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Discover Your Destiny with Michael-John Toste

Wouldn’t it be amazing to learn how you could fulfill your destiny? On today’s episode we’re joined by Michael-John Toste, author of “The Prophetic Matrix: Unlock the Secret Code to Your Destiny.” He’s also a musician, international destiny coach, and host of a weekly radio program.

Michael-John is passionate about helping others discover their destiny, and this is what led him to write his book. He dives into what his book is about and what his subsequent books will offer. Throughout the episode, he also shares about his own life, experiences, and encounters with his own destiny.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • What inspired Michael-John’s musical interests.
  • Why passion is a central value for him.
  • Why his musical group disbanded (and what he did next).
  • The experiences that prompted Michael-John to write his book.
  • What his book is about.
  • Why discovering your destiny is more important now than ever before.
  • The unique way Michael-John launched his book.
  • How the music from Earth, Wind & Fire tied into his book launch.
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help and be open to signs.
  • The achievement Michael-John is particularly proud of.
  • What he witnessed that he felt was God ordained.
  • A big challenge he faced in his career (and how he dealt with it).
  • The project Michael-John is currently working on.
  • What kind of legacy he wants to leave.
  • The common fear people encounter when pursuing their destiny.
  • Why Michael-John says everything in your life is connected to your destiny.

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You are listening to the live love, engage podcast on today’s show. We’ll hear from a former rockstar about why he’s written a book to help you unlock the secret code to your destiny. Stay tuned. I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the love method and author of the number one, Amazon best seller live love engage how to stop doubting yourself and start being yourself.

In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully love, deeply and engage authentically. So you can create a life and business with more. Act influence and income. Welcome to live love engage.

Namaste and welcome. Welcome to another edition of live. Love. Engage.

I am Gloria Grace Rand, and I’ve got, I can, I can say this with with actual certainty and confidence. I’ve got a rockstar in the program today. So I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you more about him, but first, I want to welcome Michael-John Toste to live love, engage. Well, thank you. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Well, thank you. And, uh, let me tell you this gentlemen, he’s no slacker he’s, he’s, done a lot of stuff in his life and including the fact that as I alluded to he is a musician. In fact, he was the lead vocalist of a concept rock group called the All Sports Band, which had hits back in the 1980s.,He’s also an international destiny coach and an author.

He’s got a, a book out, that he released called the prophetic matrix, unlock the secret code to your destiny, which we’ll definitely are going to talk about today and just, you know, and he’s still a musician. He still has albums out. He’s got with, you know, lots of Grammy winners and people on it.

People like Denise Williams and Larry Dunn of Earth, Wind and Fire. So he is walking the talk and, and, oh, and speaking of talking, he’s also, yeah, in his spare time, he hosts a weekly hour long radio program. So, so, you know, he’s not a slacker. So I, I would love to have you share with our listeners and also viewers on YouTube…

I want to get to the book, especially, but I think first let’s, let’s kind of start with your, your overall journey. I mean, how you started out as a musician and you’re still actually a musician today, but you know what, what got you into doing that? And, and, and then how you evolved over the years, and now you’re, you’re being a coach now.

Yeah, thank you. I, I noticed, your show has such a wide expanse of helping people from entrepreneurial areas marketing by the way, 30 years as a marketing coach, as well in Silicon Valley, probably in 15 different industries, I’ve helped CEOs, visionaries, entrepreneurs, executives take their business to new Heights and that’s sort of what brought the book into the stars.

We’ll talk about that in a moment, but to get started, I started singing at three years old and my dad noticed that I sang in perfect pitch. And so he thought. I’m going to give him some music lessons. So we had a piano in the house. It was an old roll time type of piano with a roller. I don’t know if you’ve ever sort of fun.

And as a kid, I wondered how the mechanism worked. So you’re going to be learning on that because your brother’s playing guitar and I don’t want you fighting over a guitar. So I got on this old piano that his dad had ordered from a catalog from Chicago and that’s how they did it in those days. You didn’t go to a piano store way, way back in the old days.

And they had that piano for years, it became sort of a heritage and a legacy. And I began playing on that. I had a great piano teacher who told me a little bit of pop, a little bit of classical and a little bit of ragtime, which was interesting. And I, I actually started to become a classical pianist and went to a classical teacher after her.

