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Meditation for Guidance with Daniel John Hanneman

Podchaser - Live. Love. Engage. Podcast: Inspiration | Spiritual Awakening | Happiness | Success | Life

On today’s episode we’re joined by Daniel John Hanneman. Daniel is a Professional Counselor, Certified Hypnotherapist, and he also has a background in energy scanning, energy clearing, spiritual life coaching, and intuitive business coaching. He has a wealth of knowledge in metaphysics, religious science, hypnosis, psychology, motivational techniques, and personal business development.

Daniel is an author, and he is also the CEO of Your Sacred Purpose. In this episode Daniel shares how you can own your value, why it’s important to trust yourself, and what it means to step into who you truly are.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast:

  • How Daniel got interested in this area of work.
  • The motivation for Daniel to get into Psychology.
  • The early advice Daniel got from his dad.
  • Why Daniel encourages others to be themselves fully.
  • What Daniel has proven again and again.
  • What Your Sacred Purpose is all about.
  • Where money actually comes from.
  • Why all practitioners should be versed in energy scanning.
  • What trips people up about meditation and what they can do about it.
  • When you should tap into stillness and reflection.
  • The biggest obstacles Daniel has faced as a spiritual entrepreneur.
  • What Daniel discovered that helped him make more money in his industry.
  • What it means to embrace things in our lives and why it’s important.
  • How you can attract more money into your life.
  • The free offer Daniel is offering to the audience and where to find it.
  • Who Daniel typically works with.
  • The name of Daniel’s podcast and what it is about.

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Live. Love. Engage. Podcast: Inspiration | Spiritual Awakening | Happiness | Success | Life


[00:00:02] I am Gloria Grace Rand, founder of the Love Method and author of the number one Amazon best seller, Live Love Engage – How to Stop Doubting Yourself and start being yourself. In this podcast, we share practical advice from a spiritual perspective on how to live fully, love deeply and engage authentically so you can create a life and business with more impact, influence and income. Welcome to Live, Love, Engage. Now must stay and welcome to Live, Love, Engage, I am Gloria Grace Rand, and today we’re going to be talking about business, spirituality, meditation and money. And joining me on the program today is someone who has a lot of experience in those areas. His name is Daniel John Hanneman. So first off, welcome to Live Love Engage Daniel.

[00:01:03] Thank you, Gloria. So glad to be here today. It’s very exciting to be on your show today.

[00:01:09] Well, we appreciate having you here.

[00:01:11] And let me share with our listeners and and those of you viewing on YouTube what Daniel’s background is. He’s actually got an extensive one as an professional counselor, certified hypnotherapist with combined business and professional backgrounds in energy scanning, energy clearing, spiritual life coaching, intuitive business coaching, channeling metaphysics, religious science, hypnosis, psychology, motivational techniques and personal business development systems. He’s not a slacker, in case you’re thinking that. So definitely not. And not only that, he’s also an author from a bestselling book series. He co-authored the book Wake Up, Live the Life You Love Living in Abundance, which featured such internationally renowned legends like Tony Robbins, Dr Wayne Dyer and Dr Michael Beckwith. And he’s also the creator of the Your Sacred Purpose that is unleashing the hidden greatest potential within worldchanging and paths, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs by loving all of themselves, including their full power, their greatest gifts, their truest purpose, and the ability to deepen the awakening of consciousness on the planet, all while enjoying profound money success. Because, let’s face it, money does make the world go round. And it also makes it easier to be able to give people think that having money sometimes is a bad thing. But the more money you have, the more you can actually spread around. So since you’ve got this amazing career with all of these vast different tools, I guess in your in your background, the tools that you use, how did you even get interested in doing all these different things?

[00:03:05] Yeah, good question. Well, you know, I started off in my life. I’m a bit of a shy, introverted person by my first nature, I would say. And like a lot of introverts, I become extroverted once I get the stage right. Okay, I’m ready to talk. Listen to me. All right. Here we go.

