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Fiction Writing and Spirituality with Brian Vannoy

Have you ever felt called to write a book? In this episode we’re joined by Brian Vannoy, who decided to pursue his desire to write a spiritual-supernatural book called “Falling Toward Redemption.” This came as a surprise to himself, as for most of his life he never thought he would become a published author.

Brian shares the details and unexpected turns of his journey to becoming an author in today’s episode. He also explores how angels and demons relate not only to his book, but to humanity as a whole.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • Why Brian is okay with the idea of not knowing what to do with his life.
  • The reason Brian felt compelled to write a book.
  • What the core messaging of his book is.
  • The white lie that got Brian closer to publishing his book.
  • What has surprised him about the people he’s worked with along the way.
  • How growing up Mennonite influenced Brian’s life.
  • Why he says he still doesn’t consider himself a writer.
  • The motivating factor driving Brian to complete his trilogy.
  • The trick to truly scary (Alfred Hitchcock style) writing.
  • How people often mistake Lucifer for a demon, and what he actually is.
  • The doors Brian says people don’t want to open.
  • Why humanity is more than what we see in the mirror.
  • How Brian believes the enemy is trying to divide humanity today.
  • The importance of each person’s perfectly designed purpose.
  • Tangible evidence that the separation between people and God does not exist.
  • How Brian came to be exposed to encounters with things not of this world.

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Brian’s email : author.b.d.vannoy (at)

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You’re listening to the Live Love Engage podcast. On today’s show, author Brian Vannoy shares the deeper spiritual meaning of his supernatural novel falling toward redemption. Stay tuned. I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the Love Method, and author of the number one Amazon best seller, Live, Love, Engage, How to stop doubting yourself and start Being Yourself.

In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully, love deeply, and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more. Influence and income. Welcome to Live Love, Engage.

Namaste and welcome. I am so glad that you are with us today because I’ve got a guest joining us who I connected with a few months ago.

And I want to, I’m gonna tell you all about him in a second, but first I wanna welcome Brian Vannoy to Live. Love, Engage. Hi, how are you? Thank you for having me. Nice to be her. Well, it is good to have you and I wanna share with all of our listeners today, just, a little bit about this gentleman and, well, I thought he would make an interesting guest for us today because, That says, Bio says he’s a true Renaissance man.

Brian is a, he’s been a formerly trained chef who worked for Fortune 500 Company, four Star Hotel and Premier Caterer. Then he’s also been involved in auto manufacturing working with Ford, making the F-150 truck. And he’s also currently an over the road trucker with over a million safe miles to his credit.

And in, along the way, he also actually was kind called to write a book. He’s wrote a book that is described as a spiritual supernatural novel called Falling toward Redemption. And, I would love for you to share with our listeners, Brian, what, what kinda prompted you to able to, or to decide that you, embark on a another career as, as an author? I’ll be 63 in November,

Maybe. I haven’t quite figured out what I wanna do with my life yet, but, That’s okay. Cuz God does, God, God has. So, about 15 years ago, he came to me as God always does, when you seem to be least prepared for him to do that. And, he chose me. He told me he wants me to write books, which of course I was Jonah and I ran away as fast as I could because you have to understand English was my worst subject.

the only time I ever had to do summer school in summer was in seventh grade was because of English. Last thing I could ever dream of myself being would be a published author. but God has this unique way of picking the least. People that you would think of to fulfill his purpose. So, he gives me stories and like movie scenes, the whole movie scenes and, the way I was given these stories in the books, working on a trilogy book one is out now book, like you said, book two is in the hands, the same hands of the same.

They did book one and I’m desperately trying to finish book three of a trilogy. Wow. And, it’s, it’s not so much about the books the way I I was given them and the way that he wants me to write these books is the core messaging is messaging that people have heard are their lives. No one’s fallen too far to beyond, to be beyond God’s grace, mercy, love and forgiveness, redemption, and interesting timing.

That book, the physical books, were launched Easter week as everybody focuses on the purpose of Easter. And the reason we celebrate Easter is because of salvation and, and the work of Jesus Christ to calvary and forgiveness. And, it just happened to work. I have, I have, I say that tongue in cheek. It just happened to work out, but of course that doesn’t, that doesn’t exist with God.

He had that planned all along. So the eBooks have been out since, the beginning of the year. You have to understand this has been a 15 year journey to this point, because I wrote it half-heartedly and finished. In record time, but it showed, and it needed a lot of work. But I, I was adamant about, All right, that’s it.

