How to Protect Your Privacy on Social Media – New Webinar

Social Media Privacy Social media is a great marketing tool for small business owners. But it can also be a risky place when it comes to protecting your privacy.

Did you know that 81 percent of Internet-initiated crime involves social networking sites, in particular Facebook and Twitter? There is a way to use social media and be safe about it. You can learn how in my new webinar called Social Media Safety: Avoid the 3 Common Mistakes that Put You and Your Loved Ones at Risk.

During this free webinar on Thursday, February 12th, you’ll discover…

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Free Webinar – 3 Massive Mistakes LinkedIn Users Make

mistakes LinkedIn users makeDid you know? LinkedIn has over 300 million users. And the social networking site is adding new LinkedIn users at a rate of two per second.

Incredible, right?

If you’re struggling to generate leads and sales from this social networking platform, help is on the way.

On Thursday, November 20th, I will be leading a brand new free webinar on how to make money on LinkedIn.

Finally, you’ll discover the 3 Massive Mistakes LinkedIn Users Make that Keep You from Attracting Your Ideal Clients… and How to Avoid Them.

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11 Tips for Hosting a Successful Webinar

hosting a webinar Hosting your own webinar is a great way to generate leads and sales for your business. But there is a right way and a wrong to do it. I recently shared some lessons on what NOT to do, based on my experience as a webinar attendee. In this article, you’ll learn what you SHOULD do to ensure your audience gets value out of your presentation.

Before the Webinar:

#1 – Know your audience

Before you even set a date for the webinar, you should have in mind exactly who your target audience is for this webinar. That will determine what content you present, and how you go about marketing the event.

#2 – Set your goal

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What NOT to do When Hosting a Webinar

hosting a webinarUpdated: April, 2022

Do you have plans for hosting a webinar to promote your business in 2022? If so, I’d like to share some tips on what NOT to do, based on a past experience as a webinar participant.

Lesson #1 – Don’t be late!

Monday afternoon, I logged into the webinar and waited… and waited… and waited. Finally, about 5-7 minutes in, the webinar started. The presenters apologized for not starting the webinar on time. That was a good thing, because unless you’re experiencing severe technical difficulties, (as they claimed they were), you had better start that webinar ON TIME! That’s a major credibility factor. People don’t have time to waste. They’re not going to be happy with you, if you start late. And if you’re trying to sell something…wow… you’re going to have a very tough time making the sale if you’ve already blown your audience’s trust. On the other hand, people do understand when technical difficulties arise, and they will be sympathetic if you apologize. But do try to work out any kinks beforehand, so you can avoid starting late at all.

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Facebook Ads Webinar – 10 Steps to Get More Fans, Leads, & Profits

My friend, premier Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith, is doing it again!

On Wednesday, October 30th, Mari will be leading a mega two-hour free webinar this time all about how to make Facebook Ads work for your business. And best of all – you can view this webinar right from my very own Facebook page!


FINALLY, you’ll discover the exact steps to a) build a solid Facebook marketing plan that won’t break the bank, and b) create, place and track ads on Facebook that get RESULTS!

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