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How to be a Great Speaker with Sam Crowley

In 2015, Sam Crowley was offering a course on how to launch a podcast, and it was that course that led to the creation of this podcast. Today, Sam joins us as a guest. He is a speaker, author, and high-performance coach. Sam specializes in helping everyday individuals create their own stage and share their million-dollar message.

His podcast, Every Day is Saturday, has over 20 million downloads in 225 countries. During the episode, Sam reveals what inspired him to become an entrepreneur, the work that inspires him most today, and the simple secret to being a really great speaker.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • Where the concept of every day being Saturday came from.
  • Why Sam decided to start a podcast when he did.
  • Why Sam approaches speaking engagements with no expectations.
  • The common thread among many speakers and how it benefits them.
  • What not to get caught up in when speaking.
  • What it means to do simple better.
  • The importance of passion and authenticity in speaking.
  • What excites Sam most about the work he does.
  • The type of clients he typically attracts and works with.
  • How being an entrepreneur helped Sam through a period of adversity.
  • The way adversity strengthened Sam and his family.
  • The legacy Sam wants to leave for his daughters.
  • Values that Sam and his wife are instilling in their children.
  • What Sam is most curious about right now.
  • Why he focuses less on money now than ever before.

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You’re listening to the live love engage podcast on today’s show, how entrepreneurs benefit by keeping their message simple Stay tuned. I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the love method and author of the number one, Amazon best seller live love, engage how to stop doubting yourself and start being yourself. In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully love, deeply and engage authentically. So you can create a life and business with more impact, influence, and income. Welcome to live love, engage

Namaste and welcome to another addition of live love, engage. And I am really excited about my guest today because he is somebody that I have known for quite a while. And he’s actually the reason really, frankly, that I’m doing this podcast today. So I wanna first off welcome Sam Crowley, to live love engage. And I’ll tell you more about that in a second. So welcome Sam.

Hey Gloria. Great to be here. Thanks for having me. Well, I’m delighted to have you and for, yeah. Let me, let me read a little bit about what Sam’s bio is, and then I’ll tell you, how he’s responsible for me being here today. So he is a speaker author and high performance coach, specializes in helping everyday individuals create their own stage and share their million dollar message. And he also has a podcast of his own. It’s called Every Day is Saturday, and it’s been downloaded over 20 million times in 225 countries. I still have a ways to go for that but I’ve gotten there slowly. And Sam has also shared the stage with a who’s who of speakers, including Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, the late lovely Bob Proctor, John Maxwell, and many more with the purpose of showing audience members, how they can create a lifetime of Saturdays. And as I mentioned, how I got to know Sam is that back in 2015, he was speaking at some event I went to, I don’t even remember what it was and he was offering a course on how to launch a podcast.

And so I said, Hmm, I think this might be a good way for me to get my message out, to grow my business. And I invested in that course and sure enough, I was able to launch a podcast. It was called, Write, Sell, Succeed at the time and was all about online marketing. And, I, you know, followed the, his directions and, you know, got to be on that new and noteworthy on apple and all that good stuff. And then life got in the way and I wound up putting it on hold for a few years, but now we are back and I’m proud to say, I’ve been doing this for over two years now. So, that’s my version, my story, but I wanna hear, and I know our audience wants to hear your story, Sam. So share with us where this concept of every day is Saturday came from and why you wound up actually then launching a podcast of the same name.

Yeah, that’s great. Cause I, like I said, thanks again for having me on the show. I remember 2015, that was probably either a peak potentials or new peaks, uh, whatever the name was at the time. Yes. Right. I think it was. Yeah.

Yep. And you invested in yourself and there’s a big lesson, right there going to live events and investing in yourself in your own personal growth and your business growth. And you know, whether you launched a podcast seven years ago, when you changed it, none of that matters. What matters is you actually said, Hey, I got a voice and I wanna actually share this. I’m not quite sure how or what it’s gonna doesn’t matter. The fact is you got going, you changed the name here and there. Maybe some artwork doesn’t matter. Know that, what matters is you’re still doing it 2022. And you’re getting that message out there. And people are listening. There’s always people listening to podcast. So, you know, I launched my show, you know, some, almost 20 years ago, my daughter Madeline and I was stuck in the corporate rat race. And my daughter, Madeline was three years old at the time.