I’m, I’m done. I did what you told me to do and I forgot about it. And he left me alone for 10 years. About three years ago, he came to me and said, You’re not done yet. Oh, you need to rewrite this. I’m like, You gotta be kidding me. I thought I was done with. Because I kind of just forgot about it. I didn’t, you know, I thought it was just, I thought it was just writing it for my own edification, my own, the idea of like pursuing, you know, this to become public, you know, was like, ugh.

You know? But I did it. I mean, as I could look back on it now, and I’m like, How in the world did I end up as a published author? I have no concept of how that happens. Except by the grace of God. And I mean, I queried over 300 literary agents. I don’t have a literary agent. I have a publishing contract with Morgan James with no literary agent.

Wow. So people that are pursuing this, take a moment. Let this sink in. I mean, cuz things like this don’t happen. Uh, You know, but I, I queried like over 300 agents and publishers, large and small, both here in the US and Australia and England, and trying to get in the back door with made the big five, you know, with like the Australian branch of, of Penguin House, you know, that sort of thing.

But of course it doesn’t work like that. Yeah. You know, and but one of my LinkedIn contact. Just happened to be, again, tongue of cheek. Just happened to be , the acquisitions editor of Morgan James, Mr. Terry Whelan. And it’s funny because they were one of my first rejection letters, uh, like Stephen King made a great, made a great point about his journey, how he started out as he had this big spike on the wall that he impaled all his rejection letters on and, and, I had their rejection letter because what I sent them was the first, basically the first draft that I kind of wrote half-heartedly.

Right. And over the course of a couple months, Mr. Wayne and I went back and forth and he’s like, Did you ever send me what you wrote? And I’m like, I didn’t wanna say, Well, yeah I did, but you rejected it. I’m like, Well, I told a little white line. I’m like, Well, no, I did it because actually, you know, I had gone back and rewrote it with help.

Right. And he’s like, Well, send it to me. Send me everything you got. And I’m like, Really?? This doesn’t happen. You know? I’m like, Sure. You know? And a couple weeks later, uh, history, he’s like, We’re gonna, He’s like, You’ve, you’ve made it more, You made it farther than like 95% of the people that I see. You know?

I’m like, mm-hmm. Okay. I’m like, What does that mean?? I don’t understand what you’re saying. He’s like, We’re getting ready to offer you a contract. I’m like,

you know, like, Oh. So I now have a contract that covers everything. I mean, it’s just audio and foreign rights and Wow. You know? I’m like, Wow. So it actually is coming up on two years now, June. We’re almost through May. So I guess I could say next month, uh, June will be two years. I had the contract in my hands for two years.

So, and it’s been, it’s been, you know, it’s been, uh, I’ve been published, I’m sorry. I’ve been posting, little vignettes, little videos on, I, I primarily use Instagram and Facebook and. LinkedIn and I call my publishing journey and I post these little all, all the, all the good and bad and ugly, you know, of the journey that I’ve been on.

I mean, it’s been delayed, uh, primarily for financial reasons because I couldn’t, I just couldn’t afford to do the things I needed to do. Uh, I’m now an owner operator. Before I was just a company driver. Mm-hmm. So I wasn’t making really that. Like I’m making now, even with the, the high diesel prices. I mean, it is kind of put a crimp on everything, but Yeah.

You know, uh, but I, I’m here talking to you because I could afford to attend the National Publicity Summit. Mm-hmm. I mean, there’s no other, there’s no other way. I mean, because I, I, I made the income as an owner operator was, gave me the opportunity to be here talking to nice people like you. You know, and I’ve hired Steve Harrison’s team of something I wanted to do for two years.

I mean, this guy is one of the best of the best, you know, and this is what it comes down to. he could write the best book in the world. I mean, Robert Kiyosaki, one of his clients, he made a little promotion video, you know, basically said the same thing. I had a garage full of thousands of books that I couldn’t, I couldn’t.

sell until I hired Steve Harrison. So, it takes a real, it’s a real team effort. It takes a real team effort. I mean, working with Mr. Harris’s team, I mean, uh, oh my goodness. I mean being coached by people that have won Emmys. I mean, this is so, this is so outside of my normal sphere, I’ve been a working blue collar.

All my life since I was 14 years old, I was raised World War II generation parents outside of Philly and raised Mennonite, and they were farmers before I came along. I mean, to be able to do the things that I’m doing now and to be able to work with the people that I’m working with, like you. I wouldn’t normally guys like me, I mean, normal people like us, I mean, we don’t normally cross paths, you know, with people like you and people like Steve Harrison and everybody else that I, that I’ve worked with.

