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Benefits of a Spiritual Mentor with Robynn Sheridan

What are the benefits of working with a spiritual mentor? That’s the question we’ll be exploring in this episode with Robynn Sheridan.

She is a spiritual healer, mentor, and intuitive healer. Robynn uses these skills to help her clients discover their talents, skills, and inner spirituality so they can find their life’s purpose.

She shares her personal journey to spiritual growth in this episode, along with how she uses the gifts she’s uncovered within herself to help others. There’s also discussions about self-judgment, subconscious programming, and how to overcome these obstacles in an effort to reach your higher self.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • The thought that prompted Robynn to start on her spiritual healing path.
  • What happened the moment she started asking for help.
  • How Robynn began uncovering her own hidden gifts.
  • What Robynn was able to do through discovering other spiritual and healing modalities.
  • The importance of only helping those who ask you.
  • How spiritual mentorship transforms your conscious and subconscious programming.
  • Why Robynn had a natural inclination to judge others and how she recognized it.
  • The ways in which she works to empower her clients when they work with her.
  • The importance of owning your truth without the need to defend it.
  • How self-judgment leads to self-sabotage.
  • What Robynn is curious about in her own life right now.
  • How spiritual mentoring can accelerate your process of growth.
  • What people actually need when they seek healing (and what they don’t).

Editors’ Note:
Sadly, Robynn Sheridan transitioned from this life in March, 2023. However, her legacy lives on. You can learn more about this beautiful soul here:

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You’re listening to the Live Love Engage Podcast. On today’s show, we’ll be talking about the benefits of working with a spiritual mentor. Stay tuned. I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the Love Method, and author of the number one Amazon best seller, Live, Love, Engage. How to stop doubting yourself and start being yourself.

In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully, love deeply, and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence, and income. Welcome to Live Love, Engage

Namaste. I am so delighted to. Be with you again, uh, for another episode of Live Love Engage, as you heard already.

I no doubt from the intro, and I’m delighted to have a new friend. Actually. She’s not only, uh, yeah, I consider her a friend. We, we’ve met, through Clubhouse, I guess it was, or LinkedIn or both anyway, recently. And, and, and she is a wonderful woman and I’m gonna tell you all about her in a minute. But first I wanna welcome Robynn Sheridan to live, love, engage.

Hi, Gloria. Well, let me tell you, for those of you who are listening and, and those of you who are maybe watching as well on YouTube. So Robynn Sheridan is known as the Self Love Emissary, and she’s been on a Personal spiritual journey since her mid thirties. She discovered that she had gifts that could help facilitate healing of others through conversation, connecting to their body’s energy, or even tapping into their spirit guides and receiving guidance for them.

And she is also. One of the things I know that she loves is mentoring, and I know that’s part of what we’re gonna, we’re gonna dive into here a little bit today. but I think first I, as I often like to do with our guests is, is I’d love to sort of explore a little bit about what, what got you here, You know, what, what is the, you know, As I just mentioned, you’ve been on this personal journey, so what, maybe even what precipitated that or, or what, what’s kind of, you know, Got you, got you to where you became the self love emissary. Let’s, let’s, let’s do that.

Well, yeah. I was the queen of self-sabotage and I really didn’t understand why I kept attracting the same relationships in my life, whether they be a friend, a boyfriend, a boss. I always seem to attract the same people in the same situations in my life over and over again. And it just got to the point where one day I looked in the mirror and I was 30 and I looked 50.

and I just, I was like, What is going on in your life? Why do you keep attracting all of these same scenarios in your life? What are you doing wrong? Like it was the first time I realized that I couldn’t blame anybody else. It was the first time I took a responsibility and stepped out of victim mode and said, You’re the common denominator.

You need to fix this, and you have to start with yourself. Mm-hmm. And that’s what got me started. So what did that look like? What did you, what did you start doing? You know? Cuz I know a spiritual journey is sort of different for everybody. It all looks, looks different. Some people read, some people listen to, to books.

