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The Power of Karma with Sanjeev Verma

Guest Sanjeev Verma joins the conversation in this episode to talk about karma and how it impacts your life. Sanjeev is a well-being and karma coach, as well as the Founder of Ananta—a smartphone app that allows listeners to tune into sounds aligned with their purposes and goals.

Sanjeev has been awakening to all things cosmic-oneness and he teaches others how planets, stars, and other elements impact their karma and their destiny. During the episode he dives into the aspects of past, future, and present, as well as accepting your reality and moving on as a way of breaking the cycle.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • Sanjeev’s definition of karma and why it’s important.
  • How our actions and reactions reflect our nature.
  • The three layers of karma.
  • Why the process continues on, whether you believe in it or not.
  • Why we attach fear to the future.
  • What Sanjeev’s role as a karma coach looks like.
  • How giving your energy to the past creates replication in the future.
  • The techniques Sanjeev has developed to help people let go of the past.
  • Why some people do not try to break free from their misery.
  • What a seed sound is and how it’s unique to each individual.
  • How the law of vibration influences communication and connection.
  • What Sanjeev’s app is really all about.
  • Why he wants to share what he knows with as many people as he can.
  • What Sanjeev is most curious about right now.
  • What true expansion of the mind entails.

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You’re listening to the Live Love Engage podcast on today’s show, we’re going to be talking about karma and how it impacts your life. Stay tuned.

I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the Love Method and author of the number one Amazon Best Seller, Live Love Engage How to Stop Doubting Yourself and start being yourself. In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully. Love deeply and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence and income. Welcome to Live Love. Engage.

Namaste. And welcome to another edition of Live Love Engage. I am Gloria Grace Rand and I am joined today by a gentleman who’s coming to us from Canada and where it’s getting a little cold as we’re recording this in October. And his name is Sanjeev Verma. And I just want to welcome you first off to live love engage.

Thank you so much, Gloria, for having me on your show here. I appreciate that. And you’re doing a great work of true love, love and engage. It’s a good message. Wonderful. Sure. Thank yes. Yeah. Yeah.

Well, I appreciate that. And so let me share with our listeners and viewers on YouTube just what it is that you do in the world and why I thought you’d be a good guest today. So Sanjeev is a well-being and karma coach and the founder and creator of the Manta app, which is a smartphone app that allows individuals to meditate to sounds tailored to their purposes and goals. And we’re going to talk about that a little bit, but he sort of the reason I think behind this, some of which which I know he’ll probably explain as well, is Sanjeev has been, you know, awakening into the secrets of cosmic oneness and and that brought him to a new understanding of our connection with celestial bodies and sound vibrations in the universe. And now he’s been helping people understand how planets, stars and other elements of the universe are part of the matrix of our own karma and impact our destinies. And I’m probably just leave it at that. And that way we’ll have more to talk about. So explain for you know, those of, you know, our listeners and subscribers and viewers, I know people have probably heard the term karma a lot or a lot of people have, but they maybe don’t. Quite necessarily. They may have an idea of what it is, but what is your definition of karma and and how? Why is it important in our lives?

Yeah. So essentially, the laws of karma are more like whatever your intentions are and whatever your actions are and whatever energy you give it to an action. So to define it, I have kind of my own definition around it that when you have an intention in motion through an action and you give it an energy very targeted towards a goal, it’s a complete karma. And what it really means is is going to have its consequences is going to have as positive and negative aspects depends on your intention. So intention is really the key to what you’re going to send out there. And then it’s going to have a reaction to action, action, reaction, you know? And so that’s one kind of way of seeing karma. But then there is another type of karma like it arises, something rises in the nature of your being and then you react to it, and then there is an action to that reaction. So just to give you an example, like your body needs food, OK, and here’s the nature of the body to get hungry, and then this hunger has to be fulfilled and you’re going to react to hunger. So your reaction to that is going to put you into action mode. And the action mode would be that you would like to source the food and how you’re going to source it. Essentially depends on your nature that you are going to source it through right avenues, or you are going to source that through wrong avenues.

So it depends on how you are going to source is also going to define your karmic journey and your whole relationship with just one thing which is rising in your being as as part of your nature, as hunger. So then there is a action, reaction, reaction action to it constantly, you know, and it just keeps going on. So there are essentially also three layers of karma. So I describe that with more with like a farm. So in a farm, you have put in some seeds, these seeds, they have come to a freezing point. Then you are getting the fruit of it, are getting the the the crop of it. Mm hmm. And that is your kind of the point when you are experiencing it. So when you have, you are constantly putting it in one layer of karma. You’re constantly putting in seeds in the second layer. It is growing. And in the third layer, it has come to fruition. So really, wherever you are in this journey, constantly, that part is happening so that within us, we put in seeds through our conscious mind. And now then the growing ones are in a subconscious which are going to come to fruition at some point of time and become our destiny.