And I’ve found that, I mean, everybody’s been so open. I, I, I was really hesitant about doing anything cuz I figured, you know, they’re so far above me. I mean, you know, it’s just like, who am I? Who am I getting? You know, I’m like a nobody, you know. But, I found that that wasn’t a case, and I, it was told to me, you know, it’s like this is there, there’s so much competition out there for content.

And if you think about it, it’s true. You have so many channels, so many venues and everybody who doesn’t love a good story, right? Everybody loves a good story and, uh, that’s the name of the game, you know, is content and good stories and, and, it’s, it’s. I mean, doors have opened to me, have been open for me that I could have never dreamed that I walked through.

And it’s been, I mean, I’ve had downs too. I mean, like I said, most of it’s been financially as a result of lack of finances. But, I’m still here. I’m a published author. That’s right. I’m a published author, you know, and I’m still. And now it’s all about promotional marketing and I’m getting garnering reviews and I’ve, I’ve just hired another.

Team to help me manage my social media because as you can imagine, working 70 hours plus as a over the road trucker, you know, I’m tired at the end of the day, the last thing I wanna do is spend, I gotta get some sleep cuz I gotta drive another 600 miles tomorrow. You know? So I can’t be spend, I can’t be up all night posted stuff, you know?

So I had to hire people. But, you know, it’s, it’s part of the brain trust as part of the team. It’s real team effort. Absolutely. Yeah. Real team. Well, you know, I, I love, I love your story and I love the fact that, you know, when, when this idea first came to you that you’re like, you know, like, who, who, who am I, what, what are you talking about?

Where, how can I possibly do this? You know, you don’t like to, to write. You’re not a writer. English is not your favorite Subject and that’s the way God works it. It really blows my mind because I had a similar thing, even though I was ex an experienced writer, but I had this idea that said, Well, you should write a book about love.

And I’m like, What do I know about Love? I, I do marketing. So I’m like, totally, totally crazy thing. And yet as I discovered that, well the reason I had to write a book about it was cuz I had to learn. What I was writing about for myself. So it’s, I, I love stories, hearing stories like yours, because at least it makes me feel better too, that I’m not the only one who gets these messages.

Yeah. I mean, all we gotta do is, I mean, if you’re, you’re, you’re so right. I mean, you just look at, just look at we, we, the people in the Bible. Just, you know, we hold them up as supernatural being, you know, and they’re, they were, they were all just, I’m like, just go down the list. You know? It’s like David was like, he sucked as a father.

I mean, he was terrible. And, you know, he was an adult. He, he killed, you know, he, he is like ab absentee father. You know, Moses had a speech impediment. Saul, I mean, Paul. As Saul crucified today, we’d be classified as a serial killer. Think about it. You know, Mary Magdalene, you know, she was, you know, a lady of ill repute.

She was a drug addict and she was demon possessed. I mean, it’s like he, he has a way of taking just fallen people. You know, we’re all falling. We’re, you know, it’s, we’re all fallen. That comes short of the glory of God. We’re all basically nothing but filthy rags in his sight. No one is worthy. No, no one is good enough.

But that’s one of the core messages of the book, is that really one of the big core messages of the book that I try to convey to people. And it’s, the books are really designed to approach a more secular audience that are, they’re, they’re secular, they’re searching. Right? They don’t know. They, they don’t know that they don’t know.

Mm-hmm. you know, they’re, they’re open to the possibility, but no one has, no one has talked to them in a way because. So many people have run. Like I said, I was raised, I was raised Mennonite, but I ran like a lot of people. I ran away kicking and screamy when I was 16 years old, because that’s all I knew all my life was, you know, Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday morning, I mean, Wednesday night, you know, Summer Bible school, Winter Bible school, and it’s like bam, bam, bam, bam.

And at 16 I’m like, Ah, you know, I had enough, you know, leave me alone. But because I had that found, Into in me. And as part of me is, I can honestly say, if it wasn’t for that foundation, I might not be here. I mean, it saved me a couple times. I could, I could talk about it saved me, but Yeah, it’s just, huh I, you know, it’s the, the journey that I’ve been on, and I publish these little, I mean, I, I post these little snippets, these little videos on, on the three that I talked about, the social media, and I call it my publishing journey.

It’s the good, the bad, and the ugly of this jo two year journey that I’ve been on, because there’s been financial delays and, production delays, and I’m like, Oh my goodness. I mean, the manuscript itself was on four different computers, two of which crashed. Crashed, and just froze. And I, yeah, I mean, this manuscript should not be here and really shouldn’t, it shouldn’t have been lost in the ether a long time ago.

