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Mind Mastery with Guy Bavli

Podchaser - Live. Love. Engage. Podcast: Inspiration | Spiritual Awakening | Happiness | Success | Life

We’re hearing from Guy Bavli today, owner of Master of the Mind, an entertainment company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Guy is an accomplished mentalist, lecturer, and illusionist. He has performed for Fortune 500 companies and audiences around the world.

During the episode, Guy shares what drew him to learning about magic, how he honed his illusionist skills, and how he pivoted to virtual during the pandemic. He opens up about his book “Smile for a Change: How the World’s Favorite Expression Can Affect Your Life” and why he felt called to write it. Guy also shares a mentalist trick and walks us through how it works.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • When Guy first became interested in magic.
  • Why Guy says he always wanted to be a superhero as a kid.
  • How psychological entertainment is a sort of non-visual art.
  • How Guy used his skills during his time in the Israeli Army.
  • What brought Guy to the United States.
  • Why Guy believes in taking risks and how the ones he’s taken have paid off.
  • How he ended up performing in Caesars Palace.
  • Why Guy believes that you get what you give.
  • How Guy pivoted his business in the pandemic.
  • The different types of personalities his mentalist performances are based on.
  • A walk through a virtual illusion with Gloria, including how they work.
  • What prompted Guy to write his book “Smile For a Change” and what it’s about.
  • What gets triggered within us when we smile.
  • Who wrote the foreword in “Smile For a Change.”
  • Where you can find Guy’s book for purchase.
  • How he currently manages virtual events.

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Live. Love. Engage. Podcast: Inspiration | Spiritual Awakening | Happiness | Success | Life


[00:00:02] I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the Love Method and author of the number one Amazon Best Seller, Live Love Engage – How to Stop Doubting Yourself and start being yourself. In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully. Love deeply and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence and income. Welcome to live love. Engage.

[00:00:37] Namaste. And welcome to live love engage, I am so delighted to welcome a gentleman to our show today, who I have heard about for quite a few years. I’ve actually seen him on television performing and I’m really excited that he is here. So first off, I want to welcome Guy Bavli to our podcast, So.

Hi, Gloria. How are you?

I’m very well and really excited to let all of our listeners and viewers on YouTube know just who you are.

[00:01:12] Oh, thank you! As you can see from the back.

[00:01:15] That’s right, you do. I love that. Yes. Awesome. So Guy has had a long and successful career filled with science defying stunts and demonstrations. He’s performed for Fortune five hundred companies, primetime television networks and audiences around the world. And despite this, he claims to have no superpowers, although people would disagree when they watch him. But actually, his skills lie in advanced applications of psychology, hypnosis, physiology and mind magic, which have been gained through years of intense study and practice. And in fact, I know that I have seen you do some of these things. If you go on to YouTube folks and Google, well, not Google and but search on YouTube, you’ll definitely find examples of that. And I’ve seen you on shows like Penn and Teller and things like that. So what I thought we might start off with today was to ask you about, you know, what got you interested in this? When did you first get interested in magic and why did you? What was it about it that really appealed to you?

[00:02:22] Well, first of all, pleasure to be here, Gloria. Thank you very much for having me and having the interest, which is cool. And that’s what makes it interesting. You bring different people all the time, so it’s never the same. You don’t know what to expect. That’s right. I started when I was very young. I started when I was around five years old. I was very big and obese. When I was a child, I was the biggest one in my school and we had over a thousand kids in my school. Oh wow. Just to give you an example, when I was 11, I was at two hundred and thirty seven pounds, which I remember about approximately one hundred and seven kg because I was born in Israel. So in Israel, everything is in metrics. So but I know as a child, as an obese child, it wasn’t easy because people nudging on you all the time I was bullied, I was threatened all the time and mainly made love on people come and flick. My head pushed me to the corner and call me names, and it wasn’t so much of a pleasure. Yeah. One thing that I did have that gained me other friends, but usually the undertakers or was the I had a lot of sense of humor and I was kind of very playful guy and I didn’t care that I’m fat, that I can. I can make fun of myself in order to gain some laughs, and I was OK with that. But I wasn’t OK that people make fun of me.