[00:03:26] I go.

[00:03:29] That’s how I was as a kid. There was no here I am. Let’s go. There was none of the houses marked as quiet. And and so from that place, I experienced a lot of love of other people and stuff. And I just remember feeling so funny. I don’t know if this really answers your question, but I don’t get there just a silly little things like this. Like I used to have girlfriends that I was like four years old. I had a girlfriend, like I was doing things that kids don’t do in those ages. So I it was really weird. And then at two girlfriends, I was like nine or something like that. I was crazy, like, you know, the way a nine year old would have a girlfriend, right? Yes, it was serious at the time, but then it’s like was but then still there was this shy aspect of myself and different things came up for me as I got in to the teenage years. So I first of 11, I almost died. I mean, I got ran over by a trailer. Oh my gosh. At I wasn’t showing up. I wasn’t speaking up for myself because I was picking up grass pollens, put them on the back of a dump truck. There was a trailer behind. I went to jump off. When they went in, the truck started moving. I was like, oh, I freaked out and jumped up under the trailer. So that’s a fast version of the story.

[00:04:54] You know, I want to get used to the focus of your question here, but the truth is, is I wasn’t showing up. I wasn’t speaking up. And I continued through high school. I was even called Mister Invisible and I wasn’t dating anybody. Then I went the other route like I was. And I would I wouldn’t get near a girl. I wouldn’t do anything. So and part of that, too, is my sister got pregnant, my sister got pregnant. And the day I did my thing to do with her and I vowed at that time and it was during that time when I was in high school, I was like, that’s it. I will not be that. And I did everything I could to not be that. And I went to an extreme, so. But I had a lot of anxiety and depression and I wanted to and I always just felt like there’s so much more to life than what people are perceiving or talking about or usually delving into and have those feelings and really investigate them a whole lot other than do a lot of my own private journaling and trying to figure life out on my own. And I got into so I did creative writing. I was trying to express myself. I get into the psychology and college to try to of figure get people out, like, why are we acting so weird and why do people have all the issues they have? So I did that.

[00:06:10] And then after I’ve done with that, I was like, I’m bored, I want to go on sale. So I wanted to say I did copy ourselves for a few years, did hundreds of cold calls per week. And that was incredible for someone like myself coming out of my bubble. And then from there that I knew that wasn’t really my path, even though I was recognized for my persistence. I didn’t have the greatest sales, but I was really going to convince my employers I meant to be here so that they buy by me. So, so but then it just I kept going back to school. I got a masters in clinical psychology and there I was misunderstood. Like, that’s kind of part of my story. Like a lot of people probably just not understood. My my teachers actually held me back a year from going on and moving on with my masters and they said, you I’ve got to do remediation in these areas. Manero seven turning into people. Are they they called it assessment. Right. We do assessments and we don’t know how you could do so well with that. My classmates would flock to me with their cases and stuff, and I, I didn’t know what to make of it at the time. I guess. I guess I’m good at that. But but then I was so deficient in every other area. It’s not every area, but you don’t talk enough, you don’t speak up enough.

[00:07:38] And and so and then that showed up at my first job I was fired from my first job out of college after being told you’re already defective, have been fired from my first job out of college. And, you know, I just I just I just was so crushing at the time. My dad’s my dad really gave me an encouragement, says, you know, you’re going to be just fine. It’s going to work out, you know. And one of the things my dad always says is innovators always get punished. People who are truthful and innovative. You always will get punished. You’ll get rewarded, too, but you’re going to get punished on your part. And that’s kind of what happened to me, too, when I would speak truth that I show up people to argue with me or not want to hear it, or I’m some kind of threat just by my presence. Right. So I started to just and just being different. So anyway, all that added up to me really have a thirst to become fully empowered and doing what I came here to do, whatever that was. So I started work with the chronically mentally ill because I had a background in terms of people saying I was maybe have the issues and say it because I’m energy attuned. I’ll be like, I can move objects, I could blow things up. Not that I was, but I could feel energy. I could feel like I could work with energy as all my my childhood, I was playing around with things.

