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Shape Up after 40 with Nicole Simonin

Maintaining a healthy body is important at any age, but even more so after 40. Today’s podcast guest is dedicated to helping women over 40 shape up, and lose weight for the last time. Nicole Simonin is an ACE personal Trainer, ACE health coach, licensed physical therapist assistant and former professional ballet dancer. As she talks about in this episode, Nicole had to overcome a significant health challenge in her teenage years in order to achieve her dreams.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. Podcast:

    • Nicole shares what happened the day of her illness
    • How Nicole found humor in being sick
    • What prompted Nicole to pursue a career in physical therapy
    • Why Nicole is so passionate about helping women over 40 shape up

Connect with Nicole:


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Gloria Grace Rand 0:02
Namaste and welcome to live love engage. I am Gloria Grace Rand, your hostess with the mostess ha. I don’t know where that came from today, but I’m just declaring it. So there we go. And I am delighted to have a guest with us today. And is, she’s a really impressive woman who has overcome something and just gone on to great heights and being able to help a lot of other people in their life. Her name is Nicole Simonin, and I forget simmonin and I forgot most of the time. I’m good because I could do better with…

Nicole Simonin 0:45
No one gets it.

Gloria Grace Rand 0:48
Simonin. like that. Simona Simonon, Simone. Simonin.

Nicole Simonin 0:54
Okay, there we go.

Gloria Grace Rand 0:58
Hi, Nicole.

Nicole Simonin 1:00
That’s good too.

Gloria Grace Rand 1:02
You know what? It’ll be in the show notes. You’ll you read what her name is and I’m apologizing right now for totally butchering it. So let me just get into telling you a little bit about Nicole. Simonon.

Nicole Simonin 1:17
Very good. You got it.

Gloria Grace Rand 1:19
Okay, I feel better now. All right. So since 2006 she has been helping women lose weight for the last time. I love that because I have lost weight many times and this time around that I have lost weight. It’s the last time for me too. I’m like I’m over it, done. Nicole is an ACE personal trainer, ACE health coach and I might ask you what ACE stands for in a minute after we get going. She’s has her own podcast. She is the host of it’s called shape, shape it up over 40 and as the founder of shape it up LLC as well as the author of the No fuss, no mess, shape it up cookbook. I like that. I always like cookbooks, I might have to find that one. And she’s also… as if that isn’t enough, she’s a licensed physical therapist assistant, and a former professional ballet dancer, who has also been featured in Rachael Ray In Season, Bicycling magazine, Real Simple and MSN. So welcome Nicole. And I do apologize for butchering your name at the beginning so..

Nicole Simonin 2:31
No worries. Thank you so much for having me on. Gloria. It is a hard last name.

Gloria Grace Rand 2:38
Not really. Now when I look at it. It’s not really that hard. It’s just Well, anyway. So I love that part of your background is professional ballet dancer because I did take tap, ballet and jazz when I was kid many, many, many moons ago now, but I loved it. It was a thing that I enjoy, but I know we were talking a little bit before we got started recording today that when you were young before you became a professional ballet dancer, you had a health challenge. So can you share a little bit about that and how that impacted your ballet career?

Nicole Simonin 3:24
Yeah, absolutely. So I at age 13, had declared to my parents that I was going to be a professional ballet dancer. And when I was 17, I woke up one morning and we were actually heading to New York. I am in South Jersey, and we were going to get costumes made in New York for a ballet we were doing and it was a Saturday, I woke up and I could not move. I felt like I had cement blocks on top of me and I was in such pain. And as a very active 17 year old, you know, to go from very active to now like not being able to do anything like I couldn’t squeeze toothpaste out, it was painful. I needed people to help me walk to the bathroom and do things. So I wound up in the hospital. And I wound up in children’s hospital in Philly, and they had no idea what was going on. Very long story, they did a lot of tests and everything. And finally, they were like, you know, we can’t really do anything for you. Or they told my mom that I would probably not be able to walk and I would probably be blind. And yeah, so at the same time, my dad was in Vermont, he had been skiing and fell and was getting a rod in his hip. So my mom had a lot of patients. I think it’s Yeah, but um, so I went home and eventually they found out one more symptom popped up and I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. So I have a genetic marker. And basically, if something happens, like I get a bacterial infection or something like that, it explodes. So nine months later, after the day, when I went to the hospital, I actually was dancing on scholarship at Radford University for my Bachelor of Fine Arts in ballet. So

Gloria Grace Rand 5:09

Nicole Simonin 5:10
Yeah, I did not let that stop me. Again. I know we’re briefly talking before, but I don’t know if it was like just young ignorance or strong headedness. I don’t know. I’ve always been strong willed. So I definitely think I just was like, yeah, it’s not an option.

