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Image, Presence and Leadership with Marcella Scherer

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. In the case of business owners, you are the face of your company, so it’s important that your personal style reflects that. My podcast guest today is certified image consultant Marcella Scherer, who has worked with corporations, businesses, high level entrepreneurs, celebrities and speakers to polish their image and up-level their leadership skills. In this episode, Marcella explains how what you wear impacts your mindset.

This week on the Live. Love. Engage. Podcast:

    • Marcella explains why what you wear matters when you’re working from home
    • Learn how leadership correlates with image and presence
    • Marcella explains why your clothes affect how people perceive you
    • Learn Marcella’s ABCD formula for creating a high-level image

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Email: for Wardrobe Wednesday


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Gloria Rand
Namaste and welcome I am Gloria Grace Rand. So glad to have you with us on another episode of live, love engage. And today I have a awesome, awesome woman who I have come to know over the last few years and who’s had a big impact on my life. And her name is Marcella Scherer and she also has a big impact on helping female leaders in fact in developing them. She’s an expert in her industry with over 30 years of experience. She’s a certified image consultant who has worked with corporations, businesses, high level entrepreneurs, celebrities and speakers on the ABCD’s of their image, which is appearance, behavior, communication, and digital presence. And Marcella uses her experience of building a team of over 7000 women. That’s amazing. She has developed 18 high level leaders to a multi seven figure business to hone her clients leadership, interpersonal and presence skills. And she has and I can attest to this and innate ability to see what our clients are missing that is affecting their bottom line by polishing their image and up leveling their leadership to reach their full potential with high level success. And she’s also sought after professional speaker, Coach, corporate trainer. And if that isn’t enough, Amazon number one best selling author so really, really awesome to have Marcella Scherer on the program with us today. Thank you so much for being here.

Marcella Scherer 0:28
Oh, it’s my pleasure Gloria, thank you so much for having me. It’s a thrill and a delight to share my passion and to work with you.

Gloria Rand 2:13
Yeah, absolutely. And of full disclosure, I am a client of Marcella’s and she has really helped me a lot in polishing my image because it was all over the place. If you look at my old videos on YouTube, it’s sad… hopefully, hopefully the ones over the last year look a little bit better so

Marcella Scherer 2:36
diamond, and diamond in the rough. That’s all. I will say you brilliant as you are.

Gloria Rand 2:43
That is very sweet. I want to start off with talking about how does what you wear, impact your mindset. It’s it’s I have an idea for me, but I know it’s definitely affected mine, but for those people who maybe didn’t never really thought about it before, how does what you wear impact it?

Marcella Scherer 3:09
Well, actually, there’s a lot of science behind it, in fact, Gloria. There’s been studies that have actually taking a couple of different groups. And I’ll give you the study first because maybe that will enlighten a few or wake people up around how it does impact. But think about when you get up in the morning and if you are working from home and you just transfer from the bedroom to your office and your pajamas, and you hang out all there all day and maybe you take a shower midday or you don’t. Maybe you could be really creative because you’re super comfortable and there’s less structure but if you’re doing any kind of like sales calls or things that require your mind and focus, you might not be as productive. And so here’s the study. So what happened is they took a group of men and women, one group, they dressed in professional clothes, they took another group in like sweatpants, hoodies, you know, casual things. And they have them on the same task. And they were actually doing negotiations for business. And they did the ones that that were dressed up and the other set in their casual clothes and just guess who was more productive and more closed more sales? Right. Can you imagine?

Gloria Rand 4:47
Let me think, I wonder.

Marcella Scherer 4:51
But yeah, the bottom line is that those that were dressed in their professional wear were at a much higher rate of Closing, then those that weren’t. So if you think about your mindset, depending on who you know, you know what tasks that you’re doing if you’re being really creative, and you need to be super comfortable, and maybe that’s gonna work for you, but if you really think about, you know, your presentation, so just try it, I encourage you to take the test yourself, and try one day of hanging out in your sweatpants and then feeling how productive you are. And another day where you literally get up, get dressed, do your regular routine for women, you know, get your hair, do your hair, put some makeup on, or at least some lipstick or something and and see how you feel and at the end of the day, and usually there’s market difference between the two.

Gloria Rand 5:47
Mm hmm, absolutely. And, and I know that right now, you know, we’re dealing with the pandemic and everything and so there’s millions of people who are working from home now who didn’t used to Like, I’ve like my husband is working from home right now, for instance. So I mean, you touched on this a little bit, but does it I’ve heard tales and I actually think there was even a Saturday Night Live skit somewhere where some, they were doing like a zoom call and there are people, you know, showing up in, in PJs and actually, I think I was on some call the other day where somebody was saying they showed up in their, you know, underwear, okay, they were a yoga instructor, but still it was like just their underwear and doing poses, like, really? So. So, you know, why does it matter? Because it seems like a lot of people still think like, Oh, you know, I can just wear whatever I’m from home, it doesn’t matter. Why does it really matter? You know, now, certainly while we’re in this and later on.