[00:09:00] Right. And they did. Oh, great. You’re bipolar. Delusions of grandeur. You know, let’s give me some medicine. So I said all that stuff back as a teenager and then they I just quit talking about it then. Right. Then you put it in the closet, you put it away, and then those contests are shelved away. But as I came out and I continued to do my work in the world. I was working on the chronically mentally ill, just doing simple spiritual principles. A lot of times with them on top of normal therapy sorts of things. And then I did a variety of counseling jobs beyond that. But the more what I found was like like even in that field, when I started showing up and loving myself and just being who I was in an environment that supported that, I thrive like I was hired away with a few months from the first job to another job that paid me way more. And so it’s like so my part of my message of people is you’re not defective. You just need to do your purpose. You need to be you. You need to love you. You need to be you fully. And that always works. But if you keep not being yourself, you keep showing up in environments that don’t fit you, you’re going to have run into. That’s what I learned. And I, I was studying throughout that time to some degree, a number of the motivational things and whatnot that we do, the Tony Robbins, the Brian Treacy’s, et cetera.

[00:10:25] All the good ones, right? Yeah. So did all that add in the science of the mind study bad and became a practitioner of that. So I was doing that work for people and a practitioner of science. I mean, it’s all about keeping your your your consciousnesses clean and clear as possible and then you show up in the community as that. So that was a huge, huge foundation for me that I got to be forever still to get into being on the line and the two thousands doing my business to help people to break free of their blocks. I went by the blockbuster for forever. Sometimes I still use it. And so I had a blockbuster path website and I started my business. There had a hard time making any money because of my own inner blocks. And so I had issues there and I was too shy. Again, same same issue, not assertive enough. And finally, some stepped inside of me and it’s just like, boom, I just started getting really assertive. And then and then I was honing my guess to psychically I learned how to tune into my gifts utilize because I got just so I just feel compelled into any energy and become it like I could. I could become Gloria right now if I want to, like almost like literally like a step right in your hands, you feel because energy is just energy.

[00:11:53] We make such a big deal out. I am who I am, but it’s just energy. I got to step it into it. I, I, I in that sense I’m connected with the energy. In a way I’m almost amnesiac now. Right. So I have this experience, but I was really on ground and my energy is flying all over. So I, I asked for grounding tools for my guidance. I got them and the energy scan technique was born and that became a huge thing because people I became recognized for being able to tune into people even in these deeper ways, much less just the normal way they was doing it. Right. So I was doing that and helping people break free through the methods they use with clearing, coaching and whatnot and personal level. And then it delved into the business and whatnot. And eventually it led to the Academy of Invincible Healers. So I trained, you know, thousands of people really, and certified at least one hundred or two of people energy and healing. So this sort of thing I do, people usually don’t think they could do it. But I proved again and again that absolutely everybody can do it. All you have to do is just trust all through practice what I give you to to to to use the technique. And most people do it. They are able to do it right away, but they don’t believe they can do it.

[00:13:07] They do. They do it like they can do it. So so from there I just really was guided to let go of the academy in twenty seventeen. Your sacred purpose. Now I’m standing for LT leaders that want to embody the state of being of enlightenment and rock it out in the world from there. Well, of course being themselves, they don’t close together. Right. And using the greatest gifts and really allowing themselves to claim all the value and the money success. Therefore, that’s within that. I mean, really, money comes from owning your value and the exchange of value. Right? So that’s where money is happening. And when we’re we’re willing to own our full value, life works like things work well. And there’s nothing wrong with making whatever amount of money and and trust yourself. So people are listening. Your heart center people, you’re going to do good things with their money. I’m sure you know, you’re going to do great things. You’re going to give the people you’re going to give to your family. You’re going to give to others. It’s just about loving other people, loving yourself. It’s about sharing your value in the world and then to be able to utilize that energy and a dedication of your your purpose for the highest benefit for yourself. Everyone, because I know that’s what your listeners want. So so anyway, I don’t know how long it’s OK. And people,

