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Healing Power of Poetry with Brenda Bryan

This time we’re joined by Brenda Bryan to talk about the healing power of poetry. Brenda is an incredible inspirational speaker, transformational coach, and mastermind facilitator who helps women unmask and nurture their genius. That way, they can feel empowered to live in the strength of their passion.

Brenda believes communication is vital for feminine power. During the episode, she shares the inspiration for her poetry and what the journey of writing poetry has taught her. She also shares the role poetry played in helping her heal.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • How Brenda became inspired to start writing poetry.
  • The amount of poems Brenda has written up to this point.
  • The divine connection that helped her publish her books.
  • An example of the magic that can happen when a spelling error gets missed.
  • How and where Brenda’s healing took place.
  • The most common way she expressed her healing.
  • The importance of knowing your own dreams and core values.
  • The biggest lesson Brenda has learned through her poetry process.
  • How she learned to survive difficulty and the way this reflected in her relationship.
  • What happens when you learn to stand in full transparency of who you are.
  • How we as humans are not expressing ourselves to our full potential.
  • Why Brenda wants to create a sacred space for women to tell their story.
  • The support women are missing in society and how women can truly blossom.
  • Why there is really no such thing as a mistake.
  • What it means to own the light and the dark in us.

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You’re listening to the Lived Love Engage Podcast on today’s show, How a painful breakup caused one woman to learn radical self care through the healing art of poetry. Stay tuned. I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the Love Method, and author of the number one Amazon best seller, Live, Love, Engage, How to stop doubting yourself and start Being Yourself.

In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully, love deeply, and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence and income. Welcome to Live Love, Engage.

Namaste and welcome to Live Love, Engage, and I am. Super excited today to welcome my guest, who is also a dear friend who I’ve known for six years now.

Yeah, I was double checking the dates just to make sure, that I had the math right and it said, Yeah, we met about six years ago and she is an amazing person. I’m gonna tell you all about her in just a second. But first I wanna welcome Brenda Bryan to live, Love, Engage. It’s so good to be here. Thank you for the invitation.

Yeah. And it’s excited to know that we’ve known each other for six years and what a journey we’ve both been on. it’s been, you know, to be able to support each other and anchor each other and remind each other. I mean, this is kind of like the journey of that makes everything we do worthwhile. Right?

Absolutely. And yeah, it has been an incredible journey, thinking back to where I was six years ago. It’s all good. It’s, it’s been ups and downs and, and, and wonderfulness. So, I wanna read this bio cuz I, I love your bio. I love how she starts off and she says that Brenda is a kick ass inspirational speaker, not just an ordinary speaker.

No, she’s a kick ass inspirational speaker. The diviner of human potential and as a transformational Coach and mastermind facilitator, she supports women to unmask and nurture their genius, empowering them to live in the strength of their passion. And she demonstrates authenticity, a warm-hearted humor with a deep wealth of knowledge of how important communication is to feminine power.

And in fact, we actually had you on the podcast a couple years ago, the first year I started and kind of talking about feminine power, then, but I wanted to have you on because this time around because you actually have become an author and she has a book called Inward and Beyond Transformation is a conscious choice.

And it is a phenomenal book. I highly recommend it, and that’s what we’re really gonna talk about today because I was just blown away by the book, which is a book of poems. But I wanna let you tell the story of what prompted you to write this book. Oh, divine guidance prompted me, in it and, and I needed a way to engage in a creative healing process.

That would allow me to, to really speak feelings that I was having trouble speaking in coaching sessions or with my therapist or whatever. Just like it was just getting all mixed up and backwards and somehow I wasn’t satisfied. So I just really said, you know, I need a way to, to express these things that are, that’s more in alignment with.

My language, my, my sensibility of creativity. And so that’s when, you know, basically poems started to download. And because of technology, you know, I’m dyslexic, so for me, writing and spelling and. you know, which is why I’m a really good speaker because I bypass all of that to get to where the words matter to me, right?

But, but in the process of, of wanting to engage in being a more effective writer and to learn the art of writing, I’d been working on it, but these poems just kind of Kept coming, and I would just take the one line, or I’d take the whole poem, whatever came through, and I would just, Oh. Put it on my phone, you know, And, and I, and I, and it, you know, sometimes it was three o’clock in the morning, sometimes it was in the middle of doing dishes.