Some people just have spontaneous, I think, you know, awakening, So, So what did you do? I went to the library. And picked every self-help book I could find because computers were new, like there wasn’t, you know, I didn’t have a computer at home. I may have worked on a computer at work, but I did not have a personal computer at that time.

I went to the library and pulled out every self-help book I could find, and the moment I started asking for help, Spirit started bringing these interesting people into my life. And I would be introduced to people who were clairvoyant, and I didn’t have a clue really what any of that was about. So I started being introduced into people who were really into hearing spirit, acknowledging spirit, and tapping into that energy.

So how did you start realizing that you had this gift for yourself to be able to do that? Well, I started, believe it or not, with Wicca, I started with Wiccan, started, you know, reading all the books on magic and how to connect to dragons and how to connect to fairies, and that was my beginning of understanding that I was powerful.

Like I had gifts and skills that I needed to learn how to use or tap into, and that was my first experience of trying to step out of myself and connect with something bigger. What, what value did you find out of that? What, what, what would you say would be even? Yeah, maybe either the biggest. Maybe biggest lesson and the biggest value you got out of it.

Well, the biggest value I got out of it is I don’t like ritual. Oh. I am not a person who likes to have to do a full moon ceremony, a new moon ceremony. I mean, I bought all the things. I did all of the things and that went, uh, I don’t like this. I don’t enjoy this. There’s gotta be an easier way. And then as soon as I asked for an easier way, then people showed up.

And one of the first things that showed up was essential oils and how to work with essential oils. And with that came all kinds of courses, that were similar to Reiki, but it was a whole bunch of courses where I learned to tap into my physical body, tap into the other person’s physical body. That opened up all new possibilities for me.

So give an example. Well, I understood like there was a situation where my daughter was in a car accident and I went to the hospital and I was so concerned about her. I went up to her and I gave her a big hug and told her how much I loved her, and instantly I pulled everything out of her physical body.

And put it in my own, not on purpose, but I took away all of the physical pain that she would’ve experienced from that car accident. And then I personally went through all that physical pain for the next two to three weeks. Oh my goodness. Wow. I’m, I’m guessing, that’s may not be something you recommend people do as a general rule.

No. no. Yeah, but that made me realize that I had healing abilities, but of course I didn’t have the knowledge or the wisdom and the maturity back then to understand that I was actually taking away the lesson my daughter was supposed to be learning. Oh, and just to give you a reason, example is two years later, she got into another car accident so that she could go through what she was supposed to learn the first time when I accidentally took that away from her.

Oh, wow. That’s interesting. And, and I think it’s something that I think that people don’t necessarily understand. You know, a lot of times they, we get into this, you know, Oh, why is this happening to me? And, and focus too much on that, but not really looking at the broader picture and like, maybe is there, is there a lesson that I need to be learning from this?

So what, what do you think has been your biggest lesson that you’ve gotten out of, uh, you know, all of this journey that you’ve been on? Well, my biggest lesson was to learn that I care about people and I was always reaching out and trying to help people. And then of course, when you’re always reaching out and trying to help without the person asking you, you just create more drama and then you become resentful because the people don’t appreciate what you do for them.

And my biggest lesson was to learn that you can’t help people unless they ask you. And then you really need to, you know, bring, like, are you really willing to do the work? Like it’s okay for you to ask me and I can help you, but I can’t do it for you. I can hold the sacred space. I can be there for you. I can teach you the knowledge and the skillset that I have.

I can work with you. But you have to do the work. That’s a really important lesson, to learn. And, and, and one that’s helpful then for the people that you’re, you’re working with as well. And, and I know one of the things that you talk about and the things that you love to do is to, is to mentor people. So why, what?