[00:03:51] So I at that time, you know, I loved superheroes as it as a child, you know, Superman, Spiderman, Batman. I had Batman doll that I played for years and years and years. You know, today my kids buy something and they play for it with it half an hour, and they put it in the drawer and then they want something else to excite them. I played with it for months, years, maybe. So I always wanted to be a superhero, and I said if I could do one special thing, maybe people will look at me the way that I am, rather the way that they see me, you know, from the inside the outside. Yeah. In Israel at that time, Uri Geller, a very famous psychic entertainer, became very famous in the beginning of the seventies and became worldwide famous. I didn’t know him at that time, but they looked up for him and I said, Oh, that’s very cool, but you know, I will never be able to do that, but I always wanted to be a superhero. But, you know, superheroes have a six pack and I had one pack, so I knew that I could never be a superhero the way that I look like, you know, they all so perfect. So I went with my mom to Tel Aviv, to a bazaar and holding, behold, somebody sold magic. Never seen that before. You know, I knew what magic was, but I convinced her to buy me one trick. We, you know, we didn’t have much resources at that time.

[00:05:16] So she agreed. And, you know, we didn’t buy the whole box, but just one. And I chose in mind reading trick, which is usually the last thing that kids will want because they want things to appear and disappear more visual. But I was very drawn to that. It was a color book, a cube that somebody put a color. You close it and then you know what? Color is inside? I took this trick, and I start practicing and practicing, and I showed it to family members and I went to school and I showed it to one friend and one friend called another friend and another friend. And all of a sudden people start gathering and said, Can you show me this? Can you show me that? And I felt special. All of a sudden people looked at me and not in how I look like. So I convinced and worked very hard and did my chores and homework and everything. And I convinced the girl, you know, a few weeks later and buy the entire box. And then I practice even more and more. And you know, as I said today, kids just buy it and throw it after that and let you up to something else. And I just really, really kept it and play with it. And one thing led to another, and I start buying more things and studying more things with a very little resources we have in Israel at that time. And I started doing shows when I was like eight years old. I had my first paid job in like birthday parties and stuff like that.

[00:06:31] Family oriented, very capable. You know, I started, of course, but then they start paying and I became more busy. I stopped working really at what I was eight, nine years old and it was fun. You know, it was a way for me. I looked older also, but I didn’t look 20. I I’ll probably look like 12 or 13. So that was my kick start. And I always got drawn to to the to the mind reading the psychological elements. But psychological entertainment is non visual art, so it’s very hard to develop your own if you don’t have the knowledge and if you don’t have the personality. So I started growing more on the magic side and practice everything in magic, from sleight of hands and manipulation and cards and illusions and everything. And this is what really build my knowledge as a performer. Until I went into the army in Israel, you do mandatory three years and I was lucky enough to be called to the entertainment group there. Ok. I had a lot to give, and they took it. So, yeah, for three years, I really did shows in all aspects of the of my service, in the kitchen, in tents and in three thousand theaters, you know, 3000 theaters. So I had a lot of experience. And this is when I made the switch to psychological only rather than magic. And they start studying all kinds of arts and modalities. And and I still study today. Every day is a study.

[00:08:08] Oh yeah, absolutely. Because if you don’t, I think I would think you’re going to lose your skills. So it’s no,

[00:08:15] Yeah, religious power. And you know, it doesn’t matter what it is, but every book you will, you will read, every documentary you will see. Take what you want. Leave what you don’t. It’s enough if you get one thing, one thing, even something that you know and you forgot, it’s worth the price of the book. So or whatever you do? So, yes, absolutely.

[00:08:35] Wow. Yeah. So what now you? I know you live in the United States now. So what brought you over here?

[00:08:43] I started to work abroad in the beginning of the nineties. I finished my my army. I went directly to work for a TV show that I did a series with a candid camera that involved magic and psychological things. It’s what people will do for money. I was the one in the street using all kinds of things to to make them do crazy things. If you know you have to help me, I’ll pay you this much. If you can just help me and come with me and do you know whatever? So and then. And then this is basically what what came out and about for me to start traveling to abroad and I got called to do a first show in Austria in the beginning of the nineties for a company, and it went very successful. Actually, this client is still my client until today, although he retires how I did my last project with like two years ago and and I’m sure we will do something together again. I did dozens of show for this client and infomercials he’s in. The infomercial business were aired all over Europe. And one thing led to another and I start doing more and more shows abroad. And because I had decent English, you know, to an Israeli, I went to do a show in China, in the U.K.