Sometimes it was, I was out on a walk. It didn’t matter if it, if there was a spark of like, Oh, that’s a great line, or, Oh, I never thought about it that way. I would write it down. And then the next thing you know, I’m, I’m writing, you know, I’ve got, probably got about a hundred poems written and different essays written.

And, this book, Inward and Beyond Transformation is a Conscious choice, is a selection of, of poem poems that tell a story about the journey of falling in Lust. And falling outta lust. And then the work that goes along with falling out, and then the work that goes along with choosing to use the, the, the journey as a healing process.

And that was really, you know, I’m, you know, I’m never without that journey because I think that is the work that I, first of all, I do, and I support others in being that. So this book is very vulnerable and very raw for me, and I never thought I’d expose myself quite this publicly. But, but everything was, everything was, was being said.

Was, go ahead and make this the next step. Put the book out. And I didn’t know how that was gonna happen. And of course, as, as, as all things divine happen, it’s like a really good friend of mine was a publisher. I mean, I know she was publishing her own books, but I didn’t know she was gonna help me over, over, over the, over the bridge and, and, you know, to, to a different land.

And she did. And it was amazing journey to work with her and to see this in print because, you know, I wouldn’t. You know, nowhere in the journey was I working to be a published author. I was just following guidance and guidance said to do this, and I did. Well, I’m glad that you followed the, the guidance because even I, I wrote a review for, for the book on Amazon and just reading the other reviews, it was, I, I read them after.

It was like, I wanted, sometimes when I’m reviewing books, I’ll like read what other people say and I was like, No, I’m just gonna go with my gut. And then I, then I read the other reviews. I’m like. Yeah, we all kind of said the same thing. It was just, you know, profound and raw and just, you know, the, and, and the courage, and, and beauty that you really put down into words to describe the joy and pain of, of this relationship that you were in and, and ultimately the relationship with yourself, which I think is the, the most important relationship we have cuz it’s the first one we have really.

And even though I know they say, you know, with your mother, but really it’s, it’s, you’re with you your whole life and you, you’ve gotta be able to be, connected with yourself and, and. So it’s, it’s, it’s a hopeful book. I’ll say that. But I, I wanna ask you one thing, and it’s interesting cuz you talked about the fact that you’re dyslexic.

So, I noticed something and, and so this may have been unintentional, but I love how it turned out. So in, in yhe poem that you wrote, it’s called Let Me, and it starts out, Let me investigate your soul. Let me peek at the heart of my lover and see how to love you more. And when I read that, see I, I’m like my brain.

I’m like, I’m always looking for grammar and spelling and it’s just, just, I don’t know. That’s just how my quirky brain works out. So you spelled peek, p e a k, like the top of a mountain rather than p e e k, which means to look quickly and so. I’m wondering. Hmm. You know, this works either way, frankly. And I was wondering if you, if you had, you know, spelled it p e a k in on purpose or, or not, or if it was just a divine sort of cool way to let people make their own interpretation.

Oh, I, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s in, in its best form. It is actually divine and in, and in its common thing. It’s a spelling mistake, but, But there’s the fun of, of all of it, right? Yeah. Is is that when, when a word doesn’t get picked up by spell check or by your editors, and it, and it proceeds to go forward, and it leaves you with that kind of like questioning as like, what peak are we talking about?

And, and the peak is to the mountain top. Like, like I do have in the back of my mind that I wanna write a book called, You know, How I Got to the Mountaintop because it is this journey of taking slogging steps all the way up until finally you get to this amazing place of recognizing what the journey really was about.

And I think that that peek at, at another human being’s heart is, is a way that we get to express our own heart more, more infinitely. And that was what I loved about having my heart opened by this woman and having it broken at the same time because it was also, so profoundly a prayer that I had asked for, and you don’t know how a prayer is gonna get answered.

And so the, the kind of like, in the journey of this, I would often find myself giggling at, at, at how spirit answers me and what that and what that, what journey. Then I go on with, with the fact that I put that prayer out and oh How much more specific should I have gotten? Like, how should I hone in on this spring

Cause they often tell you, you know, you know, get very specific about what you want. And it’s like, well, the, the, the magic of this woman’s power and this woman’s Innate ability to, to show me something that I knew was there, but I had no idea how to see it or unravel it or how to step into what, what I needed to do to shift it.

