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How to Live in High Vibration with Tessa Stowe

In this episode we’ll be exploring how living in high vibration supports your health and happiness with Tessa Stowe. Tessa is an experienced traveler who inspires and empowers people to live in high vibration so they are free to live a happy, healthy, enchanted life.

Tessa discovered the importance of this while walking the path of grief after her husband passed in 2013. Now, she has a burning passion to share her knowledge of how to live in high vibration. We hear about how she navigated through her own grief and what she learned along the way.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • What it means to live in high vibration.
  • What your body is detecting when you’re in low vibration.
  • The emotions associated with low vibration versus high vibration.
  • What Tessa discovered in 2020.
  • Why she says happiness is a learned superpower.
  • What Tessa was convinced of after her husband passed.
  • How an assignment from a grief counselor helped her feel happiness again.
  • How being in nature can help you raise your vibration.
  • Why how you start your day is important
  • What the ULA methodology is and how it helps you pick yourself back up.
  • Why Tessa had a “pity party day” and how she felt by the end of it.
  • Why it’s important to acknowledge your negative emotions.
  • How Tessa ended up living in Bali.
  • One of her favorite travel experiences of all time.
  • Why Tessa emphasizes embracing and experiencing different cultures.
  • Why she is no longer afraid of death.
  • Where her passion to help people live an enchanted life comes from.

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You’re listening to the Live Love Engage podcast on today’s show, what does living in high vibration have to do with being happy and healthy. Stay tuned.

I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the Love Method and author of the number one Amazon Best Seller, Live Love Engage How to Stop Doubting Yourself and start being yourself. In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully. Love deeply and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence and income. Welcome to live love.

Engage namaste and welcome to live love engage. I am delighted to be with you again for another episode and I’ve got a lovely guest in. Well, I was going to say in the studio, Wouldn’t that be nice? I don’t really have a studio. I’m coming to you from my home and she’s coming to you from her home. Clear across the world. In fact, this is Tessa Stowe, who is coming to us from Bali. So welcome, Tessa, to live love engage.

Oh, thank you, Gloria. It’s so great to be here and to be connected across the world and across time zones. And as we were discussing before, I’m in the future and you’re in the past.

That’s right.

It’s Thursday morning here and it’s your Wednesday evening. So it’s just isn’t it great that we can be connected the past and the future all at the same time as well? I mean, it’ll wonders of technology.

I know it. It is amazing for all of the other, you know, things that we go through. I wouldn’t trade being alive right now for anything because I’m living my, you know, growing up with Star Trek. And now it’s a reality where I get to talk to people and see them, you know, I remember, oh, video phones would be so, you know, so science fiction. And now we do it every day. I love

It. Yes, yes. I think Star Trek we love in Star Trek in more ways than one.

Yeah, this is true. This is true. Well, anyway, let me share with our audience who is listening and watching on YouTube a little bit about who you are and and why. I thought you’d make an excellent guest for our show today. So Tessa is actually a world traveler. She was born in New Zealand and she’s lived and worked in the UK and Bahrain, South Africa, Australia. And what she does now is she inspires and empowers people to live in high vibrations so they are free to live a happy, healthy and chanted life. And she discovered the importance of doing this on her journey of grief after her husband, Mike, passed away from brain cancer in twenty thirteen and of course, during the events of Twenty Twenty. But now she has a gift to share and a burning passion to share that gift and which is knowing how to live in high vibration. So that’s intrigued me. No end, and I thought, Oh, let’s let’s talk about that today. So tell our listeners and viewers out there. What exactly do you mean by living in high vibration?

I it’s living in high vibration, it’s like we are vibrational beings, we are vibrating all the time, everything is always vibrating. And it’s our vibration is absolutely everything. And our vibration or your vibration actually gives you the life that you’re living right now. Because what? Let’s, for example, say that your body, which your your body’s like a vibration detector and your vibration detector is actually there’s a method, a fabulous method that your body actually uses to help you survive. And it’s how we’ve survived as a human species all this time. So basically, if your body detects your vibration detector and your body detects that you’re in low vibration, it goes. It just assumes that you’re in danger. So it assumes that you are basically being chased by a saber tooth tiger. So it goes, Oh my goodness, you’re in immediate danger, you know? So what it does is it it switches off all your all your health systems like it switches off your immune system, your growth and rapid or natural healing because it wants to use all that energy to help you escape the saber tooth tiger, which is the immediate danger. And let’s face it, when you’re being chased by a saber toothed tiger, it’s not the time to stop and smell the roses. So you just don’t do all that stop and smelling the rose and stuff when you are in being chased by a saber tooth tiger, which the body thinks is urine low vibration. So when you are in low vibration, your body just does all these things to help you survive. And whereas when you’re in high vibration, the body goes, Oh, it just goes, well, you’re safe. So your body just lets you do all those things like it’s now definitely the time to stop and smell the roses. It’s all fine. And then your body does all sorts of wonderful things. It has all your health systems going your immune systems, your growth and repair your healing systems. So basically, that’s why I say, you know, live and high vibration so that you are free to live a happy, healthy, enchanted life. Does that does that make sense?