When she said, I can’t teach you anything more. I went to a lady by the name of Pamela Rush in Silicon Valley, who was touring Europe and was quite an accomplished classical pianist. She was in her late twenties and her husband was a jazz trumpeter. And, so they were the family of music and really inspired me.

I always loved singing and of course I had started with singing. I went back to it at about 17 years old, entered into the recording studio, began writing songs, put together a rock group. And by 20 I was signed to Atlantic Radio Records as the lead vote plus of the all sports band, which the manager, Tracy Coates auditioned 2000 lead vocalists for this band, corporate concept band.

At that time Kiss, David Bowie, a lot of Village People, a lot of groups were very visual, uh, Twisted Sister. I could go back and give you all these bands of Cars, you know, out of a group of the Beatles. Right. But a lot of them were conceptual. And so we had a fun time putting sports and rock and roll together

So on a stage that equated to a lot of energy, I would do Russian leaps on stage that’s the on solid gold. I still remember when we were coming on solid gold, dead. They stopped framing when my feet were up in the air and my hands were touching my feet. And they said next to the all sports band. And then Andy Gibb

Marilyn McCoo came out and introduced us. And then we’re on American Bandstand with Dick Clark. That was a dream of mine. When I was a young kid, five years old on a small 11 inch screen at home, I was watching Dick Clark and I would see Elton John and Paul McCartney and all these great rock stars on singing songs they were passionate about.

And we’ll go in and add boy that past. Is what has gone through my entire life, no matter what I touch, I try to take the passion that God has given me and bring it out there to the world. Gives you a little background. I love that. And, and, you know, I can relate a little bit and I didn’t have a piano growing up, but I had, my dad played the organ.

So he had a, he had a Hammond organ and that’s what I, that’s what I grew up learning how to play it. I had lessons as well, and I same thing. It was like, you know, classical. And ragtime and, and pop. I have a lot of these big, the big fake books. I don’t know if you remember those like sixties and seventies.

And in fact I’m actually going through them again now. Cause it’s like I’ve missed playing. And so I’ve started playing, playing again, just to kind of get my fingers back going to it. That’s great that you’re going back to your first love in a sense, you know? Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And of course singing too, I’ve always loved to sing.

My mom was the singer and she kind of encouraged me and that, so I love that, but, there’s, it’s really cool that you were able to do that. So how did then, did you, um, so obviously you, you left the, you left that group at some point. What, what prompted that or is it just sort of ran its course.

And then, then what did you do after that? So how did you get that? 1983. Good question. And, we were doing very well, but a major recession hit and if you’ll think back. The entire music industry almost stopped almost like this pandemic now where they no one toured a Linda Ronstadt canceled her tour, Led Zeppelin canceled their tours.

And a lot of the groups were finding out there was no money in music and a lot of the managers lost interest. And the record companies, I remember Atlantic Records, which was with WEAH – Warner Electra, Atlantic were closing down offices. When I would order albums from my friends and call in, they’d say, oh, everything’s hectic here.

You know, music industry is just terrible right now, but then soon afterwards, a couple of years later, a record called Thriller came out with Michael Jackson and then following that, Cindy Lauper with She’s So Unusual, those sold millions of copies and there was a regenerated interest in music again, but at the time kids were spending their money on, on Pong and video games.

You remember that time and that’s when we disbanded, I went for more of a solo career and began to look into writing songs again, all by myself, rather than with the band I used to co-write with the band. In fact, I wrote nine of the 10 songs on our debut album I wrote on, and about two or three of them were singles that I had written on.

Wow. That’s awesome. Well, that’s really cool. I, and I love how you’re able to use different aspects of your talent and that you, you’re not just a singer, but you’ve also got this ability to write and which is really wonderful and I guess what’s led you to even be able to then write a book now. Is, is this your first book and what, what prompted you to write it?

And then, and then let’s talk about that first and then I’m going to have you share about what was so unusual about how you launched it. So what prompted you to write the book? Yes, thank you. Well, the book’s called The Prophetic Matrix – Unlock the Secret Code to Your destiny. I’ve found that throughout my life, one of my trajectories has just been wanting to help people, even in music, in a sense you want to make people feel good.