And I never saw her. Um, because I worked all the time. And one night I came home from work and it was a Monday night, a cold November evening here in Ohio. And, but was tucking her in and she said, daddy is tomorrow. And I said, well, no, it’s not. Um, why do you ask? And she said, because that’s the only day we get a chance to see each other. So that just hit me right there. Like sometimes you have these epiphanies, and you know, it’s not a lightning bolt coming from above, but pretty close, you know? And so I went to bed that night didn’t sleep well at all because you know, my whole goal was to be a father. Um, you know, my dad left my mom to raise eight kids by herself, back in Bradford, Pennsylvania in the late sixties. Wouldn’t know the guy if he walked in the room right now. And I don’t use that as a, any kind of victim talk, I’m just saying that actually propelled me to want to be a father. But here I found myself not being present with my kids. Now I have four daughters. Madeline’s the oldest, she’s gonna graduate from the University of Cincinnati this year. That’s how fast time flies Gloria, you know? And we all say, I’ll get to it some day or one day. And next thing I know, 20 years go by and your kids are off to college or having their own kids. And you’re looking back like, where was I? So that’s what drove me. I’m not saying it’s the right way. It’s the only way I’m just saying that was my message and why I got started. So I started podcasting, sharing the hope and the vision of making everyday Saturday for men and women all around the world.

And some 20 million downloads later, uh, here we are with my own podcast and you know, I never, I just, I never, and everybody could say I had this vision. I did think about being a speaker. I’m not gonna lie. I did. I thought about sharing the stage with those people you mentioned, but I never believed it because I come from a poverty mindset and growing up on, you know, not, not a lot going on. And so I believe I thought about it, eh, you know, but what I found was that if you just keep doing what you’re doing, good things are gonna happen because, uh, things start to conspire in your favor because you start attracting like-minded individuals into your sphere of influence. And next thing you know, yeah, I’m on a stage here, I’m on a stage there. You saw me speak on a stage and they don’t just let anybody speak at those events.

You know, you have to be able to, you know, not only speak, but be able to actually move the needle, not only for the promoter, but the people in the audience. And whenever I talk, I always have zero expectation that anybody’s gonna buy my course or come on board as a client. I have no expectation. All I want to do is serve because I’ve been in that audience before and I’ve had the big pitch pitch pitch. I never wanted to be that person. And hopefully you didn’t feel that way you bought because you’re like, oh, you know, I like this guy seems to vibe with me. And I think I want a podcast. I think there’s a great lesson there when you go in with, with no expectation, but a real, real, whole lot of passion, good things are gonna happen for you. So it’s kind of my abbreviated version of how it all went down.

Well, I love it. And there’s so many good nuggets in there that you, that you just shared and I’m trying to be able to pull them all out here. But one of the things is the having no expectations. I think that a really good lesson for entrepreneurs in particular, cuz sometimes we get very stressed out about making sales and, and I know even, uh, I’ve, I’ve done a lot of speaker training and they will talk about the fact that, you know, training you the right way to be able to make a presentation, to be able to then make an offer and then hopefully have that offer, um, purchased I guess, or invested in. Yeah, the, the thing is, is that sometimes we get too caught up in that and we get too concerned about, oh, you know, and, and then people can feel that and then they’re not going to invest with you if you’re coming at it from that lack mindset.

Oh, I know the other thing I wanted to, I wanted to talk about, which I thought was interesting too, is that, I don’t know if it’s, if you have noticed this, but it seems that all of the really successful people are… maybe not all of them, but a lot of successful people, a lot of successful speakers have come from backgrounds where they were, I wouldn’t say disadvantaged, but I would say they didn’t have maybe that support or, you know, they, they weren’t, you know, handed the silver spoon, shall we say? I think that is also what helps them then to become good speakers and, and great speakers because they’ve experienced that. What, what do you think has that, have you noticed that?

No, absolutely. A hundred percent. I think of Les Brown, you know, Mrs. Maybe Brown’s baby boy. And Les was always called DT, which stands for stood for when he was in the fifth grade, the dumb twin, cuz he had a twin brother Wesley. So it was Wesley and Leslie Les was uh, deemed by the, uh, by the education system to be educably retarded at the time we’re talking the sixties, you know? Yeah. And you know, when you hear him tell a story and he was called the dumb twin and labeled this and labeled that here, this guy could speak in arenas of 40,000 people just go on YouTube. You could see his stuff there. And you know, there’s a lot of that men and women, you know, I’ve listened to the Janet Atwoods of the world, the Lisa Nichols of the world and people like that. And they all have not only, I don’t know about the disadvantaged background, but you’re right, everyone that you just mentioned has, I mean, Bob Proctor, you know, the late Bob Proctor now feels weird to say that, but you know, Bob is an individual who, you know, he doesn’t even have a high school.