Gloria Grace Rand 5:26
Um, I love that. Well, I think attitude does have a big deal to do with that. Having a positive attitude. But it makes a big difference. And I think, you know, part of it probably was you were young and probably just didn’t like the idea of your plans being derailed

Nicole Simonin 5:49
Pretty much. Looking back though, I really remember the funny parts of being in the hospital like I always tell the story of I was in children’s hospital and I was holding my breath to play with the heart rate monitor the, you know the everything you’re hooked up to. Yeah. And so it would blip and then I’d hold my breath and then it would like almost flatline. And then it would flip again. Yeah. And so I’m I know I was their favorite patient, all the nurses, I apologize to whoever that was.The different things like I know my mom came in when I was looking at a book and I was running my fingers over a book and she’s like, what are you doing? And I was like, Well, if I’m gonna be blind, I might as well learn how to read Braille. But it wasn’t a Braille book. It was just a regular book. So this is who I am. Yeah. But funny things like that. I think even when my mom and I talk about it now, if we remember the funny parts, you know, the whole situation.

Gloria Grace Rand 6:43
Well, that’s, that’s important. And I think you know what i do think because they’ve you, I’m sure you’ve heard there’s been lots of studies that have shown that like even people with cancer for instance, that if they focus their attention more on like watching comedies, in fact that there’s I know there was a famous doctor who talked about that. And I’m his name is escaping me at the moment, but the humor does help a lot.

Nicole Simonin 7:07
Didn’t they make a movie with Robin Williams?

Gloria Grace Rand 7:09
I think so. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That was coming to mind as well. Yeah, absolutely. So so I think probably all of that combined is what helped you to make a recovery. So how did you I guess, and you know, how did you make the pivot then from being a professional dancer to you know what you’re doing today? So you’re more of a health coach and trainer and things like that?

Nicole Simonin 7:35
Yeah. So I was actually guesting at Pennsylvania ballet. And I was driving home… I was dancing. And I twisted my ankle. I’m driving home in a snowstorm and I was like, I have got to find… I was like 29 I think I was like, I have got to find something that doesn’t really rely on my body, which is ironic becvause what I chose, but um, so I decided to go to school for physical therapy. I absolutely loved working in the physical therapy department. I just love the way the body works. I loved orthopedics and one of the places that I worked was, had a physical therapy side and they also had a gym. And earlier you had asked me what was an ace personal trainer. So ace is American Council on Exercise. It’s one of the top certifications in the country for personal training health coach. And so I actually got my personal training certification while I was working as a PTA, and I was running the gym of the place. I loved it. So I was working as a PTA and running the gym. And then I got married and I had my son. And I kept telling the people that I was working for I was like, I’ll be back Don’t worry, no maternity leave. And then I had my son and I was like, I’m not coming back. Sorry, I just can’t leave him at home. I want to you know, raise him and and then I just have to in 2006, I decided I was like, I need some sort of adult interaction, and I want to do something other than take care of my son. Not that that’s not important. But um, so I started shape it up. And I started off as an online trainer. And the technology was horrendous back then. Like, it was horrible. It took me hours and hours to create one client’s workout to get it to them. And it was just very time consuming. So then I had my daughter, not less than two years later, and I was like, okay, we’re getting out of the house. So I started mommy and me boot camps, and which was great because the kids came along, they learned how to count from one to 20 because that was all we did in the class. They got to interact with other kids and we were outside and it was such a beautiful experience. And then, over the years shape it up has evolved from mommy and me boot camps to boot camps to private training. And now I’m back to online coaching

Gloria Grace Rand 9:57
because of the lovely pandemic, we’re in So yeah,

Nicole Simonin 10:01
that was part of it that kind of pushed me all the way into online. I do have some in person clients, but right now we’re I’m in Jersey, so we are still kind of

Gloria Grace Rand 10:10
locked down.

Nicole Simonin 10:11
Yeah, we’re starting to come out. But I personally would like to still self quarantine until we can see what actually is happening, you know, but um, yeah. So it’s interesting, because the online training now is so much easier. And it’s so like, like, what we’re doing now is what I do with clients. Yeah. And I have an app that I designed workouts, I customize everything for my clients. Nutrition wise, I don’t give out exact nutritional plans because nobody follows them. And I don’t blame them.