It does, yeah. And I would say because especially I’m sort of a student of this, this type of thinking anyway. And but I haven’t haven’t necessarily used well. I think other people, I think, have mentioned it. But but I know it’s a little bit everybody has their unique perspective of how they come at this way of being able to to live. And I’m I’m thinking it’s. Some people won’t actually, I’m going to I’m going to come at it from a different angle.

Do I think sometimes I said yes, sorry, oh, sorry.

I was going to say is that I think sometimes, you know, people think high vibration and low vibration. So you were talking about that. The low vibration is sort of like when you’re feeling that you’re in danger, but it can also be just, I mean, being sort of just, you know, how we describe just where we’re feeling low, where we’re not.

Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. It’s I was, I suppose I’ve just explained it in a very generalized way, but low vibration on it. When you’re when you’re having any of those emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, judgment, sadness, grief, those are all what I put in the low vibration categories.


Yeah. Whereas when you’re like things like joy, love, compassion, excitement, all those are in high vibration. So my example of the saber toothed tiger, which was related to fear. That’s just an example, but it’s really all those low vibration emotions or some people call them negative emotions. So, yeah, so thanks for clarifying that. So. So and it’s and it’s interesting because this is another point and this is what I discovered during 2020 is see, I thought that it was just all about your emotions, like you’re feeling these negative emotions, you’re in low vibration, et cetera, or you’re feeling positive. Emotions are in high vibration. And I just thought it was all about your emotions. And then I discovered in 2020 when I went down some rabbit holes, is that what impacts your vibration is also what you consume through your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth and your skin. So if you, for example, are consuming low vibration food like processed food, for example, I mean, that’s going to make you your body basically go into that low vibration state. Other words, the body is going to go, Oh my goodness, you’re in danger, you’re in danger. So it’s the same thing with music. If you listen to certain music, it’s going to do terrible things. First of all, you know, that’s an import and that affects your vibration and then your vibration detector is always going, OK. It’s simplistic, but it’s going, you know, danger. You know, don’t smell the roses, you know, safe, smell the roses. So you can affect that just by listening to music, as I said, by by eating or even putting stuff on your skin. So it’s anything that’s really coming. Coming in really has a huge impact on our vibration and therefore on our health, our happiness and, you know, the life we live.

Hmm. Now have you always kind of suspected this because I know you realize the importance of it through through, you know, your grief journey from your husband. But but was it? Was it something that maybe you already kind of more interested in it? Or did it just sort of happen the last few years?

Yeah, no, I I had absolutely no idea. Absolutely no idea whatsoever. Like I discovered on my coming through my journey of grief, I discovered, for example, that happiness is a superpower and happiness is the superpower that you can learn and acquire. I mean, it’s, you know, it’s a it’s a skill. And I had no absolutely no idea. I thought happiness was something that you were kind of chasing. And one day, you know, one day when someday you’ll be able to, you know, do all these wonderful things and then and then you’d be happy or you’d buy a bigger house or a better car and then you’d be happy. I mean, I was completely screwed up on my view of what happiness was, and I really didn’t understand the impact of what you consume, of what you’re consuming, like music. I never understood the impact of that on your, on your body, on your health and your happiness. So I had I would say that prior to my husband’s death and prior to 2020, all the events of 2020 and 2021 I was I was clueless. I was just going along with the, you know what? We’re what we’re taught, which, which isn’t much. I mean, we’re not taught about. We’re not taught in school. Happiness is a skill and how to be happy. And we’re not taught about the importance really of and considering the all these inputs through your eyes or is your mouth, your nose or skin? We’re not. We’re not taught it. And I’m I’m being a bit conspiratorial here, but I but I think people, we’re actually it’s actually used against us because we consume a lot of things that actually make us sick, which is good for a certain industry. So I had I was completely clueless, basically.

So how did the grief journey then that you went on? How did that? Lead to this discovery then.

