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The Top 7 Landing Page Builders: How Do They Stack Up?

Your landing page often dictates the success or failure of your digital marketing strategy. Sure, you might have a stellar-looking website that can sweep the competition design-wise. But if your specific landing page does not engage your visitors at all, then you’re essentially wasting your effort and resources. 

It’s not for nothing why companies rely on landing page builders to lessen the burden of creating a successful landing page from scratch. Oftentimes, these provide turnkey solutions like conversion-focused templates, convenient sales funnel builders, and checkout page builders, among others. These could, more or less, provide you all the aid you need for your landing page efforts. 

OptimizePress: The Go-To Landing Page Builder for WordPress 

A large majority of webmasters still prefer WordPress to other options, and OptimizePress practically specializes in the said platform. 

OptimizePress promptly stood out for us because of its sheer simplicity, and that’s already comparing it to the other options here. What’s sure is it’s one of the easiest to get the hang of among the options available here, thanks largely to its drag & drop editor. 

We also saw that it places a strong focus on developing marketing pages that pull no punches when boosting leads and conversions. 

There’s also no shortage of templates to choose from, so many in fact, we had a hard time going through them all! Add to this the platform’s easy integration into WordPress themes, highly converting checkout pages, and easy-as-pie payment gateway interaction — and you’re all set. 

Get More Freedom to Customize with Unbounce

Unbounce has gained a solid reputation for high-conversion landing pages. For those who want to create excellent landing pages in no time and have plenty of freedom to customize them, this is a good option. 

Indeed, immersing ourselves in Unbounce’s customization features was a pleasant surprise for us. It gave us the most freedom in this regard, even when juxtaposed with the other options here. Simply put, this landing page builder encourages you to exercise your creativity to the fullest.

We also noticed that A/B testing of each landing page is also relatively easy and quick in Unbounce. This is especially recommended for those with numerous landing pages to work with. 

It’s quite expensive, though. The package with the highest cost (Scale) hits the ceiling at $200 per month – the lowest is $80 per month. But for a landing page builder that manages to give you all you need, that’s still reasonable. 

Overall, Unbounce is popular because of its openness to landing page personalization, ease-of-use (though it’s not exactly beginner-friendly), and compatibility with third-party marketing apps.

Unbounce landing page

Thrive Architect: The Envy of Landing Page Builders

Thrive Architect is considered one of the best landing page builders because it shares a lot of perks with OptimizePress. We immediately fell in love with its customizable drag & drop editor as well and the whopping 270+ templates you can try out. 

The editor readily afforded us a preview of the new landing pages we were creating, from start to finish. We tweaked the editor so that only the tools are visible, and it sure helped us save plenty of time!

Furthermore, the abundance of templates essentially means you get multiple opportunities to construct your ideal sales funnel. 

In terms of pricing, we found Thrive Architect to be cheaper than most since it charges per license. 1 license equals 1 site, and it only costs a one-time $67 payment for which you get lifetime updates. 

Instapage Provides Timely Solutions 

True to its name, lightning-quick landing page creation is but one of the main appeals of Instapage. Now you might ask, “Is that really a benefit?” Well, if we’re going to look at businesses that need to set up hundreds of landing pages in a time-constrained schedule, Instapage’s appeal shines. 

It also doesn’t hurt that you get hundreds of templates to choose from – more than most of the other selections here. However, do take note that their availability depends on the package (starts at $99 per month) you choose. Instapage allowed us to choose the package based on our specific goals. 

Having tested it extensively, Instapage is also no pushover when it comes to improving lead generation, conversion rate analysis, and A/B testing.

LeadPages: Enjoy Better Cost-Savings Without Sacrificing Quality

LeadPages is one of the cheaper options here, charging $37 per month. Is it worth it? Very much so in our opinion. 

It proves that you don’t have to go for quantity when it comes to templates. Not that we had limited options to choose from when we tried it out, actually. It already offers well over 150 landing page templates, after all. Rather, LeadPages opts to concentrate on enhancing the quality of their templates instead.

The more we learned about the platform, the more we saw how customer-centric it is. LeadPages takes the extra step to share great resources to improve your campaigns and provide support.

Of course, with the said pricing, there’s got to be a downside, right? Well, the most obvious is that you can’t customize their templates. We also didn’t get that much in terms of performance analysis and reporting. 

Lander Empowers Novices

Are you just a webmaster beginner and are still testing the waters? If yes, then we highly recommend Lander. Why? They practically take you by the hand and guide you through the entire landing page creation process. Indeed, this is the builder that is all too willing to go all the way in shaping your landing page into the one you’ve always envisioned it to be.

If you’re like us who have a voracious appetite when learning about optimizing landing pages, Lander basically outshines the competition. We adore their live chat, to say the least, and can recall numerous times we’ve received outstanding support from them. 

It also uses drag & drop technology and makes room for A/B testing. These qualities, plus the sizable inventory of templates and the low cost of $29 per month, seal the deal for a lot of users. 

Ucraft Features Unrivaled, Dedicated Developers

Another great option for novices, Ucraft offers plenty of decent free landing page templates, which you can try out first before choosing to upgrade to their plans that top at an affordable $69 per month (if paid yearly). Doing so will unlock more templates for you and a few other interesting perks. 

We say “interesting” because one of Ucraft’s in-house designers actually approached us, offering to craft templates based on our exact preferences! Not a lot of other landing page builders can boast of taking these extra steps for their clients — and that’s the special treatment we’ll always welcome.

Despite its shortcomings in third-party integration, its overall performance exceeds expectations, to say the least, for which it earns a spot in this list. 


Does your landing page have a catchy headline? Is the copy engaging and provides helpful answers to your users’ questions? Can it maintain and enrich your audience’s trust? Are you using compelling CTAs? 

With the right landing page builder, whose functionalities and perks you can harness to the fullest, you might be answering “Yes” to said queries before long. Let us know in the comments about your landing page building experience!

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Thomas Glare is an American citizen and a graduate of Azusa Pacific University, California, where he got a degree in Digital Marketing. He is a digital marketer and a tech enthusiast. Thomas also likes swimming and playing American football. 

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