depressed, fearful, not good enough, all I have to do is think about holding my dog. Remember that moment. For me it’s a dog, for others it could be a child. It could be that moment in life where you feel the precious energy and it will take you out of your fear instantly and from that moment you can love yourself. You just can grow in it and all it does, it grows. It’s amazing.

Our brain is so powerful. Our brain is an ai. That’s how I look at it. Our brain is going to do what you tell it to do. Yeah, we have brain cells in our heart. It’s called gamma waves. I’ve learned all that since I opened up to our gamma waves is that when your heart tells your brain how to think and not the other way around, and that’s the energy of love. Gamma waves is your God connection in your heart. It’s the love connection. It’s the love growth and from there fear starts disappearing, diseases start disappearing. So that’s how I found love.

Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
I love that, yeah, and I think that happens so much with people. I think sometimes is that you have to go. You know they call it like the dark night of the soul. When you’re, you know you’ve got, maybe you’re grieving or something is going on, and then you know you have to kind of say of say, okay, how do I get out of this? And and it seems like that’s that’s sort of was your experience a little bit

Nina Presman (Guest)
Every day was the dark night of the soul. Oh, I’m not the same person. Yeah, like literally not the same person. It feels like I work with people with trauma. Now I now I love working with PTSD because I learn how to delete it instantaneously. I see things in a different way. I see things in mathematical equations. I can see us like the. I see the divine energy, but to me it comes in in numbers and I’m seeing these equations and I literally delete the equations and I download the equations and when I do it, nobody understands what I’m saying. But I’m seeing these binary numbers. It’s a very interesting gift that I have, but that’s programming. I’m actually seeing the programming. So I have an ability to delete the programs of PTSD, of trauma, of cancer. It’s all programmed. Right, even getting tickets when you drive and get tickets.

I used to get tickets all the time. I deleted that because I like to drive fast, but that’s how it is. So I see everything, but people don’t see it in numbers. People more. I feel it, I see it, I hear it.

An interesting thing the more I start connecting to myself, to my own heart, to the God energy in my heart. The more it starts expanding, the more I start asking in those words God, how do I? God, how do I find the courage to love myself? That’s where you start. God, how do I love myself 100%? God, how do I run my business without fear? Anything you want is God out of the way, because our soul is a piece of God.

So we have God inside of us and most people forget that. We think that, okay, God is some guy sits out there in the sky and judges everybody. That’s to me religion works and it’s nothing like it. Pardon me, but I actually always thought that religion was created for control. If people knew how powerful they were, how powerful each and every one of us is, we would not be able to be controlled by anything. So, of course, separation of a person from God is necessary for control, but we are not separate. We are one. We are one with God and God is love. So you are love, I am love, and each one of us has your, your, my own universe, like you are my universe right now. I’m in your universe right now, but I am the most powerful person in my universe, right, and you are the most powerful person in your universe. So, in your universe you’re going to create what you want in your universe

Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
Exactly, you know right here. I love that. Yeah, in fact, I was having a conversation with someone yesterday just about that. So I love that and I love how we’re so aligned, because I believe 100% in what you’re talking about and I’m totally fascinated by your ability. You know seeing numbers and that’s definitely a unique way to be able to help someone like that. You know what I’m going to ask you about this, because I was going to ask you something else, but I want to explore that a little bit. So what happened, like the first time that happened? You know when you started seeing that and how did you then realize that this was a way to help people?

Nina Presman (Guest)
It started out gradually. It started out with my own healing. I asked God. When I started realizing that things exist, I start asking questions. When I started asking questions, things started showing up. I had no idea about numbers or any of it. I just saw that there were past lives. I understood there was past lives. I understood there were demons. I understood there were curses. I understood there were entities. I understood that there were things that people talk about, but I did not understand how it all happened. It happened quite gradually.