You know, recently on my radio show, I have one in Los Angeles on KABC every Sunday at 8:00 PM and come on for an hour. And the date and the show is called Your Day of destiny. The entire show is about examining, which I loved your concept because you cover marketing business, the spiritual aspects of what really motivate people and give their passion a launch.

And that’s what we launched with this book. We’ll talk about that in a moment, but, the book is all about getting people to get in contact with their vision and their future. A lot of people right now are very discouraged. They’re not quite sure where the trajectory of their life is going to go. Some of the things they thought they would be doing, they may not be doing. Many of the retail stores have closed down forever.

Many of the restaurants, 50, 100,000 or more have already closed down, may not even reopen. And so, uh, this destiny program has been cool. I brought some of my friends on like Larry Dunn, who talked about his goal in music was to bring joy to people with Earth, Wind, and fire. And of course they did, we’d said celebratory music and it was fun to dance to.

And in fact, there’s a little story we can talk about later on how Earth, Wind and Fire had a part in my launch of my book. And that’s pretty interesting on how that all works. Awesome. Well, well, let’s, let’s get to it. Let’s, let’s talk about, you know, most people who, launch a book, they, they may announce it like on social media and they, they get all their friends to participate, especially to get to be like a number one bestseller on Amazon.

That’s like the big thing. So, you did something a little bit different with the launch of your book and it’s actually. Quite, using the literal term, I believe of the word launch. So explain to us a little bit about that. What did you do? How did you launch your book? Well, you know, writing it, I had a Harvard editor that said to me, when she got the transcript, Michael-John, you don’t have one book.

You have three books here. You’re going to have to separate them into a trilogy. So The Prophetic Matrix is a trilogy and it started off as an autobiography. And the first book is experiential. You’re going to go through my rock and roll years. You’re going to go through the years of a business consultant and then how I became an international destiny coach with celebrities and CEOs and musicians and athletes.

In fact, I covered an incredible story called dream fields in the book. And it’s all about taking an athlete who came to me when they were a triple a baseball player and wanted to be a professional baseball player and how I worked with them spiritually, business-wise and just basically to focus their mind on how to achieve some of the dreams that they had, their two big dreams since they were a kid, was to marry the perfect girl, you know, the one that they could really love.

And, and the other one was to be a professional baseball player. Those are the two. And so when he came to me, he just said, you know, I’m really lonely. I need a life. The other thing is, is I need, I need to become a professional baseball player, this AAA stuff, you don’t get paid as well. And you’re not in the big leagues and I want to be in the big leagues.

So within three years, I cover that spans within one chapter dream fields of how he went from unknown AAA baseball player to hitting a grand slam, winning the World Series and marrying his wife of his dreams. And because I’m ordained as well as the minister, I married them in Pleasanton and many of the Red Sox flew in to be a part

Of the wedding and the wedding was so cool because they had a lot of the Red Sox when they had something to say about the, uh, the groom, their friend and fellow baseball player. They rapped it, they had a rap and they had music on it. They made it a lot of fun. That’s awesome. The book sounds great. So what are going to be the other two parts of this?

Cause you said it’s going to be a trilogy, right? So the trilogy, the first is experiential. The second is revelational and the third is transformational. Okay. And now you asked how did this thing get launched? Now I’m going to go to that part because I don’t want to miss that. It’s one of the most exciting parts of how to launch a book, maybe historically.

I mean, everyone that has written a book, I thought about it. Amazon’s got, you know, 50, 80 million people have written books and put it on Amazon. They sell about 80% of the books out there. I’m on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Target, many others. But I thought about that, all those millions of authors, how do you come up with something original, unique?

And of course there came my marketing side as well. Hey, I’m praying. I’m saying, God, what do I do to stand out within millions of authors? And I felt like God said to me, you’re going to launch it into the heavens before you ever release it on earth. And I thought, I wonder if that’s a concept or that’s symbolic, or if there’s a technical way of accomplishing this feat.

And so one night as I was sleeping, I had this dream that I already knew someone that would help make this possible. I woke up, I went on the internet and I really felt led and directed to go to a company that at one time, seven months prior, I met, the leader of the company, the president of the company, and they did experiments in space on the international space station.