And so, That the fact that she wouldn’t talk to me about any of it was profoundly personal responsibility taken hold. Right. Just like, well, I can’t, I can’t talk my way into it or out of it. I can only go through it. And so that is why the kind of the inward and beyond, right? Because. Because that’s where the healing was taking place.

A lot of patterns that I didn’t recognize or didn’t know, you know, I knew they were in play, but I didn’t know how they were showing up. And so, so it was just a really big window of to view an, an aspect of myself that wanted to be, to be held and nurtured and cared for. Because I think all of us have that, all of us have aspects of ourselves that we’re leaving in the shadow or leaving behind, or hoping we never have to see it.

Only to discover that in the depth of, of where we want life to really be rich and change, we’re gonna have to see it again. Yeah, I know. It’s amazing how that works. Well, I’ve developed a really good sense of humor about all of it because that, you know, I think that the, my healing process is to laugh at myself the most and to recognize that in the dark place it was pretty messy in there and dark and I.

You know, at the same time that that was happening, that darkness was happening on the flip side, my business was taken off. Hmm. Oh wow. It’s like interesting. Oh, this is fascinating. I’m having the worst time over here and the best time over here. And isn’t that what life really shows up as being that, that.

All of it’s happening at the same time. Anyway, it’s just how we choose to use it in the moment and how it leverages us to kind of, for me, it’s always been about how can I be a better service? How can I be, you know, more in alignment with, with the truth of what gifts I have and, and you can’t do it if you’re hiding from fear of, you’re afraid of saying yes to, to love or afraid of saying yes to any adventure, right?

I mean, you have to pick and choose which ones you’re willing to do. You know, cuz many of my friends turned to me and said, Would you, would you say yes to that again? And I said, Absolutely. What happened for me was absolutely necessary if I was going to break open to another part of self love. It had nothing to do with her, but it had a lot to do with me and where I was hiding and where I was holding back and, and even, you know, it’s today as we were hopping on, it’s, I was like in that inquiry, it’s like, how do we show up to make connections and love each other and, and be in a place of self, of radical self care while doing.

Cause I really like the word radical self-care. I, it’s not about a mani-pedi or it’s not about having a soak in a tub. All of that’s good. But that deeper, deeper self-worth and self-care that comes from really knowing our core values, what’s healthy for us, what our dream is, what our, what our passion is, how do we stand in that?

That’s what I’m interested in. Yeah. What has been the biggest, I don’t know, either maybe the lesson that you’ve learned through this process?

Well, I think the, the biggest lesson is to, is to be in the inquiry more often, to stay curious more, more in the game as the game is unfolding to. What I found with what happened for me in this relationship is, and I didn’t know this until months later when I, the space was free. She had left the building kind of thing.

Elvis has left the building. There was, there was room in the context of that then to recognize how much my, my, my, I was in PTSD, that I was actually in a state of, of absolute fear for a really long time and that I’d gone really unconscious and I, and it’s a guy in somebody who likes to practice.

Conscious engagement and staying, but it, What happened? I didn’t even see it. Because it was such a slow kind of drip. And the next thing you know, and I had to, you know, I had an incident one day where we had an exchange in the kitchen and I had this visceral sensation of being three and being in front of my mother who was bipolar and who was in a,

In a kind of a similar state of, of anger and anxiety and fear for themselves. Then I, and then as a sensitive and as an empath, you know, like all my body’s just absorbing all of it, right? And so I got this clear understanding in that moment, kind of like, Wow, no wonder she’s mad at me. I, I left the building and I didn’t know, because that’s the way that.

Practice staying. Five. Be honest with you. I leave, I leave the situation. I might be physically available, but I am not available otherwise. Right. And, and so that was a huge, that was a huge kind of like, shit, I didn’t, excuse my language, but you know, me, I do all these words. I, I had no idea. And then I wonder if she was so mad at me, but at the same time, all of that was being promoted by how she was showing up and how she was, how aggressive she was and how, how, on giving she was and, and how, and how, how controlling she was because of her own fear.

And I think if you read the poem, Raven, I, I think Raven really talks about, and that I was trying to re really kind of, clear about where I was at and now without putting too much on where she was at. But it really talked about that, that broken wing. And, and when we’ve been violated and, and, and when we have no control over our sovereignty, how we then build up these means to survive

and that’s what she was doing, she was surviving and what I was doing was surviving my way and they Right. There weren’t not a match. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s sad when that happens, but it’s also, was useful because it did help you to become aware. Yeah. And so even though it was absolutely painful in the moment you, you can now look back and see, and see the, the beauty of it or see the reasons why you needed to go through that.