Gloria Grace Rand 10:44

Nicole Simonin 10:45
So I kind of give a framework around nutrition but the most important part I find is the mindset part. And I feel like that is such a big missing piece between you know, like, we all know we have to move more and eat less, but why don’t we do it and I I really think that is the missing piece. And that is what I’m really passionate about now is just trying to not only my own personal journey and figure out why I do the things I do, but watching my clients and seeing, you know how everybody’s different and and unique and, you know, like unpacking or peeling off the layers of onions of everybody. So I find that fascinating that like, whoever comes to me is going to be a totally different package. And I love diving into that and working with my clients to get them to the results that they want.

Gloria Grace Rand 11:32
That’s awesome. So do you… I know know your podcast says it’s for shaping up over 40, is that really who you are focused on working with even like with your programs that you’re doing now?

Nicole Simonin 11:46
I do. I made the shift. Mmm hmm. I think it’s been. It’s probably been when I turned 40. it’s been ironic how that…

Gloria Grace Rand 11:55
how that’s a catalyst..

Nicole Simonin 11:57
Yeah, so I’ll be 47 in the summer. So it’s been almost seven years. And part of that was because I was going, you know, into my 40s. And I started looking around at like, you know, just googling information on the internet. And there was nothing out there for ladies over 40. And I don’t know if there’s a disconnect, because, you know, some women over 40 aren’t really into social media. They’re not into, like the 20 year olds that are posting Instagram photos of their body, you know, 24 hours a day. And I get that, but I just found that there was there was a spot that, you know, I was like, Yes, this is where we need it. And the people that I were talking to that were around my age, they were like, Oh, 40 This is it. This is as good as it gets. And I was like, No, no, I plan on proving you’re wrong. Because, you know, there’s a lot of people that are in their 90s and 80s. And, and I think, yes, I feel like a lot of people want to look good, but it’s really about being independent as we age because yeah, I mean, I don’t know about you, but I want to be able to open up my spaghetti jars when I’m 90. I want to be able to live independently. And you know, I mean things happen, but that is my goal for sure. And I really, you know, the people that come to me are in the same boat, they want to be independent and they want to be strong and they want to be, you know, resilient through the rest of their lives.

Gloria Grace Rand 13:19
Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I’ve got I mean, my my goal is to be I want to make it past 100. But I want to be healthy in mind body and spirit.

Nicole Simonin 13:28
Yes, so sure.

Gloria Grace Rand 13:30
Absolutely. So I love that you’re helping people that way. And in particular, I guess, first of all, do you serve women or do you do women and men what’s what’s your sweet spot?

Nicole Simonin 13:42
Yeah, I’ve worked with men in person, I find that we women just think a little differently. I am happy to work with men, but I feel like I really do like I’m in my wheelhouse when I’m with women. Just because I understand how they think. throw my husband under the bus. But like I look at him, I’m like, why do you think that way? Like That makes no sense to me? I think that’s why, you know, I’ve really kind of narrowed my niche down into women over 40.

Gloria Grace Rand 14:14
Right? Yeah, absolutely. So what would what would you say to say someone who’s listening who’s over 40 and especially, I think, in fact, I was actually talking to part of what I do I, I do a lot of things, but I also do some health coaching myself on the side and I was talking with a past client of mine the other day and she says, Yeah, I put the weight back on again. I was like, Okay, so I’m restarting our program. I was like, okay, that’s fine. You know, and also I’m here to support you and so I’m gonna check in on her again and help her through that. But I think a lot of people during the lockdown in particular decided to snack and and probably part of it was due to the stress of just not knowing what’s going on, and, or boredom because they’re home and they’re not getting out. So what would you what’s like, if, again, if someone a woman over 40 is listening to this or watching us on YouTube, what would be maybe the first step that you would suggest for them to do just to start moving back in the right direction of creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves?

Nicole Simonin 15:27
Yeah, I think the first thing when we need to socially distance from our frigerator is realize that, like, there’s a common saying where you fall off a fitness wagon. We don’t really fall off the fitness wagon, we choose to fall off the fitness wagon. You know,

Gloria Grace Rand 15:46
we’re stepping off. We’re walking back.

