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Why Stay in Your Zone of Genius with Hanna Hermanson

What does it mean for entrepreneurs to start living in their zone of genius? We’re welcoming Hanna Hermanson today, a catalyst for coaches who are ready to get back into their genius zone. Her motto is “dream life is real life.” She’s helped hundreds of coaches step into their life and business dreams.

Hanna is the CEO of Done for You Copywriting, where she provides coaches with ongoing marketing content. As a business consultant, she helps her clients leverage the right people, processes, and packages to bring their ultimate vision to life. Hanna shares the story of what led her to create Done for You Copywriting and the importance of focusing on mindset and vision in your business while outsourcing what is outside of your area of expertise.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • How Hanna stumbled onto this career path.
  • What Hanna played hooky from her day job to do instead.
  • The realization that pivoted her entrepreneurial journey.
  • The benefits of outsourcing copywriting tasks.
  • How focusing on doing what you love impacts the world.
  • Hanna’s first client at Done for You Copywriting.
  • What prompted Hanna to move to Mexico.
  • Why mindset is more important than strategy.
  • An opportunity a lot of new coaches miss.
  • How Hanna learned to trust her own inner wisdom.
  • Why Hanna says taking action is her blessing and her curse.
  • What coaches need to lean into to experience their next level.
  • What Hanna is curious about right now.
  • The difference between Hanna’s businesses.
  • What happens to your business when you lead with your vision.

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You’re listening to the live love engage podcast. On today’s show how entrepreneurs benefit by staying in their zone of genius. Stay tuned. I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the love method and author of the number one, Amazon Best seller, live love, engage – how to stop doubting yourself and start being yourself.

In this podcast. We share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully love deeply and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence, and income. Welcome to live love, engage.

Namaste, and welcome back to another addition of live love. Engage. Actually, if you’re just catching us for the first time, welcome, I’m really glad that you’re here as well. because. I love doing this podcast. And I love talking to amazing people like our guest, who is on the show today, and she is a, a fellow copywriter, but much more than that. And I’m gonna tell you about all the wonderful things that she’s up to in the world in a second.

But first I want to welcome Hanna. Oh, and I forgot to ask you how to pronounce your last name. It looks easy, but I’m just gonna take a stab at it. Hermanson. Is that it? Yeah. OK. Rolls right off your tongue. Perfect. okay, good. You never can tell. Cause sometimes things look, look easy and then they’re like, no, it’s actually, you gotta pronounce it this way.

So I, I, I usually do that before I start recording, but oh, well thank you for going with it. So lemme tell everyone out there who’s either you’re watching on YouTube or you’re listening to this on your favorite podcast platform just who Hannah is. As I said, she is a copywriter, but she’s more than that.

She’s a powerful catalyst for coaches who are ready to get back into their zone of genius. Her motto is dream life is real life, which I love, and she helps, has helped already hundreds of coaches step into their wildest life and business dreams. And she’s the CEO of Done for You Copywriting and she and her team work intimately with coaches to provide ongoing marketing content.

And as a business consultant, Hannah also helps her clients leverage the right people, processes, and packages to make their dream life and business real. And I, I love what you do. I love the fact that you take the, some of the heavy lifting off of coaches when it comes to marketing.

And, I know how important that is, cuz I’m actually transitioning into the coaching space and, and would, would love to let go of some of that. But, well, we’ll talk a little bit more about that. And then first I always like to start off with asking our guests how you got to this, place, you know, how, how, what led you… What’s your journey to, to become this, you know, not only a copywriter, but also I guess, a coach or, or a mentor even possibly for, for other coaches?

Yeah. I was not the second grader that was like, when I grow up, I’m gonna have my own business or I’m gonna be a writer. Like I had no idea that this path really even existed. And to be honest, Gloria, I’m still making it up every day as it goes. Right. But I did grow up in small town, Wisconsin, and I did all of the right things on the sort of, you know, straight and narrow, never getting in trouble, always doing the right thing, getting good grades, going to college, you know, being top of my class.