So first person I’d ever met that was intertwined with NASA on the international space station. So I found their company on the internet at about two in the morning and said, Hey, I got an idea. I want to talk it over with you. Here’s my phone number. My name is Michael-John Toste. I’ve been in the entertainment industry for years, but I got a new book and I want to present a concept to you.

So the next morning they called me and they said, what is it you’re thinking of doing? I said, I want to shoot it into the stars. I want to, I want to get this right in the international space station as a possible, he said, we’d never done that. We don’t know that NASA has ever done that either.

I said, that’s good. I want it first. And so what ended up happening was. it all worked out. Thank God that this book was literally the first digital transmission to be beamed into outer space. Now watch this, the books called the prophetic matrix. Unlock the secret code to your destiny. As it turned out.

This book and the vision ended up fulfilling part of its destiny because it was digitally transmitted into the destiny module, which I didn’t even know. International space station had a destiny module and in the destiny module, there’s a computer. They took it in, they began to show the book page by page.

On the screen and it became the first e-book ever filmed for its first premier and preview if you will, in the heavens, before it was launched onto earth. Not only was it filmed. It took a 3 million mile mission up in space because the space station orbits the earth every 90 minutes, 19 times, I believe it’s about 19 times a day, 16 times a day might be.

And then over 19 days, that’s it. Over 19 days, my book orbited 304 times. Now I’m in the sevens. So you take three.

Right. And so there you have your seven there that’s sorta my spiritual number. When I launch anything, I’ve got sevens involved, but anyhow, um, so for that we thought, where could this book have its launch? A good friend of mine from Australia said we do firsts in Adelaide, Australia, we’re known for it. And he mentioned different inventions and things.

He said, Why don’t you launch your book here? And of course my book, I really want to hit a lot of colleges, young people, because they’re dealing with suicide and discouragement and depression. And so we found a college called Emmanuel College, very high academic college there, and they decided they would want to be the first college to ever celebrate the first e-book transmitted into outer space.

And so we had the, we had the entire celebration there on September 21st. Now here’s the connection with Earth, Wind and Fire, if you’re ready, if you have any questions about that part first? Well, I actually, I just love how you just mentioned that it was September 21st because I was just doing some research today and that, I don’t know if you know that that’s the international day of world peace.

So that’s, that’s a very good day for it to have launched as well. But, um, go ahead and finish the story. Cause I think, I, I think I’d rather just let you. Talk about the Earth Wind and fire thing. And then I may circle back with more about that to I’m here to serve here and I’m excited to be with you. Uh, so what happened was one day about a month prior, I really felt that I was given this date of September 21st.

So I was on the phone with Larry Dunn, Earth, Wind & Fire. We were just talking, having a good time. I’ve known him about 15 years and he’s on my album. We, we wrote a song together called carry me over the night. And it’s also about getting over discouragement, different things. Especially in this time, it’s timely. It’s going to be on a phone call phenomenon that we’ll be releasing soon.

So we’re talking, he says, did you say September 21st? I said, yes, he was no. I said, yes. He says, no. I said, yes, what is it, Larry? He says, that’s one of our biggest hits September. He said, did you know the first verse of it says, do you remember the twenty-first night of September? And I went, oh, wow. He goes, I guess that’s your confirmation that he says, oh, would you like to be able to have the right to use the song during your ceremony at the cause when you take it?

What are you going to do with it? I said, we might have it on the website. He goes, let me check with universal sounds, which is the publishing company for earth, wind and fire. Just praying. I said, God, give me favor. Cause he was saying it’s cost some people a hundred thousand to play it and.

Um, and that kind of stuff. And so turned out, they decided it was so novel. What happened with this? And of course my connection to earth, wind and fire, they decided to not charge me. And so we actually played it before they introduced me. And here’s sort of an interesting thing, Gloria, the 21st In Australia across the equator is literally the day after I’m living here.

So 20th, they took me on a zoom call and to a big screen into the college where the students were. And they presented me, but they played September first and the kids were moving to it and they said, here’s Michael-John. And we’re going to talk about his book that just completed its journey of over 3 million miles.

