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Top 5 Reasons Why E-mail Should Still be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing
By Alan Lucas of
A lot of companies are starting to go away from e-mail marketing and just get into blogging because of how much bad reputation email marketing gets. People have a ton of new spam filtering programs. The truth is, e-mail marketing might not be as effective as it was 10 years ago, but it still has plenty of value and is still a viable marketing tool. We are going to cover the top 5 reasons as to why you should still have e-mail marketing in your strategies. 

People Enjoy Their E-mails

E-mails are an easy way to communicate and get information. People will always use e-mail systems for their electronic communications, so why not take advantage of that? Just as long as you are not using shady methods of retrieving people’s e-mail addresses, they will not mind getting communications from you through e-mail.

Effective Way to Keep People Informed

E-mails are very easy to customize and play around with, so they are really effective in providing information or converting people into purchasing from your business. You will be able to insert images, colors, text, links, and almost anything else you might need to make an effective e-mail.
Whatever your goal is for the e-mail itself, you will have very few restrictions to make it happen. You will also be able to send out e-mails to any amount of people. While you want to avoid sending out to many at once because it might be considered spam, you can keep all of your customers and potential customers informed about anything you need.

Can Provide Special Deals Only Given Through E-mail

One reason e-mail marketing has been such an effective way to market over the years is because of how you are able to provide special offers that are only given through e-mails. By hosting promotions only on e-mails, it gives people a reason to sign up to be on your e-mail list and will provide value to your e-mails. The worst thing an e-mail marketing campaign can have is a boring, ineffective, and valueless e-mail blasts. So keep people interested and use your e-mails to make sales and attract new people.

Cost Effective

E-mail marketing is really cost effective. If you decided to do every aspect yourself, the whole process could be completely free. So once you are able to have a successful e-mail marketing strategy, you will have a good amount of revenue, for minimal costs. While it is very cheap, you always want to stay away from paid services that get you large lists of e-mails because if you start to contact many people about something they never signed up for, you may end up being reported.

Using spam as a tactic with your e-mails is a very ineffective way to get sales and will give off a horrible impression of your business altogether. You may also be reported and lose your e-mail accounts permanently, which would definitely hinder your marketing efforts. Just keep your e-mails to people that have agreed to get e-mails and just continue to grow your list of e-mails. Overtime you will have thousands of e-mails that are all interested in what you have to say, so they will be very effective.

Measurable Statistics

Another incredible part of e-mail marketing is that you can easily figure out the statistics behind what is working and what isn’t. The longer you figure out what your target audience likes, the higher conversion rates you will get. So after sending out 10 e-mails, figure out the stats behind them and see which ones did the best. Then you have to figure out why, and after that you will be able to create e-mails that are much more effective in the future.

You should be aware of what the normal statistics behind e-mail marketing campaigns are because if you expect a very high conversion rate, you may be disappointed. Since there is a lot of spam filters, you have to account for the e-mails that will never get to the recipient, and also you have to account for the people who just never open their e-mails. After that, you will get a good chunk of people who will review your e-mail and then only a fraction of them will be converted.

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