And then after college, I was like, but what do you do if you’re not in school? So I decided to work for my college and I became an academic advisor just because that’s what I knew. I loved my advisor. I loved how she helped me set goals and achieve things. And that path opened up for me. And I found myself in a really cute cubicle with a 401k and a Toyota Corolla, and I had made it right.

But after a few months of that, I started looking around at my coworkers and thought, I cannot do this for 30 years. Like, there’s gotta be more than this, you know, nine to five for me. And really what I was doing in my cubicle was talking to young people about what do you wanna be when you grow up? And they would tell me all their dreams and all their ideas.

And I would say, Great. And I would slide a piece of paper across my desk and say, you can choose from one of these 40 options. Would you like biology or philosophy to get to that, you know, big vision you have for yourself? So I needed an outlet and I found yoga and I even like started playing hooky from my day job.

I like said that I was like at an off-campus meeting, which was yoga. But I kept going regularly enough to start thinking, okay, everyone here is not doing what I’m doing, like skipping their day job. And so I started talking to people in yoga, like, why are you here at 10:00 AM on a Wednesday? How can you be doing this?

I’m curious. And some of them were in grad school, but others of them had their own business. And were entrepreneurs or were yoga teachers themselves. And so when that path opened up, I leaned into it. I became a certified yoga teacher and then that network continued to grow and I was actually offered a position to work for a yoga startup that wouldn’t have me in a cubicle that actually moved me from small town, Wisconsin to San Francisco, like.

The dream sunshine state. Right? And so I went for it and I took this role with a yoga startup. And about two weeks after I moved across country sold everything, they let me go. And I was in my apartment in San Francisco, which if you know San Francisco, it’s very expensive. These are not nice apartments. I had my five little red rubbermade moving bins, still unpacked.

And I was like, Well, I’m not going back. I’ve had this taste of entrepreneurship. I’ve had this taste of freedom. I’m a yoga teacher. And so I started the like hustle it was just kind of do or die. And I was young and scrappy and naive enough to figure out how to become a certified life coach and then start getting clients.

And so that’s how my entrepreneurial journey started. And like I said, since then, it’s been waking up every day and figuring it out. And so being in the coaching industry for now almost six years, I’ve rode a lot of waves. And what happened in 2020 was really interesting. And everyone having to go online and I realized that I wanted, first of all, there were lots of business coaches at that point.

Everyone wanted to tell you how to do everything. It was getting really noisy. And I wanted to help those coaches who were certified, who were established. Who have been doing this for more than, you know, since March, 2020, get their message out there and help them get good clients. And so over the last two years, I’ve pivoted from coaching coaches, how to start their businesses and get clients like I did to now doing it for them and doing done for you copywriting and marketing for those established coaches.

I believe when we all, you know, have a coach the world is a better place. And, and that’s the, the mission I’m on right now. That’s awesome. Yeah. There’s so many wonderful lessons that you, you distilled in. Just, you know, a couple of minutes of talking there, which I think is so important for anyone listening, you know, this podcast is about how to live fully, love deeply and engage authentically and you’re really a good microcosm of that because you you’ve have leaned into figuring out, okay.

Yeah. I don’t see myself being in a cubicle for 30 years doing this. This is not what I want. And, and you are willing to take risks. And that is an entrepreneurial thing, even though, you know, you say you didn’t grow up with any aspiration of that. And I can, and I can tell you, I was the same way, although, you know, I did sell Girl scout cookies and I did, uh, sell shampoo door to door when I was in high school.

Amazingly enough. Yeah. To, to raise money for band, uh, for a band trip, it was like, Shampoo really? but I did. Everyone needs it and they’re gonna run out someday. I think that was brilliant of, yeah. Yeah. It, it worked so, but I love that now, especially that you, you know, again, like so many other people in the last couple of years, they’ve had to, to pivot a lot of entrepreneurs.