Explain. Let’s, let’s do it this way. First, just explain what do you mean by mentoring first, and then I’ll, I’m gonna ask you more about that, but Sure. One of the things that I noticed from a very young age, Is that perfects strangers would come up to me and tell me their story or something that was going on in their lives, and I didn’t understand why I was attracting those people, but I always seemed to have an answer for them, like the answer would just come through.

I’ll give you an example. When I was in grade six, this girl walked up to me and she says, I like girls better than boys. And I said, Yeah, me too. Like, and you know, I get that. She goes, No, no, you don’t understand. I like girls better than boys. Now remember, I’m 63 years old. I was 12. There was no reference as to which my 12 year old maturity could understand this.

But I turned around and told her it was perfectly okay for her to like girls better than boys. There was nothing wrong with it. Now how would I know that? Right? So there was always this connection I had with spirit, even though I was not consciously aware that it was there. So in the mentoring, I did not realize until recently, which is really kind of funny, that whatever I do with people, I’ve always mentored them because they’ve always come up and talked to me and asked me questions.

I’ve always been that person, you know, that would listen to you. And give you that little bit of advice that you could take away. And I never, on a conscious level really took that as mentoring or that that was the skillset I had or that was something that I could do as a living. Well, it’s a good thing you’ve discovered that now, isn’t it?

Yeah. so if, Now, let me, let me put it this way instead, why should some, why is it important for people to seek out a mentor? And, and in particular, I know that your, your, your type of mentor, I guess is more like spiritual mentoring as opposed to, cuz there’s all types of different mentors, you know, business, mentoring and, and probably health, uh, physical health mentoring and things like that.

So why, uh, why would someone want to Come for spiritual mentoring. What would be, What would be a good reason? Well, with the spiritual mentoring I use the theta process. And the theta process is where I connect to, you can call it universal energy, you can call it the God source, whatever you want.

But I go up there and I connect with that energy that allows you to let go of your conscious programming, your subconscious programming, your insecurities. And how I do it is through conversation. Like I’m having this conversation with you and we talk about what’s going on in your life right now, and then we take that information and we go backwards.

Up until the point where when we discover that this pattern first started, or when the pattern was triggered or programmed into you, and it can take, you know, a while. Like I used to do one off sessions and then I realized that one off sessions wasn’t enough. We, we could work on what’s going on in this moment, but we never actually got the opportunity to dig really deep.

When I work with someone for six months, we, we tend to want to work on the things that are going on right now, which is perfect, it’s perfect to what’s going on right now, but eventually we get to that original situation that caused it all. And when you have that beautiful aha moment and you see that relief in their eyes, in their heart and they start crying and they’re like, I had no idea.

This is when that started. It is so empowering. To help somebody go back to that first incident in their childhood that started this pattern of self-sabotage. Well, you just stole my next question. I guess I was gonna ask you like, what gets you really excited about the work you’re doing? So I think you, I, unless you wanna add onto that, it seems like you, you answered it pretty well.

but I, well, Here’s a question. What, what was one of the maybe mistakes that you might have made when you were, uh, in your own journey, you know, and be, and becoming, uh, you know, the person that you are, the mentor that you are now? Judgmental. Very judgmental. I was raised in a household where we were constantly judged, we weren’t said, I love you, we weren’t hugged, we weren’t given positive feedback.

We were only given negative feedback or ignored, one or the other. So I was raised in a very judgmental environment, judgmental religious environment, and so that was a natural, and I hate to say it was natural, but it was a natural part of my process was to judge others. And to recognize that within myself, has taken the longest amount of time.

And am I perfect? No. I found myself doing it just the other day. It’s like, it’s so normal out there because of TV and programming and books. We’re being judged for what we wear, what we say, what we do. We’re judged no matter what we do. And it’s become so ingrained in our humanity that we don’t even realize we’re doing it.

Yeah, it’s a, it’s a sad circumstance and the good news is that you can become aware of it as you are doing, and so then you can catch yourself. And so I think that’s important, uh, for anyone listening to, to know is any of the things that you’ve got going on in your life, if, if you’re doing something that you don’t like, you can always change it.