[00:10:10] in about ninety six, I think. And over there, I met an agent that were very impressed. But you said, you know, I’ll call you one day and a year later, he calls me and he said, You know, there is one show in Germany, I want you to come. And it’s the biggest sporting event in Germany. We don’t have money, so you have to fly here, but it will worthwhile. So I remember I was thinking, well, I couldn’t fly on my own dime and do this show in order to enter a market. And I said, You know what? What the heck, let’s do it. I flew there. I did the show. All the German celebrities were there, and the next three years, after every weekend or second weekend, I flew from Israel to Germany to do shows with the biggest events you can imagine the bankers, the Delta Air Lines, the electricity, the German rail stations, everything. And then I was called to do a lecture at the Magic Castle in America, and they didn’t know who you know, what is it? But they start hearing about it. So for me to go and perform at the Magic Castle that all my stars David Copperfield and Mark Wilson and all those big people.

[00:11:30] So I went there, and all of a sudden, all the big people I read in books and so on. Tv are sitting in that room watching me teach them. Oh, really? And then one thing led to another. They just continue inviting me there to perform yearly. And one time after the performance, somebody knock on my door. It was the founder of the Magic Castle, and he said, I brought somebody from Caesar’s Palace to see you because they’re looking. And I was really, really nervous. I said, You can’t tell me this before the show. I mean, just you know what I’m going to do? Yeah. That’s what started my Caesars Palace contract. A year later, I was in Caesar’s Palace, you know, and one thing led to another. And in the nineties, in the end of the nineties, we had a lot of situation in Israel with the terror and a lot of jobs got canceled. All of a sudden, you know, they canceled conferences and stuff like that. And most of my work was in America, in Europe. So I felt I need to move instead of just flying 12 hours, 15 hours every time. So I made my paperwork and move to Florida in the beginning of the millennium. And here it.

[00:12:45] Wonderful to have a fellow Floridian here, because that’s where I live, too. So that’s awesome.

[00:12:51] We should see each other in comics.

[00:12:53] I know. Yeah, well, you know, and I love one thing that I’ve taken away from all of what you just shared with us, I think, is the fact that you are willing to take risks. You know, you were, you were and you said yes when opportunity showed up. And I think that’s really a good lesson for for people in general, but definitely for for entrepreneurs in particular that to, you know, recognize these opportunities and to say yes to that.

[00:13:21] I know when you give you get and sometimes you know you have the rational, you have the subconscious and the subconscious usually is more right than the rational, although we all do. You know, we all live on emotional decisions, whether we I, we go out, we do. We marry. It’s all emotional. But sometimes the rationale is taking over and it’s good. We need to protect ourselves. That’s what protects us. But yeah, sometimes you need to take risks. And I took many risks in my life. Most of them worked out great. Some of them OK. So I did. It didn’t work. It’s fine. Learn from it. I’m smarter. I’m stronger.

[00:14:00] Absolutely. Yeah, that’s for sure. Now, I’m sure this past year, a lot of people have had to learn lots of different skills. In fact, even like, you know, using Zoom, for instance, and as an entertainer, I mean, you’re you’re used to being out, going out in public and. When performing at, you know, different venues and things, so I’m sure it was a bit of a, you know, rude awakening to your business and your livelihood, so yeah, so how did you handle what? Because I know you, you were able to pivot a little bit last year. So what did you do?

[00:14:38] First of all, you know, you start hearing about the pandemic, but that’s far away. So it’s not here, you know, it’s like it’s like a hurricane going to another another state, right? I remember I have for the last six years, I do a lot of casinos, theaters, corporate events, mostly corporate, but I also headlined in casinos and theaters. And when I, I actually went to Vegas to shoot, to shoot the Penn and Teller show. And after Penn and Teller, I had to fly that night. I couldn’t stay the next night to Aruba, where I headlined twice a week for the last six years. So every week I fly to Aruba Tuesdays and Wednesday I have my own show there. People are coming. It’s great. And when I flew back all of a sudden, you know, cancellation cancellation, cancellation, cancellation, cancellation, the entire book is canceled. And also Aruba restrictions. You know, they closed the island from hero to zero, and this is when the panic starts to be. Because in our work, you know, I’m a I’m a I’m an entertainer, I’m a mentalist and excite people. I motivate people. If I don’t have people who do, I work with, Yeah, you know, Zoom is just just somewhere you don’t really know. So you start thinking, How do you pivot this so you can perform? You understand the resume. You talk to friends. And I start talking to two friends in two different continents of the world, good friends. And we each of us start to think about how can we do virtual shows? What do we do? You can’t really touch the person.

