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Passion, Power and Purpose with Lisa Barnett

In this episode we’re welcoming Lisa Barnett, an authority on connecting people to the ancient wisdom of the Akashic records. The records are a collection of individual soul transcripts that offer divine guidance for understanding your life’s purpose, resolving conflict, and finding joy.

Lisa is also an international best-selling author as well as the founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom. She is on the podcast today to talk about how accessing this ancient wisdom can help you live a more fulfilled life.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. Podcast:

  • A little bit about Lisa’s life and experience.
  • What truly makes you who you are.
  • How Lisa came to find the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom.
  • The common belief about the Akashic records when Lisa began her own learning.
  • Why you should have access to your own Akashic records.
  • How accessing this information can improve your life.
  • How our challenges are really about learning and growing.
  • What a soul plan is and how it helps us through life.
  • What clients come to Lisa looking for.
  • The obstacle that so many humans struggle with.
  • How the Akashic records provide us with a bigger perspective of our lives.
  • Why investing our past lives is valuable now.
  • What inspires Lisa to work in this field teaching about the Akashic records.
  • Why the earth’s vibration is rising and how it influences us.
  • What Lisa wants people to know about the Akashic records.
  • Lisa’s favorite part about being a teacher.
  • How the listeners can learn more about the Akashic records.

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You’re listening to the live Love Engage podcast on today’s show, we’re going to be talking about why accessing ancient wisdom can help you live a more fulfilled life. Stay tuned.

I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the Love Method and author of the number one Amazon Best Seller, Live Love Engage How to Stop Doubting Yourself and start being yourself. In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully. Love deeply and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence and income. Welcome to live love. Engage

Namaste and welcome to live love engage. I am Gloria Grace Rand and today I’ve got a lovely guest with us on the show. Her name is Lisa Barnett and we’re going to learn all about her in just a second. But first of all, I just want to welcome you to live love engage, Lisa.

Oh, thank you so much for having me on. I’m excited to share your wisdom and conversations, and I’m sure a couple of laughs.

That sounds good. I like that. Laughter is laughter is so good and so important. Well, let me let me share with you out there listening and watching on YouTube. Who is Lisa Burnett? Well, I will tell you she is an authority on connecting people to the ancient wisdom of the Akashic Records, which is a collection of individual soul transcripts that offer divine guidance on a whole bunch of things budding, including understanding your life’s purpose, how to resolve conflict and find joy. And and I’ll just let Lisa probably share some more about that and a little bit. But she’s also an international best selling author, and she’s the founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, where thousands of students from around the world have learned for themselves how to access their own soul, their own souls, intelligence and to live more fulfilled lives. And she’s been in a bunch of magazines, and it’s just a wealth of knowledge when it comes to this. And I know that in the past, we’ve had a couple of folks over the last year and a half, almost two years I’ve been doing this podcast, talk about the Akashic Records, but I think now I’ve really got the authority on the subject today since you found that a whole school on that. So I think that’s awesome. So I thought we’d start off by you sharing a little bit about how you came to found a school on the Akashic Records. How did you first come to that?

Well, it’s honestly been a lifelong journey. So, you know, I definitely did not wake up one day and say, Gee, I think I’ll start an Akashic school. So you didn’t know? No, I really didn’t. Although some days it feels like these things happen quickly. But the truth was I was born awake. I was very conscious as a three year old that I was back in a body. I literally started studying when I was a teenager. I started reading spiritual books and trying to kind of figure out what I could remember and how that fit into the world because it didn’t fit into the world and the religions that I was familiar with. So I started to study philosophy and eastern religions and a lot of the interesting, esoteric information that was coming to the world back in the late sixties and seventies. So that was when I was growing up and starting to study and blessed honestly to be living in California. And so there was a bit of a broader, you know, kind of scope going on around here. You know, compared we had left Chicago when I was 12 years old and moved to San Francisco, so that worked out for me. Good, good kind of soul alignment stuff going on, right? And so. I literally went on to have a whole corporate career and kind of figuring that’s what I should do, right? How we often get that kind of like, well, I graduated from college, I guess I should get a job, you know?