And once it enters deep into our unconscious then and remains there, then you can’t access it. And then it becomes definitely part of your destiny and then you live through it. So whether you believe in your past lives or you don’t believe in your past lives, either way, this process is going to be continuously going on and in this whole process now is very important. Now is the key because past is dead. Future is unknown, right? And past as we we tend to remember the pains of the past, more so than the than the happy moments, right? And in this moment, we are creating our future. So future is more unknown, and sometimes it has more fear of that unknown. So if now is in your control at a certain level, then I think your whole future is in your control. And some sometimes and that’s your I call it your current karma or your forward karma. So if you are connected with the now and connected with your thoughts, now your intentions, now your actions, your reactions, everything, then the chances of you creating a brighter future are pretty good. So this is how sort of karma is in the best possible short story I can explain. Well, there is so much to it that it would take probably a few days to talk about it.

Well, I appreciate you sharing that, and I’m sure there is a lot more to it. You describe yourself as being a karma coach. So how do you coach someone around their karma? What does that look like?

Yeah. So typically, I mean, when somebody is in touch with me for those reasons which are not very happy reasons in their lives are they are not coming to terms with the situations or circumstances, then they would like to know where it is coming from. Why me, you know, and what we can do about it? So there are some things we can tweak shift and it change some things beyond our control, so we surrender. Two time space. Our universe are the higher consciousness or energy. So when they come to me, I always tell them that don’t go into your past first past is dead, you’re creating your future now. So. That dead thing, which we are kind of just to give you an example. What we are just talking two minutes back. We will never do that same way exactly the same way ever again in our lives. So time is like a flowing river flowing water in which you can take deep only once it is shifting every single second in rookie changing. So it can never be another same moment. And that’s why we are constantly aging also in the physical body and we are maturing in the mental body and whether we call it getting older or whatever, but something is constantly changing. You can’t take that deep again. So essentially, don’t go into your past because from the past, if you go to the painful memory of the past or trauma or painful experience which is already dead, which should not happen again in your life, but you are going to be giving it energy now by bringing it do now.

Then what you’re going to do is you’re going to repeat the experience because you’re creating your future. So drop your boss completely, because the more you are going to live in the past, more you are creating the reputation of your past and future through the energy of now. Because this is the reality, this moment is the only reality the whole universe is with you. You are with the universe you are living. This is your your life here at this moment. So I say, OK, so the things which are beyond your control, you surrender them. I also, in my coaching, explained this to them that you are responsible for whatever is happening and you have to take that responsibility. You have to accept it and you have to do some self inquiry. And it is great to know yourself. You are no less of a human being. And what do you think you have done wrong? Maybe it was meant to be or whatever has happened to you. Maybe it was meant to be. And in the process you have balance your karma with some of the soul with some of experience. Something has got balance has got out of your system, but don’t carry it forward. The way to deal with really is to forgiveness is a very strong point. Acceptance is a very, very strong thing to do. Also, a kind of accepting your reality, forgiving and moving on. They all go hand in hand. So once you do that, you find your freedom, so you break the cycles of karma, whether the people, because you’re not carrying forward any energy of your experience with other people and you are moving into a free zone.

So the more you have lived the karmic balance, whether the soul more your closet is empty, it has more space or your farm is more ready to receive new seeds. So this is an opportunity. And now to put in new seeds and put a new aspect of yourself, new intentions and move on. And that’s your greatest strength. And every single human being has that strength to really go past that point and make a leap. So in my coaching, I really do that, bring in that understanding, and then I have developed some techniques to let go your past, dissolve some of the energies of the past, dissolve some of your unwanted deep down memories. Also, yeah, you will have the memory of an event, but it doesn’t have that energy and release something. Forgive, accept. And then he’ll also. So I have developed over 50 different techniques to work our way through these impressions we are carrying within ourselves. So anything which we have in us as a memory, as a feeling, as an emotion, as I would say, subliminal memory, cellular memory memories, that a number of memories. So most of the memories. It is all karma, essentially, so karma is good and bad, but there is not only only bad or people say the evil karma is catching up. Right? Yeah, it is catching up in the positive side of life also. You know it does. But you are the creator of that. So take responsibility.