And yeah, I can so relate. I. I would do the same thing. I mean, I think I actually even, I don’t know if in my book, I don’t think I necessarily titled this way, but I know, I think I use it, that I was like hiding in plain sight. Yeah. Because, you know, because that, that was, that’s a survival way. It’s like I wanted to be just, you know, just kind of blend in and not, not make waves because there was a lot of chaos going on and you know, you wanna be able to protect yourself.

But unfortunately, That’s the way we, these problems later on to fit in. Right? I mean, as a child it’s like, you know, you know, be seen and not heard, right? Right. And so do not protest against the elephant in the room. Right. So, you know, do not cause waves. Right? There’s so many ways that we’ve been silenced in order to not, not, not bring emotions to the table and not not name the emotions that we’re having because

God forbid we actually are, can articulate the emotion we’re in. Right? And so, you know, for me, 35 years, almost 40 years of working on trying to understand my own emotional body, coming out of a traumatic childhood, and my mother was a, my mother was an awesome woman. she was a powerhouse in her own right.

She worked all of her life to keep us clean and, and healthy and loved us. And then, there were things that were outside of the realm of her control that just frustrated the hell out of her. And the way that that frustration came out was, was through this cycle you know, and, and, you know, and I didn’t know what to call it.

I, you know, I was seeing a therapist for a long time and she finally talked, based on everything you’re telling me, your mother was bi-polar. It was like, well, let’s me look what up, that, that up. Like, what are you saying? Right? So I did, I went and looked at it and it’s like, well, you know, the possibility exists that this is true.

And a lot of, a lot of, a lot of what was happening for my mom was, you know, she was in the, she had 22 surgeries from the time I was five to the time I was 16. Most of what she was going through was coming off of drugs and, and coming out of pain and having to go back to work. And yeah,, you know, a life of frustration.

And so where do you express frustration? Right. on your family. Yeah, I was gonna say. Yeah, Yeah. Or, or who do you express that frustration with? Nobody will actually let you do it. But your family, by the way. Yeah. Other people will just say, Yeah, no, I’m walking away from this. Right. I know. But you know, as a child, just that was, you know, in a sensitive, and of course, you know, kind of

Being the loving hearted person I am, you know, it’s just painful for my mom. So this journey of us coming into, into our own, like it’s, it’s a bigger journey, right? We all have stories. and, and what we do with those stories and how we tell those stories really often reveal our paradigms and reveal our beliefs, patterns, and habits in ways that we don’t even know because they’re the, our blind side, right?

Yeah. And so what I found valuable about getting this level of expression out was the kind of the ways that my, my, my mind likes to do Metaphor, likes to create visions. And so I was able through, through poems to create visions of things that made more sense to me than if I’d try to do it straight out.

Yeah. Through anything else. It just became, it’s just a, a form of expression that I, it’s like, wow, that’s a whole new voice for me. I’m kind of, I’m kinda liking it Yeah. Cause you know the depth of me. You’d know me six years, so you know that I’m not a Kind of a lighthearted person necessarily.

So, you have your moments though. I know, but I’m a little, not, but but it’s, But it’s, but it’s that piece of like, I like to go for deep and I like to go for depth and Yeah. Yeah. And I think the poems each have a depth to them that is surprising. In some ways because they kind of stir up a sense of what is she talking about, or, Oh, I never would’ve thought of saying it that way, or,

I wonder how I would express that, and that’s what I’m interested in, right, Is, it Is, is stimulating, articulating other people’s creative process to, to do their own healing in a creative way that lets them find their, their expression. And it might be dance and it might be art, and it might be, you know, writing a book.

but creativity is one of the most profound ways to engage in, in the healing process, you know, And, and because of, The transformational work I do, you know, I often do drumming journeys, or I do, I do, you know, do mind maps and I do all kinds of things, right? That I think because it brings out a different, a different kind of way in which we can use.

Use our expression, our self-expression, and, and that’s what I think is the most important part of where we’re at in the journey for women right now is, is learning to use our voice and to raise our voice, to be self-expressed so that our values and what, what, what we, what our viewpoints matter and that we’re standing for that.