Marcella Scherer 6:46
So that’s a really good question, because it’d be so easy just to go with a norm or the new norm, right, just falling into that habit. But as humans, we need structure. And we need, you know, systematic things to happen in our life. And when, so one is about the mindset piece, I think that’s a really important to have some quote unquote normality in your life is that you get up you have a routine. So whatever that might be, it could be your exercise, your meditation, your journaling, like those pieces, you know, as well as you know, getting dressed like we talked about. But the other reason that’s really significantly important is when it comes to your image, so, and your presence so within seven seconds of meeting someone, they’ve already formed 11 different opinions about you. And nowadays, if you’re not out networking, physically, you know going to events or prospecting for new clients or, you know, going to other people’s offices and seeing, you know, your clients, or working with your team. Now we have to show up online. And so, again, we’ve got nanoseconds to make that first impression. They’re making judgments of do bottom line, you know, do they trust you enough that they’d even want to listen to more of what you have to say? Or would they do business with you? Or you know how successful you are? And do you quote unquote, fit into the category of, you know, who they want to do business with? So for example, if you and again, you always have to know your audience, and that’s the most important thing. If you’re a yoga instructor, of course, you’re gonna wear yoga. You know, I wouldn’t do yoga poses in my underwear but tastefully, right? Yeah. If but if you’re a coach, you know, if you are a speaker, you know, the way that you show up now. And the way that you do things now can be very memorable. And there’s a lot of people getting out online right now, and want to make that good first impression. And it also speaks volumes. Because I, you’ve probably heard the same before. The way that you do one thing is the way that you do everything. Have you heard that before?

Gloria Rand 9:19
Yes, I have heard that before. Yeah.

Marcella Scherer 9:21
So if we show up not paying attention to details, let’s just say for women, you show up in, you know, your yoga clothes or something really casual and you’re on a professional meeting. Maybe you don’t do your makeup, maybe you don’t do your hair. What does that say about how you’re attuned to details, or that you even care enough about yourself that you’re going to show up for the other person? Or do you see what I’m saying? It’s like, yeah, and honoring the person that you’re having a conversation with. It doesn’t mean we have to get dressed up in a suit or whatever. And I dressed up today because I knew that we were going to be talking, you know, having this interview and, you know, talking to professionals and like minded people, so of course, I’m gonna dress up right.

Gloria Rand 10:13
Yeah, absolutely.

Marcella Scherer 10:16
Exactly. So I hope that answers your question. Yeah. Ours, right?

Gloria Rand 10:20
It does. And, and especially, I like the part where you talked about, it’s not only even respecting yourself, it’s respecting the other people that you’re talking to, because I know if I was coming to you, number one expecting someone to like maybe sell me a product and they show up all you know, disheveled, just like, Okay, well, you’ve already lost credibility right off the bat. So you’re gonna have to really convince me that whatever you’ve got to offer is going to be worth my while because it’s like, you didn’t respect me enough to show up looking right.

Marcella Scherer 10:55
Yeah, well, you know, you think of, let’s say you’re a financial planner or you’re offering a high ticket item, and you really want to attract a higher level client. If you’re not, at least, you know, dressing to that caliber doesn’t mean that they have to be as dressed up as you do. You always want to be at least one level, if you will, above your client because they want to look, they’re coming to you to pay their money, Because you are wise, you’ve got something that they desire that they want, and that’s the exchange there, you know, so be respectful show up Look, the part. Be the part, you know, inside now, you know, I taught I have a seven step system that I work with, as you know, with clients, and it’s an acronym upscale, and u stands for understand the magnitude of your platform. And so what we have to understand is that you know. Are messages important? And you never never know who that message is going to have a ripple effect how they might remember you years later, I can’t I had somebody on my email list that all of a sudden just emailed me and said, Oh my god, you said something to me three years ago that was so significant. And I’m like, what was? What was that? I don’t remember. But you know what I’m saying?

Gloria Rand 12:26
Yeah, exactly.

Marcella Scherer 12:28
And you want to be remembered and memorable. So making that first impression is so important. So P and P is prepare for performance on and off the stage, if you will, because yeah, so So for now, our only thing that we go out to is maybe the grocery store but who knows maybe that’s where you’re gonna meet your next prospect. You know,

Gloria Rand 12:49
you never know who you’re you’re buying from.

Marcella Scherer 12:54
And you’re hiding you know, in your, you know, clothes and that’s you’re not going to feel confident from the inside. To have that conversation with them if you’re not showing up, at least, you know, in a presentable way, right?