Yeah, yeah. Do you find, though? Sometimes because, you know, when you hear that it’s like, OK, I’m responsible for my life. And sometimes it’s like, I think we don’t want to hear that. It’s like so much easier to be able to like, Oh, can’t I just, you know, blame somebody else for my problems? And you mean, I have to really do this? Have you found that at all and working with clients sometimes that people sort of resist that?

Yeah, I mean, people, they have hesitation because somebody else is responsible. He did this to me or she did this do me. I was the victim, you know? So either you are going to play a victim. And if you will continue to play a victim, that means you are enjoying your misery, you are you are not trying to break loose out of it. So that’s the point where I have to put my foot down and tell them that, you know, this is the reality of you, that how long you will continue to play your victim. So this victim victim aspect has to go. Yeah, you just cannot carry on with that. So, so and people understand that when see when people come to me, they are at a point where they have already tried few things and they have gone through the journey. And it’s still that inner core has not shifted. Or maybe some part has shifted. So they want to have more answers. They want to know it more and they want to have a relief. I mean, sincerely want to have a relief. So they are in this place of more faith and surrender that things will shift. So they they trust me at that point, which I highly appreciate and I do my best. And so far, so good. You know, that’s good.

Well, where are you? We’re talking using the farm analogy and talking about seeds, and I know that you refer to seeds in a different way as well. You have worked with something you believe. I guess that we all have our own unique seed sound. So can you tell us a little bit about what that is and why it’s important to know about it?

Yes. So essentially when we are born and as we enter into this world, this whole universe really imprints on us like we are so black at that point, and this is the first time our five senses are literally receiving everything. And so it just imprints on us and what it imprints and how it imprints is that it brings in some level of energy of everything. So as has been said, that we are made up of stardust and we we have all the common components of what? Are there stars or other planets or other physical matter we have and and the universe is all within us, we are born. But that we are also made up of that. So we have this common connection of this energies, which maybe has been recognized by chemistry or by physics as maybe some element or some vibrational field or, you know. So essentially, we are no not separate from the universe. We are the oneness of it. So the whole universe is like a body. It’s organic body. It’s a living body. Everything is living. There is nothing is which is really dead. You know, nothing ever dies. Actually just changes its form, right? So we if we have a certain vibrational field of our own. Then the law frequencies are love, sound or vibration is that we connect with the same outside, so we are communicating here on Zoom here, so it is through some level of some similar frequencies or similar vibrations.

That’s how the, I guess, the phones, wireless phones and cordless phones and everything works. So you connect with the same frequencies. So there are zillions of frequencies out there in the universe. And but whatever it is there in our solar system and our solar periphery, we get that imbibed into us at that point of birth. So there are some celestial movements taking place in the universe at that very moment. And those sounds also get imbibing to you because of the movement of those into different energy zones, gets and create the sound and gets into us also. So we receive everything from there and somehow through my work and also through my studies. And I don’t know exactly how it might have happened in the first time, but some sages or some researchers of that time, maybe meditators or yogis, they figured out how these sounds. This really sound like what they are. Vibrational coding is so they had put that sound into alphabets and recognized as those alphabets. So my discovery is that. Every human being is born with them. They are in there, but six to 10. Mostly, I would say. They influence different aspects of our lives for different purposes. And so some of them are on a low frequency level, so we have a difficult experience in that area of our lives.

On the other hand, some are on the higher ones. So we have a higher, greater, more profound, more harmonious, joyful experience on that side. So we have the ability to recognize them and raise our vibrations. So in reference to karma, so say karma is that you are born with a lower frequency on certain aspect of your life. That’s your karma. But can we raise it the vibration of it? Yes, we can. So you have a headache. You take a Tylenol. You don’t feel it so much. So this is what my app is about. That whatever aspect of your life is not really vibrant or you feel certain lack of certain component, then it can really raise that vibration and give you a higher, better experience of the same aspect of your life. So you listen to it, you meditate on it, you can chant that same song. You can silently repeat it. It can be a part of your meditative practice every day. So I worked with these for over four years, one to one with a lot of people and found tremendous impact of it and results. So I thought, maybe I’ll put it into an app and have it more accessible to most of the people. So that’s where the app came into play, and that’s how the vibrational field of our being works.