[00:16:22] I can’t really tell you, shuffle the cards or take, you know, write something for me because you’re there and I’m here, right? And the entire magic community got panicked because there’s what do they do? There is no material. There’s no genre as virtual shows doesn’t exist. You know, there’s television. So I took my television experience because I’ve done a lot of those. And I understand camera and media, and we start developing content that is good for us, that we can reform and we start performing and testing it for people, and that was in April. I know that the lockdown was in March 2020. That was April, and my first virtual show was actually in May that I started to do a virtual show. It was a free show. I invited people to test it out, to record it, to see how it works. And and the results were amazing because, hey, we are. I mean, how is it possible? Yeah. So it even came to about, you know, I start marketing it because now it’s a new product. People don’t know about it. People don’t know it, but people have the need because you have companies who work remotely and you have clients that are remotely, you cannot do the conferences, you cannot, you know, they sit at home twenty four seven with their families and people go nuts.

[00:17:41] Yes, I created the I mean, I started the idea of not only having them join, you know, when I talk to H.R. and companies, I say, Let’s we are doing an event. You know, I don’t want only them because I’ve seen a lot people, kids running in and they push them aside. I’m in a meeting. I said, No, bring your family in your home, bring them all in. It will be a great for your camp. You know, come here for the company. And I start doing a lot of shows for remote employees, you know, from Google to to to to, you know, insurance companies and the big banks and you know, and small companies and US ups and whatever, you know, many, many companies and then company starts to realize that they can connect with clients also. Hmm. So I start doing customized thing to help them brand themselves through a Zoom meeting to reach their clients. Now, people used to do conversation like we do, right? You know, watching somebody play on a guitar is great, but you can also watch it on YouTube. Yeah, there is the interactive element here, right? This is where it hits. So today I’m doing a lot of conferences, virtual conferences. They do virtual parties, events. Sometimes it’s just an hour that they want to have fun and sometimes I’m a part of a virtual lineup. But what I do is breaking and really engaging the people because it’s really, really different. Erin Cole,

[00:19:17] Is there any possibility you can share a little sample about what you do? Sure. I know for those of you listening, it might be hard

[00:19:27] Something to warm up a little bit. Ok, I want you to think of the number between one and a hundred. Ok, you’re there and I’m here so physically before we never.

[00:19:36] That’s right, we have not.

[00:19:39] And I have my pen. I have my my paper. I want you to think of a number between one and a hundred. Let’s say a part of your home. No phone, no I.D.. House number, but it can also be your part of your bank account. No credit card. No, no, no, no.

[00:19:54] Any other thing for me? Ok. All right. I got it.

[00:19:57] No good. So I’m going to write the number here. You have a number there. Whatever you do, please try not to. Don’t change your mind because if you change your mind, we have a lousy ending. All right. Ok, so look at me. I’m just going to scramble words to just look at you and feel free. Don’t don’t block yourself. Twenty seven, nineteen, thirty four, three and no. Sixty five, I’m not saying I said your number, but even if I did, please don’t change your mind. I’m writing a number behind my back, so even I cannot see it. What is your name?

[00:20:28] Twenty six, twenty six.

[00:20:31] Why did you say twenty six?

[00:20:33] It’s part of my old phone number, the home I grew up with.

[00:20:37] That was that. Isn’t that interesting?

[00:20:39] That is very interesting.

[00:20:42] Very interesting. I thought maybe twenty five for thirty six. But yeah, this this was my gut feeling. So applause to you.

[00:20:52] Yeah. Well, close to you. Holy crap.

[00:20:56] Let me explain how the psychological element works here. You know what is Zenner cards? No.

[00:21:05] No, I haven’t.