So, tell us a little bit about why is it so important for entrepreneurs, coaches, but even, even just entrepreneurs in general to really focus in on their zone of genius and let someone like you handle some of these other tasks. Yeah. So I see this all the time and there was a lot going on in 2020 for all of us, but I, my clients started getting to a point in their businesses where they were doing so much, like all the things and they were working more than they ever intended to.

And so I started to do some surveying of my best clients, my favorite clients, if you will, and asking them, you know, what, if you had a magic wand, what would you take off of your plate? And over and over it was marketing. I didn’t sign up to be a marketer. I signed up to be a coach and now I’m posting and blogging and hash tagging and DMing, like all this, like marketing is taking up my time.

And their energy was dwindling. And I knew that their best energy, majority of their energy was going to marketing something they didn’t know, like fitting a square peg in a round hole. And then what that meant for their coaching clients is that they weren’t showing up as fully. And I’ve seen this in my own life, you know, moving to Mexico, there’s an opportunity to delegate a lot.

Like there are literally dudes down here who are just like the handyman where they’ll like run errands and they’ll like clean your deck and they’ll weed your garden. Like they just like do things because there’s a different kind of economy down here. And so we started delegating, like, okay, let’s have food delivered instead of making our food.

Okay. Let’s have someone clean the pool, let’s start. And the time and the energy and the ease that comes when you’re not just like busy all day, doing all the things I thought, well, “Let’s do an experiment.” Everything in entrepreneurship is an experiment spoiler alert, and see if we help these coaches take marketing off their plate.

What that would mean for them. And what we saw is that more books were written, more lives were impacted, more programs were launched, more clients were enrolled, which to me means. The world is evolving. Okay. That’s my woo woo side. Like, and I, and I’ve seen this over and over. If we hire someone to clean our pool, if we hire someone to do our marketing, they love it.

I love copywriting. They love coaching. He loves gardening. Like when we do what we love, the world just like works better. And you’re able to focus on doing more for your business instead of just being like in your business, same thing with life. Right. You can do more living than just like getting by day to day.

Yeah. Does that make sense? Oh yeah, tremendously. And, and because I know for, for me, especially as well, is that I, I love writing. I love copywriting. I love working with clients. I love helping them to come up with content for their things, but then to do it for myself. I you, I was like, I, I was on challenge last week where I had, it was a, a speaker challenge and we had to come up with like a title for our talk and I was just going crazy going, like, I can’t come up with anything.

It’s like, this was so frustrating. And finally, I just was like, okay, you know, my writing angels helped me and they did, you know, finally I got a, got a solution, but. It’s, I don’t really enjoy doing it. All of, all of it for me when I would like to be able to do more. Spend more time with clients or I have an idea for another book.

I wanna be able to, you know, spend time on that. So yeah. I love that you’re doing that. I’m with you, Gloria. Let me tell you one of our first few clients of the done for you copywriting was my business. Because I wanted to focus on my team and like, you know, enrolling clients. And there is that sort of bottleneck when you’re just kind of like in the doing piece.

And I also, again, wanted to experiment and test the system in my own business because that’s human. Like we all have this like blank wall when it comes to like, talking about ourselves or like seeing our greatness or like thinking of our ideas. Like that’s very human. And especially with coaches who are so empathetic and wanna help others, it’s like you put the flashlight on them and they’re like, uhhh, I’m a coach.

You, you know, like put stuff out on the internet and it’s like, but that’s not really who they are. So I, I totally hear you on that. Even if we can do it for others. It’s different doing it for yourself. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in either, either in life? And, and you mentioned that you live in Mexico now, you know, how has that been?

In fact, I actually, I’m gonna talk to you about that first. How has that been? Cuz you, when, when we started this, you had moved from Wisconsin to California and now you’re in Mexico. So what, what brought that about and has it been, you know, you mentioned some of the perks is that you are finding people to help you, but have there been any challenges with living that type of lifestyle?

Yeah, I’ve been. Since deciding to follow my heart six years ago, moved to California. I just kept doing it in large ways. Right. Day to day, I get into my head, you know, all that stuff happens, but I’ve really leaned into those nudges, like those things on my heart, like there’s a reason why that desire is there.