Well, I think because I after my husband died, I really just plummeted downhill. So I mean, I I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. The journey of grief after, well, it was my my partner while my husband, my best friend of twenty seven years. It was just it was just devastating. So I was in a really bad way and I was actually convinced that and I remember saying this to people I would. I said, I will never be happy again because to me, if I was going to be happy, that would be completely disloyal to my husband. So I was just that was it. My life was over. Never happy again. And I was just I was depressed. I was living in bed. I was drinking a lot of wine. I New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. I figured if I drank a lot, I’d pass out. Maybe I wouldn’t wake up. I was sick. I was getting. I got shingles on my eye, which is just horrible. You can go blind eye. I just had no energy. I was just in a really bad way, and I eventually ended up having grief counselling. I resist that, but I eventually I just had a meltdown and just ended up with grief counselling. And I basically after a while, I told her that I was living in bed because I had no reason to get up. I mean, what for? So and then one day she said to me, Oh, could you just do something little for me? And I thought, Hmm, well, I really liked her, and I thought as long as it’s only little, I’ll do it. So she said to me, she said, Well, when you wake up, just get up and put your clothes on and go across the road.

And I thought, Well, okay, but then what do I do? And she said, Well, you can go back to bed. So I thought, Oh, that’s pretty easy. So the next morning I got up, put my clothes on when across the road went okay, well around went back to bed. So that went on for a few days. And then I think it was about day four or day five and was across the road and I went, Whoa. It’s actually a really nice day. I think I might go for a walk. So I went for a walk and it was like I was seeing everything for the first time. I was noticing the flowers and the trees and the birds, and I went, Oh my goodness, I’ve just had a happiness moment. I went, Oh, she tricked me. And then one happiness moment led to another moment, another moment to another moment, and I went, Wow. And then I just realized that to be happy, you can just be happy by starting with the moment and starting with something really tiny. So that really led me on a on a journey, really. And then I discovered through one means or another that happiness, you know, you can learn it. You can. It’s a skill, you can learn it. So I mean, for example, anybody can learn to do have happiness moments. And then yes. And then I became because I’m brewing, I’ve always been very inquisitive. So I just started researching it and happiness, and then I went from happiness in the moment to happiness and self to happiness in relationships. And it just kind of went on from there. But it all just comes back to that moment that my grief counsellor tricked me. Really?

Well, I’m glad she did. And I think that’s that’s a good lesson is that it really just does take doing something just a little bit, just a little bit out of you, out of your normal routine that you maybe gotten into to be able to just shake things up a little bit. And and I love and I applaud you for, you know, no one having having the faith in her and just deciding that, OK, I guess it’s not that big a deal. I’ll do it. And then she kept doing it every day. You know, you didn’t just give up after the first day. And so that shows me that there, you know, is something inside of you that was like, OK, you know, we’ve, you know, you’re always going to miss your husband and there’s still more life to be led.

Yes. Yes, I finally got to that, I got to that turning point that there is more life to be lived because I can assure you that when you lose. Well, you know, you’ve had experience history yourself. It’s like when you lose somebody, it’s just you go to that moment of, well, maybe there isn’t more life to be lived, like, what’s the point? And that’s a terrible place to be in, and it’s a terrible situation. And and when somebody is in that, it’s free. You can’t by telling them there is more life to live and saying, Okay, Beta doesn’t actually help them in that situation. It doesn’t help them. It’s like it’s like someone’s got a broken arm and their arm is broken and they were in pain. And you say, Oh, don’t worry, because, you know, in six weeks, your arm will be healed. It doesn’t help right now. So it’s just. Yes, so it’s just really I’ve just lost track of what I was trying to say on here, but it’s really it’s really just connecting with. With with where somebody is at right now and just helping them where they’re at right now with something little, I think that’s where I what I’ve learned.

It’s not trying to solve it. I’ve just had a friend now who’s just lost her partner, and she’s just absolutely devastated. And for me to come in and say to her, Don’t worry, don’t worry. You know, in a year’s time, you’ll be absolutely fine. You’ll be living a life, you’ll be happy and everything that’s really not going to help her right now at all. In fact, it might even make her feel worse. So just you just got to meet somebody where they’re at right now, where they’re at and just give them something little just to move forward a little bit in the little bit and a little bit, and eventually it starts to gain momentum. So that’s my whole philosophy of of doing anything really is start really tiny. That’s why I say I’m such a fan of happiness moments. I love happiness moments. You know, if I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps or whatever, I just go, Okay. Happiness moment. I just do something tiny. Oh, look at the sky or look at listen to the birds or, you know.