And that’s, and that is where a mentor like yourself comes into play and can be very helpful in pointing out things that you may not see. Have you found that, like in working with clients, that sometimes people, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s so obvious to you, but they don’t see it. Yes. And the thing is, you can’t tell ’em.

You can’t tell them. You have to, you have to guide them to that realization themselves. And this is why, you know, the mentoring and the theta process is so powerful because I’m a guide. I guide you to that information. I give you a safe, sacred space where you can be vulnerable and you can cry, and you can get angry, and you know, you can throw your temper tantrum if you want.

The thing is, is that we need to be heard, and it takes a lot of listening skills to be a mentor. And that’s a little bit of a difference, if you don’t mind me saying between a coach and a mentor, the coach has a pre, This is your problem. This is what we’re gonna work through, and this is gonna be the result.

So they have an agenda. As a mentor, I don’t have an agenda. I’m here to support you, to help you to discover the beginning of that trauma and how it has affected you for the rest of your life. Yeah. Thank you for making that distinction, cuz that is, that is important because we see all these different terminology, terminology, terms, going on and, and it can be confusing some, sometimes I think for, for people and, and knowing who then to be able to seek help from.

When someone might come to you, uh, do you find that there are maybe certain characteristics that people have that that seems to be sort of this common thread of why someone would, would seek out a spiritual mentor? The people who come to me are people who don’t know how to love themselves have been.

Lived a life of judgment and trauma and have been shown and told repeatedly that they’re not enough. They’re not good enough, you’re not lovable, you’re not worthy. We attract to ourselves as coaches and mentors and teachers. Those that have the same vibration as we do. So I went through all of those things as a child, and I’m going to attract that clientele base to me because I can empathize with them.

I understand them and I don’t judge them. And. To be able to go to somebody and know that I can be vulnerable and not being judged is so empowering. Mm, yeah, absolutely. And, and that is true because we do, we do attract the people who’ve, uh, resonate with or, or that we even. As you say, someone that if you’ve experienced something like this already and then you’ve been able to overcome it, then you’re gonna be able to help someone else who hasn’t gotten there yet and you’ll be able to help them to, to be able to see that and.

That’s so perfect. you know, I think that really does it. It also, I think, makes it sometimes worth, maybe not worthwhile, but at least it we can justify maybe, or explain. It’s like, okay, well now I see why I went through all of that stuff, so at least now I can help other people. Now that I’ve, I’ve gone through that.

I like asking sometimes, uh, my guests on the show sometimes, cuz you. To hear different answers that come through. So when you’re dealing with, you know, the type of work that you do, what is a commonly held belief that people have that you passionately disagree with? That people are judging them. The only person judging you is you.

You’ve convinced yourself, and I, and I hate to say that because I convinced myself I wasn’t worthy. I wasn’t good enough based on the trauma and the things that happened to me. There are other people who could have gone through exactly the same thing and never been affected. The way I was. I mean, we meet people all the time.

You have five people that were all raised in the same household and each child has a a unique idea of what their childhood was about, and you cannot get those five people to agree. this is true. And they won’t even remember things the same way either. No, because I only remember, based on how I reacted.

how I emotionally responded to the situation. And I, that is my truth. And it’s my truth. I own it. It belongs to me. and somebody else’s truth is theirs, but I don’t have to prove to you my truth. That’s a very important point. And I, I say that again cuz I want people, I want people to really get that. I do not have to prove to you my truth.

It’s my truth. It’s how I emotionally responded to the situation that happened to me in every moment of my day. Yeah. Oh, I love that. I think when we can really understand that and really get that to the core, that’s gonna help with that judgmental thing. I, and I think it’ll be a way of even helping people to maybe offset when others are, are trying to put their judgment onto them so they can, you know, just say, Now this is, this is my truth.