Okay. So my husband and I were, well, we weren’t married then, but I met my husband in California and he was a school teacher. And so we would spend the summers traveling backpacking and we spent a lot of time in Latin America, Guatemala, Mexico, and this one place. This one place that we were only in for a few days, like kept coming up and then we like heard more.

People were like moving there. And then we like found bloggers that were like, cool. And then like, it just kept coming around. And so we had planned to come back and visit in April, 2020, and then that trip got canceled. And so we’re quarantining in California and it just kept coming up. And I think I’ve learned to, like I said, lean into that and not think, oh, what is, oh, how silly that’s so random.

Like we have desires for a reason. And so instead of quarantining in California and paying expensive rent, we decided let’s give it a go. Let’s go to Mexico indefinitely. We rented a place down here and it’s been a year and a half now. And we’re like here. So that hasn’t been necessarily hard because it was just kind of fluid.

I mean, of course my parents would love for me to live in their backyard and not 3000 miles away. There’s definitely a disconnect there, but again, like they were quarantining for the first year we were here anyway. So we’ve set up our zoom routines and we found ways to, you know, bridge some of those challenges.

I think, you know, that question around, like, what’s been your biggest challenge. Moving to Mexico honestly is like easy breezy for me. It, it felt right. It fell into place. That’s when you kinda line up with desires, right? Law of attraction. So the biggest challenges for me, Have been like the inner critic, right?

Like the, it’s okay that this is my path. It’s okay. That this is my, it’s not a wrong desire, you know? And yeah. Biggest challenge is totally like me, myself and I. Oh, yes. That is one. That is our, I was actually on a, I was listening to someone. Oh, I, I, yeah, I was listening to some other coaches talking yesterday.

And, and that was it. They were saying that the biggest thing for entrepreneurs is really mindset. That’s when, no matter how much money you’re making in your business, it’s like, that’s what you’ve really gotta focus the most attention on. Because as you say, you can hire people to handle the, the nuts and bolts that, you know, you can hire someone to do your books.

You can get someone to do your marketing, but it’s for you to be successful long term, it, it really you’ve gotta have, have this going. You’ve gotta have the mindset. That’s an energy game. And no one wants to hear that. Like, oh God, that was so annoying the first two years of my business, it’s like, I don’t need mindset.

I need the hashtags. I need the, the secret sauce. I need the landing page. Like all these like outside things. And then yeah, exactly. It’s us. Energy game. I know. Is there anything that you wish you had known when you first started, even on your entrepreneurial journey that you know, like I said, that you wish you had known, then that might have made things a little bit easier.

Yeah. Like go, you can go. A cert.. like it’s about team. Okay. Like, I don’t have like a cute cliche off the top of my tongue, but this idea that like, you’re gonna go further, more sustainably when you have support, like the whole solopreneur thing makes sense. Like I told you, as in San Francisco, I was scrappy. I had no income.

I was on myself. I was like opening the gym at 5:00 AM to like, you know, pay for my internet. Just like I was so scrappy. and I learned a lot from that, but when I started working with teams, like I even took some part-time jobs along the way where I worked for like health bloggers and other coaches and the power of team is something that I think a lot of new coaches miss, because we think, oh, it’s cheaper.

I have the time I can do it. I’ll learn it. I’ll get a free course. I’ll take a, I’ll read a book to learn this, but again, it’s that like fitting a square P in a round hole. What does that actually cost you and your energy and what you could be doing right. When you’re lined up with your true passion and your true purpose, then you go further, faster, and you get other people lined up next to you to do the same thing.

Like Gloria, I’m amazed with my team right now. There are things that I still think like, no, one’s gonna wanna do this. Like, I’m just gonna have to take on this spreadsheet and just hunker down and figure it. and then I’ll put it out to my leadership team and I’m like, Hey, we have this research problem project, you know, could someone help me answer this question?