Well, that’s what I was going to ask you is like what would be an example of some little happiness moments that someone could do, you know, if they’re kind of feeling low and they’ve got that low vibration going on and they want to be able to shift it?

Well, it depends. If you’re if you can get outside, think outside, it’s great if you can be out, if you can be in nature. Nature is just such a wonderful, juicy. I mean, it’s just full. I always say that nature is full of happiness moments. There’s all these things in nature that are bouncing up and down. Go hello, look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me. So we’re so busy. We rush by and don’t look at them. So if you can get out into nature and it doesn’t have to be like the wilderness or anything, it just can be just a little bit of nature. Even, you know, you’re in a pot plant, for example, it doesn’t have to be big, but just be in nature. And if you can be outside, you know, take your shoes off, ground yourself, you know, wiggle your toes. I mean, that’s a happiness moment, just wiggling your toes on the grass and just really connecting with that or or just looking at a plant, just looking at it, just being with it or just looking up at the sky. Well, since the birds, you know, use one of your senses and don’t make it a big deal and don’t have you don’t have to do it for very long either. That’s the thing. It’s like if you do it for two. If I say go and stare at a plant for ten minutes, you just go, Oh, right, no, I’ll get round to it sometime. That’s too big. So just go and stare at a plant for 30 seconds.

And the great thing is, when you’re doing these things and put your hand on your heart. See, I when you put your hand on your heart, warrior. And then you breathe, in fact, you do it and put your hand on your heart and then you breathe in and breathe out. And breathe in and out from your heart, so I imagine that imagine the air is coming in through your hand and it’s going out through hand. Well, immediately what that does is it takes you immediately out of your head because all this, these thoughts and the, you know, the anxiety, the fear and everything, it’s all in your head, right? We’re all like, we’re hid beings. You know, it’s all Gurjit eating out. Yeah, but if you start breathing in through your heart and see all those emotions aren’t there. So that’s an easy one, you can do that anywhere, any time. In fact, when you’re feeling anxious, just put your hand on your heart. Breathe in and breathe out. And another thing to do, which is really easy, is laugh, you know, find something to laugh about where my husband was dying. We spent a lot of time laughing. I know that sounds ridiculous, but he just wanted to watch comedies and laugh and just make make light of it. So laughter is a really great, great one as well. Just find something to laugh about. But for me, the number one is to no one’s hand on heart. And being in nature,

I love that. Yeah, yeah. And it’s so easy to find something to laugh at. Sometimes you might have something in your home like pets. Pets are really good for them.

Oh yes. Laughter machines.

Yeah, but you can. Yes, absolutely. But I I start my day. I go on to YouTube and I’m sort of hooked right now on improv comedy. And so I kind of will find that and start my day with with laughter. And that puts me in a good vibration for the day.

So I love that you said and I like what you say because I believe in a book ending. So start your day. Have a little some routine short ones that do think that that will set you up in a feeling good, laughing just, you know, because it has a ripple effect. How you start your day will ripple out into your day. So if you start your day with laughter, you’ll find more things in it, more in the day to laugh about, and you’ll be a whole lot more lighter about it. Yeah, just even what you say to yourself. First thing in the morning when you get up is what you say to yourself will set yourself up for the day. Like if you stand up and go, today is going to be a great day. And if you’re not believing it’s going to be a great day, you could say today is going to be a great day. Somehow, I could sit it up.

Yes, exactly. Yes, you set the intention that it’s going to be be great and something intentional.

Absolutely, absolutely. You know, and I have I’m sort of the, you know, living high vibration. So you’re free to live a happy, healthy and chance at life and on the happiness superpower person and all that sort of stuff. But that doesn’t mean to say I don’t have bad days and I do have bad days. Sometimes I just, you know, I have bad days, especially with what’s going on in the world. And I just go, Oh no, and I just go, Well, you know, and I just lie there and go, Okay, remember? And I just crawl my way back with happiness moments. So I just find that such a great skill to have as happiness moments. Yes. And because we’re all human beings. So there are going to be ups and downs and ups and downs. But it’s learning having the skills that when you’re down, you know how to pick yourself up and you know, and and as quickly as possible, because the more you go down, it’s like, it’s like quicksand, isn’t it? If you go down, it’s like quicksand and it sucks and sucks and sucks. And it just it just kind of pulls you down and it becomes harder and harder to get up. So for me, it’s really important if you’re going down is to just like, have heaven, your toolkit. And I have I have tools, and one of the tools is what I call the uhlah methodology.