I appreciate you sharing, but this is, this is my truth and I’m okay with that. And, and, and to be strong in that. So, but again, It’s not always easy to do that, and it’s certainly not easy to do that by yourself. So that’s why I think coaches or mentors, or both depending, are gonna be so helpful. What, what are you curious about right now?

For me, my curiosity is always, What is my next step? What, where is my soul leading me? Where, where is what’s going on in my life right now bringing me and I, and it’s funny because we can’t predict the future. We can only live moment by moment. the future hasn’t even started. So having a healthy curiosity without being obsessed about it or without trying to push my personal agenda, those are the things that, It’s

Trying to find that balance between, you know, having the goals and the ideas and having the dreams and being able to think, Well, geez, this is gonna be really nice if I had this. and yet still live in the moment it. It’s a balancing act. Yeah, that is for sure. And I guess it’s what makes life interesting, too, you know, otherwise it would be pretty boring.

what, uh, what do you wish you had known when you had, when you kind of started out on this adventure we call life? Well, I, there’s a part of me that when I look at my baby pictures and I see that beautiful baby girl with a sparkle in her eyes and that very big, huge smile and just so excitement to be alive.

There are times that I wish that I would know what she was thinking, like having that excitement, and because she was still connected to her soul, her and her soul knew exactly what the path was going to be. But to be able to have that excitement and enthusiasm every single day. That would be amazing and I would love to be able to achieve that and hold that.

Now, did I answer your question? I’d love that answer. That, that’s, that’s, that’s one of the best answers I’ve had to that question. I think that is so cool. Cause I, some people will be like, Well, you know, I guess I didn’t, I. I don’t know that I would wanna know, because then I wouldn’t be here, you know, today because I had to go through all that stuff.

But I love that. I love that. And, and I agree. Yeah, cuz I’ve done the same thing. I’ve looked at those, you know, my, my little kid pictures and, and, and even, you know, I have like one memory when I was in preschool, the thing, this is the only thing I remember about preschool. Was actually not being in preschool, was being in the parking lot, being attracted to the stones that had, you know, kind of those little sparkles in them.

And it’s like, that’s what I remember why, But you know, it’s just sort of like interesting that that would be, that’s like one thing that stuck out from all that. So, Yeah, and, and I think that’s maybe. Is a little bit of that, you know, wonderment and just sort of, you know, marveling at something shiny and pretty and, and saying, Ooh, you know, So I don’t know.

I love your answer anyway. So is there, what else have I not asked you about that would be important that you would like people know about either the work you do or just mentoring in general? Yeah, I, you know, for the longest time, and I just like everybody else, I, I didn’t understand the importance of having a mentor, the understanding of having that.

Person that you could confide in and talk to specifically because of my background, my childhood, every time I trusted somebody, I was betrayed. And that was a pattern that was, put into my subconscious because of a repeat pattern throughout my life. And when we had the pattern of being betrayed, we attract people who are going to betray us.

And so it is a pattern we create for ourselves. And not having somebody to help us recognize those things and help us release them and change our perception of ourselves. It takes too long to do it on our own. I really, you know, there’s times that I wish that I had met that one person who could have helped me in my thirties because I think there, there was 20 years that didn’t have to happen.

you’re right. Yeah, absolutely. And, and it is, it’s, it’s time. Unfortunately that’s wasted, that you can’t get back. And I had that, that message was actually brought home to me last night at an event. I went to that, spending time in fear or even being afraid of being afraid, is, is, is costing life. and that it’s.

Not time I want to waste anymore. because I got a lot of living to do yet. So I’m choosing not to indulge in that anymore. And I am so grateful to know, you know, people like you also to be able to help me with that. And, and, and I think actually I, I’m gonna ask you one other thing cuz before, before we end up today, because the other thing that, That another way that we have connected is that, you know, you decided to do like a monthly healing, uh, group sort of thing on, on Zoom.

