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How to Maintain Ownership of Your Facebook Page

Facebook you're fired Do you have control of your company’s Facebook page? You do, if you are a Manager. You do NOT if you are assigned any of the other Admin roles, such as Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser or Insights Analyst.

Why is this important?

A Manager is the only Facebook admin who has the ability to remove other admins from the page.

The Risks of Delegating Facebook Page Creation

I met with a small business owner today who had hired someone to create and manage a Facebook page for his business. Things had been going along pretty well, but now his social media manager wasn’t posting on the page regularly, the fan base had stagnated, and there was very little engagement going on. The business owner was frustrated because he also wasn’t seeing any increased sales of his products.

And it gets worse. The business owner wasn’t even an admin of his own company’s page! The social media manager created the page under her personal Facebook account – not the owner’s. As a result, the owner was afraid that if he let the social  media manager go, he would lose control of his page. Luckily, he was able to get the person to add him on as an admin Manager. But he still needs to take further action to protect his page.

Not Everyone Deserves to be a Facebook Manager

To retain control,  the owner must remove the social media manager as an admin altogether, or at least downgrade her status to Content Creator. That way she won’t be able to remove the business owner from the page in retaliation for getting fired.

The lesson to be learned here is that if you hire someone to create a Facebook page, make sure the account is created under your personal Facebook account. This way, you will automatically be assigned the admin role of Manager. And for safety’s sake, don’t let anyone else have the ability to manage admin roles, unless they have a vested interest in the company – such as a trusted business partner or executive officer.

Check out this flow chart to learn the differences between the different Facebook administrator roles:

Facebook admin roles


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