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Sync Your Head, Heart, and Higher Self for Success with Hilary DeCesare

Want more clarity and alignment in your personal and professional life? Discover the transformative power of 3HQ. Learn how tuning into your head, heart, and higher self can unlock your intuition, make confident decisions, and manifest positive outcomes.

Show Notes | Transcript

“In order to solve a problem, you must elevate yourself to a higher consciousness that matches the level of the solution.” – Hilary DeCesare

Meet Hilary DeCesare, an amazing force of inspiration for women entrepreneurs. With a successful early career as a CEO in Silicon Valley, she set her sights on helping others achieve their dreams. Hilary’s calling led her to coaching, where she has been instrumental in helping others develop their businesses and navigate life’s transitions. This passion birthed the 3HQ concept – a unique approach revolving around the connection of the head, heart, and higher self. With her fascinating journey and practical insights, Hilary is indeed a guiding light in the world of entrepreneurship and personal development.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Learn to weave together personal and professional elements to achieve unparalleled success.
  • Explore the unique alignment and clarity benefits of the 3HQ Concept.
  • Acknowledge the powerful role your emotional state plays in shaping your business and personal life.
  • Realize how trusting your intuition can fuel decision-making capacity and spur growth.

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00:00:02 – Gloria Grace Rand
Namaste. Oh, welcome to the show. Whether you are a awesome subscriber on one of the podcast platforms or YouTube or if it’s your first time here, I am so glad that you’ve joined us because it’s going to be an awesome interview. I just know I’m going to bring our guest on in just a second. But just for those of you who may be new and don’t know who I am, I am Gloria Grace, the light messenger and spiritual alignment coach and women entrepreneurs hire me to clear the inner blocks, keeping you stuck so that you can live the life you want now. And today’s guest is an amazing woman. She is an award-winning entrepreneur featured on the reality show Secret Millionaire. Hilary DeCesare helps women turn typical life transitions into transformation. And she’s been coaching women in her Silicon Valley success methods for decades. And her new book is called Relaunch – Spark Your Heart to Ignite Your Life, which I like that title and it details what’s beyond IQ and EQ, namely 3HQ, which we are going to talk about in a bit. But first, I want to officially bring in Hilary and welcome you officially to Live, Love, Engage.

00:01:24 – Hilary DeCesare
Gloria it’s so fun. If it’s anything like what we were talking about before, it will be very lively.

00:01:29 – Gloria Grace Rand
Well, I certainly hope so. And I love having really heart centered people on the show and also people who are doing wonderful things in the world and beyond, even what I read just shared with people in your bio. You also have your own podcast as well, and you’re a speaker and you do lots of amazing things. And the fact is that you also started out as a CEO of a Silicon Valley company, which is that’s unusual in its face right there because you’re a woman and usually it’s a very traditional male bastions, shall we say. So I am really curious to know how you transitioned from that into doing the work that you’re doing today.