[00:21:06] I know the car. Bye bye. Dr. Zenner, that creates called ESP cards. Each card represents something in our in our psyche that other people are drawn for, and that helps assessing people. So let me just show you where you have a circle. A circle represents somebody that is very much complete and whole, very determined knows where he’s going. Then you have the plus. The plus is people who likes company who always need people around them. They cannot work alone. They need somebody to hold their hand, but they work great in a group. Then you have the wavy line, which is basically people who likes to be out in the nature. They like to go. They like to explore. They like to travel a lot. You have the square that just like it is people that are very much square. They they are in their own bubble, great employees. They will do what you need, but they won’t have the, you know, the the external ability to really lead as much. And then you have the star, which is extrovert people that are all about to be out and be the center.

[00:22:11] Me, me, me, me, me don’t always like that. But you know, I, I’m a combination of few of them. Yeah. So let me go here and move you into a different window. You see my table here? I do. I have duplicates of those here, so I’m going to put the star here and the square aligned with the square. The wavy line along with this, with the with the plus, with the plus and the circle with the circle. Now the most important thing is this for you and this is the envelope. So all I want you, we will deal with it later on. Is that OK? Ok. Ok. All I want you to remember is, you know, try to think which one of those are you more strongly connect to? If you had to choose one, but you will choose more than one. So what I’ll do now, I will just turn them over here one by one, and I will take them and shuffle them. So we both don’t really know which one is what. Well, mainly you, because I will know.

[00:23:09] That’s true, right?

[00:23:11] So I just shuffle this like this. Everything is good. So all I want you to do now is tell me which one will. What is your favorite one, which will be your favorite? First, though,

[00:23:30] The wavy line. Yes. The wavy line.

[00:23:33] I will take actually the first one, which which do you think will be the first choice for you?

[00:23:39] And yeah, my first choice is the wavy line,

[00:23:42] The wavy line here, do you want to change your mind now? Are you sure?

[00:23:48] Yeah, I’m sure.

[00:23:50] No, this is one out of five, so this is just my gut feeling, and then I will explain how, but I was absolutely right. You see, so this is exactly where you are and this is where we are here. Now, let me explain. I want to learn a little bit more about you, so I want you to think of the color of your choice. What is your favorite colors of all times? Okay. Got it. It’s blue. It’s blue, blue color. Yep. Are you happy with blue? You want to change your mind or you just with your gut feeling?

[00:24:19] No, that’s it. I’m going with blue.

[00:24:21] Great. Great. So if blue is your one, I believe this will be yeah. So which one do you think this will be?

[00:24:29] The star?

[00:24:31] This star. So I will put it here, we will look at it later on, but I’m not touching it. Ok, now you know, if I bring you to your 10 year old Gloria to learn a little bit more about you because, you know, in companies and teams, it’s all about connection, right? Right. If you had to draw a picture for me. That you can draw as a 10 year old, Gloria, maybe 10 seconds or less. What would you draw?

[00:24:59] Actually, somebody who was a little bit overweight to

[00:25:03] Something that represents you. Bring yourself, I would say, 10 year old Gloria,

[00:25:08] A dancer, because I studied ballet and tap as a kid

[00:25:12] Dancer. Yeah, I love that. So that tells me a lot about you. And I think that let me see, yeah, this will be your next one. So which one of those do you think it will match

[00:25:23] The plus sign?

[00:25:26] The plus side, that’s fantastic. Now let me ask you another question. I know you, I know what your favorite color. I know that I got it right for the outdoors and unique space. You need to get the atmosphere. But if I ask you today to give me one sentence or a word that represent who is Gloria today because I know you as a 10 year old, I want to know you today, for example, I’m very loyal and I’m very creative. But what would be your thing that you will say about yourself or your friends will tell you that I?

[00:26:06] Whom I guess kind. I would say kind find and a good

[00:26:11] Listener dealt with what I think, but is that kind? Ok, so it means that what? What will be this?

[00:26:20] I was thinking the circle,

[00:26:22] The circle, and you know that by default, this will go here, right? Right now, I will give you the choice to change your mind. Do you want to mix any of those to anyone?

[00:26:36] Ma’am, we’re going to leave him alone.

[00:26:39] Keep going with what it is now, yeah. Yep, OK. No problem. So let’s see. You don’t want to change now.

[00:26:46] I’m going to trust that they turned out right. Ok?

[00:26:49] Ok, great. So it’s up to you. Let’s see you said the circle was one of your last. This is a circle. You said the plus is the plus. Now I give you a choice. Do you want to change that? This is how certain mean I am in your process of thinking. Do you want to change those or you want to keep them? I give you a choice, but it won’t be your free choice. Now what to do

[00:27:15] Now we’re still going to keep them.