Very cool. And it’s I love the concept of it because it really does sound. Sound, but it sounds like it would be a powerful sound, I guess, to listen to. And and I think they’re smart to, you know, put it into an app because that is what everybody is using these days. We all reach for our smartphones, so make it.

My goal is to share my whatever abilities I have my journey with maximum people I can so that they can benefit from that since I have benefited from them and other people around me. So definitely I love to share.

Very good. Is there what actually got another question for you? What are you now that you’ve got this app out there and you’re and you mentioned that, you know, you do study and things, what are what are you curious about right now?

Right now, I’m curious about consciousness and because I know it’s everything has consciousness, everything. The thing behind everything is really consciousness. And without that, that is that is nothing without it. So but why it is more difficult for us to experience consciousness firsthand. And so far, what I have felt is that if there is something like sound. If there are no years, then sound doesn’t exist, right? If there are no eyes, there is no scenery. So. Something has to complement something, so to have its value, so consciousness is expressing itself. Through us as. Ah, this whole universe has its own expression in physical form in the matter form. So. How can you seek or see something or experience it? When you are actually experiencing it constantly, but the missing piece is which we desperately want to have, but I think somehow yogis unfold are. Have some other chocolate bars open up beyond the the five senses, and they have that. Do sound that ear visually, they can hear, you know, so. So I think we are missing that part as as everybody we may have it, but we haven’t really reached that point of accessing it normally as through our other, you know, so I’m kind of very curious on what might be. And I think the whole scientific world is trying to figure that out and there’s some success and some some misfires. But if somehow we can really tap into it through some other channels, just not our own self, then I think the world will drastically shift in no time for better.

But consciousness is very neutral. It is the same in now and our so-called criminal law, this ain’t the same consciousness which has been navigated by the nature of that being. So yeah, and then also I sometimes wonder about. Oh, the the most expanded minds, what would that be? You know, so so far, my understanding is that most expanded minds when they must, not the evolution of that expansion of mind. But it is due the dissolution of mind and going into a point to a point where it becomes one with the consciousness because the material of the mind is consciousness itself. So when it merges back into it, then it becomes that. So I it’s really contradicting that one. And the real expansion of mind is by dissolving it and not being and being one with the consciousness and becoming one with the whole universe and but connecting with the ego. It is so limited and functioning through the identity of my one self, which we think is the expansion of the mind. So really? So the mind power on one hand versus mind merging into consciousness and dropping itself from its own identity. So that’s something about what really, really excites me, that how mind itself is in the pulse of opposites. And that’s how we see this world and opposite and see things in black and white are good or bad, right or wrong, you know? So, yeah, so these are some of my father curious seeking. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, it’s a lot to wrap your head around trying to be able to understand all this and as you say, there’s a lot of sort of contradictions and things. So yeah, it’s yeah.

So these things are more for triggering someone else’s interest into it and for creating the same seeking what I have. You know that there is what is this guy saying? Is there something you know so so really seeking is the first step. So I share my thoughts and experience because it’s going to trigger someone else’s seeking. So. Everybody is going from point A to point Z. You know, if I have covered from point A to point F safely, I can share that and say, Hey, up to this point, it is great. I haven’t reached to the Z point. So but we can all walk along in that direction. Yeah, that’s that’s my thought process around that. Yeah.

Well, I appreciate that. And if someone is, you know, interested in learning more about what you do and maybe want to find out some more about karma and and your and your app and everything, what’s what’s the best place for people to get into touch?

So there are three ways they can reach me. One is through my two websites I can share with you. One is Sanjeev S-a-n-j-e-e-v-s-v dot com. Another one is miracle of karma clearing dot com. Ok. And I always have some programs going on on on the miracle of karma clearing, and they can see if those programs are for them. Or would like to join some coming programs and sessions. They can look at that. Then I have the app, which is called Ananta a-n-a-n-t like tom-a so it’s ananta dot com, not dot com, dot app. It’s available on Android and also iPhone, so they can download it from their stores and they can play with that. Yeah, good.

Well, I appreciate you being on the show today and sharing with us your wisdom and knowledge about karma, and I’m sure it’s enlightened if you folks out there today.

I hope it was worth your while and the message would help your audience. Absolutely. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Thank you very much and thank everyone out there who’s listening and watching. I appreciate you. And if make sure that you’re subscribed on your favorite podcast platform and you can always go to live love, engage podcasts or podcast dot sorry singular podcast dot com, and you’ll be able to catch all of the episodes that you might have missed. And until next time, as always, encourage you to go out and live fully. Love deeply and engage authentically.

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