Gloria Rand 13:05
Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I know. The other thing is that you you do a lot of work with high level entrepreneurs and speakers and professionals and the majority of your former business was focused on developing leaders and building large teams. So how do you actually correlate leadership with image and presence? I think I think we were kind of skating around it a little bit, and maybe now you can really address that issue.

Marcella Scherer 13:33
Well, thank you for that. And so I’m a huge advocate of john Maxwell, who is a leadership guru, and you’re not familiar with John, he’s amazing. I mentored with him and we use a lot of his principles and one of them the 20, the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership and one of them is lifting the lid. And so when, as a leader, you know if this is if our level of leadership top is five, and let’s say our leadership is a four, we’re going to attract people into our organization on our team, employees all that are going to be under usually our level of leadership. Because if you think about the law of magnetism, right, we’re all magnets. And when we, you know, come across at a higher level, then we will start to raise the type of people that we attract into our life. So, whether it be clients, your high end clients or prospects, employees, team members, any of that. So you as the leader, we have to raise the bar, you know, or lift the lid. And so when we show up as the best version of ourselves, and we hold that standard for ourselves, one It shows self respect, but two, we start to become a magnet to attract what it is that we desire. And then three is that we’re modeling for other people. So do not forget that you and upscale is understand the magnitude of your platform as a leader, you know, what are you modeling for other people? So it could be, you could be a solopreneur and you’re the leader of your family. And so what are you modeling for your kids? You know, are you on the phone, you know, at dinner, are you dressing in your pajamas all day and working from the house, you know, those little things even though it may seem a little bit insignificant, they really do have an impact and other people are watching you, whether it be on social media or whenever, and they’re following what you do and if you are consistent in the way that you show up, not just you know, in what you’re wearing, but I talk about your imaging presence, meaning what you’re wearing, your behavior, your communication, your consistency, those are all pieces of our communication, you know. And, you know, as a leader, we have to hold the bar high for ourselves if we want other people to follow That’s what leadership is. it’s about influence, right? Bottom line. That’s all it is.

Gloria Rand 16:28
Yeah, that’s true. That’s so true. And yeah, that showing up in a certain way, it really does make a difference. I mean, it because I’ve seen that in my own professional career when I’m showing up, number one and being consistent about it and in the way that not only I look, but also in the messaging that I have, then it really does attract you. I mean, I’ve gotten speaking opportunities. In fact, I’ve got a speaking opportunity this week as a matter of fact, because because I know that the person she commented on a video I did on my Facebook page the other day, and It was like, the next day, she’s like, oh, would you like to, you know, speak to our networking group online? You know, and it was like, Sure. Absolutely. So it’s, it’s doing that. And I really, it’s so important, especially when you touched on about being, you know, being a leader in your family, because that’s, that’s important too. And I think especially even right now, especially if there’s a lot of, you know, whether you’re you are a business owner, or even if you’re, maybe you had a job and now you’re possibly considering becoming a business owner, because you have to, and if you’ve got kids at home, and you’re trying to model good behavior for them, so I love that. Can you share briefly I don’t know if that’s okay. But what because you told us a little bit about upscale maybe what were some of the other? What else does that stand for?

Marcella Scherer 17:51
Sure, absolutely. So U – upscale, P – prepare for performance on and off the stage. In other words, you never know who you’re going to meet. And let’s just say you go to yoga in the morning and you’re running to the grocery store, you know, just have a jacket or something you can throw over you know, so that you’re, you’re not hiding in the aisles when you see that prospect because sure enough, that’s exactly when you’re going to run into that person, when you’re not ready, so be prepared. And I could tell you some amazing stories about the places that I’ve met people on an airplane or in the ladies room or whatever. And then the so upscale is S for style and silhouette. So you definitely want to understand your unique style because you want to be authentic and aligned. You want to speak volumes about who you are and that’s an important piece of it. Then, C is color and cut. So wearing colors that are flattering to your hair, skin and eyes are you know going to make you look good and make you look younger. As you know we did your color analysis out and it also is a fabulous tool when it comes to making your life so much easier. Shopping, getting dressed in three minutes or less, organizing your closet it’s just a wonderful filter you know to know know that for makeup, hair, the whole thing. And then A is stands for attack the closet because I believe that if you have bad choices in your closet, then it’s like going on a diet and having Twinkies and Oreos and ice cream around. Especially now, so you have to be careful. so I and the other piece of attack the closet is that I’m a big advocate that when we hold on to things that no longer service meaning clothes that don’t fit us anymore, clothes that are outdated clothes that have had the tag on them for a really long time and you’ve never worn them, all of that. If you you know it’s pulling you down and energetically when we release the things that don’t longer service serve us it creates space for new things to come in. So there’s kind of a, you know, it’s not that I love decluttering closets, it’s just that I know that when my clients have the essential pieces that bring them joy that they feel really super confident in. And that help them exude their, you know, align their inner essence with their outer presence, then they’re going to show up in the best version of themselves. And if you talk if we go back to the mindset piece that you first asked me about Gloria is that, you know, think about the beginning of your day and you walk into your closet and you’re overwhelmed because it’s packed full of stuff, you can’t find it, you grab the same outfit that you you know, we tend to wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. So, you know, we have that go to thing, we wear it all the time, and you’re stressed out and then how does that affect the rest of your day? So, you know what if the shift was when you walk in and get it, you know, get dressed, feel good, confident, you’re going to go have that meeting, you’re going to rock it, you know, you don’t have to worry, you know. So, so that’s the a part and then upscale, I forgot…