Understand. Let go. Allow sorry action to help your help you pick yourself up. Because particularly with what’s going on in the world right now, you need to have tools to basically prevent yourself going into that quicksand and move forward. And it’s a lot of negativity going on in the world. And I’m not saying and that’s the other thing is, I’m not a Pollyanna. I’m not saying I don’t agree with, Oh, we just ignore all that negative stuff, you know, just ignore it. We just go up here and and ignore it, and I’m going well. My whole view is, no, you don’t want to ignore it. You want to be aware of it, but you don’t want to focus on it, you want to be aware of it, and then you want to basically take an action to move away from it. But you do definitely want to be aware of it. You want to shine the light on it because those sort of things don’t like it when the light shines shining on it. And then you take some sort of action like, for example, you know, an example is like food. I mean, food is processed, food is really bad for you, for example, and I just didn’t really realize how bad and all that sort of stuff until when my husband died from cancer.

And then 2020, I did some more research. So processed food keeps you in low vibration leads to all sorts of illnesses, all sorts of things. So you could get yourself. You could focus on that and do a whole lot of research to get yourself really upset about that. So it really worked out for like, how can they give us all this awful food and make us sick and all that stuff and get really angry? All the other alternative is you can go, I’m aware of that. Yes. I’m just going to, you know, processed food is not good for you. I’m just going to let it go. I’m not going to try and fix it. You know, I’m just going to and I’m not going to get all angry I. Is going to let it go, and then I’m just going to take action, which means I’m going to eat really, you know, food as natural as possible, you know, preferably all organic, all that sort of stuff. And if enough people did that, then the processed food manufacturers would go out of business, wouldn’t they? So you’re not trying to fix it, but you’re just doing an action that takes away the need. So does that make sense? Yeah.

One hundred percent and and that and now I lost what I was going to say. There was one part of that that that I wanted to touch on. But, you know, hopefully it’ll come back to me. But yeah, it’s it’s. Taking action is it’s so important. Oh, I know what I was going to say is that yeah to. Knowing that it’s OK for you to sometimes have those bad days and to be OK with that. That’s one thing I learned is that is because if you just try to resist it, then it almost makes it worse and then you have a harder time of coming out. But if you can just sort of I’ve learned to just say, OK, so I’m just going to be down for a little while. It’s all right. I’ll just take the time to have a have a good cry and let it come out, and then I can go back and start looking for those happiness moments again.

Oh, absolutely. In fact, Corey, I must tell you about a friend of mine, Janet Jones. She came and saw me one day and she said, Oh, Tessa, you look, pardon the expression. She said, You look like crap. And I did. I was just having going through a really bad patch after my husband died and I was resisting it and trying to, you know, be or whatever. But she’s she just looked took one look at me and knew exactly where I was at. And I said, Yeah, I’m in a really bad day. So she said, Look, I have a suggestion for you, Tessa. She said, Why don’t you just have a pity party day and have a day where you just say, OK, today, I’m just going to feel really sorry for myself, she said. And just and she said, think about a whole lot of things that will make you sad. She said, Watch sad movie. She said, just cry and cry and cry and do it for the whole day. So I went, OK, so anyway, so the next morning I woke up and I went. Today is the day to day is pretty party day. So I sat, I cried and I cry. I sat on the toilet. I cried. I just went around my apartment. I cried. I read. I looked at photos of my husband. I cried. I watched a movie that I’d been meaning to watch that I knew was sad. But I watched that and I cried. I mean, I cried. I cried the whole day. I tell you, Gloria, at the end of the day, I was so exhausted, right?

I thought so.

I was so exhausted, and I just I just went to sleep. I had the best night’s sleep for ages, and I woke up the next day and I felt absolutely fabulous. So I’m a great advocate as if you’re really going through a bad time. Just have a pity party. You know, I did it for a whole day, but just all. You can do it for an hour, but whatever you do is just acknowledge it and just go with it because if you suppress it, actually what happens is it will eventually make you sick, right? So but I can highly recommend petty party days. Fantastic.

I love it so well. I wanted to ask you one other thing because I love how you know that you reading doing my research about that you that you’ve done all this wonderful travel and now you’re living in a place that so many people, I think, just dream about visiting Bali. So how did you end up there and tell us a little bit about what is life like to actually live in this country?