It’s 17,500 miles per hour, 19 days of a mission in outer space. And when it was done, uh, I gave the medals that were given to them through the principal there. And my friend from Australia, who’s quite a great businessman, by the way. He put in stores with his dad. They’re like Walmarts all over Australia.

And he loved the idea of taking this book, which is destiny prone, if you will, and bringing it to the young people. And so they put these medals on all of the college students in the middle. Are beautiful. They’re like an Olympic medals. They have a ribbon that’s colorful. And then the medal itself is actually embossed that I had made out of the country and had it brought in and then shipped to Australia and they say, the prophetic matrix making space history in 2021.

I love that. You know what amazes me about this story. And, you know, there’s so much about it, but what I love in particular, because this is something that’s happened to me as well, is that the universe I believe was really conspiring for you to have all of this happen, you know, because you, you met the person who could even, you know, seven months before who is able, who was able to get you onto the station.

You know, you had this dream about doing something. And so in your you’re asking, you know, for guidance, you’re asking for help and the universe delivers, you know, God, source, whatever you want to call it. But, and then, and then the, you know, the September 21st story, and I had forgotten that you’re right.

That is the lyric of the song, but I didn’t even, they knew cause I hear that song a lot. I love that song. And so much of that I think is just divinely all in divine timing and all in divine order. Yeah. That’s what I want to say. Really. That everything happened like that. I love it. I love your perspective and how you framed that very well and encapsulating it. And one other area.

I just wanted to point out when you see the cover of the book. You’ll notice there’s a man on the front and behind him is a portal. Okay. Now this check this out because when I started the trilogy was about seven or eight years ago, writing it. I designed the cover way before it was ever going into space. And one night I woke up again and I thought, wait a minute.

I picked up the cover. I actually YouTube’d the space station. And I found out that there was an astronaut floating right in front of the portal and the portal matches the portal of the cover of my book. So prophetically, in a sense that from way back became a reality when I’d only received the vision that was going into space about two years prior to now.

Right about how that all interlocked. I love it. I, I, yeah, I that’s that’s what’s, it’s so exciting to me that I hope that people who are listening to this and, and watching this will take away from it, is that if you’ve got a burning desire for something, if you’ve got something that you really want to have happen is to pay attention to your intuition; to also ask for guidance.

And, you know, don’t be afraid of that. Being able to ask for help and to be, be open to signs and, and open to things that will happen, you know, things that will conspire in your favor for things to come along. Yes, definitely. Yeah. I want to go back to, so tell me a little bit about.

All the different things. I’m actually, I’m going to go here of all the different things that you’ve done in your life. You know, you’ve, you’ve had all these different aspects of your career. You know, you’ve been, you’ve worked with, you’ve been a coach. You’ve, you’re an author, you’re a musician, all the different things has, has there been any one or two things that moments or something that were like really…

stood out for you has been, like, you know, this, this is your favorite thing about what you you’ve been able to accomplish. And it’s, it could even be this, this last thing, but what are some of the, maybe one or two things that have really stood out for you as something that you’re really proud of?

That’s a great question. Question in that, I think one of the first things was I wanted to be on American Bandstand. Uh, I bring that up in the book in the first part. I said, oh, he said this dream. When I saw these musicians expressing their most beautiful songs, they’d written, I ended up becoming a composer. I ended up having a couple of Billboard, Top 100 hits.

And, but when I get on that show, let me tell you what was so extremely encouraging was I used to always see the “A-M” American bandstand on the floor. So star was standing, uh, there was. Uh, A-B. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Uh, under, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on the show, but when I was on, uh, we ended up being voted the third most popular band in America under first, Rick Springfield. Jessie’s Girl…

If you can remember those days. And many other heads, the woman group of the time was the Go-Go’s – they were number two. And the All-American Sports Band was number three of the favorites of American Bandstand viewers, which are millions of people. So I would say that’s my first, most exciting achievement that I really felt was God ordained because in my heart, at three years old, I was singing at three.

And one of the things I bring up in the book is when I went to an audition for the classical pianist teacher, there was a young little girl, maybe four years old and she was auditioning before me. And she got on the piano began to play Beethoven with passion at four, and I remember the teacher looked over at me, she was cute.