And, and it, it, it didn’t, And it’s here. I mean, it had a lot of work. I had a lot of people, I mean, my, my blessed. Editor and ghost writer. This Australia is an Australia, the team is an Australian, and she mm-hmm. I mean, she filled in holes. I didn’t even know I had, uh, I mean, without her, and, and I would be, I would be the first to give her credit.

I give, I do give her credit. I mean that this book exists because one, she is one of the big reasons why human, in human terms. Mm-hmm. she is one of the big reasons why this book exists because, She helped me so much because I’m not a writer. I, I still don’t consider myself a writer. I mean, don’t we all, It’s just a continuous journey, right?

It’s always, it’s a continuous learning experience, you know? And you’re always, you’re always trying to, I mean, I, I am, I’m all I’m trying to get better, you know, I’m try, I’m really focused now. I mean, my dream, my dream is to be able to generate enough passive income. Not, not, not even so much from the, from the book sales, but other things that I’m trying to do is to generate enough passive income where I can afford to get off the road.

Yeah. Where I can write full time, because she has book. I’m, I’m desperately trying to get book three finished. So right now it’s a trilogy that I have, I actually have with upwards of 10 fully conceptualized, uh, books in the redemption series because what I do is I take, they’re set all over the world and I take different cultures, different peoples different lands, and I use their existing cultural mythology.

Hmm. To develop characters, both good and evil. So the book, the first book I have, you know, I had, I had. Character said you would always associate with myth mythology. I have, you know, angels and demons, of course, and I have cents and Mentos and I have fairy and fay and witches, and you have to have a dragon.

So I’ve got a dragon, you know, and they’re all, it’s all it’s human form, but there’s shapeshifters. Okay. Okay. So they, they can shape shift, but I ha, I use, I use, I use the characters and myth, the mythological creatures for both good and evil. So the hero is actually, is my own is my own guardian Angel Camwell, who is one of seven archangels listed by name and the Hebrew kabala.

Mm-hmm. , the mystical text. Okay. And, uh, that’s a whole another journey of itself. Started at the same time 15 years ago. I mean, we’re all given, we’re all given guardian angels, right? Everybody has guardian angels. Yes. People have more than one. Uh, but you’re, you’re assigned to, And I have learned part of this journey is I have learned, I have had real life encounters.

With both angelic and demonic realms, and I use some of those charact, some of those encounters to develop characters around. And it’s not Hollywood. It’s, it’s not, I guess it can be, It could be, but most of the time, no, it’s not, you know, spinning heads and throwing up P soup and, you know. Right. It’s not, it’s not that, but it’s very real.

It’s, it’s, it’s very real and. The reason Alfred Hitchcock was so cl was so great is because it wasn’t in your face. Right? Yes. Thank you. Because your imagination, your imagination is more terrifying. Oh, yeah. Than reality ever could be. Absolutely. And that’s why Alfred Hitchcock was so good. Yeah. Because he used your imagination.

Because you never saw it, you know, you never saw the knife go in, you know? Exactly. All you could do was imagine what it looked like and that’s terrifying. Oh yeah. Yeah. And that’s, that’s kinda the way, that’s kinda the way it, it is. They come, the entities go because, You know, in human form, if an angel reveals even the lowest level, and you have to understand is it’s like a military, both, both angel and demonic.

It’s, it’s like a military, uh, and you have your, all the way from your generals to your privates. It’s very militaristic, uh, setup, you know, And so you have, you’re at the top, You’re your arc angels. Well, I’m sorry. Your em and your chair beam would be like your generals. Mm. You know, they, even the lowest level angels, the, the ones that, the, the ones that, uh, interact with humanity, uh, in a more tangible way.

Uh, if they would fully reveal themselves to us, we would, we would die. They would kill us. From their energy and their power mm-hmm. , they would, we would just be like little piles of smoldering ash, you know, little mushroom cloud po we’d be gone. Right. So they can never fully, uh, they can never, Well, I mean, we just got through Easter, Right.

And as part of the story of Easter is the, you know, when the age angel revealed himself at the, at the tomb and burst the ropes and little, didn’t just roll the stone away, pick the stone up and throw. You know, a stone that took, you know, a small little group of, you know, well conditioned soldiers to be able to move this thing.

The angel just tossed it like a little pebble. Yeah. Right. And it said, it said the guards, the soldiers fell down like dead men because, And it, and it, he certainly didn’t reveal himself fully. You know, but that’s what the entities are. That’s what angels and demons are. They’re, they’re, they’re power, their energy, their frequency, you know, Uh, they’re not capal and they don’t, angels don’t have wings.