Yeah. Well, how I got here. Wow, that’s interesting. I came to Bali. Actually, it was my first and I just mentioned before Jeanette Jones, I met her randomly on Facebook because I was decided, I decided that I needed to go on a spiritual after my husband died. I wanted to go on a spiritual retreat because I was desperate. Gloria said. But I was desperate to connect with him, and the other were. So I thought, I’ll go on the spiritual retreat and I found it online through Facebook. Janet Jones, I never met her, but she was running this retreat and it was just perfect. It just everything was perfect. And it happened to be in Bali, which was a big thing for me to go to Bali because that’s where my husband and I used to go a lot. So that was confronting, but I went to the retreat and I just absolutely loved it and consequently just wanted to keep coming back to Bali. So I think on the next trip or a couple of trips back, I was staying. I know that’s what happened. It was January of 2018. This little voice in my head was going, Go away, go away. You need to go away. You need to go away and think, Go away somewhere, go away. And I’m thinking, Where will I go? We were like, going to Bali, go to Bali, go to Bali. So I went, Oh, okay, I’ll go to Bali. So I followed that little voice. I went to Bali and I thought, Where will I stay? And I thought somebody would show me this particular place. So I stayed in this place, arrived there late at night, and the next morning I woke up and I thought, Okay, I’m just going to go for a walk into the village.

And I came out of this place and I got to like it was two paths. It was the path that I could see went to the main road. And then there was the path to the right, and there was all these chickens running around and I thought, Oh, I wonder where those chickens are going? I thought, I’ll follow the chickens. So I followed the chickens, and then they went off off again to the right and I thought, Whoa, this looks like someone’s driveway. And I thought, Well, if it is someone’s driveway in the house, you know, they can always kick me out. So I went down down the driveway and sure enough, it was someone’s house and I bumped into the owner of the house who and he his house was on the back of another resort. So his name was Brad, and we chatted for a couple of minutes. And then he said to me, Oh, he said, Tessa, you might want to come and live here. And I just thought, what a strange thing to say and what a very strange person. I mean, I’ve only just met you and you’re saying, you know, you might want to come and live here. And he said, I’ll show you an apartment. So I went, Okay, you know, I didn’t want to be rude. Let me show me this apartment. And it was a really nice apartment, and I just said, Oh no, that’s nice. Thank you. Anyway, to cut a long story short, November of that year, I messaged bread and I said, Oh, Brad, now about that apartment? I moved into that apartment in January of 2019. So that’s how I ended up in Bali. Really, I just followed the chickens.

Oh my goodness, what a story. But now I understand that you’re living. You’re not in it or not in that apartment, necessarily.

No, no. I’ve moved, you know, 20 all these events of what’s going on course. There’s a whole lots of changes. And that resort that I was living in, there’s well, it’s virtually empty now because no one’s allowed in here. So I ended up moving to Ubud, which is more in the hills. I was on the sea and now I’m in the hills and Corbould and I’ve moved. I’ve been in Ubud for a year and moved three times. They started building it, but Bali is really into construction, so they started constructing a wedding venue my next to my last place. So that was a bit much. I had to move, so I decided to move and I found this amazing place. Or, shall I say, my friend found it. It’s an amazing villa right in the middle of the rice paddy fields. So now I don’t. My neighbours are ducks. You know, the rice paddy field farmers, the birds. I mean, it’s just it’s just fabulous surrounded by rice paddy fields. Yeah, and it’s quite busy, you know, and I’ve fallen in love with the Ducks. I don’t think I’ll ever eat another duck, actually, because I just think the Ducks are so cute and I watch them the way they waddle through their rice fields. And you know, they’re so cute. I won’t eat duck again now.

Goodness gracious.

Well, that’s lovely, because that’s very because I’m living in the rice paddy fields and because the villa I’ve got is owned by a lovely Balinese Daiwa. I’m very much involved with all the the celebrations and the ceremonies, for example, like yesterday was and will for sure, today is New Moon. So yesterday morning, day one comes and turns up with all these beautiful Balinese offerings. I don’t know if you’ve seen them, but they make these beautiful offerings. So because it was new. He just made these offerings and put offerings all around my place. I’ve got a small little temple Typekit offerings on the temple offering, say my gate, so every time I’ve got to actually keep up with the ceremonies because day was turning up with offerings. You know, it’s like and I always get given fruit, you know, bananas and snake fruit and all sorts of things. So I find I’m more part of the Balinese culture by living here in the middle of this rice paddy fields.

Oh, that’s lovely. Well, that’s I bet it’s a it’s an amazing experience just to be able to be immersed in another culture, and you certainly had opportunities to do that in your life. What has been what’s been either your most favorite experience out of all of your travels or maybe even the most unique? Oh.

