Good Grief Retreat Waiting List

Thursday, June 20 - Monday, June 24, 2024
Lodge at the Light Center
Black Mountain, North Carolina

Experience a safe, compassionate environment for grief healing, recovery and deep emotional work.

The Good Grief Retreat is for anyone experiencing pain associated with:

  • Loss of a loved one

  • Divorce or separation

  • Loss of a home

  • Unresolved childhood trauma

  • Loss of a job or business

  • Loss of a pet

  • Undergoing a difficult transition

  • Seeking a new direction in life

Join us for a unique opportunity and
be part of something extraordinary.

During this powerful retreat, you will experience: 


Delve into the complexities of grief and loss. Gain an understanding of the grief healing process.


 Experience profound transformation by engaging in spiritual practices and rituals that allow you to release emotions. 


 Explore your inner self through meditative practices designed to help you access your higher wisdom.


Embrace your authentic self and express your true essence, as you honor the journey and celebrate your personal growth.

Retreat Facilitators:

Patricia Alton

Patricia Alton is an Ordained Shamanic Minister, Certified Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master, and Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner® with 20+ years of experience.  She and Katheryn Napier facilitate Wise Women Retreats.

Jessica Lee Alton

Jessica Lee Alton is a Master Channel of 18 years. She has a Masters in Education specializing in the Interdisciplinary Arts, with a direct route to Drama Therapy. She and Patricia Alton co-facilitate the Spirit Circle Series.

Katheryn Napier

Katheryn Napier is a Reiki Master and Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with 30+ years experience in the field of healing and hypnotherapy. She conducts metaphysical classes & hypnosis certification training.

Gloria Grace Rand

Gloria Grace Rand is a Holistic Guide, Reiki Practitioner since 2005, Light Language Channel and author of the international best-seller, “Live. Love. Engage.” She facilitates Unplug to Recharge Self-Care Retreats.