Mm-hmm. , they don’t have wings. Right. You know, why, why would something, why would something that’s pure energy and power and frequency need wings to fly? Exactly. Yeah. , it doesn’t make any sense. But, but, but you know, if you look. If you look at several examples, in fact, I just, I just looked at it again for like the umpteenth time.

It’s, you can find it on Pure Flick, uh, I forget the title. It’s, uh, ad, the continuing story of the Bible or something like that. And where they show, and actually where they show that scene where the, the angel comes and then later on they talk where they show about Paul being in pr, Paul and Peter, where they were in prison and the angel came and burst the lock.
The way they, they and, and opened the open the, uh, jail cells. Mm-hmm. where, where the, the way they show the angel. I love the way they show it, because it’s not wings, you know? It’s, it’s the aura. Yeah. It’s the, it’s the power and the energy, and it’s the way it’s fluttering the way they show it. It’s very cool.

The way they show it is like, eh, kinda looked like wings, doesn’t it? You know? But that’s, that’s really what it is. It’s the aura, it’s the energy, It’s the, it’s the. Because they are, they’re being of power. They’re beings of energy. Absolutely. You know, it’s, uh, but I’ve had, you know, that’s, that’s been a highlight, you know, the, the, the other side, the demonic, you know, it’s like, oh, you know, I’ve met Lilly.

Not, of course, again, it’s not face to face, you know, but she did. You know, Lilly, I, for somebody that doesn’t know, there’s two demons that are actually named by name in the Bible. One is Lillith and the other is nama. I’m trying to Genesis and, uh, Isaiah, I believe it’s either Ezekiel or Isaiah.

Mm-hmm. , uh, mentioned by name only two. And of course, well, they’re, But what about Lucifer? Aha. Lucifer is not a demonn. You have to. Lisa Lucifer was the ultimate angel. He stood behind a throne. He was the angel of the presence. And you know, one of his name, the Morning Star, he was beautiful. You know, people like, he’s, he’s not some clown, you know, in a, in a red suit, a pitch fork in a pointed tail.

He’s not, it’s not that at all, You know, and you have to. I don’t like these shows where they’ll, I don’t like these shows where, you know, like ghost hunters or something like that because that’s, that’s, you know, it’s like, uh, gold. You know, the guys like, it’s like, it’s like, you know, would you, would you, would you, would you, would you stick a tiger in a cage with a stick that keep, keep sticking it with a stick if you knew the tiger could open the cage?

Of course not. So you don’t, you don’t do that. You have to, you know, we’ve been given authority over the demonic realm in the power of Jesus Christ. Like you have to respect them. You still have to respect them because they are so far above us in human form. You know, we’re, It says we’re, I’m not talking about demos now, but, but angels, you know, But demons too, you know, were made a little lower than the angel.

But you know, it’s little as a relative term, what God says, a little lower, you know, for God to say the word little, it means infinite. We’re infinitely lower than demons and, and angel, come on. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have power over demons. Not in our own power, not in our own strength, but in the name of Jesus Christ.

But that doesn’t mean that we poked a tiger with a. You have to respect them and you can’t go, Let’s, hey, I got a great idea. Let’s go to a graveyard and, and, and, uh, see what happens at midnight or 3:00 AM where the veil is, the, and let’s, let’s play with the OUI board and let’s do some Chantings and Inca and see what happens.

You don’t wanna do that there, there are doors, there are doors that you do not want to open because once you open ’em, you may not be able to close them, not in your own. Hm. You know, so it’s, it’s real people, people that deny their existence. It’s like, okay, you can deny their existence, but that doesn’t, that doesn’t negate their existence.

Just because you deny it and refuse to believe it doesn’t take it away, doesn’t take away the reality that it does. Yeah, absolutely. Well, we have, uh, certainly gotten an earful, from you today. No, and and I love it. It’s been, it’s been an interesting, journey that you’ve taken us on today. I really appreciate it.

Well, I mean, it’s, like I said, the writings, it’s not so much about the books. It’s the, it’s the core writings and it’s like you mm-hmm. , you had mentioned, you know, uh, uh, you know, a couple messages. It’s like, you know, we’re infinitely more humanity. It’s infinitely more than what you see in the mirror, because you have to, you have to.

You have to understand that what you see in the mirror is capal. It’s not, we’re not flushing blood and I, my personal opinion is that it was a misinterpretation for whatever reason has been allowed to continue. We are not made in the image of God. We are made within God, and God is within us. Because you have to think about this.