Or, oh my God, I love it. Yes. And they, they send me spreadsheets with like, like they’re like loving the spreadsheet and it’s like color coded. I don’t even know what they do, but they make it so fun. And I’m like, A, I didn’t have to do it B I was able to do more of what I love and C they got jazzed and they loved it and they were excited to share it.

So I still forget that. And that’s still something I have to remind myself. It’s like, we is so much better than me. Absolutely. Yeah. And I love people who do get so excited about organizing things and making it color code and all that. I’m blessed. My daughter is like that she she’s a web designer, but she’s also wonderful at, at creating systems and, and, and putting things together.

And she’s gonna be helping me with. With my business, cuz that is definitely, even though I’m a Virgo I’m, I’m not organized in some ways, even though I should be well, and I spent so much time, like, why am I not more data driven? Why am I not more organized? Why can’t I like keep up with this system? And then it, when it was like, Okay.

We’re just gonna like, have other people help me with that. And then it’s so nice. You have your daughter like real proof in your real life, like every single day of your life that there are people who like that, but I was just like so brainwashed and everyone was a creative. Everyone was woo, woo.

Everyone just wanted to do stuff like me and that’s not true. Yeah. Yeah. That’s true. And we need people like that to make the world go round because we can’t all be, they’re wonderful dreamers. And, you know, we need the doers as well. So that’s to the Z genius thing. Like I so believe there are enough firefighters and mechanics and bakers and authors and artists.

And if we can just live in that. And not try to be the baker, firefighter, all these other things. We try to bend ourselves into than exactly the world is a better place and more harmonious. And we raise the collective consciousness. I mean, let’s get woo, woo. If we want to. Absolutely. Cause it’s real . Yeah, for sure.

And, and the other part that, you know, I didn’t touch on that, that, that you’ve mentioned a couple times and I do wanna make sure that people hear it is the fact that you were. Not only listening to those internal nudges, but you were then actually taking action. And because I know when I’ve had those and I don’t take action, it usually bites you in the butt and it, and it would bite me.

So I have also learned to trust that inner wisdom has, has that been something that you’ve always been able to do or was that something that you learned as you got a little bit older and. What do you think? Yeah. So when I was on the straight and arrow doing the right thing and sitting in my cubicle and driving my Corolla, that was like, I wouldn’t do that stuff.

And then when I started to move, take risk, quit jobs, you know, change and like, you know, do all this stuff. it became. It became my habit. Right. So it took some turbulence. This is what I think about when you’re like going to next levels or like quantum leaps. It’s not just like one leap. It’s like, literally like a flight where it’s like, you’re taking off, you’re gonna do it, turbulence.

And then you kind of settle in and then you do, you know, you do it again. So it’s been interesting like between us here, Gloria and listeners, obviously. my family, like people who knew me as a young person or child, or like, you know, the first 25 years of my life, like, are, are really shaken up by it because I wasn’t always this way.

Outwardly, right. I did what I was told. I like did the whatever, but the more that I lean in and I, I meet people later in my life. I mean, I’m only 30, but the more I’ve met people in the last, like six years that are more aligned with me or like, I don’t know, just because I was born next to them, but are more like living life.

Like I am or interested in things that I’m interested in. it’s become more of my nature. And this is the other thing that can relate to hiring a team but has really helped me lean into this path if you will, is like personal discovery. So I’m a like psychology junkie. Like I love human design personality tests, like you said, you’re Virgo, I’m Sagittarius with rising Gemini, like learning those pieces.

And it’s like getting more in tune of like what I think. Soul is here to do and learning that has helped me trust it, lean into it. Like I said, make it more of a habit and less of a Hannah again, off her rocker. I don’t know. And she’s gonna come back to earth yeah. Well, I think it’s wonderful that you have found this path and that you’ve been nurturing it, especially because you are still young.

It took me a lot longer to find that and, but I’m still grateful and I’m still looking at. Okay. I’m gonna be 60 this year, but I’m figuring on still living at least another 40 years. And so I’m just hitting my, my stride as it were. And it really excites me when I do meet people like you, who are younger and who have who’ve, who are who’ve.