Oh, oh gosh. The most unique oh oh, oh, I’ve had so many. And it’s really to do with the culture. You know, it’s like when I went to, Oh, it’s hard to tell. Oh, actually, this time last year, it came up as a memory in Facebook. Exactly. Exactly a year ago, six years ago today, on this exact day I was sleeping under the stars and the Sahara Desert, we’d gone into the Sahara Desert by camel, and we’re supposed to be sleeping in these tents. But it was such a beautiful evening. There was only there was four of us, and so we slept down under the stars. And I tell you, that was just the most amazing experience. I didn’t want to go to sleep because we’re in the Sahara Desert, right? And there’s there’s obviously nothing around. So you when when the night night time comes, you look up at the sky, at the sky and just all those stars and the Milky Way. And I tell you that I just have to I can close my eyes and take myself there. It was. That was just the one of the most amazing spiritual experiences lying on the honor in the Sahara desert at night, looking at at the sky.

So yeah, it’s just that’s just one of them. But I’ve got like the most amazing eating experience that was, for example, eating a tarantula. I mean, because, you know, in Cambodia, they eat a whole lot of eat crickets, grasshoppers, rats, snakes, tarantulas. So I was in this restaurant, right? And I thought, OK, this, you know, you’re here, you’re going to try these things. So they had you could order a tarantula. So I ordered these tarantulas. Well, I think the three of them came, came on this plate. They put them in front of me. They were beautifully presented, OK? And I looked at these tarantulas and I thought, Oh, OK. Right. And so. So what I did is, I just, you know, took a teensy weensy leg, the smallest leg I could find and and like that and I just couldn’t bring myself to eat the bodies, you know what I mean? So I’ll never forget it. So I looked across from me and there was some local person sitting there. And so I said to him, I said, Would you like my tarantulas? He was so excited. You know, really, I was just like, really easy. Do you want me to? You want to give me your tarantulas? He said he’d already eaten, he said, but I’ll take them home and he’ll sit at home with his wife and they’ll and they’ll eat the tarantulas.

And I’m just like, Oh, good, I’m glad you love it. So things, you know, if you if you travel or if you just you can just do it in your own backyard if you’re open to to open to the experiences. There’s so many. We’re all surrounded by different cultures, and if we’re open to to experience in the cultures and exploring them, it’s just wonderful. And I just I absolutely love trying to understand different cultures and different ways of being because there’s no one exact way of being. And, you know, just even trying to understand someone’s culture and having a conversation with them that actually makes you feel happy. So that’s what I call the happiness in relationships, just just connecting with people and trying to understand them rather than just judging, Oh, that’s right, that’s wrong. I mean, you know, for me, I put a set on eating tarantulas. How ridiculous now. But I was prepared to give it a go as far as a tiny little leg was concerned.

I love this story, and especially even when you were talking about, you know, looking up and seeing the stars, I can only imagine how spectacular that unbelievable. But you know, what do you have done? Is you you’ve created over your lifetime, you know, lots of happiness moments that you can pull up when you when you need one that you’ve got these memories.

So that’s absolutely, absolutely. But it’s interesting because until I did lots of traveling before my husband died, and so I’ve got lots of lots of memories, but it’s interesting once when my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer was 12 months from the day when he was, we found out he had brain cancer till till he died. It was from that moment on that we did. We’d we him and I travel a lot. Even when 12 months, we got some crazy things down. Look back on it. But well, still it was fun is that I was more we had so much fun and I’ve had lots of after. I got through that really bad part. I’ve had a lot of fun and joy and happiness in the last few years, but I think it’s. Souped up because I’ve been so much more present to it and aware of it and knowing how special it was, whereas before Mike got his cancer, although I did a lot of great things and travelled a lot, I wasn’t fully aware of how amazing and how joyful it was, if you know what I mean, I just took it all for granted. Whereas I don’t take things for granted anymore, I just appreciate the moments. It’s like when Daiwa comes and he puts these offerings and I just go, Wow, isn’t it beautiful that he’s doing that? And I just get so much joy out of it. So I just think it’s just been because you can handle a whole lot of experiences and a whole lot of memories. But are you really present to them? Are you really squeezing all that juice and joy out of them? So I’d say this is my life before. Well, there definitely was my life before Mike was diagnosed with cancer. The way I experienced moments and then how I experienced some after is totally different. Does that make sense?

It does, totally. Yeah. And and it’s it’s interesting, but it, you know, a lot of times we have, we have these. Moments in time, something happens significant that it does change our perspective about about life and how we move forward and and I think oftentimes it really does awaken in us more of a, you know, our spiritual side and we start really paying more attention to that than we did before. So, you know, even though it’s hard to get through in the moment, if we a lot of times there’s some blessings that come out of it and certainly seems like you’ve had a lot of blessings that have come about.