[00:27:16] I’m going to keep them going to keep them. And I think you did the wise choice because that’s this and that’s the square. And I think now you see how we can work together as as as people and know each other, even if we’re not close. Mm hmm. But you remember, this was the most important thing, which is the which, which is always here. Yeah. So let me just show you what’s inside. That was here. Inside. All right. Let me just open it here. You said you like a color, right? Yes, I did. Your color of choice.

[00:27:49] Color was blue was blue.

[00:27:51] That’s great because I chose to put one paper inside and look at the color of this paper.

[00:27:59] It’s color blue, of course.

[00:28:02] Now the thing is not about the color, because color, you know, can be determined, right? I see that your book cover is is blue, so I know that the blue cover you put a lot of thought. So I might knew that you liked color blue. So I’m just giving you a little bit of my psychological reasons. But you said you like you as a child, you were a dancer, right?

[00:28:23] Yes, yes.

[00:28:24] And this is what you would have drawn as a child. Right now, it’s very interesting that we have this drawing here that I drew before we even started this conversation.

[00:28:37] And the reason is working well, you know why, Gloria? Why?

[00:28:43] Because you are a very kind person, OK? Yes. How it works, you see?

[00:28:53] Oh, my goodness, very, very wild.

[00:28:56] You’re so that’s just a very simple example of, you know, what we can do in virtual show. And obviously, when you have 20 people on the most, I did with thirty eight hundred people. Wow. In a conference.

[00:29:13] Oh my goodness.

[00:29:14] The big event worldwide, you can see how it’s fun, you know?

[00:29:20] Absolutely. Very cool. Well, I know we’re you don’t have a whole lot of time left here today, but I really would like to ask you one last thing about because it was something that was really intriguing to me is that you and I do have something else in common is the fact that we’re both authors. And I know that you wrote a book a few years ago, and I love the name of it. It’s called Smile for a change. And I wanted to know. Oh, and there it is. Yes, it is. It’s right there and right behind you, there in your office. I love it. Very good placement. That’s very good. Yeah. Yeah. So so tell me a little bit about what what prompted you to write that book and what is it about?

[00:30:06] Well, first of all, smile for a change is basically about how the world’s favorite expression can affect our life. We all take, you know, medication and anxiety, and we do. You do, we do meditation. We go to doctors, we do everything, we spend money, but we forget the fundamental of the human ability to control your brain. You know, I’m a hypnotherapist as well, and I do a lot of talks about the power of hypnosis for sales and personal growth. Mm hmm. And one of the things that really change our perception is smiling. Now there’s nothing new. We smile all the time or we don’t smile at all, or we smile when we feel like smiling. But when you smile, a trigger goes, a neurological trigger goes into your brain, and within five seconds or less, you will feel better whether you like it or you don’t. So you close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, just smile and you will feel something is changing the atmosphere. The energy, something changing. Yeah. And I come from a country that there is a lot of. A lot of issues, a lot of misery over the history of the years, you know, Israel is, you know, has a big history. Yeah. However, people there are always positive, always happy, always in the streets, always enjoying themselves. And there’s something magical about it with so much things going on there, you know, in compared to other countries and of course, as well with the same situation growing up. So I thought from all the books that I will write and I and I wrote three books, but I finished one because I felt this is the most urgent for me to share with the world and create a state.

[00:32:02] And in this book, it’s not only explaining what is a smile, what is the history of smile? Because believe it or not, smile does have a history. How does it evolve around the world? And smile can mean different things in different places around the world? I know, but also it gives you the ability to every chapter talks about the different elements in your life that you can use a smile to effect in business in relationships. There is a whole chapter about kids and white kids. You know it can change their life. There is exercises. There is. There’s so many things inside. It’s a very easy read, but it gives you all the things that you might know with some research and and improve inside. So it’s not something that I make it up and I put it together, and I believe this is one of the most important things that we can have. If you smile, you want only change your perception about you, but you will change the perception about everybody around you. Yeah. And if you smile and I don’t care who you are and how you look like, you look better when you’re smiling, even if you are the ugliest person in the world. But when you smile and I’m not talking about you or Gloria because you are beautiful. But I’m talking. There is something about it. You know, you always want to approach somebody who is smiling and positive energy rather than somebody that is frowning. So this is what the book is all about, and I’m very proud of it. And I believe that again, take what you want to leave what you don’t. And take one thing out of it. It will change a big element of your life for the better.