00:02:24 – Hilary DeCesare
Well, you know what? Doesn’t it always start when you’re like, well, let me tell you when I was young, but I’m going to zip through to college where I went pre-med and I ended up not enjoying the premed thing. My dad thought, let’s go ahead and not do that. Let’s break the cycle. So it ended up that I went and got a degree in psychology and I really wanted to get into business at that point. I had been fortunate enough to get into a class only through the divine intervention. There was a snowstorm and the computer system went down and I did a bubble in the right spot and I got this class and they couldn’t kick me out, which was great. It was personal selling. And that led me to Silicon Valley. It led me to Oracle. I was there in a high-tech company for almost ten years. And yes, as you said, it was definitely a boys’ world. I was swimming upstream, but man, I was going to do everything I could to make it happen. So, you know, Cheryl Sandberg is telling me to lean in. I’m leaning in. I am like, all in. And of course, she was the CEO of Facebook and Meta, and this was before even the lean in movement happened. And after about ten years, I thought, you know what? I want to do something different. I want to help others level up their businesses. I want to help people, men and women at that time, develop a company, be able to go out, raise money, be able to understand the dynamics of business and not have a business degree, but still be able to run a successful business. Whether you’re starting out as a startup at zero or whether you’re trying to scale from six to seven to eight figures. So I did that for a very long time, and I was helping numerous women and men, and then I got the bug. I’m like, I really want to start my own ventures. So I did, and I was able to raise almost $10 million for one company and be able to launch others. And I realized that I kept coaching along the way. I kept having people come into my world. And what I noticed, which I think is the most important, is at that time, people would come to me, and they, especially women, and they would say, all right, I just want to focus on my business and scaling it. And I would ask, well, tell me about your personal life, tell me about what’s going on with that. And it’d be like, well, wait, I don’t even want to deal with that, because I haven’t been able to get out there. I haven’t been able to find the one, or my marriage really isn’t doing very well. I’m working all the time, and there was always this disconnect between personal and professional lives. Well, then I started to go through that, and I ended up getting a divorce, and I had three kids. And so I knew at that time something had to give. There was some piece of this whole element of consulting, and we called it consulting. Now it’s coaching that had to bring personal and professional together.

00:05:45 – Gloria Grace Rand
Wow. Yeah, I can relate to that. Especially the part about finding yourself still coaching people. Because it’s interesting, I think, especially when you are doing some sort of you’re working with clients, even if you’re working with them in a different capacity. That sometimes can happen. Because my business has been for the longest time, it was copywriting. And so I was helping businesses with their online marketing. And yet I would find that just naturally they’d be asking me about what else can I do to grow my business? And things like that. And so I just started coaching them unofficially. I never really declared that I was a business coach, but I wound up doing that. So it’s interesting that that happens. So I like that you realize, because that’s the other thing, too, is I’ve noticed that being successful in one area of your life is lovely, but if you’re not, it’s at the expense, shall we say, of other areas of your life, then it sort of takes the bloom off of it. I’m trying to think of the right metaphor or something, but make it as fun, right? When you’re having that, I’m thinking it’s like, is there a chicken and egg here? So did you come up with this 3HQ and then you wrote a book about it? Or did you in the process of writing the book, maybe did you develop it?

00:07:20 – Hilary DeCesare
Well, I think that and we were laughing before because you call yourself the Light Messenger, and many have called me the Relaunch Queen because there’s been so many impactful relaunches in my life, which helps when people come to me and say, have you ever had anything like this happen? I’ll be like, well, it’s not just my customer’s life or my client’s life or it’s my life. I actually had that. And eventually I had to kind of look up to the universe and say, all right, enough. I don’t want any more. I don’t want any more relaunches or any more of these major transitions that are happening in my life. But then you realize that that is life. It’s global relaunches that are happening right now. It’s personal relaunches, professional relaunches, trying to figure out your purpose, your passion, those are all relaunches, and there’s positive and there’s the negative ones. And so as I was kind of like, really I was involved in another company, I started to really look at what as a woman, and I love how Brene Brown defines middle age between 35 and when you’re dead. So I think it encompasses a lot of us that are probably listening. And I realized, you know what, how can I really, at this point, with all of the experience that I’ve had, how do I share, how do I give back? How do I impact with the experiences that I’ve seen and the thousands of people that I’ve worked with? And so it was during a time where my mom, and I have to just quickly share this with you, and perhaps people are going to this will resonate right now is that for many of us, we have ailing parents, and we’ve got children. And you’re kind of that sandwiched generation, right, where we’re trying to be everything to everyone and it’s really exhausting. And my mom, who are, the women in our family, always really, truly, always lived into the hundreds, like crazy. And so from an identity, I thought, well, there’s no doubt my mom’s going to be here forever, and I’m going to live forever. I’m not even halfway through, right? And then my mom got stage four colon cancer, and she came up, she’d live with me. And for the last year, I had an opportunity to slow things down a bit. And Relaunch had only been, the company relaunch had only been in existence for about a year and I took the time to really talk to her, to really understand the changes, the evolution of women, the evolution of how we learn things when we’re young and how they end up coming out when we’re older. And when she passed, it was right before COVID and I didn’t have the opportunity to do a Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert. I’m going to go journey the world and find myself. And I wasn’t able to go out and be in the wild and try to figure it all out. So what happened is that I decided it’s time to write a book. And I was living in a high-rise apartment in San Francisco with my second husband, who I’ve now been with for almost ten years, and it just flowed out all of the different relaunches. But what you were asking about was a concept in the book called Three HQ. And it’s for everyone out there that can’t the H’s stand for Head, Heart, Higher self. And it’s for everyone of you that is having a difficult time getting out of your head, even sometimes connecting with your heart and higher self, that best version of you, that spiritual connection, that intuition, sometimes we’re just plain old tuning it out, sometimes it’s not happening. And so in the book, I lean into a lot of that. I lean into really helping people with the first part of it, which is tuning, tune into what is right there, your power source that you could start to leverage right now. To me, it’s probably been the most impactful thing I’ve ever created and I’ve ever helped people with.

