Light Language for Inspired Moms Summit

Are You Tired of being a STRESSED OUT Mom?

Are You Ready to Put Yourself First So You Can Raise
Happy, Healthy, Non-Entitled Kids without the Guilt?

Release - Renew - Restore

Treat yourself to a Light Language healing session. 

Light language is a sound healing modality that communicates with your soul. Each session is unique, with messages channeled from divine realms to help you:

  • Release negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and blockages from your energy field
  • Renew the connection with your higher Self
  • Restore your mental, emotional and physical body to wholeness
You’ll leave the session feeling more calm, relaxed and at peace, with a greater sense of the divine truth of your being.

Inspired Mom Summit Special 
Reg. $222
Yours Free!
“Before I met Gloria, I had never heard of light language. It was the most amazing experience. I am always willing to try new things that will elevate my mind, and when Gloria started, I felt a sense of calm come over me, and as I continued to listen, I felt like I was floating; it was such a beautiful experience!!” – Chisa B.

“I felt calm and at ease being able to talk to Gloria about what was weighing on me. I’ve never experienced light language before, but enjoyed deep breathing and relaxation throughout. I especially enjoyed the oracle card reading that felt spot-on and really resonated with me. This was a very fun, relaxing, and enjoyable experience.” – Melissa S.

Watch for an email from gloria (at) with a calendar link to schedule your Light Language Session. (Check your spam folder in case you don’t see the email.)

I look forward to sharing this beautiful gift of love and light with you.

Gloria Grace Rand

Disclaimer & Limitations of Service:
All services and content offered by Gloria Grace Rand dba Web to Wealth Marketing are intended for spiritual development and informational purposes only, to help you develop a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human. While these services can facilitate inner transformation and deep relaxation, they in no way replace mental health counseling, medical advice/diagnosis/treatment or professional financial or career planning.