[00:14:32] While I appreciate that and and it’s and it’s good because now we have more information about your background. Now, I want to go back to one thing you mentioned. You were talking about energy scanning. So can you elaborate on what that is and why is it so vital for sounds like not only maybe healing practitioners, but maybe even everyone?

[00:14:53] Yeah, it is. That’s very perceptive view. It is my mission ultimately to promote a longer term goals, mid range and longer term goals, to reach as many people as I can to help them to learn to do energy scanning every I feel like every practitioner that helps people like through coaching, therapy, et cetera, so many different things healing. You ought to have the tool of energy scanning. I mean, that’s a foundational tool. And I need I’m a little extra good at it. Maybe then maybe some people, but everyone can do it usually want to learn how to do it. Everybody gets similar testimonials to what mine would look like, oh my God, I can’t believe what you’ve come up with and all that sort of stuff. So that’s definitely part of the path and also is an awakening. The more you you learn to tune in and to to download things, it does awaken you to that. Oh, we’re all we are all one and and all that stuff. Everybody talks about five D and beyond. These days you experience what you want to go to five and beyond. Then Learn Energy’s Canada definitely taking the five DMB. And I mean what you can connect with, what you can download from the higher realms, all that stuff, you know, it’s all there. And so it’s just really more to me it’s more like people people overall I want to focus on service providers and that maybe beyond that. Right. But it’s like we can all be more of ourselves. And that’s one huge way we can become more of ourselves that I’m called to to share in the world. So so, yeah, it’s it’s a very, very foundational thing that we all can do. It should be just kind of a no brainer. But we’ve been given the the concept that it’s not right and probably by those that want us to be more brainwashed against fraud, quite frankly. But that’s my take on it. So that’s my own take on it. But anyway.

[00:16:54] All right. Well, you I think probably one of all the different tools that you have. I imagine that meditation is also something that you’re either a believer and a practitioner of and possibly even a teacher of that. So how do you how do you No. One, how do you incorporate meditation, maybe even in your own life and or your business? Yeah.

[00:17:22] Yeah, well, I mean, one of the big things is meditation. Meditation is the kind of the cornerstone that we have to take time to get centered and to actually take time to tune in or maybe at some point in the show we’ll talk more about it. I have like at my website, I have actually a meditation to help people to tune in. And and I have people saying they’re growing their business just by listening to meditation every day. Sometimes I listen twice a day because you have to tune in and ask questions within the meditation, but you want to ask questions and allow the answers to come in and and then to actually follow through on what you get. A lot of times I’ll confess with the success even I’ve had, I have limited my success at times because I didn’t listen deeply enough. I didn’t fully listen enough. In other words, like, oh, I’m willing to listen 50, 60 percent or whatever, and then I want to play around, get go off center and do whatever I want. Right. That’s kind of story of our life. So we have to we have to not only take the time to cultivate the practice of becoming still like just I do meditation, I focus. Most mathematicians are focused on stillness. Always first. First, just focus on a stillness. You have thoughts or whatever. Doesn’t matter. Keep focusing on the stillness. And then from that place you can start answering questions and answers will come or you’ll get a direction and it’ll it’ll take you in the direction you need to go.