00:11:40 – Gloria Grace Rand
See, I knew we were in alignment. Absolutely. I love that because I come at it a slightly different way in the book that I finished writing during COVID as well, and finally got it published in 2021. It really is about really connecting into your higher self and being in alignment because I found for me that that was when things really started to shift in a positive way and I was able to start figuring out what I wanted to do with my life because I had gone through a similar thing. For me, it was my sister. She had cancer and she passed at the end of 2016, and it was like the last connection to the family I grew up with, and so it really knocked me for a loop. And I’m sure you losing your mom when she’s supposed to live to be 100, it’s like, what the heck? So I sympathize with that. Explain maybe can you go into a little bit more detail about really why is it so important for? And I think probably it’s not just women, but even men as well, for us to really be able to connect those three things together. And how does it show up maybe when we’re not and then when we are?

00:13:13 – Hilary DeCesare
Well, it’s such a great comment when we’re not, right? Because it’s very easy to, in these days especially, tune out, because it’s hard. We’re all stressed, we’re all maxed out, we’re all feeling a little unsettled, uncertain about the future. And when you think about connecting, and when you think about being in alignment, and you think about getting out of your head, getting out of that worry, getting out of the energy level, that keeps you at a lower, right? All emotion is attached to an energy, there’s a level of frequency. And if you’re trying to scale your business, you’re trying to make things happen, and you’re still operating from any shame or blame or anger or not able to move on from a past relaunch event, it will directly impact you, and it will impact your business. And so it’s very difficult to hear, you can hear that intuitive voice inside, but you’re not listening. You’re like and then maybe that intuitive voice, maybe you misread it, maybe you heard it say something, and it was a misinterpretation. And then you’re like, I’m not going there. I’m not trusting that voice anymore. And we have a tendency as women, when we’ve grown up with and it’s so funny the other day, that song, you can bring home the bacon fry it up in the pan, you know the song I’m talking about? And never forget you’re a man. And then I had to Google it, and I mean, the woman is all in this very fancy cocktail dress at the end, and I’m like, no wonder we all feel like it’s such a struggle to get to the next level, because that’s not life. That’s not what we’re about. And yet today, there’s still the glass ceiling. We still are treated from a man versus woman in the office place, the boardroom sees 75% more men than women. And for me, it was one of those moments, and maybe for a lot of you listening, that when you start to think about, how do you get out of your head? And if you think, sixties, seventies, eighties, it was all about IQ. It was all about how intelligent are you? It was about your problem solving. Then EQ came to be in the 90s where how emotionally connected are you? And in today’s world, with this new attitude of where we’re going to work, how we’re going to do our job, people leaving, moving on, the tech business, right, the tech industry, and getting absolutely clobbered. Whether it’s the financial crisis or whether it is quiet quitting. There’s so much going on that three HQ is something that you can count on. It’s something that it’s like something that you can have in your back pocket at all times to understand and be able to evaluate yourself. So I would love if we have a moment. If you would be willing, I would love to actually take you through the first step to actually use 3HQ. You open, Gloria, you’re ready to do this?