Then I thought, what was I thinking, why didn’t I become like a psychic healer, teacher or something like that back then? But you know, the record keepers have always said, Who would you be if you hadn’t had all the experience, all of the experiences you had? So that’s what makes you who you are. And I know many of us kind of pat backpedal at different parts in our lives and we think, Oh God, if only I had done something different. Right? And and of course, my record keepers were like, No, that was just part of your soul plan. It’s all good, right? So I did eventually quit my corporate job, studied as a healer because I always knew that was really that big purpose in my life. And as I was working, I had a healing center. I was working with clients. Back then, I knew about the Akashic Records, but when I was trained by my teacher, the the thought was still that we were not allowed to go into the Akashic Records. So I was taught you could go to the gates of the records, right? Like this big library and you could say, please, can my client have some energy, some Akashic Energy now that we’ve cleared a lot of old junk out for them? And I’d see the energy come down and I’d always think, Great, thank you. And off I go. And then one day I was working with the client and I got this big, booming voice, I got this really expansive information and I thought, Wow, what’s that? That’s so much more than I usually get during a reading or healing session. And that literally went off and on over almost five years.

Wow. Until I finally saw on the uptake. But anyway, all divine timing is the record keepers say, until I actually finally realized I was speaking to the Akashic Record Keepers. And at that time in history. We were now allowed to access the records because what they explained to me when I could start to ask them questions specifically and directly, they said we had pulled the energy away from the planet during the Dark Ages. So around 1000 A.D., the beings of light who really are responsible for the Akashic Records hold the vibration far enough away from the Earth so that people could no longer access that information easily because people were misusing the information for their own gain. All right, they were using it out of integrity, you know? And so they said, oops, sorry, vibration too low on the planet. We’ll pull it away. You won’t be able to access it unless you are a mystic or, you know, a meditator. Maybe the gurus and the wise ones around the planet could still access the information, but most of humanity couldn’t. And so towards the end of the night, well, really, actually, it was probably around. Nineteen sixty nineteen, seventy nineteen eighties where they were like tapping on people’s shoulders and saying, Hey, help us bring this information back, it’s time because we’d moved into a different alignment galactically and to the central sun or to the galactic center. And so they said, you know, we’re moving back into a new age, into a golden age, eventually, hopefully not too distant future. And it’s time for people to have this information back. It’s your birthright to have access to your own personal and of records.


So they asked, and I eventually said yes.

Well, that’s awesome. Tell me a little bit about what you know, what really is, you know, because I mentioned in the intro a little bit about what are some of the some of the benefits. So how maybe it might be better even to if you would share an example, like when you’re working with a client? And and so when they come to you, how how does accessing the Akashic Records for them really help them in their life?

Right? So because the Akashic Record is the recording of your soul’s journey throughout all time, everything you’ve been or done, and I’m going to say, especially on Earth, because mostly our Earth gifts are beneficial for our Earth lifetimes. There, there may be some other, more expansive gifts that are useful occasionally to download here. Definitely. But for most of us, it’s the Earth gifts that we’re looking for. And so before we embody, we make a soul plan, and that plan includes who you want to support in your life. You write twenty five or 50 soul contracts to be with people, to support them, to learn from them, to sometimes be the teacher. We often talk about the challenges that we have with other people as karma, whereas it’s it’s really about our souls learning and growing. That we literally set up these challenges and we plan to bring gifts and talents back to Earth, and, you know, we have all sorts of plans about what we want to do and who we want to be and what we want to share and what we want to learn. And all of this is part of your soul plan. So what I would say is that. Without having any conscious awareness of that, we’re pretty much. You know, going through our life blind kind of the idea. I remember when my children were little and often new parents would say, You know, I wish I had a manual for my baby.