Yeah. So, but we can’t do it hiding. That’s true. It doesn’t work, doesn’t it? Hiding. And that’s kind of like where the, where the Raise Your Voice Speakers Club really comes in, because quite often people are afraid of speaking because there’s a part of them that, that they don’t want anybody to see. Yeah. And, and it’s fair enough that you don’t tell all stories, but the, when we’re hiding that part, we’re hiding it from the people who actually wanna connect with us as well.

And when we deal with it, when we heal it, when we own it, when we stand for it, when we nurture it, and when we can protect it, we can stand in, in the full transparency of who we are without feeling endangered. And I think that that is, that is a, that is a big piece of like, kind of the work that we do in the, in the Speakers club is because finding that place where we can, we can reveal ourselves and not feel endangered, or feel endangered and do it anyway, which is quite, you know, we have to go ahead and move.

We have to move forward. Yeah. We have to kind of come to the table and start, and start claiming our spot at the table.

So much. I, I on a personal note, I’ve just missed you so much and, and, and, and especially, I’m remembering now how much we really do have in common. Not all of it pleasant, but cuz I think we had had some similar childhoods and, and it’s interesting, I was actually just, it’s been six years also since my sister passed, or almost six years, and I.
Was finally going through, like getting rid of some of this stuff that is, I don’t need to hold onto, you know, medical records and things. But I also, she was a poet as well, wrote a lot of poems and so I’m still kind of putting those away. I’ve it’s like, I’m not, not quite ready, but it, but it just also, you know, well, It’s, I, I feel it’s, it’s one of our connections and especially now even, even stronger.

I feel like I’m just, you know, we’re just sisters from another mother, so there, that’s, we just kinda get down to it there, you know? Yeah, what, Oh yeah. I wanna ask you this question, cause I like asking guests this sometimes. What impact would you like to have on planet Earth in your lifetime? Oh, Simple questions.

I like the simple ones. Sure. you know, you know, the, the quickest statement is, is I want equality for all. Right, for every, every living thing on the planet, right? I don’t wanna see it as, as some have more, some have less, some are better, some are worse. I don’t like any of that story, right? So I, I want us to kind of have a change of heart in a change of mind towards how we treat each other and how we show up to respect the human being that’s in front of us, no matter what age, color, race, gender.

Whatever, it doesn’t matter. I mean, why we put all those qualifiers on everything is kind of getting in the way of the most basic thing, which is just simply to show up honoring each other for who we are. Right? So now I want legislation to reflect that, right? Yeah. Equal pay for work, equal value, kind of, you know.

Children being taken care of in all the ways that they need to be. The animals being taken care of by not, not being subjected to, to unbelievable horticultural practices that don’t make any sense in this day and age, right? It’s because that’s how they did it 2000 years ago. Doesn’t mean we continue to do that today.

I mean, you know, there’s just things that we need to re-evaluate our, our way of doing it and come to the table with, with some new creative ways in which to, to apply ourselves to, to our full potential. Cause we’re not applying ourselves to a full potential that I can see. Yeah, I agree. So I, I like that.

So I’m glad that you’ve said it, put it out there and, and, and I’m sure there are, there are people working to do that. And that starts with declaring it. Yeah. Yeah. What, what are you, what are you working on now? So what’s, what’s your, what’s your passion that you’re really excited about working on now?

Well, I’m actually, I’m actually excited about what the book does for me. It, it’s changes a way that I can show up in the world with a different type of voice because I, you know, I’m a transformational coach, right? So, so actually having a book that, that I declared my own work around and show my own vulnerability and my own rawness, you know, because people are afraid of doing.

Doing their, the emotional work, they’re afraid that they’ll never come out of the crying spell or that, that they’ll be seen as being, you know, inefficient or, or broken or it’s like, well, we’re on with those things all the time anyway. So trying to hide all of that by putting more glitter and glue on your body isn’t gonna make that any different.

Uh, so I really wanna kind of, I’m excited about creating a way for, for, to have people tell their stories. And reframe their stories and use their stories as a superpower. Right, Because I think that’s, that’s kind of like what I get to do with everything in my life is I see nothing as a mistake. I don’t, you know, it’s like, Oh, okay, I didn’t do that right, or it didn’t happen the way I wanted it to.

It’s like, what, what do I, what do I get to know about this? You know, I get to ask the questions. So I think it’s about standing in the value of the fact that we’re all, on the green growing edge, and that the consciousness that we need to come to our lives with, it demands that we look at where, where we’re being held back by our beliefs, our patterns, and our habits, our paradigms, and then what to do with that.