[00:18:56] And eventually, like anything in life that you keep tuning in for the answers, things are going to work themselves out. Hopefully sooner than later. You have less unnecessary suffering. Maybe, but we have a path then. But we can just simply tune in and just ask for answers. What some people up as they don’t. Sometimes people say I ask questions. I don’t get to hear anything. That’s one of the common ones. And I always say what you need to do. Then in that case, if you feel like you’re not hearing anything, it’s just imagine you are hearing an answer. Maybe if you imagine God or whatever you image, you know, when your and the angels or whatever like that, they’re speaking to you and that that you imagine that they are saying something to you. Right. Because usually if you put people that guided meditation with their guides and I say, OK, what are they saying to you? They hear something right now. We ask some it. So just imagine that you see your guy right in front of you or your God right there with you or whatever, just or just imagine like you’re getting an answer and just make it up. And the truth is, like, it’s accurate. It’s true. You just you just be blown away by how true it is. And that’s foundational to tuning in overall. I mean, whether it’s energy scanning or basic intuition.

[00:20:11] But it’s a basic thing. It’s just to just to just to have the sense you’re making. And we are infinite beings and we have so much wisdom that we just don’t understand and we make everything so hard. So when it’s easier and it feels more made up and playful and all that, it’ll work. Even your life will work way better. We think it’s got to be hard and it’s got to be like this and like that. And we just create that for ourselves. I mean, sometimes I work. Yeah, I can be a big slacker, by the way, but I’m also not a slacker at this time, so I’m still committed to something. I’m working on that. No, no matter what, I’m going to get that accomplished, you know, and that that creates huge shifts in our energy field. That’s a huge, huge thing to do. So that commitment and then with the commitment to is more of a attunement and in alignment with your your truest intuition can happen to. It’s been my experience that you get clear signals, you get more like more is given to you added on to your right because you’re you’re you’re listening to what you’ve been given already. Right. Why am I going to give you if you can’t even have a one dollar, I’m going to give you a million dollars. Right. You’re not ready. You know, so so so that’s kind of how that works out.

[00:21:26] Or I like I like that of know some people though. I know that. I think they also get confused sometimes because they’re like, well, how do I know that the voice I’m hearing in my head is is really, you know, has my best interests at heart. How do I know where is really or it’s just maybe it’s coming from fear or something, right?

[00:21:52] Yeah, that’s a great question. Yeah. Well, again, if you just kind of just make it up or you have more of that, that good energy around it, those are signals that I would tend to trust. So put it down. When I say is if you get it becomes a kind of weird if you’ve got a weird feeling to it, that’s on them. Make note of some people believe I’m not going to say out they exist or not, but some people. In dark energies and things like that are coming in, will you or take your places where they keep you stuck or whatever, all that stuff? Yeah. Yes or no? That’s a whole nother story. A whole nother topic. But just listen to see if it really has a good energy and have a good energy. It’s going to have to be true. Some people don’t really like it. Could be good energy craft and some bullshit. Yeah, I know. But, you know, for purposes of this show, they just tend to trust the good signal thing as good energy, but it’s wrapped in some bullshit or whatever. It’s like honestly, if you really continue to just be oh, I always say come back to the stillness and keep coming back to the start letting go of all your ideas.

[00:23:13] This is the greatest idea I’ve got to do this. This is what’s going to make my million dollars or whatever it is that it’s like, OK, maybe I’ll let go of that idea. All right. OK. And now are you absolutely certain this is this the same is true for you? It really seems you know, I don’t know. I think it’s a really good idea, like. OK, probably is not the one when it’s really cruel, you shake a little, it’s like just yeah, it just seems true. I just can’t even deny it. So that’s one of the tests you can do. The part of you is kind of saying, like, I don’t really know about that, leaning out of feeling in your body, something to pay attention to. I mean, that could be that it’s not totally true or maybe there’s some limiting beliefs or stuff stored in your energy, stored in your energy as energy that needs to be addressed before you can move forward can be different things. But that’s how I answer that question.

