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5 Ways to Repurpose Blog Articles to Get Leads

repurpose blog articles One of the first blog articles I ever wrote was called 4 Ways to Leverage Your Blog Content to Get More Leads. Since it’s been a number of years since that article was published, I thought it was high time for an update on how to repurpose blog articles!

I love blogging. It’s hands down one of the most effective marketing tools for a small business owner (besides email – but more on that later). The more often you blog, the more traffic your website gets, and the more potential leads you get too.

There’s just one problem with blogging. It takes time! If you’re going to spend time creating a quality article that solves the needs of your prospects, why not get the maximum benefit from it? The way to do that is to repurpose your articles!

Here are 5 ways you can get more mileage out of those blog articles and generate more leads for your business in the process:

1. E-newsletters – One of the most effective ways a small business can generate leads is to publish an e-newsletter – either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. One reason some small biz owners are reluctant to do this is because they don’t know where to get the material to publish. Here’s a tip for you: use your blog! Not all of your blog readers are on your mailing list (even though they should be!), and not all of your email subscribers read your blog (even though they should, right?). My advice is to publish the entire article (if it’s fairly short) or better yet, write a short intro about the article and include the link, so your email subscribers can read the article on your blog. This is the best strategy, since you’ll get more traffic to your blog!

2. Video – Since not everyone has the time to read, you can still get your point across to your audience, and potentially reach a whole new set of prospects by turning your blog articles into videos that you post on sites like YouTube and Vimeo. You can also embed the video right into your own blog too. If you don’t want to record yourself talking, you can create a PowerPoint and add voiceover instead. I’ve used Screencast-o-Matic effectively for this. Another awesome tool which I’ve used to create video blogs is VideoMakerFX. Here’s an example of a video I put together for one of my clients:

3. Slide Show – If you create a PowerPoint for video, you can also post it on Slideshare. Remember to make the presentation interesting – include bullet points and images. The presentation must be able to communicate your point of view without audio. (Note: You can add YouTube videos to a PowerPoint before uploading it to SlideShare.)

4. Audio – Converting your blog post into an audio recording is also a great way to repurpose your content. There are free sites that will allow you to post audio recordings such as or Audioboo. You can also turn your audio file into a podcast and distribute it on iTunes. Another option is BlogTalkRadio, where you can create your own live radio show, and upload audio files there and move them into a podcast.

In my old article, I recommended repurposing blog articles for submission on article marketing sizes like EzineArticles. But since the Google Panda update and subsequent algorithm changes, I don’t recommend that strategy anymore. Google wants to see original content. Converting it to different formats like video and audio are ok, but it’s pretty risky to take the same material and post it on an article marketing site.

There is one exception. And that brings me to the 5th way you can repurpose your blog articles:

5. LinkedIn – The social networking site allows members to publish content on their profile sites. It’s great if you have the time to write an original article to post on LinkedIn. That’s preferred. But if you don’t have time, and would still like to share useful information with the vast numbers of people on LinkedIn, you can republish an older article on the site. Tip: Add a sentence at the end, stating the article was first published on your blog and include the URL.

Ex: Article originally published on

Read to the bottom to download an infographic that shows you “5 Easy Ways to Repurpose Content.”

I hope you’ve seen how blogging and repurposing can help your business get new leads. But there are so many other ways you can leverage the Internet for profit.

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