And she was only about 28 years old. She said, Michael-John she’s hauling the, and I won’t even say the words she used. Did this ever experience enough in her life to play with passion Beethoven. And I knew then it was a God given gift, because there’s no way at four years old, someone can put together that kind of passion, stretch her little fingers out to play Beethoven, piano concerto.

Right. And realize that this was a God-given gift before. American Bandstand. And of course, Dick Clark, who’s gone on now. He’s no longer here, but during that time, he was such a nice guy. He went backstage and talked to me for a while, and the band. And we just missed that his wife was bringing beverages. And if you saw the back of American Bandstand, you’d say the back end is beautiful.

They were like family. Oh, that’s lovely. Yeah. That’s that’s awesome. Well, you know what, what, let’s, let’s flip, flip it around a little bit and now let’s focus on what is, because you’ve seems like in a way you have this really, not, not star-crossed. I can’t think of the word, but anyway, this really great life.

Let’s just say it that way, because I want to say something more poetic and it’s escaping me at the moment. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome in your professional life or personal life for that matter? That’s a good question. Probably they would be different from professional to personal.

Which would you prefer to hear about? Um, well, we’ll go professional, we’ll professional. Yeah. Well, you know, one of the biggest dreams is putting the book into space. One of the biggest challenges was when the computer on the space station broke down right around the time where we might be releasing the book that I thought might be a good day.

And that was last year and got the call. And they said, I’ve got some bad news for you. And remember, this is my big dream is to launch it into outer space, to be the first e-book to do so. And so, when they told me that. I remember thinking, I wonder what’s going to happen. They said, it’d be about four months before we can bring another brand-new computer.

The other one had been working for about eight months, I mean, eight years. And now it had broken down and the dream of putting it up there was a little bit challenged and I began to pray. And I was just like, oh God, I believe this is what you gave me. And all of a sudden he calls again, about a month later, he goes, something interesting happened.

He said we were able to expedite it and get the computer up within a month and a half instead of four months excited about that. But then when it was time to release it, and I had announced September 21st, we had the song arranged and everything for Australia, we were arranging how to get me on a zoom call there on the big screen Australia.

And it was the 20th that we recorded or that we actually took the event into Australia, which ended up being the 21st for them. Right. Which was interesting how it was working with two different days for a one-day launch. Never done that before. And crossed over the time period there. But what happened was two days before I got a call from the technicians, they said, Michael-John, you know, we’re filming your book.

We got almost all of it, except for we’re missing the last couple chapters filming it. Now the book had already orbited the earth, everything went fine that way digitally, but I wanted it to be the first filmed book as well, because they’re bringing up the Russian crew and then Tom Cruise is going up to do a movie as well. I wanted to be the first film, literary work each all 412 pages of my book.

And so they said, we don’t know. This may fail in getting all of the book where we got most of it. We could send it to you. I said, don’t stop. I said, let let’s continue. And it was the 19th of September. On the 21st, I do a nationwide, uh, destiny coaching type of meeting, prophetic matrix type meeting. And I was on the phone lines.

I said to everyone, you know, I just put in a prayer that this book is going to be done entirely filmed and I’m going to get good news. Cause otherwise after September 21st, they’re not going to try anymore. They’re going to say, technically we just couldn’t pull it off with the filming. Although we did get it digitally to circle the earth, right.

Around that time I took a break from the phone call where they made announcements. And when, when that was taking place, I looked at my text and I said, good news. We’ve just sent the entire book filmed from outer space. So that was one of my biggest challenges. And on the September 21st, that night was when the fulfillment of the Earth, Wind and Fire song.

Do you remember the 21st night of September and that being so memorable for me. Awesome. Well, I’m glad that things worked out for you. So you, you were able to be able to do that. What do you, um, what do you want people to take away from this book? What, what do you hope? You know, what do you hope people will be able to learn from it?

Similar to what you framed a little bit earlier about being a little bit more discerning in life, not being led by our emotion so much, but being left led by the passion. The dream, the vision that I believe is God given some people say universe given, but I think someone had to create the universe, but that’s another whole discussion, of course.

So, anyhow, I believe that each one of us. The little girl that played Beethoven at three, we have a destiny in front of us. And I think with such grueling times that we’re in challenging times, even socially, uh, every aspect of career, many people now doing their work from their homes no longer in offices with their friends and, you know, being able to interact the way they used to that.

