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How to Achieve Happiness with Sankarshan Das

Podchaser - Live. Love. Engage. Podcast: Inspiration | Spiritual Awakening | Happiness | Success | Life

Today’s guest is Sankarshan Das, a bonafide spiritual master who has dedicated himself to bringing peace and happiness into the world. Sankarshan is blessed with the formula of enabling everyone on our planet to attain perfect peace and happiness and to lead our world out of chaos.

Sankarshan has tens of thousands of students all over the world. He represents an authorized discipline line of spiritual masters which goes back for many thousands of years. He shares knowledge and teaches his students around the world so we can find perfect peace and happiness.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • Sankarshan’s simple formula for achieving happiness.
  • How he came to be spiritually awakened.
  • The teachings that Sankarshan follows and how these teachings spoke to him.
  • How and when Sankarshan became a disciple.
  • Why people need to be educated about the supreme person.
  • What Sankarshan feels his mission is.
  • Details about Sankarshan’s book “Conquer Your Mind and Deliver the World.”
  • Why we can’t enjoy separately from the supreme.
  • About Sankarshan’s interest in music and the song he wrote.
  • How we can bring out the potential in our planet.
  • Putting God first in our lives.
  • Why Sankarshan decided to write a book.
  • How to join Sankarshan’s course.
  • Why you shouldn’t cheat yourself, and how you might be doing it.
  • Where the real enjoyment we have is.
  • Why death becomes less scary when you realize your spiritual identity.
  • Why people are like fish out of water.

Connect with Sankarshan

Sankarshan’s website:

Sankarshan’s course :


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Live. Love. Engage. Podcast: Inspiration | Spiritual Awakening | Happiness | Success | Life


I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the Love Method and author of the number one Amazon best seller, Live Love and Gauge How to Stop Doubting Yourself and start being yourself. In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully, love deeply and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence and income. Welcome to Live, Love, Engage. Now a stay and

Welcome to Live, Love, Engage, I am Gloria Grace Brand and I am delighted to have a guest with us on the show today who is all about bringing peace and happiness into the world. And I will let him explain a little bit more about that. So I would like to welcome to Live Love Engaged Sungkar Shanda’s first off. So welcome.

Thank you very much for being here.

Well, we are delighted to have you because I will say that this is the first time I have had a bona fide spiritual master on the program, and he has been blessed with the formula of enabling everyone on our planet to attain perfect peace and happiness and to lead our entire world out of chaos, which would be a wonderful thing. He has tens of thousands of students and disciples all over the world and represents an authorized discipline line of spiritual masters, which goes back for many thousands of years. And he has basically been dedicated his life to making knowledge freely available to the entire world of how that we can go about finding perfect peace and happiness. And so I think I’m going to start off right there in asking you, because I understand that there is a you say there’s a simple formula for doing that. So I know I would like to know what that is

Your attitude into how you actually are. You see, we are the basic cause of all of our anxiety is due to mis identification with the material body. Even though we want to live forever, we want to be happy. This body is subject to birth, that old age and disease. Those are unhappy things that come out screaming. It’s very painful to the bar. And then we get we get sick. We get, oh my God, these things are unnatural actually, for the living being. We don’t want to get when I go through all these miseries, when you actually really turn into your spiritual nature, which the eternal full of this knowledge and stubbornness, identifying yourself with gross covering, which is just like a garment of burning vinyl, that’s the actual key. You have to tune into your spiritual identity, which is eternal bliss knowledge also.

Well, I. I definitely know that. I believe that I should say, because it really is. That’s that’s where that is. I think where the secret of happiness lies is by going within. How did you come to this realization? How do you how did you become spiritually awakened?

Well, it’s a really quite a long story. Me it was a college use by my dad in high school. My son in college is going to be the happiest days of your life. You drop me off at the dormitory, I’m as miserable as hell. And because they didn’t tell me why I exist, I want to know what is the meaning of life. No, of course it was telling me why I exist. What is the purpose? You know, you’re supposed to get a career, get a job, get a house, get a car, get a swimming pool, whatever that that was that was enough, you know. So I eventually I heard there was something called self realization that you could actually achieve as an in a state of consciousness beyond all the miseries. So I began seeking that out. And with this guru, that guru, they were misguided me. But they told me didn’t work. It didn’t work. So basically. I continued in my search, that’s a long story, but that eventually I found out after years of struggle I was thinking, well, Jesus Christ was a self realized. What was his secret, what made him an enlightened being so I can achieve that state of consciousness. So I’m studying the Bible in Jesus as father, not my will, but thy will be done. That said, you have to do what God wants, not what you want. You have to become a servant of his will, not sexual, spiritual perfection. So I prayed for that guidance and I had to actually execute the will of God. And God sent a representative here to Austin. It’s all in his vision of John, as you told me, about this process of spiritual awakening, God Krishna consciousness, which I’ve been following now for half a century also.