Nicole Simonin 15:48
You’re purposely choosing whether it’s consciously or not. Yeah, we always have a choice. So you can decide whether you want to go to the frigerator and eat something or You can decide. So one of the things that I always say is if your stomach is not growling, and you’re eating, you’re eating for emotional reasons, because food is for fuel. And we as Americans, for sure, you know, we celebrate food with everything. Oh, it’s Tuesday. It’s Taco Tuesday. You know everything. Let’s go have a coffee. Well, coffee is now like a 400 calorie drink and then you have to get a muffin and or whatever, a scone.

Gloria Grace Rand 16:27
Yeah, it’s insane.

Nicole Simonin 16:28
It’s crazy. So I think we’re so interwoven with food nowadays, that unless you’re aware, you can’t really separate it. So if your stomach isn’t growling and you’re grabbing for food, for sure something else is going on that you are trying to avoid or ignore or something and it doesn’t have to be this life, alternating, you know, scenario. It could just be Oh, I’m bored. I’m or I’m looking for a mood change. You know, if you’re If you finished up working, and you know you’re switching gears, I know a lot of women have wine when they come home, that’s a mood change. That’s something you know, that’s like your almost like a trigger to symbolize to your brain. Oh, we get to relax now. But instead, if we did something else, you know, maybe do some yoga or deep breathing. You don’t need the wine, you don’t need the food. So yeah, that would be my first suggestion is to be aware of what you’re doing, and realize that you always have a choice. And choices happen in a split second. It’s not like, you know, you sit there and ponder for five minutes. It’s like, Do I want it or not? Or, you know, am I gonna, if I eat it, is it gonna get me to my results? That’s a good one. I know, I personally use that a lot.

Gloria Grace Rand 17:45
That’s true. Yeah, it’s like, Is it worth the short term gain for having that, you know, satisfy my sweet tooth as opposed to the long term? Am I gonna be able to fit into my pants tomorrow?

Nicole Simonin 17:56
Hi. Right. Right.

Gloria Grace Rand 17:59
I’ve been there. done that. Yeah, it’s it’s I want to instead of eating to live, or no, yeah. Or instead of living to eat, I want to eat to live. That’s what Yes, yeah, I get that. Yeah, the right way because I have acted the other way alot.

Nicole Simonin 18:14
You are not alone. America wouldn’t be in the situation. Obesity wise, you know, if this was easy, everybody that we wouldn’t have this issue. And again, that’s why I think the mindset is so important, because how many 12 week programs are out there? How many diets are out there? If they worked long term, we wouldn’t have the obesity rates that we have.

Gloria Grace Rand 18:37
Right? Absolutely. And we wouldn’t have more companies or more people writing diet books and all of that, which actually leads me to… I love the idea of that cookbook that you had. So I love I love the title, no fuss, no mess. Oh good. There we go. I love it. So what is Maybe an example of like something what because i know i think that’s also a problem with sometimes people are. So well, when we were going out more, it’s so much easier to just, you know, go to the stop off at the fast food place and pick up something to eat, rather than spending time to cook, which has been the one benefit of, at least for people who are making healthy choices during this lockdown is that they were actually spending more time cooking and coming up with meals. So you should maybe share a little bit about what’s like something good in your cookbook or what would be something that is an example of no fuss and no mess.

Nicole Simonin 19:40
So before I answer that question, my purpose of this book was like I am not a chef by any stretch of the imagination. I hate cooking. But I hate food logging even more. So. So this cookbook is for the non chef. So if you’re looking to be the next Iron Chef, this is not the cookbook for you. And again, I don’t like cleaning we we do have a dishwasher, but it’s been broken. So we just store our party favors in there. So I yeah, so I wash all the dishes by hand and I don’t want to wash all the dishes. Yeah, um, so that’s where the no the no mess part comes in, and no fuss like I just like to grab things and put them together. So so the recipes are very quick and easy. Um, I do a lot of bulk cooking but I don’t do it in the sense where I am stuck in the kitchen for six hours at a time. I call power cooking. And in the book, you can see how I kind of lay it out for you and how it’s structured. And it’s the one of the things that I love about power cooking is is that you can adapt it to however you want. So a lot of times I will cook food on like a Friday So I work from home so like it’s everybody’s working from home right now but normally work from home. And so Friday is like the day you know, I’ll have the fresh vegetables and whatever and I will kind of cook but like I will make sweet potatoes I will make cauliflower I will make usually mac and cheese for the kids or something like that. And what I do is I do all of that at the same time. So I’m really only in there for about an hour. Um, meat wise, same thing, like if I have a, I’ll buy like a lot of, say ground turkey. So say it’s like, it’s usually like eight pounds. And I’ll do two pounds, you know, I’m going to stir fry, two pounds go to burgers, two pounds go to meatballs, and I’ll do all that and then I’ll either freeze or eat. So basically I’m grabbing and going throughout. So that’s how the recipes are kind of put together. And also the way I designed this book is I kind of designed I designed it for my clients but I also designed it designed it for me because I don’t like food lagging. So I know that I can pick like the recipes that our selves are based on a calorie amount. So I can just pick and choose what I want to put together. And if anybody does get the book, or the Kindle version, either one inside there is a bonus there. So make sure you go to that link because you will get meal templates for me and you’ll also get my smoothie recipe book. So that kind of complements everything as well. But yeah, so that’s kind of how I came about throwing this book together. It’s been in the works for about three years, but then COVID happened and I was like, You know what, now is the time.