And tell me what, what prompted you to come up with that and, and, and why is it important for people to avail themselves of something like that? Well, for so many years I didn’t have anyone I could trust. To talk to and when I tried to talk to people, all I got was judgment, and you should do this, you have to do that.

That’s not what I needed. I needed somebody to listen to me. I needed somebody to give me a hug and, and just let me know that everything was gonna be okay. We can receive healing without the judgment, without the explanations, without anybody saying, Well, you have to have this diet and you gotta quit doing this, and you gotta quit hanging out with those people Who cares?

I just want a healing. I just want somebody to send me some beautiful, unconditional, loving energy with no agenda behind it. And you know, you and I were talking and we had said that we so wanted a group of women where we could just come in and say, This is what’s happening in my life. I don’t want any advice, I just want some healing.

And that’s what we started to do. And we have attracted amazing people into that Zoom and Nobody wants to go somewhere and be afraid to open up their mouth because they’re gonna be judged or told what they should do. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. In fact, I was just working with a client yesterday who was going through the same thing, and that was one of her, her challenges is she has someone who is being very judgemental towards her and just saying, Oh, why’d you do that?

And, Oh, why’d you do that? And so I was trying to work with her to come up with some ways of deflecting that because it’s no fun. And, and yeah. And I know, you know, I had A critical parent, and then I became my own worst critical parent for me, you know, which we often do as well. In fact, I was talking with somebody else about that today too, that, uh, I said, you know, some oftentimes we’re our own worst enemies and we need an outside pair of eyes.

You know, I’m a mentor who can say, No, you’re okay, actually, you know, or maybe Yes, I understand and you know, perhaps guide you to another way of looking at it, but oftentimes it’s just maybe some validation that we’re okay. Right? Yeah. And a, a good deflection, believe it or not, is to say thank you. I will think about it.

I know. Yeah. And then change the subject. Yes. That’s a Thank you. That’s what I told her. Yeah. I’ll think about it. Yeah, exactly. I know. She’s like, I do. I’m like, Well, continue. Keep doing it. They’ll get the message eventually. Yeah. Oh goodness. I have been enjoying this conversation and I’m trusting that someone out there has been enjoying it just as much as I have, and perhaps would like to know more, uh, about you and how to connect with you maybe, and, and maybe they want you to be their spiritual mentor.

So what would be the best place for people to connect with you? Yeah, just come to robynn and book a coffee chat and we’ll have a conversation and we’ll see how we can help each other. All right. Excellent. Well, I will have that in the show notes. so in case you’re listening somewhere and you don’t have a pen handy, Go to live love engage and you’ll be able to, uh, find this episode and then, uh, and you can always use the search bar if, if it isn’t right up on top, but you can, you’ll be able to find it.

And, uh, it’s robynn, I will say it’s spelled r o b y n n. So there’s two Ns in Robin, so that. That might help you as well. Well, thank you so much for being here today. It is, uh, been an honor and a pleasure to get to know you, and now I got to know you even more today. and so I’m glad to be able to also share you with, uh, with our audience.

And, uh, I wish you all the best and I look forward to, uh, next month when we have our Zoom together again with the group. Aw, thank you so much, Gloria. I’m just so honored to be here today. Thank you. Well, and I also want to of course, thank all of you for watching and for listening because you’re the reason I do this, Well now that’s not true.

I do this cuz I enjoy it and you’re just the benefit of it. Cause if I can help someone out there by sharing, uh, awesome wisdom from, from folks like Robynn, then, then that makes my day even more. And I know when I do see reviews, it does make me feel good that someone is listening and they do appreciate this information.

So I appreciate you and. As always, I encourage you to now go out and live fully, love deeply, and engage authentically.

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An online marketer, SEO copywriter, and speaker for 15+ years, Gloria Grace Rand has helped over 150 companies including AAA and Scholastic Book Fairs attract and convert leads into sales.

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