Got it. You really do. You understand the importance of the mindset and, and who also loving psychology I’m and personal development stuff. I am too. I feel that it’s really for all of the angst and the, you know, stuff that’s gone on in the last couple years. I’m very hopeful that we are on a path that we’re gonna start seeing more positivity.

It it’s probably still gonna be, like you said, that turbulence we’re, we’re definitely hitting some major turbulence the last couple years. And I think eventually we’re gonna settle in and things are gonna be better. Well, and back to this point of like taking action, right? Like. It’s my blessing in my curse that I do take action.

Right. Sometimes I’m like, oh, that was a little too fast. Or, oh, I can’t take that email back or whatever, like, yeah. but it, it does in the end work out and if it hasn’t worked out, it’s just not over yet. And that’s what I’ve really seen these last couple of years with like, what’s happening with like the pandemic and then the great.

Re, well not, like everyone’s quitting their jobs. Yeah. And we’re just kind of like still in this influx and it’s not over yet. And my astrology friends tell me we’re gonna have another, like five to seven years of this kind of like renegotiating boundaries and how we do things. And I think more and more of us are gonna line up with not necessarily a cubicle thing.

But like leading with lifestyle and saying, you know, these are the thing, not my non-negotiables or these are my desires instead of just like, well, I did it check the boxes. I really do feel like there’s gonna be action taken collectively. And so people who are willing to lean into it and not just stay put will see.

Yeah. What you’re talking about that like radical. Turbulence, but you know, next level, next level. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. what is the, what are you curious about right now? Hmm. , several things, but this is like so silly. I’m really curious about Spanish. So we’ve lived here for a year and a half, and we’ve made friends who let us speak English, which has been great.

And it like, feels like we’re just in our little, like California paradise, but in a different, you know, it’s like, and I’ve always been interested in like, you know, English language, literature, how words come together. And I wanna lean more into it because I think there’s so much richness and like being able to describe a burrito in three different ways, you know, like I watch my friends and they’re like, oh, how do you say it in English?

And it’s like, no, no word for it in English. And as I’ve gotten more into copywriting and storytelling, and then again, just like being in this environment, I’m really curious about language words, and yeah. Spanish specifically. Very cool. So are you picking it up now? Are you, cause I I’ve always heard that the best way to really pick up a language is to be immersed in it.

Yeah, exactly. But then your friends all speak English and they hand you this English menu and it’s like too easy, like I’m on. Yeah. Like I’m being like, you know, baby down here. So I would say I can get by between my like present tense vocabulary and my charade. I can get, we can get what we need. My husband has more grammar skills, so we kind of like, you know, Spanglish our way through the day.

but it’s definitely not like, you know, I can get into a conversation or I could tell a story. And to me, that’s the intrigue. Well, you can do it if you are absolutely committed to doing it. It’s and it’s certainly in one of the easier languages to pick up. So I would encourage you to keep working and just say no, give me the Spanish menu.

Don’t baby me.
Yes, there you go. I studied Spanish, but I’m working on Hungarian right now. So that’s why I say it’s a lot tougher, but that’s, that’s my heritage. My grandparents were from there and my daughter’s actually living in Hungary right now. So, so I can understand the parents with you living in Mexico. Yeah.

I kind of have the same, like, oh, I’m, I’m happy and I’m so grateful for zoom so that we can at least see each other, but I do kind of miss in her person. Yeah. Seeing her in person. Is there anything else that I should have asked you about that you think would be useful for, uh, entrepreneurs who are listening, uh, anything about your, your journey or your, your company?

Anything, what do you think? So it’s I get this question a lot because there’s a bit of. A question around, you know, what is dream? Life is real life versus done for you. Copywriting and dream life is real. Life is really like the brand. And I think this is something important for entrepreneurs to take too, as like a permission slip.

So dream life is real. Life started six years ago when I took risks and I was doing yoga and I was like, oh my God, the world is so much bigger than my neighborhood. And like, you can be anything you wanna be. And like, wow. And so it started there and there has. So many offers if you will, but they also have this vein of like leading with lifestyle first, doing what you love, leaning into that highest vision.