He didn’t even have a high school degree, you know? And speaking is more about passion. It’s not about being able to articulate perfectly or say the right thing. I mean, most Americans communicate at a seventh grade level and that’s the way we talk every day. Like we’re hanging out at the kitchen table or with our friends or at Starbucks, we don’t try to put fancy words together. And I think that’s where speakers get caught up. And you could say this in any kind, whether it’s email marketing or social media, when people put a post out there, they try to say the right thing and the perfect thing. And you know, I think with a podcast, especially if you speak how you always do, uh, it’s so natural for you to speak that way. And that’s why it’s. So I think everybody should have a podcast.

And, and when you speak on stage, don’t get caught up in the fact that now you’re on a riser, you know, three feet above everybody else. You’re just at Starbucks having a conversation, telling people why you’re so passionate about the topic you’re speaking about. And if you keep it simple, my motto is do simple, better. So pick something, keep it simple, do it better than anybody else out there. And the reason it’s better than anybody else Gloria is because it’s your story. Can’t be copy. You know, you can copy a piece of software. You can copy literature, you can plagiarize this or that, but nobody could copy your story and your experience. So whether you come from, you know, you’re a trust fund baby, or whether you come from a trailer and getting free cheese like I did in school, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you speak the way you always speak regardless.

And you know, the speakers you’ve seen on stage that you’re like, does this guy or girl even know where they are right now. They know their audience, you know, and you can tell right away. So I would just encourage anybody out there that yes, become a public speaker. Even if that means launching a podcast. I mean, I podcast from my car every day. Okay. I have a phone. I podcast in my car, into my phone, create a 10-minute audio out the door. It’s very, very simple. So that’s kind of like where the advice I would give somebody is keep it simple, speak like you always do. You don’t gotta have the Toastmasters degree or anything like that. People really resonate with an authentic message.

Absolutely. And I, I love how you do, uh, keep it simple in that fact that you are able to do it, like in your car, I’ve gotten to be more elaborate. And I think it’s just because my background, I actually, I used to work in television, so. Oh,
Okay. Yeah. Great.

Although at the time I never wanted to be in front of a camera though. Never wanted to do that. So it was only when I started my business that I realized I had to, oh, I have to like talk to people now. Oh yeah. But I realized I still, I do like it. So you get used to it. What, you know, you talk about, I, I know that you really have a passion for helping people to be able to speak and be able to, whether it’s launching a podcast or, or just being able to communicate, what gets you really excited about the work that you’re doing and helping people that way?

Because I get an opportunity to coach people. Who’s a, a former version of myself, you know? So I look for, uh, people that have a high degree of motivation and energy and I, and you and I had this conversation a couple of nights ago, people wanna be led. They don’t wanna be saved. You know? Well, they may wanna be saved, but you can’t save them. They, you need to lead them. So I look for people to it wanna be led. Like I, I, I want, I didn’t wanna be saved. I knew I had to save myself. You know, of course I’m a Christian. I know that. Not everybody. I’m not here to save anybody in the Christian faith, but I accepted the Lord, Jesus Christ into my heart and everything flows through him. To me. I feel I have the Holy Spirit inside of me.

So I’ve got God literally living inside of me. I can do anything I wanna do. That’s my mindset. Okay. That’s my mindset up there. So I don’t really get too worked up either way, but I look for people who wanna be led, they feel like they have a tremendous passion. They just don’t know. You know, they need to be fumbled into the direction of where they want to go with their message. It’s very difficult. If you ask people, what do you do that can keep up at night for a week? You know, I don’t know what I do. I mean, I, and I would love to talk about, but I don’t know what I do, you know, and that was me. It’s like, great. I can be a motivational speaker, but you and I both know Gloria. You’ve been to the motivational speaker, uh, get togethers and you feel good while they’re talking maybe for an hour afterwards, but then you’re like, what do I do with that?