Well, that is an important point. It really is to I when you can just stop and ask God for guidance, it’s amazing what can happen in your life when you and especially when you stop and listen, because that’s that’s the key. Sometimes I think No. One, we don’t always ask God for help. And then sometimes we turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to it. So I’m glad that you able to do that.

And you’ve got is we ask him to do what we want. Well, I want this. I want to give me give me give me your shopping list. That’s that does that’s better than Athie ism. But the perfection is to humbly submit yourself to the supreme being. Now, how can I serve you? What do you want me to do? That’s a perfection.

Yeah, absolutely. Now, I enjoyed doing some reading about you and looking at your website and whatnot. I noticed that your teachings, I guess, are also sort of based on the ancient Vedic teachings of in the Bible. Yeah. And I actually recently I think I think I actually picked up a copy now at the used bookstore of all of it. And but I had listened to an audio book of it recently, sort of a short version of it, but just sort of going over a little bit the highlights of some of the teachings. But what was it about these teachings that really spoke to you?

Well, my first connection with the Bhagavad Gita was back in 68 in Denver. And in again, Christian says, if you offer me with love and devotion only for flower food or water, I will accept it. So I started doing that. I have little alternative opera. It’s a vegetarian diet. It doesn’t say meat fish for eggs, but if you offer me a leaf for food or water. So I was offering my food guide and eating that food so that that way my eating became a holy sacrament. So that was my first connection with them. But then later on, after later on, when I was intensely searching for perfection, then Krishna also says negative. The deep reporting, the pashminas, pashminas, protection prediction gone. I’m going to start production and just try to learn the truth by approaching the spiritual master and quieten him submissively, render service, sending him self souls can impart knowledge onto you because they have seen the truth. So this phenomenon that he was a disciple of Acey did not Despommier, the founder of our Christian movement. And he was he was telling me I should become the disciple. So I was kind of hesitant at first time, but I realized finally this was the real secret of how to achieve that professional status. You become actually a disciple of a bonafide spiritual master. You follow his instructions, then you then you actually enter into the actually live in the bag. I get it. Twenty four hours a day.

Wow. You know, you talk about that we can actually bring about a new era of peace, prosperity and happiness to our troubled planet with all the things we’ve been dealing with in the last year, a pandemic and global warming and all of that. So how can we go about doing that?

Described in the ancient Vedic wisdom, Ishibashi, we don’t serve. You can just change the chain, the bones. You talk about everything animate or inanimate that is within the universe is shouted on by the Lord. Ever want you to accept only those things necessary for himself, which is set aside as part of knowing where everything belongs. So we actually see that the supreme person, that God is actually the owner of everything and everything should be engaged in his service is God centered. Conception is the true formula for bringing peace and happiness to the entire world. And Krishna also describes this in the Bhagavad Gita, the fifth chapter text. Twenty nine. He says Boko Haram took it up to some sort of a local on. But I’m so sorry about the got from rigidity. But it knows me is the the owner of everything and therefore the enjoyer of everything and the best friend of all living beings, that person going to have peace so we can educate the entire world to understand that’s the same person that’s that’s a trained person is the source of all existence, is the actual owner of everything, because everything it his energy and everything is for his pleasure and satisfaction that he’s actually our very best friend. If we can educate the entire world on this peace formula, then we can have two world peace. That’s my mission. I want to educate the entire world in this formula now.

And I know part of that is, I guess as you I understand that you’ve got a book that you’ve been working on. Can you share a little bit about what

With the content and deliver the world the story of my own spiritual awakening and and the detailed instructions of how you can become spiritually awakened and how then we can take that awakening and manifest it throughout the entire world and bring a new era to this planet.