Right. So you have to have a dream, right? You have to have a passion, a dream, an intention, you know, something that, that cracks your heart wide open because it, it, you know, when you’re, when you’re working on it, everything is, everything is more fun. It’s more with, there’s more vitality, there’s more aliveness, there’s more, there’s more engagement, you know, there’s more connection, right?

And so I’m interested in creating that as part of the passion I’m in. Is to kind of be speaking on stages across the nation and doin, workshops and doing retreats, that that really, create a sacred space for women to tell their story and to own their story and to, and to create a story that now is, is the strength and the superpower of who they really are because they’ve actually took, took that story and used it as, as fuel to strengthen the their soul’s in life.

Yeah. And it’s interesting, again, I love divine timing is I had been reading recently, a Unity magazine and they had an article in there and I don’t remember the, the term for it, so you can tell me what it is, but it’s this Japanese art of taking broken pieces and then of like pottery and then putting them back together.

well, I can’t say the word. I had to, I was, I was, I read this, I read this article, At, at, at the, at the, at the book launch. It’s k i n t s u g I. Yeah. kitsugi maybe. kinitsugi, Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I had to get my friend to, to say it out loud, because again, Not my specialty that anybody who knows me knows that I like to take words and change them all up anyway, so, uh, so yeah.

But, but, uh, yeah, that, that on page 83 is that, uh, golden flaws, embracing flaws and imperfection really talks about that piece of needing sometimes to fall apart and then picking up the pieces and putting it back together with goals so that the perfection of you is even more beautiful than it was before. Yeah.

And I think we don’t, we don’t get a lot of support for that in our overall society, that we’re supposed to hold it together no matter what, and we’re supposed to keep, keep crunching down and, and, and pushing through and forcing ourselves. And so we never get a time to really kind of sit with kind of what needs to fall away for me to really blossom into this next, this next.

Aspect of myself, right? Whether, you know, a flower has an outer coating, you know, and it, you know, it’s like, I think it’s a nice man who has the, the quote, you know? And above, above, above, will resist blooming until, until the, it, it, it can no longer resist. It has to let go. Right? So that is kind of like where I’d like to see where we’re going as a, as a human race, is that we no longer resist showing our beauty, but that we let ourselves really blossom and, and, and claim our place in, in the beauty of of, of making this world a better place.

Yeah, absolutely. And, and also to claim the, the parts of us that are. That do get broken and that we can then put back together and, and create something even more spectacular because it’s still, it’s unique and now it’s a, it’s a new, new, unique version of yourself, and so let’s embrace that as well. Yeah.

Yeah. Well, and again, there are no mistakes, right? Whatever lessons were designed to be taught however we need to, whatever ways that we’re holding back on, on truly embracing what we need to learn, the, the more we, the more we resist the learning. The harder the lesson’s gonna be, by the way. Yeah. You know, so is true, so you can, you can choose to make it harder or you can choose to do the work while it’s still, you know, it’s, it’s still the, the, you know, the.

The pot isn’t boiling over and all the, all the stew isn’t, isn’t burned up on the stove. Right, right, right. Turn the heat down sooner, stirred a little bit, get to know what’s going on in there, and kind of come up with a better solution for, for ownership of what’s being stirred up, which is really kind of what I think is the work of transformation is to, is to learn to.

to, know what’s going on, to listen, you know, emotional intelligence is really about this. Like to listen to your body, to listen to the sensations, to listen to what you’re thinking and how the, how they generate feelings. And then take responsibility for what you’re talking about. Like what do you need to say about that?

What do you need to do about that? How do you need to own that? Right? Yeah. Cause we’ve put a lot of, we had a lot of power in other people’s hands to, to fix It for us. And, the good news is, is nobody’s going to, and the bad news is that nobody’s going to. Only one doing the fixing is, is you, cuz you’re the only one that has been given this divine life and this divine purpose to stand for the gifts.

Of who you are. And, and that’s kind of really a viewpoint, right, is to say, to recognize that every human being has been given a gift and every human being has the responsibility of bringing that gift into, into, into the light for, for it to be used in a way that, that is for the good of all. I think, you know, I don’t, I don’t, you know, I know we have shadow and I know we have dark sides and we have Powerplays and we have all of that, but.

Only way we can kind of come to a different understanding of what that is, is to, is to own, be in ownership of, of the, of the human being we wanna be. Yeah, absolutely. And to, to just own all of that. To own the light and the dark. Is it, it’s, you know, it’s that yin and yang. And, and that’s, that’s who we all are.