Not losing track of what is our destiny and. Uh, 12 different prophetic principles that help you get in touch with what’s inside of you and how to bring it out and manifest it a news world. And I use reaching for the stars with the book as a manifestation example of as an author, as you said, I’m not talking about it, I’m going out and doing it by the grace of God.

And I hope that that is something this book brings to people that they can. The secret code to their destiny. In other words, what’s holding them back. What’s blocking them. What’s the obstacles and how to remove them all throughout the book. I give you incredible tips that I’ve used that work again and again and again, to bring success.

That’s awesome. I want to ask you what. What impact would you really like to have on, on our planet during your lifetime? Has, is it, is it really this, this book, do you think, is that something that you really, you know, I know a lot of people talk about legacy and things like that. So what I’m going to use impact instead of legacy, what impact do you really want to be able to have happen.

I think the books are one, because anything written lasts forever. You know, you can digitize. In fact, we’re doing that right now. We’re working on an NFT. I am putting it in a bolt for infinity where we’re going to be announcing that you’re going to get the first preview here and putting that together with some technology masters.

And, uh, it’s really pretty cool. We have a video that brings the book and flying into the vault of this NFT bolt. That’s. Hold on to it. And people are going to be able to take their artwork. And of course, as they’re doing now, they’re selling it for great amounts of money. Uh, but I think the LA show that I have on the radio, I’d love to continue to reach people each week on the radio.

I’d love this book to reach every nation. I’d love to be a part of helping to forge people’s dreams, fulfill their destinies and bring them closer. Not only to God, but also. They’re true dream envision being accomplished so that I can be a part of partnering with them and making that happen. Well, that’s a, that is a good goal and, and dream, and, and you certainly have our good model for that.

You know, you’ve, you’ve absolutely accomplished so much in your lifetime. So I think you should be proud of that. And I’m hoping that, uh, people who do. Do you go out and read your book are going to be able to find that, get those principles of success and being able to use that themselves. Um, is there, well, actually, I’m going to ask you, this is how could someone that perhaps maybe read the book?

How could they, even though they want to be able to, you know, figure out their destiny, is there any way that they could get it wrong? That’s a great question. I don’t think anyone’s ever asked that one. Can you get it wrong? You know, I think the reason I wrote the book is I’ve been coaching people right now.

I’m coaching people all over the nation and even internationally. I think a lot of people, number one, fear, they can get it wrong. There’s a beautiful verse in the Old Testament says, Job says, everyone knows Job, you know, all the difficulties. And I think relate to people. Who’ve had difficulties. That’s why you’ve been asked this question.

What about the difficulties of fulfilling your destiny? And Job said the things I fear them on. I’ve come upon me, the fear as an energy, and we’ll go out there and we’re with meetings with people. If they see fear on our face, they almost don’t even want to be associated with fearful tactics, fearful thinking people, fear it’s going to fail.

Sometimes we draw the very things that we fear the most toward us. And I believe this book I truly do Gloria is going to build people’s faith in such a way that they’re going to move into the dimension of getting beyond. The fears and they’re going to have such hope. They’re going to say I’m blown for Michael-John has encouraged me to show me some radical stuff that’s happened in his life. If it can happen for him, it certainly can happen for me.

I love that. Great answer. I appreciate that so much. And I definitely want. I want to take a look at this book too, because I, even though I’ve accomplished a lot of stuff in my life at times, I still have, you know, I still have fears come up and I still have find that I’m, you know, unsure about, you know, am I going in the right direction?

And so I think it’s important to. Be able to, uh, reach out to people like you. And that’s why I do, you know, I continue. I always am doing everything I can to improve myself, reading, watching videos, listening, also spending a lot of time in meditation and things like that, which actually that that’s, that just occurred to me.

That’s a good question. Do you have any particular spiritual practice that you, uh, use that has helped you over the year? Yes. I’m a firm believer what a great question again, I didn’t know if that was okay to talk about Sam so glad you introduced it because it shows number one. You’re very deep. And when I say deep, I mean, in a very good way in that you look and explore deeper than just the outside of this world and what we perceive, uh, from our natural senses, I’m truly a person who really believes that we can connect with God and the universe because everything in the universe is connected.