You know? So I look for people who have a high degree of energy motivation. They understand that they’re here for a purpose and it’s a very short period of time on earth. And they want to be able to get that message out while it’s still inside and they still have time to do it. So that’s really who I’m speaking to every day on my podcast. And you know, there’s a lesson there as well. You’re not gonna be everybody’s cup of tea, you know, but you throw the seeds out there. Some will land on the rocks. Some will land in fertile soil. The ones that land in fertile soil become the best clients. And it’s how I was able to attract you in, into my inner circle with every day a Saturday, because I was speaking to you, you were a former version of myself. You were just getting started. You didn’t have a podcast here we are. You know, and it’s, I I’d love to say it’s more complicated than that. It just isn’t, you know,

I love that. That’s true. And we do tend to overcomplicate things. I know I do. I, I live in my head a lot of the time. And so it’s, uh, I have learned now over the years to start leaning into my heart because that, yeah, uh, the heart is a lot smarter frankly, than the brain. And, uh, I, yeah, I love that. Um, one, one of the things I like to ask, uh, people like yourself, you know, someone who’s had modicum of success and to be able to ins,inspire educate also as well. Um, our listeners and, and viewers on YouTube is to talk about challenges because, um, it’s not always easy running a business or launching a speaking career or a podcast for that matter. So what’s one of the biggest challenges you’ve ever had to overcome.

How much time do we have? How much time do we have? Um, my golly, I could tell you the one that just comes always to the front of my mind was our daughter, Susan. Who’s our youngest child. Uh, she’ll be eight years old this August, but she was born at one pound, uh, back in 2014. My wife’s water broke at 23 weeks and she delivered Susan at 24 weeks, which is barely viable. Um, and you know, we were told she’d live maybe an hour or two, and this was at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital right down the road, 30 miles from where I live. And we’re like, okay, well, we’ll stay around. And we prayed and prayed. She made it through the first night. We were called down the second night to the NICU to say goodbye to her, cuz she wasn’t gonna, she made it through the second night and long story short.

Uh, she got a trach. She continued to grow from one pound to two pounds to three to five. And she spent 221 days at Children’s Hospital. Finally was able to come home. We set up a hospital in our living room and we just lived out of there for the next couple years, changing the trach, changing the ventilator, all of those things cost $40,000 a month to have a ventilator. And we got a hospital bill for $1.3 million during that period of time. And you know, what do you do with that? I just laughed when I got the first bill, I, I literally laughed out. You talk about an L O L, that was the L O L moment. Like what the, what am I gonna do with a million, three paying for? But you know what all of that worked itself out, uh, pick up the phone, you talk to administrators and people in billing, they just put a different code inm 1.2 million becomes a hundred thousand just like that. You know?

And you just gotta ask the right questions. You get better answers when you’re always asking. And because I was an entrepreneur and I didn’t have a job, imagine asking your boss, if you could take 221 days off work to be there for your child every day. But I brought my laptop to the NICU every day, uh, worked alongside my wife, Angela. So we would drop our three oldest kids who were in elementary and middle school at the time, drop ’em off at eight O’clock go down to children’s hospital, come home by two, pick up the kids, homework, bath, dinner, all of that, get ’em to bed, do the same thing again for 221 days. And had I not been an entrepreneur Gloria, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of that. So you get through adversity reminding yourself why you ever got started in the first place.

And I think that was my way of really understanding why I did this every day as Saturday gig again, is to be there for my I’d be there for my kids. And now we got our daughters gonna be eight years old and that’s, it’s just amazing. It’s an absolute living, breathing miracle as all humans are, but this story just had that extra caveat to it. So how do you get through adversity is you go through adversity enough and well, I’ll be 54 June. So I’ve had my fair share of adversity. You don’t live that long and not have that adversity. And I think it gives you a tremendous amount of wisdom. I would’ve never been able to deal with that in my twenties or even thirties, you know, because I wasn’t ready for that. And I think life prepares you for what’s gonna come your way because you went through challenges before and I went reminded myself, well, how did I get through those?

You know, the sun still came up the next day, went through a bankruptcy. The sun still came up the next day and everything has its way of kind of, uh, as long as you’re still in the game. It’s my philosophy as you’re yeah, you still got a shot, you know, and I never lost sight of why I was doing what I was doing. And I would still travel to Vancouver to speak in LA and Dallas and Florida. We would work out arrangements with a nurse or my wife to watch over Susan and I, we just still kept everything going and through the grace of God made it through, you know?
Yeah. I remember the, the post that you would make on, on like Facebook, I think about when, when she was, you know, making progress and really, you know, getting getting better. And it was amazing and I can’t believe it’s been eight years, eight, Eight years Something. Wow.