00:16:51 – Gloria Grace Rand
Okay, I’m ready. I’m ready. Yes.

00:16:53 – Hilary DeCesare
There’s something called tune in, right? We talked about tune out. Tune in is you got to be I want to really emphasize this. This is a process that tunes into your head, heart, and higher self all in four steps. So I like to make things super easy. When you’re using this, and you use it all the time throughout your day, when you need to elevate your energy, when you are about to start a new project. And we talked about marketing. We talked about before we went live, we talked about SEO, we talked about all of these things that you’re looking to do during the day. An email, getting onto a stage, getting onto a podcast, when you know that what you want to do is elevate your energy so that you’re attracting, so that it’s the law of resonance. What resonates is something that is going to be resonating with you and resonating with them, and you want to be creating from that point. So I always like to get myself to tune in so I can elevate my energy. And the way we do that is number one. Step number one, you think about a challenge that you have in your life right now, in your business right now, that you are looking to solve that problem. And you can do that if all of a sudden, hey, I’m going on a stage, the only thing I want to do is make an impact. Well, then you could set an intention. So step one is either look at what’s challenging you. I’m having the revenue roller coaster, the relaunch revenue, up and down quarters. How do I make it consistent? Or it could be something as simple as I want to create a lead magnet that is absolutely incredible. So let me ask you, Gloria, what would you say is either a challenge or something that you want to put an intention on?

00:18:37 – Gloria Grace Rand
I would say, I got lots of different things, but I would say consistent growing revenue would be the one I want.

00:18:49 – Hilary DeCesare
It’s so common, so excellent. Consistent growing of your revenue. Okay, so that is step one. Now, Einstein said you can’t solve a problem at the consciousness, the level it was created. Well, Gloria, it took me a heck of a long time to figure out what the heck he meant by that. And I finally figured it out in this. In order to do anything at that level where you’re attracting the audience, the clients, the additional people coming into your world, you’ve got to elevate yourself so that when they do find you, it’s that perfect match. So step two, I want you to it’s the tune in process. Step two. And I want you to think of a song, because the song is going to be a song that fires you up, that lights you up, that elevates your energy. What would be that song for you?

00:19:43 – Gloria Grace Rand
Let’s see. Quite a few. But I remember this was one that I used to listen to when I was putting in the long miles and training for a marathon was Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen.

00:19:57 – Hilary DeCesare
Oh, that is such a good song. I think we can all hear it. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to look to change our channel, our channel, our station. We’re going to tune into that song and I want you to literally shut your eyes. And I know for many of you are going to be watching us close our eyes, but I want you to shut your eyes. And for those that are able to do this at home, think of your song and bring that song into your whole body. Take it from your head to your toes. I want you to turn it up for those that are by themselves at your house later, you can do it with music, live music. You could turn on your phone, but right now I want you to do it inside your head. Because you might be in a position where you can’t turn on music and hear it, but you got to hear it from the internal. So you’re going to turn it up. You’re moving your head, you’re changing your state. This is what we want to do. So now you can open your eyes and we’re into step three. Step three is where you visualize the opposite, the outcome of what you’re really going for. What you’re really going for is consistent revenue. I want and you don’t have it right now. That was the challenge. So I want you, growth, your consistent revenue growth. So I want you to think about it. I want you to close your eyes again and think about you having whatever that is consistently happening to you. And I want you, neuroscience says that the way we long term memory, way we create things that are going to be there for us, is that we also add color to them. We have an emotion to them. So is there a color in this visualization that you’re seeing right now? What is that main color that really is popping?