If you believe that God is eternal, is spirit, is power, is love, he’s he or she. Because of course they don’t have gender. He doesn’t have a gender. He’s everything. Uh, he’s so much more than capor. How, how could, how could flesh of blood be a reflection of something that is not flesh of blood? So what are we, Because flush of blood goes away, We die.

It’s just our simply event. The, my favorite analogy that I like to use all the time as a cup, like I’m. If you hold a cup up to the mirror, all the mirror can see is the cup. If you tilt it, the cup can, the mirror can see the liquid inside the cup, but the mirror cannot see the oxygen in the liquid. Okay?

Our vessel, our human body is the cup. Our spirit is the liquid in the cup, the soul is the oxygen in the liquid. Mm-hmm. . Ok. So if we are that eternal, that beyond description, beyond flesh, and. We have, that’s who we really are. And we have to get beyond, you know, we have to get beyond the color. We have to get beyond the color.

Yeah, absolutely. Uh, you know, I was raised in the sixties and seventies and outside of Philly and I, I have never seen because it’s being used. It’s like so many things race is being used. Even more today than it has been to divide us. Mm-hmm. , because you know, you divide and conquer, that’s what the enemy does, divides and conquers and it’s we’re getting divided in a smaller and smaller and smaller little boxes.

Have you noticed that? Oh yeah. You know, it’s like, it’s like they just keep coming up with all these new boxes, these new divisions, you know? And people are just, I’m like, Come on guys, use it. You have a brain, you know, you’ve been given this incredible. Computers are amazing things, but there is no, i i there is no computer that will ever be invented that can rival the human mind.

I’m sorry. Yeah. Just I don’t believe that because we can, We’re the, the cannot, cannot invent like the creator can. Mm-hmm. we’re, we have limit, Thank God, thank God that he has given. Human humanity limits. Cause I, I, can you imagine, you know, can you imagine with all our failings have no limits. I mean mm-hmm. , we, we would’ve blown ourself up a long time ago. but that is one of the core messages, and you have to, you have to embrace that because you are so much more, and that’s one of the big lies that the enemy uses.

That he could keep, keeps pounding you over the head that who do you think you are? You’re a nobody. You’re who are you? When it’s not true. It’s just not true. You have be. Each of us has been given a purpose. A purpose that we are perfectly designed. Us and only us. We and only we. You and you. You and you alone have been perfectly designed.

By God to fulfill your purpose and part of your mission, part of your reason for being. You have to discover what that purpose is like. Exactly. I’m gonna be 63 and you know, like I, I made a joke at the beginning, you know, I haven’t figured out what I wanna do with my life yet, you know, But I also have to embrace the fact.

I believe that God is sovereign. I believe in his omniscience and his omnipotence, and I have to believe that I am exactly where he has ordained me to be at this point of time in my life. Mm-hmm. ? Yeah, because I look back at all the craziness and all the things that I’ve done, all the play. I’ve lived and worked all over the country.

I’ve experienced a lot of things and I think everything. I think everything that I have experience in my life helps me be a better writer. It helps me be a better author. I can relate to more people. I can, I can, I can relate to a broader, only a more secular audience that if you approach them and try to beat them over to him of the Bible and try to rub ram scripture down their throat, they just, they just freeze up.

They lock down and you’re not, you’re, you might as well be talking to a, a brick wall. It’s not gonna work. You know, it, one of the reasons why Yahuah was hate it so much. By the sad season, Pharisees is because of the people. He, he, he came, he, What did he say? He came, I came to save sinners. I came for the sinners.

I didn’t for the, for the i, for the, the fallen, the worst, you know, the, the outcast. I mean, at the very beginning when he was born, I mean, who do they reveal the message to? Shepherds Shepherd were like, shepherds. Were like, you know, Garbage man. You know, they were like, look down. I mean, they were like just above lepers.

I mean, really in that, in that society that people that I, where people mess up so much with scripture as they try to bring scripture into the modern era. You can’t, You have to understand the context and the history and, and the culture that it was written. And then it begins to make sense. If you look at the parables and you look at the way he taught and you look at what he’s, how he said, and how, what the things that he said and how he taught.

Obviously it was for that time two years ago. And that culture and, and they, you know, uh, the Samaritan woman at the. You know, it’s like the, the, the relationship between Israel and Samaria at that time was horrible. Right? I mean, they were like sworn enemies, you know? Exactly. You would never dream of even talking to a American person, let alone forgive me, but let alone a woman.