[00:24:17] I appreciate that. Now, since you refer to yourself, I guess as or I’m not sure, but it sounds like that you could call yourself a spiritual entrepreneur. So what is and I and I know only asking this because I’ve I’ve met other spiritual entrepreneurs and people in even in, like, healing modalities. And I know that a lot of times they have trouble making money because they’re so heart centered that they don’t believe in charging and they tend to want to give their stuff away. So what’s the biggest problem you’ve ever faced in making money as a successful entrepreneur?

[00:24:57] Yeah, I kind of mentioned a little bit earlier, but I went over really fast. Yeah. So when I was when I was first trying to get into the online space. Again, I think it was kind of like with with with girls, you know, again, the teenager, I might I don’t want to overpower anybody or like you in that case. I don’t want to get you know, one thing leads to another and someone’s pregnant, you know, like, I don’t want that to happen, like my sister. So I just always, like, do no harm. You know, I just got so strong on that when I got especially into the online space for some reason, as I went deeper into I mean, it makes sense, right? But it’s deeper in the spiritual realm of helping people the more I was concerned about that. And so I would give away my services. I had I was doing my energy scans. I was doing this great work. And then at the end of like. You know, I you know, actually the essence of you is perfect, and we just I’m just witnessing you as perfection. You’re going to be fine. Yeah, I’m ready, you know, but I could help you. You want to work with me like this? Oh, like what I said is crazy, if you like, because they want to be nice in return. Like, oh, I’ll think about it. You think it’s ridiculous. So. So then after that I start realizing what became true for me at that time especially was a few things.

[00:26:30] I mean I’m going to break it down more or I usually do like I start realizing, OK, I have to tap into the pain. I have to actually see how things are going so well for that, I think is lightworkers in parts that are people. We just don’t even want to see the pain in other people sometimes to say, like I did in a way like, you’re fine, you’re great, you’re wonderful, you don’t need to do anything. And the truth is, there’s things there are things going on as we tune in energy. There’s something going on for that. And then we have to take a look at that and say, well, and then what problems is that creating for them in their life? And do they still want to have those issues in their life or do they want to see a change and to do it in a compassionate, loving way? Just be like, hey, I’d love to see these changes for you in your life. Would you like to see these changes in your life? Yes, I would. OK, great. Get into my three steps to yes. To transformation. So, yes, the transformation. Sorry about that. So but yeah. So we just take a it’s like step by step and I didn’t consciously create this system first. Yeah. It’s like you kind of discover something like, oh that’s how I did that. So that’s how I discovered I was like, you just have to tune into the pain.

[00:27:51] What are the issues? What’s the potential to one of the benefits presence those things with them, see if they want those things. Would you like that? Would you like this? Would you like that? Yes, yes. Yes, yes. You kind of like your stacking asses or if there’s a no, then OK, great. I’m fine. I mean, then that’s what you are that maybe that’s where you want to be. I mean, I’m going to always try to talk them out of it unless it feels like it’s appropriate and then talk about the services and then the investment and whatnot. So, yeah, but one of the things that happened to me, like I was having so much trouble landing people more than for like a session, for example, I was wasn’t doing too well with the finances as I really was bankrupt. I mean, I didn’t declare bankruptcy, but I couldn’t feed my family, et cetera, like it was crazy. It was crazy. So what I did was I finally just one day I just told lady, I says, you do. This is right for you. This is why you need to get all those things that I talk about. Time to go. Let’s do it. She’s and then she hesitated and I saw her as my own voice reflecting back to me. She says, But are you sure? Are you sure this is really good for me. Right. And I just hesitate for one second. And as I say, absolutely. Now get on stage. So I realize it’s my own voice.