00:21:39 – Gloria Grace Rand
Actually gold.

00:21:40 – Hilary DeCesare
Okay. I want you to even make that even more brilliant gold, like really make it. And I’m going to do something that’s going to anchor this picture into your brain and we’re actually going to take an internal picture. And the way we’re going to do that is when I say click, you’re going to open and close your eyes very quickly. You’re not looking at the outside, you’re actually looking on the inside. I’m going to do it three times. Again, when I say click, open and close your eyes, taking a picture inside. Okay. Click. Click. Click. So now can you see a picture? Can you see that picture in your mind?

00:22:24 – Gloria Grace Rand

00:22:25 – Hilary DeCesare
Okay. It’s like your own personal photo album. All right. That’s what we’re creating. So you can open your eyes and throughout the day, the week, as we’re focusing on this, you can constantly go back to this place and add more pictures to your photo album by really visualizing it. But now, going into step four, I want you to tune back into Don’t Stop Me Now and take it through your body again. Feel it. And now I’m going to ask you, are you there? Do you feel it? Are you tuning in right now? And can you feel that you’re elevating your energy?

00:23:02 – Gloria Grace Rand

00:23:03 – Hilary DeCesare
I want you to tell me, what could you do to create momentum towards that image in your head, towards that picture? What could you do today? What could you do as soon as we’re done with this interview, what could you do to make sure? Now tune in again. Keep tuning into that song, elevating yourself because the answers come at a higher level where you would have already had all the answers. So open your eyes now and what would you do? What are you going to do today to create consistent revenue growth? What’s one thing?

00:23:42 – Gloria Grace Rand
One thing would be actually to send out an email to my list, which I haven’t done since last week. So I’m due for one anyway.

00:23:52 – Hilary DeCesare
Okay. This is what’s so great. So that’s the whole process. Again, the first part is challenge or what you are genuinely trying to put out into the world. Your intention. Step two, change the channel by tuning into a song. Step three is visualizing exactly to the color, to the emotion, to the smell, to everything clicking and taking that picture. And step four is the momentum, tuning back into that song and creating the first step. Now, I have clients that do this. I’m talking 10, 15 times a day before they do anything. Before I got on the call with you today, I tuned in. And what I have always suggested is it doesn’t matter what you’re about to focus on by elevating, by this simple, and you get better and better. It’s a muscle that you’re creating in your head. And initially it might have just taken us two or three minutes. Eventually it’s like 30 seconds. You’re just like, I got it, I got it. I’m tuning in right now. I’ve got it. But it also gets you very focused on what you’re trying to get done. What the outcome? What are you really trying to do by doing every single activity around your business during the day? Because so many times we just let things come, right? We just whatever, I just got to get this email out. I just got to post this, I just got to jump on a live and we just do it without setting that tune in process of like, wait a second, let me get to the level that I really want to be resonating with. It’s interesting, in the book, I interviewed a chef. He’s one of the top chefs, and he says, you know before I start to make anyone any food in the restaurant or anything, I said, actually, he’s like, Hilary, Hilary, Hilary. This is what I do. I tune in. But I don’t do the steps. Now I have steps. Now I have got that music. And so you can do this at any level, and it literally will help you. I mean, you do this, you practice this for a week, and your muscle starts to grow. You’re inner sizing yourself, not just exercising with the weights. This is where heavy lifting starts to be not so heavy.

00:26:04 – Gloria Grace Rand
Very cool. I like that. And it’s reflective of a lot of things I’ve heard over the years, too, about emotion. When you’re wanting to like, if you’re doing affirmations or something, they’re not good unless you have the emotion tied to it. So I can see, but this is even deeper. And I love combining visualization with it because I know I’ve done visualizations in the past and they do work. They do work. But I like how this is really amped up with combining a lot of cool, cool music.

