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Top 5 Twitter Management Tools

Twitter management tools Ever wonder why small business owners and entrepreneurs join Twitter, only to stop tweeting? My guess is that one reason they give up is because they lack the necessary tools to manage their presence. If you’re in that same boat, and are thinking about jumping ship, I’ve got a life preserver for you – in the form of some handy Twitter management tools.

ManageFlitter – This is one of my favorite tools for identifying and removing fake Twitter accounts. When you log in with your Twitter id, ManageFlitter evaluates your followers and allows you to see who’s not following you back, which accounts don’t have a profile image (potential spam account), and inactive accounts, among others. You then have the option of unfollowing fake accounts, or other accounts that don’t add any value to your Twitter experience. The basic service is free, but you can pay extra for analytics.

manageflitter dashboard

justunfollow – This tool lets you know who’s not following you on Twitter, as well as your recent followers, recent unfollowers, and inactive following. It also has a cool feature that lets you search by keywords/hashtags most relevant to you. This is great for gaining active followers who share your interests.

justunfollow pic

buffer – One of my favorite Twitter tools, buffer lets you schedule tweets ahead of time. (You can also schedule posts to go out on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts.) It also shortens links for you, so you can track just how many people clicked on your link. The best way to use buffer is to install one of the browser extensions. As you surf the web and come across an article to share, you just click the buffer icon and schedule away! This tool also suggests articles for you, if you need some fresh ideas, which is very handy for time-crunched small business owners!

buffer example

tweepi – Similar to ManageFlitter and justunfollow, tweepi also lets you analyze a Twitter list so you can follow certain members of the list. You can also analyze a bunch of Twitter accounts you don’t follow by copying and pasting in their account names. As a result, you can see lots of information about those users, see who follows you, and even follow or unfollow select users using Tweepi’s simple interface.

tweepi example – This tool offers free Twitter Analytics, lets you manage your Twitter relationships, manage multiple profiles and schedule tweets, shows you show to un/follow, and offers suggestions on what content to tweet. works with buffer too, so you can add tweets to your buffer right from the dashboard.


Two other Twitter management tools I use on a regular basis are Hootsuite and SocialOomph. You can read about their features in one of my previous articles, Top 7 Online Marketing Tools for Small Business.

Do you have a favorite Twitter management tool? Please share it in the comments below. And if your social media followers could use some help with Twitter management, please share this article with them via the social sharing buttons on the side. Thank you!

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