What does it mean when she cries like this or yells like that? Where’s the manual, right? Yeah. So so that’s actually what the record keeper said to me one day is that your soul’s plan is like having a manual to your life now, which is beneficial. I’m going to say in general for all of us, but. I see it in a lot of different ways when I work with people one on one. Many people come to me because they have maybe had a long term relationship. Maybe they feel like, Is this done yet? Can I move on? Did I learn what I wanted to learn? You know? And so they literally will come with me and say, Is my do I have a soul contract with this person? Is it done? Is it complete? Can I leave them? And so it’s an interesting kind of energy because there’s a piece of permission that people are looking for. Right? But of course, we really want to succeed in our souls plan in completing our Souls plan, so we want to make sure that we’re not missing something. Was I supposed to heal this? Am I supposed to stay with them? Is there something else to learn? So actually, getting clear answers about those sorts of aspects and questions is very, very helpful for for us as humans, right? I often have people come to me who? Sometimes have what they consider kind of like maybe a big idea, like I really want to write a book or maybe I want to start a podcast or, you know, am I really supposed to be that public? Am I supposed to be bigger than than I’ve been? And we have a lot of self-doubt, right? Yes.

I would say the majority of humans struggle with low self-esteem or self-doubt or some sort of kind of lack of belief in who we are and what we can do. So when I open their records and I can say, is this in alignment with someone’s soul plan and get information about that and what other lifetimes have you accomplished this already? So let’s reclaim some of those that wisdom and those gifts and talents from these other 10 lifetimes where you were a published author where you wrote with these, where you love to speak to people and teach people about whatever your gift is. And so. I would say a lot of times the kind of that deeper wisdom, that validation and of course, the healing that we can receive and reclaiming some of these gifts and clearing and releasing many of the challenges that block us is, of course, another huge benefit.

So many people come in, they’re just like, I feel stuck. I I can’t make quite enough money to get really out of survival mode. I feel like I have an OK life, but I’m always struggling. What’s up? What’s wrong? What’s blocking me? And of course, in their Akashic Records, we can ask those questions and get a lot of answers. And what I find is that it’s usually a variety of things that block us or stop us. Especially when it comes to, say, abundance of money, right, we have ancestral lineage beliefs, we have conscious and unconscious childhood beliefs, right things. Our parents would say that we took on to be like normal or we believed whatever get money is bad for some reason, right? And so we can peel back all of these different layers again past lives where we took vows of poverty, or we vowed never to be rich again because we died alone, because we weren’t a very nice rich person. Or, you know, so there’s all sorts of experiences we’ve had through this huge amount of time space continuum that we can learn about to heal ourselves, to see our lives from a much higher view. Wow. Right? Yeah. To be able to shift in and kind of validate ourselves to realize really how ancient and wise we truly are.

Yeah, I can definitely see that. That would be really, probably one of the best benefits of all because as you say, we do, so many of us really do struggle with self-confidence and just or just doubting, especially if maybe we want to try something new and to be able to know that, oh, we did accomplish something either similar or whatever and in the past, and that we do have that capability to tap into that again. And it’s just a matter of knowing that so we can feel more confident about it. So that’s really cool. Are there any have you found any people have any misconceptions or misunderstandings when it comes to the Akashic Records?