And, and I really, I really take offense of people like with Christianity and, and because, you know, it’s what, if you really think about it, it’s the most liberating. Text in all the world, it’s the most liberating philosophy and the most liberal for women because they’re held up to such high esteem. And you have to, You have to, You have to read about the history, and you have to understand the context that the scripture was written in and the people that it was designed to attract and to teach.

You cannot bring it into the modern era. Is it applicable? Absolutely. Because it’s timeless. Because it’s the word of God. But you have to also put it in context of how it was written. Yeah. And who it was for. And then you can understand it more deeply. But, uh, you know, I talk about, I talk about, and, and this was actually based on a real life experience.

I talk, I call the holy. You’re heavenly mother and I give her, and because if you look at the thet wood, the oral tradition that goes along with the Torah and the Hebrew culture, thousands of years rabbinical text and Rabbi rabbinical teachings, they actually, at some point, I don’t know the exact timeframe, but at some point, this is obviously an ad, you know?

And, and after, after, you know, after Jesus. When went back home rabbinical teachings, they began thet, they began, they at some point the glory of God. You know, when it talks about the glory of God, like in, in the, in the temple, in the holy of holy, you know, the, the, when you look at the, the temple, you know, you had to see the outer chamber of the inner chamber.

Then you had the Holy of Holies, which was divided by the veil, which was torn as under. When Jesus gave up his, he didn’t, you know, when he gave up his spirit willingly to die for us, but to cross one of the, you know, you had the earthquake and the blackening of the, but you also had the physical renting from top to bottom of the veil that separated the inner chamber from the Holy of Holies.

That the, the at Yo Kippur, that the high priest could only enter once a year and they had a tire rope around his waist because if, God forbid, he messed up. He get zapped, he’d be done, he’d be dead. They’d have to pull out his dead body out of the holy holys because nobody else could go in. So they had a tire rope around his way, you know, and, but you had that physical veil and that was what happened.

It was torn, the separation. That was, that was a tangible evidence that the separation no longer existed between God, the father and us, his creation because of Jesus. But, and when it talks about, when it talks about the glory of God came down to rest upon the arc of the covenant and other, other examples about the glory of God, uh, showing up, uh, rabbinical text is really interesting.

At some point they assigned it, the name Shekina, they gave it the name, they gave the glory of God, the A name Chikin. When you look it up, names have genders, right? Boys and girls names, right? Right. Chikin and Hebrew is feminine. It’s feminine gender. And I thought about this and I’m like, This actually happened.

Real life experience. I was, you know, deep REM sleep. My now ex-wife, we were in bed, you know, and it so often happens at o o dark 30 in the morning and be wide awake, awaken. And it was to the, it was to the scent of the most beautiful scent, fragrance of, and it wasn’t, you know, overpowering strong perfume.

Manmade, right. It was the most beautiful. Fresh cut rose fragrance that you could possibly imagine. And I had already gone, started down in a spirit journey where I, where I had been exposed to encounters with both angelic and demonic realms and supernatural and things not of this world. And I, and I just, I just, in my mind, I didn’t audibly ask the question in my mind, I just said, Well, who are.

Because you’re obviously introducing yourself. You came into our room with this just beautiful rose fragrance and it wasn’t, you know, there was no be there all, it was just love. Right? It was just overwhelming love and warmth and, and protection and comfort, you know? And Rose, Rose, just, everything rose arose righted by face, you know?

And I’m like, Who are you? You. Why are you here? Yeah. And I, I got one word answer in my mind. Mom. Mom. And in my spirit, I immediately knew that it was not talking about my earthly mother. Hmm. And it was just, I had this, you know, the proverbial light bulb, and I’m like, That’s the Holy Spirit. The holy risk spirit is revealing herself to me as the feminine nature of.

Hm. And I’m like, I’m like, . It’s like, because I was, I was writing in, in the book and, and I was starting to write about the Holy Spirit, you know, making appearance. And I’m like, Okay, how, who am I gonna, I, you know, Cause it gets wordy. The Holy Spirit, the, yeah. You know? I’m like, Okay, I gotta come up with a name.

Oh my God, I gotta, what? And I started doing research and everything. I didn’t have to, it was already. So in my book, every time, every time Chikin a mother, the Holy Spirit makes an appearance. You have the scent of roses and freshly call it freshly falling rose pets. I love it. And, and to me it made perfect sense because when you think about it, you know you have the Tri God, you have.