00:26:33 – Hilary DeCesare
Music has to be this is the global. Everyone has some type of and if you don’t have a song specifically, there’s always a genre of, well, I like this, or whatever, you kind of start tapping your foot. You’re like, okay, I like that. But I’ve done this since really like, oh my gosh, probably 10, 15 years I’ve been doing this specifically like this. But the most important part is that I wake up and I already know what my day is going to look like because I look in the nighttime before, and I have a song of the day, and that’s the song that I tune into all day long. So it might be like, I really need creativity today, or I really need leadership skills because I’m going to go in and do a presentation, or I really need whatever I need, I come up with a song, and that’s the song that I kind of elevate myself to every single day. So I was on a stage a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve never had somebody literally call me out, like, okay, well, what was your song this morning? And I’m like, I got it. The most legit person ever. I said, okay, you really want to know? It’s the song, you put the lime and the coconut and mix it all up. And you know it’s funny, I said, it had nothing to do with this specific event. But I did do it before I came on stage. But the main reason I did it is I was having a few meetings that were going to be very deep, very heavy, very like, there’s business situations that are going on that are really heavy, heavy. And I needed levity. And so I picked that song because I’m like, if I listen to it before, I’ll bring a level of levity. And then they’re like, well, wait a second, this was a big corporate event in Silicon Valley, and there must have been a hundred people from different businesses. And I’m like, oh my gosh, you
guys, you know it had nothing to do with but everyone started to go like, you put the lime and the coconut, mix it all up.

00:28:36 – Gloria Grace Rand
I love this because I’m a music person. I’ve played instruments. I love to sing. So again, I was going to say you’re speaking my language, but I’ll say you’re singing my language.

00:28:49 – Hilary DeCesare
Exactly. That’s exactly it, yeah.

00:28:51 – Gloria Grace Rand
But I’m going to play a little devil’s advocate here and ask you, is there any way that someone could try to do this, try to execute what you’re saying and get it wrong?

00:29:02 – Hilary DeCesare
Oh, you know what? Here’s the best part. That you never can get it wrong if it’s coming from inside of you. And so, as I said, step one with the challenge or because I have had people that are literally like, I don’t have a challenge, there’s nothing. And then usually within about the next hour, they’re like, well, wait a second, I have something. But you can always find something. Find something that you want to improve upon. Let’s say you start to have three successful revenue generating quarters. Great. What’s your next year’s goal in terms of elevating it even more? So there’s always that. And then step two, the tuning in, it’s your song. And if you don’t have a song, it’s the music. Like, I’ve had people say, well, can I just use a drumming sound? I said, absolutely. I’ve taken now quite a bit of African dance. And I’m like, I play that in my head and I go crazy. I’m like, oh, I just want to stand up and do this. Which, by the way, you can definitely do as well. People ask me all the time, can I stand and do this process? Yes. In fact, it’s great because then you’re actually dancing. But then you look at step three, visualization. And this is the really interesting part. There are many people who don’t know, who don’t believe they can visualize something, right? They just don’t see it yet. And again, as you get more and more comfortable with this, you’ll be able to enhance your visualization. But initially, if all you’re thinking about is what’s the outcome? What is it that you really want? What does that even feel like? Stop visualizing. Just know what would it feel like if all of a sudden I came back to you in six months and you have doubled your revenue? You would know what you feel like. You can go with just that. And a lot of times I’ll say, okay, what’s the color? And there’s an aura around as you’re starting to feel better. And people could, I could just say, what’s the first color that comes to your mind? Blue. Great. What color blue?

