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Top 20 Press Release Distribution Sites

Tired of searching for the best free press release sites on the Internet? has come to the rescue.

The Internet marketing firm  has come up with its Top 20 list of press release sites based on the following factors:

  • FREE submissions
  • Releases are submitted to Google, where they remain visible and searchable long after being archived
  • They cater to businesses, the media and other related venues
  • They get fairly high ranking on Alexa, The Web Information Company
  • Most provide SEO backlinks to your Website – helping to drive traffic
  • They allow for at least one SEO feature: keyword list, meta tags, or anchor text. states that this list isn’t going to guarantee you’ll have a journalist calling you for more information, although that could happen.  If you want to increase your chances of getting your company’s news in a local  newspaper, for instance, it’s much better to contact an editor or reporter directly.

But, if you do want to help increase your company’s visibility on the search engines, and build brand awareness for your product or service, then submitting a press release to these sites is a great idea.


About the Author
Gloria Grace Rand is an award-winning SEO blogger, former writer/producer for the PBS-TV news program, “Nightly Business Report,” and the owner of Web to Wealth Marketing. As an internationally known leading expert in internet marketing, Gloria develops innovative workshops and masterminds that help creative professionals and service providers improve their online visibility and profitability. She is also a Contributing Author of three best-selling books, “Unscripted: How Entrepreneurs Leap and Find Success,” “Conceived to Lead,” and “Connect: 100+ Mind-Blowing Strategies to Use Social Media and Drive Business Growth.”

9 thoughts on “Top 20 Press Release Distribution Sites”

  1. Hi Gloria.

    Just wanted to let you know your link was added to

    Best wishes for prosperity and good health,

    Steve Johnson,
    Site administrator

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  3. I’m having trouble getting my asbestos websites news approved by some of the press release sites.
    Its just that i don’t think we have anything newsworthy to talk about.

    What do you guys think should another medium of SEO would be more appropriate?

    • Do you have your own blog? You could put the “press releases” there instead. On the other hand, you probably do have something newsworthy to promote. Here are some ideas: new products, hosting an event, new employee hire, survey results, celebrating an anniversary. Hope that helps!

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