God in God in three, three and one equal. Right? You have, so you have God the Father. Mm-hmm. . You have the Holy Spirit, your heavenly mother, and you have Jesus Christ the Son. Yeah. It’s the perfect it, the tri. You God is the perfect example of the perfect nuclear family. Mm-hmm. , Absolutely. Daddy, mommy, and son.

Yeah. But they’re all equal. Mm-hmm. . Yes. And to me it was like, this works, This is. Of course. That’s perfect. Yeah. So when you think about, Cause also when you think about what does the Holy Spirit do, you think about the description of the Holy Spirit and, and, and what it does? You know, it, it, She, I wanna say it, she, she educates, she nourishes, she edifies.

When you’re a bad boy or a bad girl, what does she do? She spanks you. Right? She disciplined you. It’s that little. It’s like, No, no, no. You shouldn’t do that. That’s bad, right? You get that from the Holy Spirit, right? That’s in your spirit saying, Uh, no, that’s bad. You shouldn’t have done that. What do you think of?

I think of mom. I think a mommy. I think of mommy. Yeah. Love, tough love, Discipline, nurturing, protection. You got the mama bear. You know, don’t mess with mama bears cos cause you, you’re not gonna like the end. You know, I think of mom, I think of Mommy and it’s just like, wow, this works, this works. That’s it.

I’m done. This works. I’m not, I’m, That’s it. I’ve got it.

We’re gonna have to wrap it up right now, but it’s been. I’m so glad we had a chance to chat and for you to be able to share all of this wonderful information with our listeners. And, and for those of you who are listening who would love to know more about Brian and, and perhaps get a copy of your book, where’s the best place for people to be able to connect with you?

It’s, uh, I, uh, I use primarily, I use, uh, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. and of course it, they’re all on all global platforms, so Amazon and Walmart and Good reads and, and, uh, I’m looking for reviews. I’m, look, I, I, I’m looking for reviews, so please, Uh, eBooks are out and physical books are out, and, I’m looking for reviews.

So, uh, if people would, I’m even making this offer on social media, so if people would reach out to me at, at my email is, Can I get my email? Sure. Yeah. Okay. It’s author dot b as in. Brian dot d my middle initial D as in Dale, dot vannoy at gmail, so it’s author dot b dot d dot vannoy at gmail. If people reach out to me, send me a nice email, say they heard you on your terrific, uh, podcast and say, Hey, I, I’ll review your book.

I’ll se I’ll send them an ebook. I’m not even gonna ask you to spend a single penny of your money. I’ll send you the ebook. If you, if you say, Hey, I’ll, I’ll be happy to write a few words. I’m not telling you what to. You know, if you think it’s, eh, it’s okay. Say it. It was okay if, if you really liked it, say I really liked it.

If it, if you didn’t like it, say that too. . I’m not, I’m not telling people what to. Right. Uh, but I just need, I just need tangible reviews posted is what I need, you know, Cause you know, you know, it helps with your, your placement. It does. Absolutely. And, and just, and I love that generous offer, but just for those of you who may take Brian up on that offer, do make sure if you are, that you do.

Buy things on Amazon in order to, to do that because you, even if you don’t buy the book, as long as you do buy other things on Amazon, they will let you then do, review a book that you haven’t purchased and it will get displayed. But if you haven’t been buying anything on Amazon, then you won’t be able to get that review.

So just make sure you do that. That’s true. I’ve learned that. That’s true. Yeah. Awesome. Well, I will be sure and have all of that information in the show notes. So for, uh, you know, those of you listening, make sure you know, you can check it out. It should be there in the show notes. Uh, if for some reason you come back to this, you can always go to live love engage and that’s where you’ll be able to see all of this episode as well as all of our.

Previous episodes. so again, Brian, thank you so much for being with us today and I wish you luck in getting the next two books done and, and the rest, the other seven eventually as well. It sounds like you, you got plans for this whole beach. I have a lot of, I, a lot of work ahead of me. I certainly do, but yeah, you’re young.

See, I’m gonna be 60 this year too, so you’re so young. That’s what I’m seeing. Oh yeah. I’m sticking with that. It’s just a frame of mind. Frame of mind. Absolutely. Thank you. Hey, you got God on your side, so you know. Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. That’s another story, but we don’t, Yeah. Venue. You’re welcome.

It’s about the messaging, about the messaging. Absolutely. And I wanna thank all of you for listening today, and if you did enjoy this episode, I would love a review too. And of course, you, I encourage you to go out and share it with your, you know, with a friend and tell them about us, and that would be wonderful as well.

And until next time. As always, I encourage you to go out and live fully, love deeply, and engage authentically.

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