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Importance of Retargeting as a Marketing Strategy for Businesses

The primary goal of all marketing campaigns is always to make sales. In this article, we will talk about retargeting and its importance as a marketing strategy.

Retargeting is and has always been a great marketing strategy for businesses. Still, with the introduction of newer technologies, such as cookies and third-party software which allow visitors’ segmentation, it has now become a core marketing tool for the advancement of businesses. 

Too often, marketers have ignored this strategy, as the statistics show, which reveals that only about 33% of marketers make use of retargeting to get new leads. Businesses invest a lot of resources in generating new leads without thinking about how to retain them. Statistics done by researchers have shown that only 2% of visitors make a purchase on their first visit to a website or store, but more than 70% are likely to convert to sales when retargeted.

Retargeting is probably the best and most effective tool for helping businesses retain new leads. Your ad is shown only to people who have indicated an interest by visiting your website and have left without completing an action or making a purchase. When done correctly, retargeting is capable of increasing traffic and boosting your ROI. Below you can continue reading about the importance of retargeting. 

• It is Capable of Generating Quality Leads

Using the advanced technology, advertisers are now able to filter, modify, and personalize their ads to suit the individual needs of their website visitors according to their online activities. For example, advertisers can run targeted ads for people who were unable to complete their subscription process on the website, or run targeted ads for those who left their carts after placing a few products in it.

• Retargeting Can Be Used to Increase Brand Popularity

More than 12% of marketers say that they use retargeting to help boost their brand awareness on the web. After leaving your website, users are targeted with specific ads from you when they visit other platforms online. Over time, this has proved to be a good strategy in helping businesses keep their services in the minds of prospective buyers. Statistics done by researchers show that 25% of customers appreciate when they are reminded of the products they purchased or planned to purchase in the past.

• Retargeting Can Increase ROI

More than 70% of first-time visitors are likely to convert when custom ads from marketers retarget them. Like we discussed earlier, retargeting helps brands send out custom ads that meet visitors’ needs according to their online activities. More than 78% of users say that personalised content from brands enhances their purchase intent. Through retargeting, advertisers can easily make every user experience personalized and increase sales and ROI as a result. 

• Retargeting Can Increase Conversions

When combined with other marketing strategies, marketers say retargeting has helped increase sales by 50%. There is no argument that users who have already displayed an interest by browsing your website are the ones who are targeted.

The infographic below will further help you understand how important retargeting can be when planning your marketing strategy.


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