Gloria Grace Rand 22:37
Absolutely. Yeah. Good. Good for you. That’s awesome. Yeah, I, I do like to cook. I do and, and actually, my daughter will tease me because she’s like, well, especially because I like watching like shows like Top Chef and things like that too. And she’s like, well, aren’t you gonna like, you know, whip up those fancy things. I’m like, Okay, I’m gonna get to that level. It’s like I did learn how to crack an egg and one with one hand because I worked at McDonald’s and I had to make egg mcmuffins. So six eggs and so she was impressed with that. But but the cleanup part Yeah, that’s that’s a pain. So I have learned to sort of clean as I go to try to minimize the mess but yeah, so that’s, that’s awesome. Yeah,

Nicole Simonin 23:23
yeah, one of the other things too, about this book is that like I would make family dinners and nobody would want to eat them or they’d want something else, you know with it. So by doing it the way I cook it now everybody can kind of make your own stuff. And my kids are teenagers. So it’s not like they’re little little ones. So that works out too. So everybody gets what they want.

Gloria Grace Rand 23:44
That’s good. Yeah. Yeah, that’s important. I know. I’ve been well in the past even in our family. For a while I was doing like vegetarian but my husband is a meat eater. So I’d be like cooking two meals. That’s kind of annoying. It’s better when you can, you know, be eating the same things but if you can offer some other variety so that’s that’s awesome as well. I’m just trying to think if there anything else maybe any I advice you know we kind of talked about the mindset part is is part of this but I guess being with your background as not only as a ballet dancer but in physical therapy and personal training. What about exercise? How big a role does that play in in even with what you’re teaching your clients or what do you recommend for again maybe you know couch potatoes who want to start know the importance of moving and that they need to do something, what would you kind of advice do you have for people on that front?

Nicole Simonin 24:52
Well, like when clients come to me, I always try to meet them where they are. So whether that’s a beginner or someone who has you know is very sedentary. We’re going to start off very basic we’re gonna I’m gonna try and have them walk more because a lot of times spending and also depending on how much weight they want to lose and where they’re at so again that’s why it’s so diverse as to where to go. I do not from my physical therapy background I do not come from a place where like it’s like let’s beat you down for you know, the first week and we’re going to do all this crazy stuff flipping tires and you know…

Gloria Grace Rand 25:29

Nicole Simonin 25:31
you know, I think depending on the person, if you want to flip tires, we’ll work our way up there but I don’t think you need to flip tires in order to lose weight. Um, so yeah, for beginner I would definitely just say start walking. You know, ever most people have the fitbits or some sort of pedometer. Nowadays the watch, even phones have pedometers on them. Or if you want your phone attached to all the time, but you know, just increasing your steps. The average person really only walks like two To 3000 steps a day, which is really low. Um, so yeah, I try to slowly build them up to like 10,000 steps a day. And a lot of people were very resistant about that they think it’s very hard to do.