Well, you know what, I would have been noticing again over the last few years. I think it’s become more common. When I first started speaking about this 20 years ago, people’s eyes glaze over and they’d be like, You know, isn’t that just about past lives? I don’t really care about my past lives. Right? Often they had kind of a concept like, you know, I was someone famous or not, and I don’t really care. But the reason that we the reason that past lives can be very valuable to know about is that we had gifts back then and talents that we wanted to bring present in this life that we’ve done many of these things that we would like to do again. And so for validation purposes, it’s huge. Mm-hmm. But also, when we look at some of the blocks, some of the emotional pain, the trauma, the drama, oh my gosh, we have died every gory way. And there are deathbed vows that we write that can be very sticky and block us. There can be that emotional pain or that emotional trauma and physical pain that make us say, I don’t know that I want to go do that again. So I have a lot of people who would like to be spiritual teachers or healers or something kind of in this spiritual realm. But many of them have fear. And the truth is that fear is coming from past lives where they were killed for being a witch or for being some kind of traitor or, you know, so all of these different kind of traumatic lifetimes that make them feel like, I think I’ll stay hidden. And it’s not necessary for most of us, especially if you’re living in the United States or, you know, northern North America, that we can speak our truth more safely here, at least. And so we don’t need to stay hidden. We don’t need to hide our gifts and talents anymore.

Mm-hmm. Yeah, that’s true. And it’s so much better for us to be able to do that and to be able to share what we have to offer. Because when we’re hiding, we’re not only, I think, sometimes hurting ourselves, but we’re also hurting other people who could be benefiting from the talents and gifts that we have.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

What? Let’s shift gears a little bit here, and I just would like to find out maybe a little bit more about you. So especially and maybe it even is in dealing with this work. What what inspires you?

Oh, that’s a good question. You know, I really am inspired because what I see is that we are working on creating a new Earth. Mm-hmm. And even though it has been challenging, especially over the last few years. Having this ability to converse with my Akashic record keepers personally, it is, you know, exciting to see that the vibration of the planet truly is raising the consciousness of humanity actually is going up, no matter what it might look like at the moment. And so we have a lot of information that is like, yes, we are on a very positive trajectory right now, whereas so that makes me happy and excited instead of feeling like, Oh my gosh, are we really going to pull this off or not to have that kind of that constant support, you know, like, yep, it’s it’s worth it. Keep going, keep teaching, keep expanding how important raising our consciousness is raising our own vibration so it ripples out into the world. Hmm. Right. Being able to speak on on podcasts and radio shows and do group healing and really just expand the energy. And honestly, I know that a lot of it has to do with the Earth herself.

Gaia herself is awakening, so her vibration is raising, and so we are also getting that lift up. But when the record keepers asked me so many years ago to help to re anchor this Akashic field back to the planet, and I’ve actually seen this happen, you know, from 20 years ago when people would, you know, cross go cross-eyed and think, Akashic, what are you talking about to, you know, now it being a common term? And I have, you know, hundreds of people in my online workshop and and instead of, you know, six or eight in a a little, you know, small healing center. So seeing that expand is, of course, so validating for me and and the work that the record keepers have asked me to do, and I’m actually very excited. I’m working on doing a Ted X right now. Wonderful to be able to get out there on a TED stage and talk a little bit about healing and. Just a little bit, maybe I’ll just say Akashic Records.

But there you go. Just mention it.

But to go that far, I mean, that’s like a whole new world.

Absolutely. You know, and I was just thinking, you know, I had a personal development workshop a few years ago and and he talked about that as we when we do some work on ourselves sometimes that to think of it as like, we’re a container that’s expanding and and sometimes, you know, it can be stressful as we’re expanding into a new type of growth and. And also, I’m thinking even like, you know, talking about how things get into, you know, like chaos before, before everything can sort of, you know, settle down again and then you have something new, come out of it. And even just thinking of like, you know, when the caterpillar goes into its, you know, chrysalis stage, it has to totally melt down before it emerges as a beautiful butterfly. I think perhaps that’s, you know, some other ways to look at what’s going on right now because it seems like, you know, you hear so much negative things going on, but that’s just one side of it. There’s so much other beauty and kindness. And yes, more people are talking about things like the Akashic Records and healing and, you know, Reiki and all types of more. Things to lift our vibration, so I’m hopeful as well about this, so I think you’re doing great, great work in the world. What would you think is? If you had to really, like, tell tell someone who’s listening or watching this on YouTube, like one thing that you think would be sort of the most important thing that they should know about the Akashic Records, but would that be? That you’re just limited to one, but you know, well,

The idea, honestly, is that your soul actually does have a plan that your life is not random, that we have literally chosen to learn and grow as an infinite soul. And so when we can embrace that idea and step more into that information and wisdom. Then we can transform our lives with much greater ease and consciousness. Hmm.