Well. That sounds like something we definitely should read, but I want to ask you, because I know there are probably some people out there saying, well, that sounds nice about being certainly awakened, but I also still want to be able to put food on the table and and I want to be able to enjoy whatever. Well, I was going to say go to the movies, but we have trouble doing that. But let’s say I want to be able to play my video games or I want to be able to run a business and be successful. Can you have both

Legs, just like when you just like in your body, the example, your body. Now, what part of the body actually enjoys the food? Is the ballet right now the hand? The hand doesn’t really enjoy the food service that the hands serve the belly. Now, does the hand get the enjoyment? Yes, it does. And the hands of when the hand is said, it is squeezing the food in the fingers. The hand gives it to the mouth to go into the belly. That’s how the hand enjoys the food by giving into the belly. So the thing is, when you actually focus on serving that supreme enjoyer, then you enjoy perfectly yourself. Also, if you try to enjoy separately, then that’s the brain you may try to enjoy. We can never really enjoy this. Like that old song from the Rolling Stones. I can’t get no satisfaction. We try we try to enjoy it here. We try to enjoy that. We try, try, try, try, try to enjoy. We’re still frustrated that if we just focus on serving that supreme that we we enjoy along with them as we’re part of him. When you serve that supreme person, you serve your belly. Every part of the body is serve the. So nothing is left out. That’s how you actually enjoy it by serving the Supreme.

Well, I know something else that I noticed that you do, and I imagine it’s because you enjoy it, as you also do in music. I understand that you’re a songwriter. And and I saw video of you actually singing, playing guitar. So how how has that, I guess, factored into what you and

I wrote us? I wrote a song that verse the peace formula. I wrote a song about that. And it’s actually bizarre. And it’s a big ratings on the just a few months ago, I was getting ready to get some really good ratings on that site called the. The ratings service they call the billboard getting ready to and Billboard and I signed the peace formula. Now, Senate Senator, President Obama I really like I got a nice letter from he really appreciates the song. I have a website about the peace formula that Obama really liked the song. So we can use we can use music, we can use drama, we can use movies. We can use all kinds of media to to educate the world as to a higher consciousness that are being true peace and happiness for everyone.

Well, I think that’s a wonderful idea. And I do hope it actually was bringing to mind the old John Lennon song, Give Peace a Chance. I was actually reading something about that recently in AARP magazine. Somebody was talking about it again. And and it’s amazing how, you know, that was something that was back in the 1970s when we were dealing with the Vietnam War. And it’s it’s sad sometimes how it seems like, you know, we keep sort of repeating our same mistakes and things don’t seem to change. And at the same time, I do I suspect, or at least I’m hopeful that maybe things are starting to shift because I do come across people like yourself and others even who are not necessarily spiritual masters, but there are spiritual of a spiritual mind and are really working to bring change about in our planet.

It’s certainly possible we have that potential, if we can, just of putting our egos in the center, the garden center, we can actually change the whole situation.

Yeah. So for your lips to God’s ears, right? Yes. They say what else have you been able to or I should say help? What other advice do you have for people and in particular of how to be able to I mean, because I know you mentioned I know what I want to say. How can you talk about putting God first in our life? So what would

Be going do that? The recommended technique in this age is the chanting, the holy names of God, just like we had a Christian, I had a Christian, the Krishna Krishna. And I had it on and on and on. The idea that you’re a Muslim, Christian, Christian and Christian Christ Christ tries every to sound vibrations, actually elevate the consciousness beyond material kind, the spiritual plan we recommend and the daily meditation on the holy names of God. According to your tradition, the annual tradition generally Christian and George Harrison recommended that My sweet Lord Krishna or Hallelujah, you can chat a sound, a spiritual sound vibrations by associating with a spiritual sound vibrations, you elevate your consciousness. So we recommended daily meditation on transcendental meditation, the holy names of the.

Well, I, I know I don’t do the the chanting, but I do it with some silent, silent vibration, silent meditation every morning. And I know that that has definitely helped me, but I might have to consider doing the chanting as well.

The town is very powerful, very, very powerful. It’s much it’s much easier to focus the mind on a sound that I’m nothing.

Now, do you recommend can someone just listen to, like, say, because I know like a YouTube, we’ve got all kinds of recordings and things are chanting or is it or is it whatever you need to do it yourself though,

If you hear it, that’s also good. By hearing me, by hearing the chanting is also good actually begins with hearing. Hearing is the first thing. What we do in our in our programs is we have what’s called curtain lip, a little thing. Everybody comes in the chorus, you’ll go on it and then the whole group comes in as a chorus and they go back and forth. So you hear and you can go back and forth. The hearing is actually the beginning.