To our destiny in some form or another, for instance, when I had the desire to reach for the stars I found out there were people in my life that were interconnected to that destiny that strong it together, just like pearls on a strand of a necklace. It’s more beautiful when you. All of the elements of this universe in the world and everything God has and you put it together and I do meditate, pray, but I also have a faith for something that I feel most people have not tapped into.

And that’s why the book’s called the prophetic matrix. The matrix encompasses everything. Every element, every matter space and time. And I talk about that by the way in the book, how space, time and matter and faith, all weave together into our destiny and how everything that we need in life is out there.

But without prayer or meditation seeking. A deeper level. We never really pulled the riches, the golden nuggets out from, within our soul, from within our spirit man. And I am spirit woman. I think that’s so important that we begin to dig for the treasures within. Absolutely. Yeah. It’s, it’s amazing that I really do see that like science and religion are coming together and not necessarily religion, actually, I would say science and spirituality, because I think that’s, that’s really, you know, They talked about the quantum field and quantum mechanics.

I’m, I’m totally fascinated by all of that type of stuff. I’m fascinated by how the brain works. And I just see a lot of interconnection happening that we really are if we’re open to it and that we can really realize that we are all connected. And as you say, I love that. Really intriguing me now. I really want to read your book now.

I wish I’d read it, read it before this, but the thing that you mentioned, which I love is you. Walked right into the second book. The second book has a chapter called discovery and I forged spirituality and quantum physics together where I’m going next for the next two books. Awesome. Well, I w I love it and I, I’m really glad that we’ve connected because I think you’re an awesome person and you’re doing some really great stuff in the world.

Um, is there anything, is there anything I should have asked you that I haven’t yet? That we could talk. Yeah. You know, I think that you’ve covered a lot really in this interview. Very extensive. And what I like about your coverage was you covered a little bit of the personal, some of the achievements, some of the difficulties.

And I think you’ve given the viewers and listeners quite a lot to chew on for right now. And I think the book, thank you for encouraging people to read it and that you’re going to read it because you’ve actually opened up a corridor to people achieving their destiny by allowing me as a coach to be an international coach to your viewers.

And I thank you for that. Oh, well, it’s my pleasure. And, and yes, and we do have quite an international following on the podcast. I love when I, when I check out my, my stats and I see that it’s like, you know, all over the world, people are listening, which, which really touches my heart. And I’m so appreciative of it.

So actually, before we go, I want to ask you to share if someone wants to get in touch with you, maybe wants to learn more coaching, maybe something has resonated with them and, and to get the book, where’s the best place for people to contact you? Well, they can go to your desk info at your destiny

That’s I N F O at your destiny and do check out. I have a website called the prophetic and one other one for my new music, which is called Michael dash John It’s Michael john dash music dot com. All right. Excellent. Well, I will have all that information in the show notes. So people will be able to, if you’re listening right now and you don’t have a pen handy, not to worry, you can go to live love pot, live love, engage

You’ll be able to see all this episode as well as prior ones, and you’ll be able to get all the show notes. So thank you so much for spending some time with us today. I really appreciate it. Michael-John, you’ve been a delight to talk to, and I’m glad that we have connected. I look forward to. Reading your book.

And now the next one too, because like I said, I’m definitely into quantum physics and spirituality and how the two intersect. So I’m curious to see what you have to say about it. So I look forward to it. I think you’re going to like it. Thank you. I appreciate it. And thank all of you out there, uh, for watching and for listening and for subscribing, I appreciate all of you and encourage you to, if you’re, for some reason, this is the first time you’ve, you’ve come across it.

I hope that you will subscribe, uh, and whatever podcast platform you’re listening to, where we’re on all of them. And, um, Until next time as always, I encourage you to go out today and every day, frankly, and live fully love, deeply and engage authentically. Did you know that a majority of entrepreneurs tend to discount the importance of their work and a good number?

Feel their success is simply due to luck. I know from personal experience that self-doubt can keep you from having the kind of life and business you desire. That’s why I’ve created a free guide. And uniquely you how to move from self-doubt to self-love in four simple steps to claim your free guide. Go to live love, that’s live love, engage dot G I F T .

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