Oh, yes, that’s right. I just say like, like, for example, 2013, which was my husband, died in November 2013, and people say to me, Oh, that must have been a really horrible year. And I went, Well, actually, 2013 was one of the most fun years of my life. It was just so much fun because Mike and I just had we just we we just we realized that it was his time was limited. So when you when you know you’re going to die, you live. I know it sounds ridiculous because we all know we’re going to die, but we don’t really live our lives like that. But when Mike, we knew he was really going to die, we lived every moment. So it was just so it was just so unbelievably rich that time. So and I think and that’s just kind of carried carried forward because now I’m living, I live life like that. I knowing that I absolutely could die. Does that make sense?

Oh, yeah, absolutely. 100 percent.

Yeah, yeah. And I believe if I drop dead tomorrow or next or the next minute or whatever, I actually be happy because I’ve I know I’ve lived my life.

Mm hmm. Yeah, yeah. And that’s an important, important lesson that we need to keep in mind that we can do this now. We don’t have to actually wait for something to happen to a loved one or something like that, but we can choose to have these find these happiness moments now.

Precisely. And that’s what I. Gloria, that’s one of my missions is that you can wait until you have what I call a thump, you know, and a thump could be like the death of a loved one. Or a thump could be, you know, a devastating illness for you or a thump could be financial loss. You can see those thumps will most of the time will flick you into this kind of way of living and being? But my mission is I don’t want people to have to wait till those thumps. I want people. I want people to be able to live a happy, healthy and charge of life right now. And I want people to have the skills and the tools to do it right now. Don’t wait until those bumps come along. I mean, I wish I’d met me, you know, to me now way back, right? We do. But then again, if I’d met me, but if but then I if I needed to go through what I went through to get to where I am so I can have the gift to share people. So, you know, I’ve done the journey and now I can fast. I can speed it up for everybody else like, you know, don’t you know, not not don’t. But this is how this is what you can do to live a happy, healthy inside of life. This is what you can do to live your life knowing that you could die at any moment, like live life. Don’t be fearful of living life. Yeah, just go out there and embrace it and enjoy it and embrace it and enjoy it, no matter what is going on. And I and I mean, some awful things right now are going on, but under with all their awfulness that’s going on, there’s still absolute pure moments of joy and happiness that that are there right before you.

Absolutely. Yeah. It’s been wonderful talking to you and I, and I love it. The lessons that you’ve been sharing with us today about really it is about knowing that you can find these moments now. So if I wanted to ask you if someone wants to know, have more tools about how they can get their happiness moments and they want to be able to maybe learn a little bit more from you about how to live a happy, healthy and chanted life. Where is what’s the best way for people to contact you?

Well, I highly recommend that they download my living in high vibration roadmap, and you can find that out at that’s LHV roadmap, and that roadmap has also got my happiness superpower roadmap. So it’s got two roadmaps in there, and it’s got two videos which explain the road maps and that will give you, you know, that’s a good way to get started. And then you’ll also every week or so, get a video from me, which basically just expands on that and gives you extra tools or extra information to help you live a happy, healthy and chanted life. So, yep, just go to LHV roadmap and download the roadmap.

Very good. Awesome. Well, I’ll be sure to have that in the show notes. So if you’re somewhere right now where you can’t write that information down, don’t worry, just make sure that you head over to live Love Engage podcast later on, and then you’ll be able to get the episode and be able to get that information. So thank you so much for starting your day with us today because I know it’s early yet, and I appreciate you being with us today, Tessa, and sharing your your wisdom and your journeys and all of that with us and and I know what I’m going to call this episode. It’s definitely going to be like happiest moments I think will be the name of this episode.

So I think see you all my website. I’ve got a whole list of my happiest, happiest moments, actually. Yeah. Oh, Gloria, thank you. It’s been fabulous. Thank you so much. What a great way to start my day and

Thank you and thank all of you out there listening and watching on YouTube. I hope you’re already subscribed if you happen. If you’re not, if you have to come across this somehow, I hope you will subscribe to the YouTube channel or subscribe on. Actually, you can go to Pod Chaser, which rather than going to like Apple and all those other places, it’s a great place to be able to listen to a whole bunch of different podcasts. So check it out there. And until we meet again, I, as always, I encourage you to go out and live fully. Love deeply and engage authentically.

Love it. I love it. Fine.

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