Demographics of Top Social Networking Sites [INFOGRAPHIC]

demographics of top social networking sites Are you struggling to decide where to spend time among the top social networking sites? This can be a challenge for small business owners. Especially if you get caught up in the “shiny object” syndrome. It’s very tempting to start a new presence on the latest craze like Instagram or Snapchat.

Before you start doing any social media marketing, you need to know who your target audience. And you need to know where they hang out! If your prospects don’t use Instagram, you don’t have to use it for business.

SproutSocial has developed an awesome infographic that displays demographic information on the most popular social media sites. Take some time to review this chart and see where your prospects are active. That’s the social networking site you need to be active on too.

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Top Social Networking Sites for Video [INFOGRAPHIC]

top social networking sites for video

top social networking sites for videoAre you using video now for your business? If not, what are you waiting for? 🙂 Video traffic is expected to be 67 percent of all consumer web traffic by 2017! That’s just one of the significant social media statistics you’ll find in an infographic from Ivan Serrano that that was originally published on

If you plan to start recording “how to videos” or product demonstration videos for your business, one question you’ll have to ask yourself is, how to distribute the content. Naturally, you should upload videos to your own website or blog. But if you want to reach the widest possible audience, you should take advantage of social media.

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