00:31:07 – Hilary DeCesare
So you can’t really mess that up. And the click is at that point then, you can just take a picture of the blue. That’s it. Because that is now your anchor to what you’re creating. And so when I say keep going back to your photo album, keep adding pictures as you’re getting clearer and clearer. And for some, people are like, well, it’s still the same image. Awesome. Is there something different that you’re noticing in that image, in that visualization? And then step four is literally when you’re like, I don’t really know what I can do. I then get you to tune in again. Keep listening to the song. Don’t rush yourself. But when you give yourself the space, that’s when you’ll find something. And small is actually the best way. It’s momentum. I love that Tony Robbins said you can’t be stuck if you’re literally moving ahead by an inch, you don’t have to be held, you’re no longer stuck by definition. And so I want people to realize that it’s forward momentum. That’s all you’re trying to create, because then what your higher self will deliver back to you is more forward momentum.

00:32:23 – Gloria Grace Rand
Yeah, absolutely. And I’ve experienced that so often because sometimes you can get into a mood or something where you’re procrastinating. Then it’s like, okay, maybe I can just do let me just do one thing. And then that one thing may lead to a second thing. And suddenly, you know, you’ve like half an hour, an hour has gone by and, wow, I got a lot done for someone who didn’t want to get done. So momentum is a wonderful thing when you can get and it just starts, as you say, just with one little thing. Absolutely. Yeah. What are you curious about right now?

00:32:58 – Hilary DeCesare
AI? I got to say, I had a very interesting interview yesterday, and it was a former top, I mean, broadcasting journalist, and we got into a very heavy conversation around the fact that AI is putting people out of their jobs. Right. You can now put into the AI engine and say, this is what I want to create. Lead generation, a lead magnet. We do a lot of this in my course, trying to come up with what really would be compelling. And you know what she said, which was so brilliant? Because I look at it like, well, look at the ads, look at magazines. Those are all people that were deeply involved in those. It’s now moved to digital. It’s moving, it’s movement forward. It’s momentum into the future. But she said something that really I’ve thought so much, I even woke up in the middle of the night thinking about this. She said, but Hilary, if you take the human component out and we had talked about tune in process and three HQ and higher self and you have a machine creating your content, a machine creating what you’re putting out there, then what’s the energy level of the law of attraction? And I was like, that is so powerful. And what’s even more powerful then is if you’re doing something like AI, artificial intelligence, and you’re creating something that has three steps, how can you make it your own? How can you connect it to your audience? How can you connect it to how you feel about it so that there is? Remember, people buy on emotion. So what can you do to make it your own? So as you’re going live or as you’re sending it, you’re bookending it with your actual emotional charge to it. And it was such a, that’s interesting because this is an inflection point in history right now. And I’m a tech girl at heart. I love it. I immediately was like, I could use it for this and that and that and that. But when she started to say that and my business is definitely heart centered leadership. I’ve always been that way, but I have now even more embraced it. And the leaders that I work with have this sense of like, they come to me for that. And up until the conversation yesterday, that was a core piece I was missing. I was missing that. I was like, oh God, this is so great. XO Hilary, right, on my emails. And now it’s like, no. How do I tie it to what I know are the challenges that the people listening are really having? Because we don’t need more content, more knowledge. What we need is connection. And with that connection allows you to get into 3HQ. Using it all the time. That’s the best part. I literally say it’s like a charging station. But you’re the car, you charge yourself up and how much do you need right now? Are you relaunching in a massive way from a transition and you have no idea how you’re going to transform? You can’t see the silver linings yet. What are you going to do? Your business is struggling. You don’t know what’s going to happen next. You got to plug into 3HQ. You got to plug into that so that you can see the light. And there is a light, right?

00:36:43 – Gloria Grace Rand

00:36:44 – Hilary DeCesare
You just have to be willing to open your eyes again.

00:36:50 – Gloria Grace Rand
Great advice, especially about dealing with AI, because I know I’ve definitely seen my business for the longest time has been copywriting. And so even when this was first, even just a little bit coming up a couple of years ago, people were all concerned that it’s going to put copywriters out of business. And yet I feel that AI is absolutely wonderful. It’s really good for coming up with topic ideas, as you say, and even if it does help, you creating a lead magnet. But you still need to put your spin on it and to be able to I like that concept of bookending it because you’ve got to still be able to, you’ve got to connect to people and they’ve got to be able to feel you. And they’re not going to feel the machine, but they’re going to feel you.