It’s all part of us. And to be able to own that is what will help us to be more. To be able to shine our light more fully in the world, and which is what I think we’re all called to do. And we.Now have some tools by way of Brenda’s book to help. I, I think, well, one of the things I’m doing is kind of, we, we started on this, is I’m putting together an actually an ebook, a workbook on, on, with how to tell, you know, how to draw out and write your stories and Okay.

How to rewrite your stories, and then how to look at kind of what, what can you claim from that story that is gonna be part of, of your, your. You know, stretching into your superpower and recognizing that, you know, if you’re still breathing, that means you survived. And if you wanna get past survival then and get to thriving, you’re gonna have to kind of take the next step.

Yeah, for sure. Whatever that is. And it’s different for everybody. Well, we can talk forever and ever and ever. We could, but I, we’re gonna have to bring this to a close for now, but, you know, maybe we’ll have you back on again sometime when you got. Maybe some new stuff to knock another book. That’s right.

Another book. So in the meantime, for someone who is listening to this, who would like more information about you, about the Speakers Club that you run, where to get the book, what, what, what’s the best way for people and where can people find you? well, my website is Brenda R Bryan dot com and that has my programs on there, and it has, if you wanna to talk to me directly, you can book a session and anything that I can do to support you in, in making a plan for where you want your life to go.

I’m also, the, the, the website will have a, a page for buying the book. And so you can go there and it’ll also, yet to get this set up. So it won’t be immediately, but, but, but soon I have the URL for it is, is the, the ebook will be accessible through that same site. So when you order the book, and if you want an ebook, all you need to do is give me your email address and then I’ll, I’ll send you the ebook.

And that it’s URL is. I wrote this down. I don’t know where I wrote at now. Well, I’ll have it in the show notes. No, it’s your, your story, your is URL for that. So I was keeping it as short and as, As precise as I could. Your story your superpower, dot live. and again, uh, it’s the URL is, is accessible.

I gotta get it on my website, but, but, but, that’ll be like maybe, you know, 15 page ebook. Where you’ll get, get questions at at, and exercises and reflection time and journaling and, you know, a set of kind of creative prompts to kind of move you forward in kind of picking, kind of looking at your vocabulary and looking how your vocabulary creates your paradigm.

So it’s being, It’s being written and, and designed as we speak kind of things. Excellent. I look forward to that. We’re making it happen. That’s all I can tell you. Absolutely. I’m so glad. Well, it’s been a pleasure seeing you and talking with you and as I said, I highly recommend the book so I know, you know, definitely take advantage of, of what Brenda was sharing here today and get that ebook when she gets it done.

And, which probably by the time this airs, it’ll be done. So you, you’ll, you’ll be able to get it. So we’re streaming along cause Yeah, we got, we got, we got, we’ve got some game plan in there. I wanna really use it as a leverage to have material when I’m working with an audience and doing workshops.

So it’s, it’s, you know, I’m motivated. Which is, you know, important. Sounds good. Sounds good. Well, Gloria, it’s been a lovely time to chat. We, yeah. You know, over the years we have connected and reconnected and, and the journey of growth is between us is, is phenomenal to watch. And thank you for a lovely conversation and the opportunity to, just simply.

Be in a little bit of pride for the fact that I did this body of work, that, that I was expecting, but I’m enjoying, I’m enjoying, kind of, its ripple into the world. Absolutely you should. And you, you deserve to feel proud. It’s very good work and I’m, I’m glad to be a witness to it. So I appreciate that.

And, as I mentioned, I’ll have all of Brenda’s information will be in the show notes. So in case you’re somewhere where you can’t write that down, just go live, love engage when you’re, have some time later and then you’ll be able to find Brenda’s episode and be able to get all that information.

And if you enjoyed this episode, I hope you’ll share it with a friend and encourage them to subscribe to the podcast. And until next time, as always, I encourage you to go out today and every day and live fully. Love deeply and engage authentically.

Did you know that a majority of entrepreneurs tend to discount the importance of their work and a good number feel their success is simply due to luck? I know from personal experience that self doubt can keep you from having the kind of life and business you desire. That’s why I’ve created a free guide called Uniquely You, How to Move From Self Doubt to Self Love in Four Simple. To claim your free guide, go to live Love That’s live, love

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