Um, yeah, I do love the fact that this is a lesson and it is why being an entrepreneur, even for all of the challenges that it can provide, but it really does have that wonderful gift of flexibility and that you can be able to take the time to be able to be with family members. I mean, I went this through the same thing myself when my sister had cancer and I, I flew out to Arizona to be with her cuz I lived in Florida and I, and I remember going to one of her chemo treatments bringing my laptop and I would sit work while she’s, you know, just having that IV. So I know exactly not exactly, but similar situation to what we were going through.

Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah.
Um, what kinda, uh, what impact would you like to live? Leave? I could speak today. What impact would you like to have on, uh, planet earth during your life lifetime? Well, You know, I think there is, I’d like to change generations of the Crowleys and I think we’ve been able to do that. Uh, our kids don’t know my God, they don’t know what it’s like to grow up. You know, the way my wife and I grew up, we changed that there weren’t smartphones. You know, when we grew, we actually had to go out and, you know, meet people and knock on doors and play baseball or basketball, whatever that looks like, play the sand lock games. I never wanted my kids to feel like that. I want all my daughters, once they hit 16, there’s a few rules in the Crowley house. You get a job, you pay your own car insurance and you pay your own phone. That’s the way it works. Non-negotiable here in the Crowley house. So got a daughter working at a hair salon, have another daughter working at old Navy daughter, working at Walgreens.

You know, I think it’s really important to get them into the workforce young, to get them experienced that if they don’t like a job, that’s great. Now, you know, you don’t like one go the entrepreneurial route. And if you know, I didn’t go to college to Penn state for a couple of years. It just didn’t really vibe with me, but I don’t talk my kids outta go to college. You know, I don’t push my beliefs on them, but I wanna change generations of my family. So when they have kids, they now have their foundation is built upon dad. They don’t even remember me going to a job. None of them ever remember me having a job, you know? And so I love the fact that my wife and I together through the work that we’ve done, we had our 24 year anniversary two days ago. And you know, know we’ve been able to change the generational curse within our family, whether that’s alcoholism, whether that’s poverty, whether abuse, whatever that looks like. That’s the mark that I would be probably most proud of.

I, and it’s so wonderful that you are teaching your daughters, uh, about that, about the fact that just because you have a, a degree of success, that it doesn’t mean that they get hand in everything that I, I love that they still need to be able to, to work and to pay their bills. Yeah. And yeah, I, I felt the same way about my kids there. I mean, I, I still remember when my son was, everybody was having an Xbox and, and I was like, no, I’m not gonna buy him one. If you want better earn the money to buy yourself. Cause you don’t need that stuff. I’d rather you rebook.
Yeah. Cause we all, you and I both grew up around kids who had everything given into them. And then you fast forward when they’re in their forties and fifties and they don’t know how to cope. You know, you talk about learning what it’s like to go through adversity. Well, if you go through it at a younger age and I mean, it’s all relative, but my daughter’s adversity is, Hey, I don’t have enough money to go to Starbucks. Guess what? You’re not going to Starbucks. You know, that’s just the way that that’s very minor in the grand scheme of things. But at the age of 16, it starts in the lesson that, Hey, I gotta have some discipline and I don’t really get everything that’s given to me. And, and when they’re in their thirties and forties, those small lessons will stay with them. I at least I believe they will when they become older, you know?

Oh Yeah, absolutely. In fact, it’ll be with them even as they get into their twenties because my kids have, um, I am very proud of them, uh, because they are saving money. I mean, they they’re, they don’t have like huge amounts of credit card debt. And in fact, I don’t think they have any credit card debt because they have learned from my husband and I, and they have applied those lessons. So they they’re so way ahead of what I was, let’s put it that way when I was their age. So I’m, I’m really happy for that. Um, one other question I wanna ask about, and this is something I, I love to ask our guests too, before we finish up today. Is that, um, what are you curious about right now?

Well, I’m, I’m curious really, uh, I lead a small group, so we have a, uh, weekly, small group. And this is really funny cuz they call me kid. I mean, we’re talking about 88-year-old, 75 year old, 74 year old men and women. And I started in this small group. We started studying the book of Jonah back in 2017 and I was the new guy at the time. And you know, I didn’t, you know, I’d love to tell you, I knew my in and out. I knew who wrote it and that’s probably about it. Okay. And uh, so I got involved in the small group and it just started working on me and working on me. And I saw life through the lens of an 80-year-old, which is much different than seeing it through the lens of somebody much younger than that.