Yeah, I like that, and I think that is the important thing to know that, you know, at least I’ve come to to believe too, is that this is. Well, there’s a couple of ways to look at it. It’s like you want to live life to the fullest while you’re here because you don’t know what’s going to happen. But at the same time, I think it’s also live life to the fullest and know that especially if you have someone that you love who you’ve lost, no, that they’re not really, you know, you haven’t lost them forever. They’re just in a different dimension right now and that you will be able to connect again some time and even now, probably because I mean, there’s other ways that you can talk about that. But yeah, it’s like, it’s interesting. I’m just finding it very fascinating. I was raised. Things have changed my mind. My beliefs have totally totally shifted and and I’m much more curious and open minded about about things like this. So they have people like you here. What is your favorite thing about teaching? I don’t I’m not sure I asked you that. So what do you like the most about teaching this?

You know? Partly, I love teaching because it allows me to be in the flow and the energy of the Akashic field for many hours on end. I usually teach my workshop is two hours for six or seven sessions or eight sessions, depending on which workshop, what level of workshop, but I learned so much from the record keepers. Of course, it’s very beautiful to be able to hold that vibration and space for my students to live in that space of just really love and compassion, which is not where we always are living, right? And so I just find it exciting and new information always comes in and we update and upgrade the workshop all the time because they’ll give me more information. They’ll say, Oh, lets you know they’ll often say, you know, time to write another book or or we want to give you some more sacred prayers or. Different things like that, and so it’s exciting to be in that energy and to start to receive new guidance, new downloads, new information to share with people.

Very cool. Well, that’s awesome. Got a dog who’s scratching at my door wanting to come in? So I keep I keep muting myself. Occasionally, she I think she wants to know this stuff, too. She’s probably like, Let me in, let me in. If someone wants to find out about, maybe join one of your workshops and learn more about this. What’s what’s the best way for someone to connect with you?

So my, my, my website is Akashic knowing dot com and right there on the home page, you can download my free meditation journey into the Akashic Records. So it’s a lovely meditation that will take you into the river of forgiveness, and we get to reclaim a few of our gifts and talents on this kind of meditative journey. And so, of course, you’ll also get receive my newsletter and you’ll see when I’m teaching, what I’m teaching, where I’m speaking, all of that great information. So and you can, of course, on my website, see I do one on one consultations. You’ll see listed the upcoming workshops that are in the near future. So yes, Akashic, you can find all that and about my books and where my books are, which are both on Amazon, but you can get their titles and click through there, too.

Wonderful. Well, I will be sure to have all that information in the show notes as well. So if you’re listening and you don’t have a pen handy, don’t worry. So you can just go to live Love Engage podcast and you’ll be able to get all that information. And is there anything that maybe that we haven’t covered that you would like to share before we before we leave for today, do you think?

You know, I really just want to invite your listeners to remember that you are these beautiful, infinite wise souls. And you really you’ve got this, so just that kind of waking up and and raising your vibration and inviting in more of your higher wisdom to guide you is such a perfect next step.

Awesome. Well, thank you so much for being here today and enlightening us about the Akashic Records, and I appreciate you sharing your light in the world and I look forward to connecting with you more after we get done here. And so encourage all of you listening and watching to go. Check out Akashic knowing and and connect with Lisa. So thank you again for being here today.

Thank you, Gloria. It was a pleasure.

And thank you all for listening and for watching on YouTube and for leaving comments, which is wonderful. I appreciate those. And until next time, I invite you to go out and live fully. Love deeply and engage authentically.

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