Like how good could it get for you, right. Your dream life being your real life. And I really want, and I’m sharing this because. So many coaches come to me and they wanna launch a new leg of their business. They wanna write a book or they wanna start a new program, or they wanna change completely like who their target audience is.

And I’ve done it dozens of times, people in fact, tell me, I do like I’m kind of backwards because a lot of copywriters wanted then go teach people how to copyright and that kind of becomes their next thing. And I did it backwards where I was like teaching marketing, and now I’m doing it for you. And whether you name your brand something, or you have a personal brand, like this is permission to be personal with it.

Like it is an evolution. And. You don’t have to go out announcing like pivot today. I do this thing pivot today. I do this thing because if you’re able to tell the story of like, what you believe in and what your mission is and what bigger, cause you’re trying to make in the world, then it doesn’t matter if you have a coaching group or one on one, or like I said, a book, right?

And so that’s something and that I think is a nugget for folks to take away when it comes to branding. Lead with that big vision and then whatever you create or however you monetize it along the way should fall in line and make sense for your raving fans. Absolutely. Yeah, that’s, that’s what I’m in, in the process of doing now too, is, is coming up with, topics and, and, and ways to be able to talk about the different things that I’m in involved in.

Because as I said, I wanna do coaching, but actually truly, truly what my passion is right now is something that is very woo. Woo. It’s called light language. And, and it’s, it’s, like communicating with your soul. And it’s something that when I do it, it just lights me up and, and people like receiving it.

And so, one of my coaches said, you know, just talk about that. talk about that and just talk about it. Exactly. Because like marketing, branding, like selling your stuff is not, like I said, like one landing page or one billboard out in a cornfield, it’s this conversation and it’s dynamic and. That’s why I said, don’t go announcing pivot.

This is what I’m doing today. It’s just like, start talking about it, bringing it in because if it resonates and if this is the next experiment for you to lean into, start to get those nudges. So it’s clues, to keep going. Yeah, absolutely. Well, if someone listening to our interview today, uh, is a coach particularly, and, and wants to.

Say, oh my gosh, this is the person I need to get in hold of because I’m tired of doing all my marketing and I wanna . I wanna learn more. What’s the best place for someone to, connect with you. Jump into your search bar and type my website, which is also a positive affirmation. So it’s just healthy to do anyway.

Dream life is real is where you’ll sign all things around, you know, what we’re up to and you can let us know if you had a magic wand, what would you love to have done for you in your business? We can take the conversation from there. Excellent. That is perfect. I love that. So I will make sure that I have that in the show notes, for those of you who are not somewhere where you can jot it down.

So just make sure you go to live love, engage and or your favorite podcast platform. And you’ll. You’ll be able to see all that information down there. So thank you so much for being with us and taking time out of your morning, to be with to, because I know for me, it’s, it’s getting to be lunchtime where I am, cause we’re on opposite sides of, well, not really the opposite sides of the world, but we’re a few thousand miles apart.

Anyway. I appreciate you being here and sharing your story with us today. And I know. A lot of people got value out of it. So I appreciate it. Hannah Namaste Gloria. Thanks. Namaste to you and thank all of you. I wanna thank you for being here and for listening and for. Watching if you’re watching on YouTube as well.

And if you like what you’re hearing, share this podcast with a friend and let someone else check us out because there’s been lots of good stuff here. I’ve been having a ball doing this now for over two years and I’m gonna keep doing it. So I would love to have you check us out. And until next time as always, I encourage you to go out and live fully, love deeply and engage authentically.

Did you know that a majority of entrepreneurs tend to discount the importance of their work and a good number? Feel their success is simply due to luck. I know from personal experience that self doubt can keep you from having the kind of life and business you desire.

That’s why I’ve created a free guide called uniquely you how to move from self doubt to self love in four simple steps. To claim your free guide. Go to live love, that’s live love,

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