I started learning by listening to Gaia TV and listening to other people channel, and every day I would come home from work and I just couldn’t get enough. Give me more, more, more, more, more. And I did notice that I had an ozone shower where I bought an ozone generator and it really helped me, like because I was in a lot of pain all the time, which is completely gone now. Ozone really helped and I noticed when I was in the shower I was able to channel, I was able to hear better. Ozone vibrates in the vibration of God frequency. Believe it or not. That’s why ozone heals everything. Ozone heals cancer. Ozone is amazing. So when I’m in the ozone, I feel at home. And I come home one day from work and nothing is working. Gaia TV is not working, my YouTube is not working, no shows are working, no videos are working. I’m like what am I going to do? So, okay, let me go get in my shower. So I turn on my shower and my ozone and I’m in the ozone and I hear a voice as clear as day and it says if you want to learn, when you want to learn, you have to stop listening to humans. So I’m like well, who do I listen to? It was me, and who are you? And he introduced himself as Anahim. And Anahim is known in Jewish religion as Elohim. Apparently, he is a judge of humanity. He is a part of God’s consciousness. They are Anunnaki. People think that Anunnaki are aliens. They are, but they are not what people think they are. They actually. This is what was explained to me and this is where my learning process started. I started listening and I started learning and I started understanding the programs. Basically, the first thought was understanding that my mind can create programs, my mind can delete programs and my mind can reinstall programs. Understanding that was the key, because once I got that, once my brain was able to grasp it, I was able to do it.

So I was born with a heart condition. It’s actually extremely rare, it’s chronic, it’s incurable and they don’t know if it’s genetic or not. I think they got it because my mother was doing some kind of chemicals when she was pregnant with me, so he created a short in my electrical system and my nervous system and they were not sending the right signals to my heart. So my heart would just flat-line for 30 seconds and then start beating 250 beats a minute. And I had three strokes from it when I was 30. And then I had another one when I was 53. It was my near-death experiences.

The first thing I wanted to do was remove that. And when I was able to remove that by counting the programs and I’m not really sure how I was doing it, it was just given to me I started realizing that, okay, the numbers that we know on Earth are very tiny. Infinity is a tiny number. It’s a very limited, tiny number. So these numbers that I started giving. So I started asking more and I started getting more numbers and I realized that I can break up the particles. I didn’t have to count the particles, but there’s programs in multitudes. So what I started doing was I would ask God. I’d say God, please, uh, uh, download, uh something that I say, let me see how do I say this. So let’s say, if I want to split the energy of fear, okay, so is it, God, please, download, uh, so much number of so many programs, each particle, with infinite numbers of the programs, conscious entities, the contracts, just split all the particles in four and send the pieces to the east, to the west, to the north, to the south, and they’re each already connected. The things are disappearing, literally. Wow, now I can do it much shorter. I just go God, please split the particles. It’s for right, because green already knows how to bypass it.

But at first everything took a while. I, I tried, um, there was a guy he gave me. He did this stuff and MTC any with the vials. You know when they put do you know those therapy? They test you for allergy with it. Oh right, yes, yeah, um, I forgot the name of it. Yeah, and he gave me vials to play with. Hmm, give me a whole box of vials. Let’s see what you discover. Within three days I was able to put the vials away. I just used my brain to do it without the vials.

Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
Very good, cool um, all right, well, let’s get. Yeah, I want, I want to. I’m going to dive back in. That was fascinating and so amazing. So you’re clearly, you know, possessed with gifts in a lot of area. But I do want to circle back to self-love because I want to. I want to talk a little bit more about that and I want to ask you when. You know I think a lot of people you know they hear talk about self-love but they don’t really know just why it’s so important for us to really spend time and really appreciating who we are and knowing that we’re here for a purpose. So I guess the question I want to ask you is to explain a little bit more about why it’s so important for us to really fall in love with ourselves, for lack of a better way of saying it.

