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What’s Not to “Like” about Facebook Pages

Facebook made its grand change to fan pages this week. No longer can you become a “fan.” Instead, you express a desire to “like” a page.

Judging from the Questions center on Facebook, not too many fan page administrators are happy with the change.  At first blush, I didn’t mind it so much. Granted,  it doesn’t have the cache anymore of the “fan me on Facebook” phrase we’ve all come to know and love.  But, hey, it is a free service, people!

On the other hand, I did notice something today which is a tad annoying. The old “fan” page featured one box on the left-hand side of your page that displayed the total number of your fans.  Under the new system, you have two boxes.  One says “X number of friends like this.”  The other box says “X number of people like this.”  What’s the difference?  The bottom box is the total number of your fans. The top box is the total number of your friends who are also fans.  If not all of your friends are fans, you’ll have to subtract to find out the difference.

It is great to know which fans are friends and which aren’t because then you can make friends with those fans, oh excuse me, I mean those “likes.”  I just wish Facebook would have put those members who aren’t friends in their own box.  Now, it’s time-consuming to try to go through and figure out who’s who!

If anyone has an easy way to determine this, please let me know. I’d be forever in your debt!  If you’ve got your own Facebook “like” page (can’t really call them fan pages anymore, can we?) – I’d love to know what you think of the changes too.  You can comment here, or shoot me an email:


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