That’s that’s interesting that you mention that, because I actually just took part in a course recently about vocal and exploring the voice. And that was one of the things we did is we did do some cureton chanting. So I’ve been exposed to that now. And so and it was it really was powerful just doing it that little bit in our class. And and I’ll just let anyone know if you’re interested. There are you can find these on Spotify, because that was what my my coach was leading this, he had pulled together a list of a playlist, some different kirtan, a to listen to. So if you’re interested, I know you can definitely search for them online and find them. I just think what else I want to ask you about. Tell me a little bit more about what what made you decide to write a book? Because I’m in the middle of writing a book myself, so I’m always curious to talk with the world’s poor writers

Who is in desperate need of this guidance right now. We don’t have proper leadership in the world. The whole thing is it’s a madhouse. So we need proper guidance in the world so that people can understand how to live in such a way. They’re in harmony with the same person and how we can create a peaceful, beautiful atmosphere for everybody on this planet.

Ok, well, if somebody wants to be able to get more information from you and to maybe study, do you have something available that people can.

I have a free course. You just got to join Chorus Dotcom and you’ll get something every day and you can write me questions. Also ask questions. I got about thirty thousand people signed up for the daily easing going up the ultimate stabilisation force. It is a sign of a giant cause. Dotcom.

Wonderful. And where else can people find out more about you and if they want to be able to learn more about how to bring more peace into our lives? Other than that, you have another website too.

Are you another world leader?

Dot com right next to. I’ll make sure that I have all of that information in our show notes. So if you’re listening and can’t get your a piece of paper and write something down or get to your computer, you’ll you’ll be able to look it up later on your website. If you go to live, love, engage podcasts, dot com, you’ll be able to find be able to find out the information before I let you go. Is there anything else that you think is important that you’d like to share with those who are listening or watching on YouTube?

Absolutely. Don’t really encourage you. Don’t shoot yourself on misidentifying misidentifying yourself with your material body. You’re actually an internal spiritual being, qualitatively one with the same person as the source of all existence. You’re actually an internal server. That’s the same person. You actually do have an identity in the spiritual world. This transcendental pastimes due to a misuse of your independence, you’ve come to try and enjoy separately in this material existence where there actually is no genuine enjoyment of the real enjoyment that we have is to get back to our original position. Right now, we’re like fish out of the one fish may try to enjoy flapping on the beach. You can’t really enjoy on the beach getting back in the water. So we want to teach you how to get back into your actual identity as a spiritual being servant of the supreme person. This is this is our we want to teach you how to do this, because this will give you unlimited happiness. And when you and when you realize that identity, that will just be a piece of cake, just like working from one room to another. See, right now, death is very fearful for us.

Was so afraid of covid-19. Oh, I may catch it. But actually when you realize your spiritual identity, that is nothing is just walking from one room to another. We want to train you how to awaken. Your eternal identity is a servant of that supreme person, how to be in a state of pure loving relationship with them. When you give your loving servants, here’s the beauty of this process. When you give your lover that supreme person is the root of all existence, then you become the perfect lover of all living entities throughout all of existence, including yourself. What are the root of the tree? All the leaves and branches are nourished. You try to water the leaves separately. You’re not going to get the benefit of the water out of the root and the whole tree is there. So we teach you how to water the root of all existence, which is now. Will you give loving service to every single living entity throughout the entire universe? Just imagine how good you would feel if every day you can be serving every perfectly, serving every living entity throughout all of existence. That’s how we train you to do wonderful.

Well, I think that would be a good practice for people to do so. I highly recommend you to go to join Commerce dot com and check it out because, yeah, we definitely need to have we need to be able to spread more. Love and happiness in the world, and and I do think it’s you’re right, it is important to just start with us. We have to be able to learn how to love ourselves so that we can then be able to love each other a lot more easily and to be able to see that we are all just a reflection of ourselves. So thank you so much for being here today. I really appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to be able to enlighten my audience. And hopefully someone will hear your message today and be able to something will trigger in them that they’ll want to be able to do some more research and and connect with you.

We want to turn on the library and everyone you actually have everyone alive. But then but most people have it turned off right now. Want to flip that switch to become enlightened being. That’s that’s our goal. We want to help you turn on that, which makes you to be absolutely life.

All right. Well, with that, I think we’re going to. Call it a day for this episode, but I appreciate you being here again so us and

Sadly, a lot of the bigger men have been delighted to be back. Really want me to come back?

Absolutely. Absolutely. And I thank you. Who are watching on YouTube and who are listening on the different podcast platforms out there like iTunes and Spotify and Pandora. And until next time, as always, I encourage you to go out and live fully loved deeply and engage authentically.

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