Gloria Rand 21:43
What’s L?

Marcella Scherer 21:44
Learn to shop and love it. You know, because it all starts with making the right decisions when you’re in the store because if you don’t then it accumulates in the closet, or it has tags and you’ve spent all this extra money or You know all of that. So and then E is about evaluate quarterly. So I always as you know, I’ll be like, what do you have coming up what kind of speaking gigs because nothing is worse than when you’re a speaker and you have this big gig and you are so concentrated on your delivery and your, you know, your presentation and all the other pieces that go along with it, then that what you’re wearing becomes an afterthought and 55% of how people read you is visual before you open your mouth. So you better that what you wear is really important. It can be I mean, think about it. Have you ever been heard a speaker speak on them or seen them on a stage or on video, whatever and just so distracting with what they’re wearing or whatever, that you can’t hear what they’re saying. So, so I always say plan ahead because if you’re waiting until the last minute and you’re scurrying, you’re gonna way overspend, you’re gonna buy something that really is not the right thing and it’s going to be a hot mess.

Gloria Rand 23:09

Marcella Scherer 23:11
That’s the full monty there Gloria.

Gloria Rand 23:14
And I love it. And see, this is, this is what happens when you work from home. My husband was just poking his head in here. I told him I was doing a podcast. Oh, well, that’s life, you know, it’s all good. So, um, before I let you go, because you’ve covered so much wonderful stuff here today, um, how, how can folks get ahold of you? Do you have any kind of special training available for people who want to know more? Tell, so tell us a little bit about that.

Marcella Scherer 23:45
Okay, great. So, one, if you want a little more insight on that upscale, you can simply go to my website, which is my name. Are you going to post it in … ? Yeah,

Gloria Rand 23:57
I’ll have it in the show notes.

Marcella Scherer 23:58
Okay, so you can put the links them in it. Okay, great, perfect. So it’s, you know,, you can go there. And there’s a free download a couple things actually. So you can check that out. And then I am, you know, in a timely sense, I do have a seven, seven week course about elevating your image and presence and impact so that you can be the magnet for your success. And it basically goes through each of you know, expanded so that you can really do a deeper dive around figuring out some of the things that we talked about today so that you can show up as the best version of yourself knowing what colors, having that million dollar mindset, because it always starts there, and really putting the whole thing together so you can post the link, depending on when people are listening to this as to when it might fall, but and there’s one other thing is I have a image and presence assessment. So if you want to kind of figure out where you’re at, you can go on there and get a free report. So that’s also, we’ll put the link for that below. Awesome.

Gloria Rand 25:14
Awesome. Well, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom as always, and projecting your amazing image and presence, which is always outstanding. So I appreciate you being here.

Marcella Scherer 25:25
Well, Gloria. You’re amazing. I’m so proud of you and all the wonderful things that you do and your message is so important. And you’ll those that are listening will have to go listen to some of her other podcasts because I know there’s a lot of good meat and potatoes and what you’ve put together. So thank you.

Gloria Rand 25:45
Well, thank you for that. And yes, that that is a good segue. As a reminder, if you want to make sure that you don’t miss any future episodes as well be sure that you subscribe on the podcast platform of your choice and also you can subscribe to my YouTube channel. Which is @GloriaRandVideo. And until next time, I always encourage everyone to live fully, love deeply, and engage authentically.

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An online marketer, SEO copywriter, and speaker for 15+ years, Gloria Grace Rand has helped over 150 companies including AAA and Scholastic Book Fairs attract and convert leads into sales.

Losing her older sister to cancer propelled Gloria on a journey of spiritual awakening that resulted in the publication of her international best-selling book, "Live. Love. Engage. – How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Start Being Yourself."

Known as “The Light Messenger” for her ability to intuitively transmit healing messages of love and light, Gloria combines a unique blend of energy healing techniques, intuition, and marketing expertise to create transformational results for her clients.

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