[00:29:09] Absolutely not. Get out the credit card. Let’s do this right now. She says, yes, OK, let’s do it. And then she I thought I was so aggressive. And then she was like, oh, thanks for being supportive of me. You’re such a gentle, a beautiful soul. And and like so so like I had this beautiful person reflecting back to me. No, you’re not being too aggressive. This is how we want you to be. Take us down for us to show up. And so that was a big breakthrough. And then I just kind of helped me to get that snowball momentum going in my business. And eventually I was like, man, I’m doing well this year around six figures. I’m like, I can help other people do that. And that’s where I was able to climb my business into multi 60 or so. So. So anyway, so that’s that’s how I got started. And I just I had lots of lots of concepts about money, too. I didn’t want to pay the government. So let’s keep the money will lower am. And, you know, you just I’ve just learned you have to embrace everything you really do. You have to embrace of your your Republican. You need to embrace your Democrats. If you’re a Democrat, you can’t stand the far left and you have to embrace the far left. If you think someone’s Satan, you’ve got to embrace Satan. I mean, in a way. And people think that means you’re you’re saying, you know, we should have this horrible stuff.

[00:30:28] No, it just means you bringing that into the center of love where there is no, no, no issue. There are no issues, you know, and from that place, great things can happen in the world. And that’s true with money, too. When we demonize money by what we see happening with money in the world, that’s that’s that’s crazy. That’s like looking at people in relationships and saying poor people have bad relationships. I don’t think I’ll be in a relationship. I think it should not have relationships like. Let’s have less relationship, so, like, it’s ridiculous, it’s just it’s just our concept of it. So we come from your heart to the heart center. Yes, that’s the right orientation. But say yes to the money. Let the money land in your heart. Maybe a vision at landing in your heart. I do that and some of my meditations and feel the money inside your heart and just know that it’s not about the money. It’s about the love, the flow of the energy. You want to happen through the money. And that’s what we can experience greater things in the world. My experience was really clear. We’re meant to embrace money. Yes, the currency forms may change over time, but that doesn’t matter. We’re meant to embrace what is right now its most basic spiritual preaching out there right now. What is so we’ve got to love what is right now and that will lead to evolution from there.

[00:31:44] Awesome. I was going to ask, what is your best advice to offer someone? But I think you just share it is I don’t need to ask that question. So that was awesome for picking up on what? That was good. So I understand that. I think you have a free offer possibly for our money. Can you share a little bit about what that is and how people can get it?

[00:32:11] Yeah, yes. People go to your sacred purpose dot com. I have a free meditate. I make money meditation. So from that place, you’re able to get your energies open and go through the chakras briefly, but it opens up your energy and it has you connected with your guidance, if you like, connecting with your angels and guides and helps you with that as well. But it gives you that space to be in a clear space and to be able to receive your guidance. Some people do say that the most people have said they give me feedback on meditation, say, you know, that’s a little bit beyond just meditate, make money because it’s deep spiritual transmission. I mean I mean, I’ve talked that much about it, but people could feel it. They’re like, wow, you’ve taken me somewhere really deep and connected and it’s really amazing in itself. And I said, the people the feedback I’m getting from the one person, one person particularly to says, like, I keep listening to it, I keep making more money. It just and then months and months later, like, it’s still I I’m still growing.

[00:33:16] I keep listening. So it works, you know, it’ll work like like so many things. If we we work something up, really apply it fully, it’ll work, it’ll work. But if it feels like a fit for you, you know, it seems true for you, but we’re so busy sometimes just continuing to scatter our forces all over the place. We have many more applications. So but I mean, the French, the free meditation and make money meditation about 18 minutes, not like super long. Go there, grab it and enjoy. And there are opportunities there is an opportunity there to to reach out to me and to work with me also with an energy scan consultation where I get to do my deep tuning in at assessing where you are and do all that. I just even as of yesterday, I did one with somebody who says I feel like I need to take a month off of my life to just absorb everything you just gave me. It can be that profound for people, I guess, when there’s just so much that can come through for people.

[00:34:22] Well, that was actually what I was going to ask you next is so do you work primarily with people one on one, or do you do have any good programs? How does your business look like in that? And that was that.

