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Empowering Parents with Disabilities: Starting and Growing Your Business

By Patrick Young

Being a parent is challenging; being an entrepreneur is demanding; being both is Herculean. Now add the layer of living with a disability, and you’ve got a task that may seem insurmountable—but it’s not. Parents with disabilities are overcoming barriers every day, striving not just to survive, but to thrive. The key to achieving this is having the right resources and strategies at your disposal.  In this article, we will provide valuable, actionable advice to help parents with disabilities get their small businesses up and running.

Leveraging Disability Resources

Turn your disability into a stepping stone on your path to entrepreneurship by leveraging specialized resources. Numerous governmental and private organizations offer grants and low-interest loans specifically for individuals with disabilities, providing essential startup capital. In addition to financial support, these organizations frequently offer mentorship and training to better prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Crafting a Comprehensive Business Plan

Before diving headfirst into the market, it’s imperative to have a comprehensive business plan. A business plan serves as your roadmap, guiding you through different phases of your business journey. It should clearly outline your business vision, goals, strategies, financial forecasts, and marketing plans. A well-structured business plan not only makes your venture more approachable to potential investors but also provides you with a sense of direction and purpose.

Ensuring Workplace Accessibility

When setting up your business, you must ensure that your workplace is accessible. Accessibility isn’t just about physical space; it also includes your digital assets like websites and apps. Ensure that these are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act to cater to a broader audience. Additionally, consider recruiting staff who understand the importance of accessibility and inclusivity. This will make your workplace welcoming and functional for everyone.

Obtaining an EIN

Every business needs an Employer Identification Number (EIN), which serves as your business’s social security number. Having an EIN simplifies the process of paying payroll taxes and filing tax returns at the federal and state levels. Obtaining an EIN is usually free and can be done quickly online. This simple yet vital step is crucial for legitimizing your business and keeping your finances in order.

Pursuing Business Education

There’s always room for growth and betterment, particularly when it comes to sharpening your business acumen. One highly effective way to achieve this is to earn an online accounting degree through an accredited program. Such degree programs are tailored for flexibility, allowing you to juggle the responsibilities of work, family, and education without conflict. By earning a business bachelor’s degree, you’re investing in a more in-depth understanding of the world of business, which can set you up for greater success in your entrepreneurial journey.

Embracing Technology for Communication

Modern communication tools like Skype and Zoom can be lifesavers for entrepreneurs with physical limitations. These platforms allow you to hold meetings, connect with potential partners or investors, and even meet with customers, all without the need for physical travel. They offer a convenient way to network and grow your business from the comfort of your home or office.

Building a Supportive Network

Having a strong network is crucial for entrepreneurs, especially for parents with disabilities facing unique challenges. Networking events, whether virtual or in-person, offer excellent opportunities to connect with mentors and peers who understand your specific obstacles. Exchanging experiences and learning from others can provide invaluable insights that enhance your business journey.

Leveraging Assistive Technology

Lastly, don’t overlook the benefits of assistive technology like voice assistants or screen readers. These technologies can significantly improve your efficiency and make daily tasks easier. Even smart home tech, such as voice assistants, can make a difference. Whether it’s setting reminders, scheduling appointments, or even dictating emails, assistive technology can level the playing field for entrepreneurs with disabilities.

Starting and growing a business as a parent with a disability is undoubtedly challenging, but it’s far from impossible. With the right blend of resources, planning, and a supportive network, you can pursue your business education, obtain an EIN, and conquer the business world just like anyone else. The journey will be tough, but as they say, the more significant the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. So go ahead, let your entrepreneurial spirit shine. You’ve got this.

About the Author:

Patrick Young is an educator and activist. He believes people with disabilities must live within a unique set of circumstances–the outside world often either underestimates them or ignores their needs altogether. He created Able USA to offer helpful resources to people with disabilities and to provide advice on navigating various aspects of life as a person with disabilities.


Image via Pexels

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