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3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Sending Emails to Your Customers

sending emails Still sending emails to your customers?


Here are 3 reasons why it’s not necessary:

1. Your customers already follow you on social media.
You have a big following on Facebook. Ok, so you have to pay for ads to make sure your content is seen, but so does everyone else. Big deal. Besides, it’s super easy to monitor and respond to conversations across all your social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. There’s no chance you’re going to miss a complement or complaint! Anyway, no one checks email on their mobile device, right?

2. You don’t care about ROI. Social media makes it easy to keep track of trends, tweets and demographics, so there’s no need to know who’s opening your email and clicking on your links. It’s too much trouble to segment lists to make sure your customers are getting the information they need anyway.

3. You have all the business you can handle. Who needs to stay in touch with customers when you have more sales than you can handle? Sure, the volume may slow down one day, but your company is awesome! There’s no way your customers are going to forget about you. They wouldn’t dream of buying from some new company that sends them useful information on new ways to use your product, links to educational videos, discount coupons and invitations to special events.

By now, I hope you know I’m kidding, right? For all the talk about social media being an effective marketing tool, email is just as good, if not a better tool for small businesses when it comes to generating sales. Here are a few statistics to demonstrate the point:

91% of consumers check their email daily (Source)
74% of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications via email (Source)
66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message (Source)
Email marketing has an ROI of 4,300% (Source)

Of course, email works best when it carries a marketing message that addresses your customers’ needs. I’m going to explain how to create emails and web copy that cuts through the clutter, and compels your customer to say “YES” to your offer during a free webinar on August 6 hosted by 6-figure Speaking Goddess AmondaRose Igoe. Click here to register.

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About the Author
Gloria Grace Rand is an award-winning SEO blogger, former writer/producer for the PBS-TV news program, “Nightly Business Report,” and the owner of Web to Wealth Marketing. As an internationally known leading expert in internet marketing, Gloria develops innovative workshops and masterminds that help creative professionals and service providers improve their online visibility and profitability. She is also a Contributing Author of three best-selling books, “Unscripted: How Entrepreneurs Leap and Find Success,” “Conceived to Lead,” and “Connect: 100+ Mind-Blowing Strategies to Use Social Media and Drive Business Growth.”

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