How to View Your Facebook Page Newsfeed

Facebook Page Newsfeed

Have you tried to view your Facebook page newsfeed lately? I’ve had several people ask me about this lately because it used to be pretty easy to do. You’d simply use Facebook as your page and go to the newsfeed like you normally do. But in all its wisdom, Facebook has decided to change things. They probably thought they were simplifying things, but the result is not so great.

The only way to view the posts from the pages YOUR page has liked is to do it from your page’s Timeline and only on the DESKTOP. (I’ll talk more about mobile in a moment.) The option is displayed on the left-hand side, below the number of likes your page has and the post reach as seen below:

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How a Facebook Page Can Like another Facebook Page

A Facebook Page administrator recently asked me how she could “like” her customers’ Facebook pages. She didn’t want to personally like these pages, mind you. She wanted her Business page to “like” them. The only way to do this is to use Facebook AS a business page. In the following video, I walk you through just how to do that, and how to then, go about liking another page.

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How to Add Recommendations to Your Facebook Business Page

FB recommen title
Wouldn’t it be nice to display recommendations from your customers right on your Facebook business page? Local businesses, like restaurants, have had this capability for a long time now. But companies and organizations can add this feature to their page too. Imagine what this will do for your business when visitors to your page see a list of glowing recommendations!

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How Email Can Help Increase Facebook Followers

Facebook and EmailWant a quick and easy way to generate more followers for your Facebook business page?

Use email!

Invite your list of contacts to follow you on Facebook. If you use an email service provider like Constant Contact, you may find a template already created with a Facebook graphic that you can use. As a Constant Contact partner, I can attest to this fact. They have several Facebook templates, including ones that say “Find me on Facebook.”

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