[00:34:33] Yeah, I used to have group programs and whatnot, like with the certifications and stuff, had coaches working on Coachella’s, working underneath me, supporting the structure. Right now I’m working with people one to one. So it’s an exciting time. People can work with me exclusively, one to one, and I’m looking to work with people are already established more a little bit more so right now and are up to big things. They’re either already doing big things or they want to be up to big things. So I helped them to create that energetic foundation and do it from a place that I work for them and people that are really wanting to do it from enlightened presence, from the deeper space within and to be it learn to trust that to let go of some of the other characters that can show up, like for the victim or the inner pusher or like there’s so many different aspects that I work with, the different aspects of people with the energy work that I do. And then I do the intuitive business coaching to help. If the structure is right, who’s your client? Let’s get you energy aligned with your client, your Moftah with. But your marketing would be your sales process. What would have you you don’t get everything energy aligned and then with your life, you know, I don’t spend a lot of time on those aspects that seem to come into place with everything else I do anyway. We spend a little bit, put a little bit of attention to that as well. But yeah, we’re both people one to one and a deep, deep way and help them to track their sacred purpose.

[00:36:06] I like that. And that actually leads me to one last question, is that I know for someone who started off as an introvert, didn’t want to talk very much, that you also have a way that you are talking often, aren’t you? I think you have a podcast that you host as well. Can you share a little bit about what that is? And because I’m all about showcasing. So if you want to put in a plug for your podcast, this is your opportunity.

[00:36:33] Sure, yeah. I have a spiritual rockstar podcast and we have just really wonderful, incredible guests. I’ve had top name people and people, people I know, most people know anyway. One time I mentioned a few names to these big names, but I don’t know this one person. I don’t know any of those people are like James Twyman, who did the Moses code. That’s one thing he’s known for the movie, a bunch of famous people and everything. But anyway, he’s done huge events. Mark Allen is a lot of people, maybe him, but he’s the publisher of Cataldi. And I’ve had read Diamond and she’s with the fact she’s the function lady has been a bunch of movies, including secret doctors who monitor. A lot of people know about her. So a lot of people, a lot of different people from people that a lot of people known to people that a lot of people don’t know yet, but are up and coming. The water rocket, they and they have something amazing to share. So so anyway, and they they tend to give the insights on how this thing works. Right. How do we come from that deeper presence in rock now? But we address all different areas of your life and we talk about business and everything. And we have beautiful conversations, just beautiful conversations where where they’re giving their expertise and wisdom. And I chime in with this on my own, actually on my show. And that’s kind of how we roll out there. And you get to see me do more energy. I actually do the energy scans on those shows, too. OK, so that’s it. So spiritual rock star podcast, you can find it on iTunes, Spotify, etc. or you can go to your sacred purpose dot com or slash blog and find their one last place. I’ll just mention as you can find it on YouTube and subscribe there and and those are the places you can find it.

[00:38:33] All right. Well, I appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to spend with us today. And I’m sure a lot of awesome information and I’m sure it will be of benefit to those listening and especially make sure you all go to your sacred purpose dot com. I will have that in the show notes in case you’re not somewhere where you’ve got a pen handy. But take advantage of that offer and because it sounds amazing and I want to check it out myself, some guy will be doing that after we get done today. So thanks again, Daniel, for being with us. I really appreciate it.

[00:39:08] Thank you guys so much. Thank you for everyone’s listening.

[00:39:12] Yeah, and I second that. Thank you all to my subscribers and the folks watching on YouTube as well. I appreciate all of you. And until next time, I encourage you to go out and live fully, love deeply and engage authentically.

[00:39:30] Did you know that a majority of entrepreneurs tend to discount the importance of their work and a good number feel their success is simply due to luck? I know from personal experience that self-doubt can keep you from having the kind of life and business you desire. That’s why I’ve created a free guide called Uniquely Knew how to move from self-doubt to self-love in four simple steps to claim your free guide. Go to live, love, engage dot gift. That’s live love. Engage dot G I F.T..

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