Gloria Grace Rand 26:14

Nicole Simonin 26:14
But just moving the body was meant to move. So I do think exercise is very important. I do think the mindset piece has to be in place first, because, you know, if somebody doesn’t want to walk, or they don’t want to lift weights, or they don’t want to work out it, you know, I can’t force them to do that as much as I would want them because I know it’s helping them. They have to figure out what it is that they need to think and feel in order to take those action steps to get them the results that they want to get or they say they want to get right. So I do find that weight training is very important. I don’t think especially women over 40 you know, you can absolutely do those hit cardio sessions if you want but weight training is the fountain of youth. I think the more that you and I’m not talking about like power lifting, I’m talking about progressing from those, I call them Barbie five pound dumbbells, you know, to the like 10, 15 pound dumbbells because when you strength train, you’re not only building your muscles, we obviously all know, but you’re also building your bone density, which is very important as we age because I mean, how many people have you heard that are older, they break their hips and that kind of thing. So, strength training, I feel is key to it. And it’s not like you have to be in the gym or at your home for six hours, you know, grunting and groaning and lifting weights. I find that a half hour is fantastic. I definitely think you need cardio. So yeah, I think exercise is a is a big portion of it. But again, I feel like I really have to figure out the percentages because somebody asked me this before too. But like, you know, I think there’s a saying like 80% is nutrition and 20 is exercise. I almost feel like 70% should be mindset, you know, and then exercise and then yeah, food and then exercise. Because we’ve become so sedentary in everything that we do. I mean, now we’re on zoom, which is wonderful, but we’re sitting,

Gloria Grace Rand 28:20

Nicole Simonin 28:21
you know, and it’s not like we’re walking around your office and that kind of thing. But yes, sitting is like the new killer of us all. Unfortunately,

Gloria Grace Rand 28:30
it’s true. Yeah, it has been, I have seen studies about that. I mean, that it really is killing us literally. And, and you’ve just reminded me that, I think the next time I do one of these interviews, I do have a standing desk, while it’s like a little portable one that I can put on top of my desk, and I can put the computer on it. So I might have to look into doing that so that I can stand up for these interviews because I’ve also taken you know, training on how to speak properly and they do say the standing up While you’re speaking is better for you also

Nicole Simonin 29:02
Sure, I’m sure.

Gloria Grace Rand 29:04
More lung capacity. Okay, see, I’m glad I have you on the show today.

Nicole Simonin 29:09
Yeah, I’ll give you a suggestion if you have a treadmill at home. Again, depending on what type of treadmill you have, I actually have this like, piece of wood. It’s a plank. I don’t even know what it’s from, but I lay it across my railings of my treadmill. Now, be careful, okay, but I will set up my laptop. I don’t do video chats on there because you’re breathing and stuff, but I literally will be talking and walking and typing and walking on the treadmill. And it’s not like I’m walking you know, yeah, nine, but I’m walking a slower clip, but I’m able to type and I usually last about a half hour because then I feel like I’m getting motion sickness but, but that’s something you know, I mean, they have the treadmill desks. I would say as much as you can move, move, you know?

Gloria Grace Rand 29:53
Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, I’ve, I’ve, I try to as much as possible. Even just doing at least like a 20 minute walk every morning, just and I just go around my neighborhood and that’s, you know, again, even with social distancing and things like that, in fact, actually during this whole lockdown I know in my neighborhood It was like I saw many more of my neighbors walking their dogs and and just getting out there and getting some fresh air. So there in, well especially Of course, I live in Florida so it’s easier to get out. And about more often some times of the year. If you’re living up north like you live in New Jersey, you’re not necessarily going to be able to walk as easily in January but they’re having a treadmill, that’s a good way to do it. So that’s awesome. Um, if someone wants to get in touch with you and learn more about all the wonderful things that you are doing in the world, and learn more about your programs, what is the best way for people to connect with you?

Nicole Simonin 30:58
you can go to shape it up fitness dot com that is where everything is listed social medias, you could check out the podcast on Apple shaping up over 40. And cookbook if you’re interested in it is

Gloria Grace Rand 31:12
Awesome, well good well I will make sure that I put a link to that in the show notes. So if you’re listening to this and you’re not able to go to that right now then you’ll have it so you can refer to it so that’ll be awesome. So thank you so much for being here and sharing some great advice on how to really start dealing with the mindset issue and to be able to get in shape because we need to we need to be in shape and especially, especially now I think that this is pandemic has shown that the people who will unfortunately have had the worst results and and even have passed away have been people who have had chronic health conditions you know, they are overweight, they’ve got high blood blood pressure, diabetes, things like that. So, use this opportunity now, even if to start from where you are to start making little steps and take control of your health because this is the only body you’ve got. And so treat it the way it deserves to be treated. I think so. Thank you all. Thank you Thank you all for listening. Thank you, Nicole, for being here.

Nicole Simonin 32:27
Thank you so much for having me.

Gloria Grace Rand 32:28
I’m doing wonderfully today aren’t I? Oh well, it’s all good. It’s all good. It’s It’s Wednesday. It’s the middle of the week. I guess I’m, I’m it’s all good. That’s it. I’m just declaring, it’s all good. So, as always, I just encourage you out there to live fully, love deeply and engage authentically.

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