Nina Presman (Guest)
It’s what we’re here for. It’s our purpose, main purpose. Enlightenment. I’ve always asked God, Anahim, what is enlightenment? Well, enlightenment equals unconditional self-love. We come here in physicality to expand. We come here to learn and we come here with programs that are already contracts, programs that are already pre-written. They are already going to happen. We already got to know we’re going to get hurt, we’re going to get abused, we’re going to get some of us more than others, because some of us sign up for more, because we want to learn more. Like I’m very grateful to my mother. Without my mother’s tortures I would have never pushed so hard to learn how to love myself. She was my biggest catalyst.

But realizing that these bad things happen only because we come here to experience them, because our goal is to find the unconditional self-love. Now, why is it so important? Because when you are alone, when you are at home or wherever you are, and when you sit and you feel I’m a victim, or I’m so lonely, or this is not enough, or why doesn’t anybody love me, or why does this happen to me, wouldn’t it be nice for that not to exist. When you have the self-love, the real, it doesn’t even have to be unconditional, and this one’s very hard to to. I can’t, I haven’t gotten there. I don’t want to say I can’t. Where I am on my journey, I’m not there yet, but I know I’m getting there. That’s my goal.

But loving myself, knowing that everything is my choice and my responsibility, when you love yourself, there is no victim consciousness, there is no poverty consciousness, there is no fear of not being loved, there is no fear of being alone and there’s no boredom interestingly, because you always find something to entertain yourself with. My husband really has seen such a huge change in me, but I got to tell you I don’t need a person or anything near me or with me or anything with me. My life became so full of understanding how to love myself that everything else just became a pretty accessory. Does that kind to make sense? I’m trying to put this in a way so that people can understand.

Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
Yeah, it does make sense. Absolutely. And, yeah, I think that’s the key thing is that, yeah, when you love yourself, it does make everything else so much easier to deal with, because you know that you, you have inherent wisdom within you and, and, and, when you cultivate that connection with your higher power, that you can also lean on that higher power for help and and guidance, and you know, as as you’ve done and talked about here on the show as well. So, so, yeah, you’re never alone. Even when you think you’re alone, you’re not.

Nina Presman (Guest)
Yeah, I have a client, a couple of women that and we talk and you know different people from different cultures and a lot of people are brought up to be, okay, you have to be nice to others, you have to cater to others, you have to watch what people say about you. Can I say this? Screw that, screw that. Who cares what anybody says about you if you love yourself. That’s the advantage. Nobody can get under your skin, right, they can tell you.

People mirror themselves onto others. So when somebody tells you you’re a thief, it’s probably because the person steals. Somebody calls you a liar, that’s because they are a liar. It’s just how it works. People judge others by who they are. So when you love yourself, it doesn’t affect you because you know who you are. So you look at the person. You’re going to say okay, yeah, so when was the last time you stole something? You get that their comments and their conversations or their gossips or their judgments are basically about them. So that’s right. You know. This is one less thing to worry about.

Gloria “Grace” Rand
Yeah exactly, absolutely.

Nina Presman
Fear can’t get you when you love yourself, like when we had COVID. Not for one day I thought I was ever going to get it. I never get it. I never had, of course, the vaccine, but if I did, I knew that I would be able to delete it. That’s probably another advantage. I saw so much fear in people covering their faces that was worse than the COVID itself. The fear. The fear was the disease, not the COVID.

Yeah, that’s that evil in the world was trying to kill the self-love. You know, we’re going through revelations right now. We’re lifting up in a very high vibrational state. I don’t think too many people know this In 2026, this is what I channeled so far everything I channeled came, covid came, everything came. We’re going to be in a new state of being. We’re going to have completely new energy here. Um, in January 21st I’m sorry, not January, December 21st of 2025. Um, basically, if you want to call it a matrix of evil, gets turned off. We are in the second coming. So I’m talking about more mathematically like matrix, but we are in the second coming.

So we are going right now through stages of awakening and everybody’s waking up at their own pace. And awakening can be difficult. It can be. It’s a healing crisis, it’s an emotional, it can be physical, like people getting sick. Nobody knows why they’re sick. It’s because the old energy is coming out.