00:37:41 – Hilary DeCesare
Maybe it’s a tune in AI experience.

00:37:45 – Gloria Grace Rand
Maybe, maybe.

00:37:48 – Hilary DeCesare
Maybe that’s where this whole thing is going.

00:37:51 – Gloria Grace Rand
Yeah, interesting. Okay, that’ll be for another day.

00:37:56 – Hilary DeCesare
Yeah, exactly.

00:37:58 – Gloria Grace Rand
Another discussion for another day. If someone is listening to this today and is really just inspired, and maybe they want to be able to get a copy of the book, or they want to learn more about the work that you do, what’s the best place for people to connect with you?

00:38:15 – Hilary DeCesare
Well, I’ve created a quiz to allow you to see how you’re doing with your head, your heart, and your higher self. Where are you on the scale so that you can start if you’re to in your head, you can start to incorporate more of the steps into being in the heart or the higher self. If you’re not there or maybe you are there. Bringing in the whole three is the trifecta. So you can go to,, and if you scale down a little bit, just scroll down. There is a quiz there. And it’s really interesting because people have said to me, I know I’m this, I know I’m this. And then they come back, they’re like, wow, I had no idea. I thought I was really operating in this mode. And then it showed me that. So definitely go check it out. And there’s a video for each one so that you can kind of take that next step.

00:39:09 – Gloria Grace Rand
Very cool. Well, I will be sure and have that in the show notes. For those of you who are listening somewhere you don’t have a pen handy, just go to and find this episode and you’ll be able to get that information. Or definitely check us out on YouTube and you’ll be able to see it because I have the banner right there we were just showing. Before I let you go, is there anything else that I maybe should have asked you that I didn’t?

00:39:39 – Hilary DeCesare
That’s my favorite question and I love it. You know, what I really want people to realize is that relaunches are going to happen. And I’m sorry to say that it could happen today, tomorrow, it could happen in the future. Things will happen in your business, things will happen in your personal life. But it is so wonderful, it’s so comforting to know that there is something that you can lean into that has been proven over and over. Thousands of people have been able to use 3HQ in their relaunches and allow themselves to have that transition to transformation and the positive transformation. We don’t want you to go down the path of yet another because when you get into the spiral of like, oh my God, here’s another relaunch, another relaunch, we got to break the cycle and we’ve got to elevate you by tuning in. And at that point, that’s when your business will take off. That’s when you can manifest literally anything. And I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it happen. And you’ve seen it happen, Gloria, I mean, over and over. But you’ve got to get to a place where you’re 3HQ’ing you.

00:41:01 – Gloria Grace Rand
Yeah, absolutely. This has been wonderful, and I’m just so glad that I was able to have you on the show today to share this information. And I’m going to go take that quiz too, because I’m curious as well.
00:41:15 – Hilary DeCesare
Let me know what you come up with. I have a feeling I know.

00:41:22 – Gloria Grace Rand
Well. but as you say, sometimes people feel they know and then it’s like it’s something different, so who knows?

00:41:26 – Hilary DeCesare
You got it.

00:41:27 – Gloria Grace Rand
Yeah. But I’m curious. So thank you so much for being here today and spending some part of your day with us. I really appreciate it.

00:41:35 – Hilary DeCesare
It was my pleasure. Thank you so much. That was a great conversation.

00:41:39 – Gloria Grace Rand
Thank you. And I also want to thank all of you for watching and for listening. And you’re part of the reason I do this selfishly, I just love to be able to talk to wonderful people, but the fact that I get to share it with all of you is just the icing on the cake, as they say. So thank you for watching. Thank you for listening. If you’re not subscribed yet, I hope you will do that. And until next time, as always, I like to say encourage you to gGo out and live fully, love deeply, and engage authentically.

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