And it gave me tremendous perspective and it really got me curious about, uh, relationship with Jesus. It got me curious about my faith. It got me curious about what would it be like to not have worry, anxiety and fear in my life, which really used to be a big, big part of my life. So I’m very curious, uh, about God, Jesus, the holy spirit, uh, my walk and my faith and how again, how that permeates, not only through myself and my wife, Angela, through our kids and through generations. And again, this may not be a popular opinion, but we don’t force our kids to go to church. Okay. I go to church and if they want to join me, I think that’s great. And they don’t, I don’t be like, you’re going to hell, you know, no repent, repent, but um, the old adage, I can’t hear a word you’re saying because your actions are telling me everything I need to know.

Uh, really is the, what I kind of live by. So they see my wife and I leading a small group. Now I lead our small group, like I’m the leader. Okay. I’m the one that passes out the handout gets us going. We’re studying first John right now for the past six weeks. And they’re like, Sam, you’re just a great Bible leader. And I can’t even tell you my wife laughs because she’s like, this is just, so this isn’t you like, this is I she’s proud of how it’s evolved, but she’s just laughs sometimes because that’s how everything evolved over the past last five years. So I’m less curious about money. I used to be very interested in money. I used to be very interested in wealth and don’t get me wrong. I still listen to the Science of Getting Rich every day by Wallace D Waddles. I still listen to, uh, Earl Nightingale, um, because I really believe those are biblically based as well. And I, I think there is a science to get, I think there is a science to being wealthy and it’s not just about money. It’s about relationships and it’s about health. And so I’m very, very curious about my spirituality. I think that’s a long answer to your question, but that’s really where my curiosity lies right now.

I love it. I, and I’m absolutely 100% with you. In fact, I’m, I’m doing the science of getting rich myself again for, you know, the umpteenth time. And, and actually I just started listening to some Earl Nightingale I found on YouTube, people have uploaded his stuff. So I’ve been listening to some of his and it’s like, oh, I see where Bob Proctor got some of his stuff from and other people. And it’s like, yeah, it’s, it’s amazing. And I, I think too, the, it is something that we start looking at, I think probably especially as we do get older. And when you experience things like, you know, with your, with your daughter, when she was, um, you know, going through those health challenges of just to try to be born and to try to live every day, um, that it does get, you started to think about that. So I appreciate you sharing that with me.

Oh My pleasure. My pleasure. The rest of everybody listening. Is there anything else, um, that I should have asked you about that you’d like to be able to share with us? Anything else about business life or anything that

Not that I can think of, we covered a good amount right there, you know, and of course we could talk for out. I mean, obviously, but I think for the purpose of your message right now and what we’ve talked about, I loved it. I thought it was a great conversation and again, it was authentic, you know, no script. It’s not like you sent me questions ahead of time. And I was, prepp be, these are brand new to me. Had never heard of before. And it is a great conversation. I hope people got something out of it.

Awesome. Well, I hope they did too. And if, uh, anyone is listening today and would like to, uh, you know, check you out and either check out the podcast or maybe learn more about, uh, possibly working with you, where is the, the best place for people to get ahold of you?

I’d say two places. Number one, wherever you get the podcast, wherever you download, ’em just look for every day is Saturday. Uh, it’s a great place to start. I do a daily podcast and it’s motivational and, uh, it’ll help you get, not make a bad five minutes and do a bad day. How about that? And then when you’re ready to launch your own podcast, you can go to and get started and I’ll work with you and work with you to make sure your show gets done the right way and you start getting downloads immediately.

Excellent. All right. Well, I will be sure and have all of that information in the show notes so that in case you are listening somewhere and you don’t have any way to be able to check it out, you can go to live love, engage and you’ll be able to get, uh, all of that information there. So thank you so much for taking of time outta your day today and spending it with us, Sam. I really appreciate all the good work you’re doing in the world and yeah, glad that you were here with us today.

Thanks Gloria. My pleasure. Thanks so much for having me. Oh, And thank all of you as well. I wanna thank you for listening and for watching and again, make sure that, uh, if you like what you’re here today, uh, that you tell a friend and, uh, so we can get some more people, uh, being able to benefit from lovely, uh, guests that we have on the program like Sam. So I encourage you to go out and do that. And also before I close as always, I encourage you to go out and live fully love, deeply and engage authentically.

Did you know that a majority of entrepreneurs tend to discount the importance of their work and a good number, feel their success is simply due to luck. I know from personal experience, that self-doubt can keep you from having the kind of life and business you desire. That’s why I’ve created a free guide called uniquely you how to move from self-doubt to self-love in four simple steps to claim your free guide, go to live love, that’s live love, engage dot g-i-f-t.

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