The third dimension has been over since 2012. We start moving out of third dimension. We got into fifth dimension it was 2020, on November 11th. From there, we’ve just been going up and up with vibration. You go up in vibration. Everything that was in you from a lower vibration has to come out. It cannot make it up there with you so it’s going to terrorize you a little bit. This is where it’s very important, very important, to always say God, how do I love myself 100%, because that will get you through the healing crisis. But everybody has to remember we are going up right now. We’re going to, like you know in the prayer, it says on earth as it is in heaven, that’s in 2026.

Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
Right, yeah, Well, I’m going to ask you is if someone listening to this today wants to be able to do what you’re suggesting, but they’re not. They’re still not quite sure how to start. What would be the first thing that you would tell someone to do?

Nina Presman (Guest)
I’m going to show you guys a meditation, really quick one, okay, so we’re going to put our hands like this and we’re going to press into the heart, right in the center. Okay, now you’re going to close your eyes and breathe in, focus in, breathe it into this spot. Deep breaths in and then deep breaths out, and, as you’re breathing, focus all the energy out from your body into this spot, right into your heart, and think about love. We can think gratitude. So you’re going to breathe in gratitude and breathe out. What I’m doing right now is activating you guys’ gamma waves, and you’re doing it yourselves. I think some of you might have already started shifting. You do this three minutes a day, every morning. Set your alarm. It’s going to take you to the new place. Anytime you feel fear, anytime you feel out of yourself. That’s when you do, that’s where you start. It’s the gamma waves.

Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
I love that, yeah, and it’s so easy because we breathe all the time. It’s just now a matter of really refocusing that and focusing on the heart, and I think that’s so important. And, as you say, you know, think about love and if you don’t have anyone in your life right now, think about a time when you did love someone a lot. Or if you do,have a pet, I can, I can, I can, I can think of.

Nina Presman (Guest)
I prefer a pet because they’re unconditional. Yeah, so a baby, a newborn baby, yeah, it’s that moment where you hold the baby in your heart.

Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
Yeah, absolutely, so cool. Oh, my goodness, we’ve covered a lot here today and it’s been amazing, and I know there’s people listening to this today and are watching that might want to connect with you and learn more about what you do. So I didn’t get a chance beforehand to ask. I know you have like two different websites, but I’m going to see if I guessed right. So which would be the best place for people? Oh, you have three. Okay, which would be the best place for people to reach out to you?

Nina Presman (Guest)
Actually call me directly on the phone. Oh, okay, it’s 561-654-0177. I don’t mind phone calls, you can text me um, because the right people will always text the right. It just happens. Uh, that is my website advanced rapid healing dot com. I also have energyworkunlimited dot com and my emails are just as easy. It is energy work unlimited at gmail dot com. Just think unlimited.

Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
Yeah, I love that.

Nina Presman (Guest)
I don’t believe in limitations.

Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
very good. Yeah, well, I will be sure and have all that information in the show notes, so not to worry. Uh, so if you’re listening to this somewhere where you can’t, you, you know, jot that information down. Just go back to liveloveenagepodcast dot com and find this episode, or wherever you’re watching on YouTube or your favorite podcast platform, and find this episode and you’ll be able to get it. So thank you so much, Nina, for being with us and sharing your amazing gifts and knowledge with us. I really do appreciate it.

Nina Presman (Guest)
It’s my pleasure. I do love being here.

Gloria “Grace” Rand (Host)
Well, we loved having you as well, and I do want to thank all of you for watching and for listening, and it’s been a pleasure bringing you another episode, and next week you’re going to get me by myself and I’m going to be talking about identity next week, so I hope you’ll join us. If you’re watching live on Facebook and LinkedIn, join us there. Otherwise, you can listen again on your favorite podcast platform. So, until then, I, as always, encourage you to go out and live fully, love deeply and engage authentically.

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