[00:33:46] That’s what I do. Well, that is. I love it now. I want I want to pick it up and read it. I have not had a chance to to read it yet, but I’m going to get it. And I know it’s I think it’s on, it’s on Amazon. I think people can

[00:33:59] Get it on Amazon. You can get it in any other online store. You can also get it very soon. I think now even I have it, it’s already out, I think, as an audiobook.

[00:34:11] Oh, nice.

[00:34:12] Ok, we have it as an audio book as well for those who would like to hear it. Yeah. And the funny thing is, you know, I was thinking, who will do my forward for the book? I was thinking about many different people. But then I chose Julie and Chagrin, which is a very old friend of mine. I mean, he is in his 80s now. God bless him. Looks younger than me, but he’s an amazing British comedian. Hmm.

[00:34:38] And I worked with him in Israel. He lives in Israel. And he did many television shows in the eighties and nineties and seventies. And I thought that nobody better than a comedian who do slapstick want spend it but to write very funny and heartfelt forward for this book. And if you in the book, there is his name and resources so you can look at Julian Brandt, he wrote the foreword. I was very honored and very happy that he agreed. And yeah, you can get it in Amazon. You can get it on my website. Master of the Mind dot com if you want me to personalize it for you. That’s it.

[00:35:17] Awesome. Well, and and you just actually stole my last question because is I wanted to find out if someone wants to get in touch with you. Maybe, maybe there’s someone out there who wants to find out about hiring you for their company event. What is the best place for them to get

[00:35:34] A hold of you? Master of the Mind Master Mind is my website, and it doesn’t, you know, I do virtual shows and I do also live shows with social distance and everything, and I do hybrid shows, which is events that have live show in them, but also brought us outside, which is a hybrid. Yeah, so absolutely, if you have any event, if it’s 20 people or five hundred or more, I’ll be happy to talk to you. If actually, if you go on my website and you go on the virtual, if it is a virtual show, you can book a Zoom meeting with me. If you have a date at a time, we will meet together and I will walk you through what will be the best thing for your virtual event, whether it’s a kick off or like a small, quick show or. Any minute show just to engage everybody and then people go to their agenda because it’s a short meeting or maybe an hour of having completely crazy things happening. Yeah. So there’s a lot of crazy things happening in the show, and I promise that everybody to join my show, I’m going to send them on a virtual vacation because everybody wants to. That’s for sure. Well, that’s how I start traveling now. It’s slowed down because now everything started, but now are booking again. So I’m available to help. And even if you just have a question, please email me through the website. I’ll be happy to assist anybody

[00:36:57] At any time. Well, I have really enjoyed this conversation that we have had today and and your demonstration of your expertise as well, which was mind blowing. So I thank you for that. And I really first choice.

[00:37:13] I know we need to go out and about today.

[00:37:15] Yes, absolutely. Yes. Well, thankfully I do live in Florida, which is lovely and I love. I love the ocean. It’s my favorite place to go to, so it’s awesome. So thank you so much for being here and for just being wonderful. You and I encourage everyone to go check out your website and like I said, and because I know you’ve got some videos on there as well. So especially for those of you who are listening

[00:37:44] Or just Google my name and your see?

[00:37:46] Yeah, that’s right. Absolutely so. So thank you again and I encourage everyone

[00:37:52] What you do is super important. I think what your book is about is super important. And maybe next time I need to interview you. Yeah, definitely. Thank you very much.

[00:38:04] Thank you, everybody for watching and keep watching Gloria because she’s doing great. Right? All of her interviews are fantastic.

[00:38:11] Thank you so much. And as always, I encourage everyone to go out and live fully. Love deeply and engage authentically. Did you know that a majority of entrepreneurs

[00:38:23] Tend to discount the importance of their work and a good number feel their success is simply due to luck? I know from personal experience that self-doubt can keep you from having the kind of life and business you desire. That’s why I’ve created a free guide called Uniquely You How to Move From Self-doubt to Self-love in four simple steps to claim your free guide. Go to live love. Engage dot gift that’s live love. Engage dot G I F.T.

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