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Life Lessons from The Great British Baking Show

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I’ve spent the last few weeks watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. I love cooking shows, and this one is a delight! I have learned about different baking techniques and uniquely British desserts like Victoria Sandwich. And I have marveled at the exceptional skill level of some of these amateur bakers who create wonders out of spun sugar, choux pastry, and macarons.

In reflecting on the competitions, I’ve realized there are several lessons to be learned from creating a perfect patisserie or pie that also apply to creating a successful life.

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Live. Love. Engage. Podcast: Inspiration | Spiritual Awakening | Happiness | Success | Life


Gloria Grace Rand: Namaste and welcome to live love engage I am Gloria grace Rand, and today I am recording this podcast for a second time on Facebook, because I silly me did not, I actually did hit the mute button on my lovely blue blue yeti microphone and so after I just finished watching the recording I realized that great nobody heard me.

But you know what this goes perfectly with what i’m going to be talking about today so so i’m just going to go do it all over again so today, as I mentioned in the tease For those of you who are listening to this on YouTube or not on YouTube actually i’m on it is going on YouTube but you’re not going to have the cheese, but for those are your listing on apple podcasts or Pandora or player FM, you will have heard my t’s and i’m sharing with you today some life lessons that I have garnered from watching the great British baking show on netflix.

I love, I absolutely adore watching cooking shows on TV and that’s what am I, one of my favorite things to do, and in watching several seasons of the show now it dawned on me that there really were some lessons that I wanted to be able to share with you that the successful baker’s.

There, something that they did and and and then necessarily even just the people who are more who want each season long, but the ones who actually did Make it to the finals because they would have three people in the finals for each season of the show.

And for those of you who aren’t familiar with it i’ll just give you a quick synopsis of what it how how it works is they will bring in 12 amateur bakers from around the United Kingdom and and sometimes 13 and a couple seasons, they would do the baker’s dozen.

And they would each have each week, they would have three challenges that they would have to do the first one, they would call the signature challenge, and this is something that they got to practice at home. The second one was a technical challenge which would be something that they had no clue what they were going to have to make, and then they would have very sparse instructions on how to make it as well. Like they wouldn’t tell you what temperature to turn the oven on or for how long they were supposed to bake something for and then, finally, they would have the showstopper challenge and, and this would be something that they had to come up with some really gran bake That would be a showstopper that would be really impressive something that you could put like as a centerpiece on on your table if you were having guests over, for instance, so and in watching the all of these shows, I came up with four key lessons that I think that we can apply in life, whether you’re a business owner or just someone running a family, I think all of these things that the people who, especially the ones who who All of them were terrific and and all of these people, I think, just making it that far out of the thousands of people who would apply to be on the show that the 12 that would get there certainly embody this but, but the ones who really did make it all the way to the finale they really took these principles to heart.

So the first one, the first life lesson is taking risks and the judges loved it when people would find new flavor combinations you know and come up with something that they’ve never seen before tasted before and I think that is important. In life it’s important to take risks to try something new to be creative. And, and not just follow the same old same old that everyone else does you want to be able to stand out and to excel in whatever you want to excel at it stepping out of your comfort zone trying something new, is a good way to do it.

The number two and three life lessons that kind of go together and they’re. The one one is, I would say is the ability to not give up when something doesn’t go right or if yeah if something doesn’t go right that you don’t did you don’t give up, and this was especially brought home in one of the episodes because this lovely, lovely young man had they were doing creation with ice cream and cake, I think, or something. And he had put his ice cream in the freezer to they had to make their hand use the machine to make a fresh ice cream. And he had his in the freezer well, one of the other contestants I guess when she was trying to reach her ice cream I think she took his out. To be able to get it hers and pulled it out and then unfortunately left it out on the counter. And when he saw that it was all melted and he was so disappointed and so frustrated that he just chucked the whole thing in in the trash. And then he didn’t present anything, then for the challenge when he brought up the trash can I was like well. The judges have couldn’t judge him that and, unfortunately, he did get sent home that week.
Because he didn’t even put anything out there and the and the judges had said, you know if you if you brought something up to the table, then at least we could have judged that. And they still have the other two challenges that he had completed to go by, to decide whether or not he should stay that week so so showing up even if you’re not at 100% or even if.

You know when when something doesn’t quite go your way don’t give up you’ve got a try, I mean this this happened to me when I competed in a in a marathon. Back at Disney world years ago, and this was when Disney have the full marathon on the half marathon the same day. I made a rookie mistake and I got pulled over and they said that you couldn’t complete the marathon because I was going to be. I was going to be too slow, I would finish after the allotted time I think they gave they gave you and I was so mad at myself that I vowed to come back the following year, and do it, and I did, and I finished the marathon the following year.

Which leads me to the next rule like next life class and is to bounce back you know not only don’t give up, but to be able to bounce back to be able to. not let a bad review derail you or to not let something happen to just you know cause you to just give up to be able to bounce back and. Because again and what would happen oftentimes in this competition is somebody would maybe not do well with their signature bake and then they would be able to bounce back with the technical they could even land in first, even though they had no idea I mean a lot of these people were so surprised, they had no clue what they were baking and then to be able to come up on top was just so pleasing you know and such a good feeling you feel really proud when you’re able to do something like that. And so, so being able to bounce back from adversity it’s so important, and I think I even talked about that last week’s podcast So if you if you missed that one good go check it out.

And then, finally, that the other blast life lesson that again, this is one of the attributes that the contestants especially who made it to the finals all had Was that they have this ability to just stay calm when things didn’t go there right and they had a positive attitude they they were able to just continue and and again didn’t let. You know any kind of mistakes derail them stop them and they just think that kept going because here’s another key thing is that they loved what they did they love baking and they would cheer, on the other contestants and even when even the finalists who who who lost, they would be like Oh, you know that person really deserved it she deserved he deserved it and And that positive attitude is so important in anything that we do to be able to to have that to cultivate that and to and to just stay calm and it’s that’s really how best that we can you know go forward in life, I think, to be able to do that so.

So let me recap again, so the thesis for life lessons in case you’re tuning in late for some reason you’re catching it so it’s the ability to take risks, you know try something new, be creative don’t give up when. Life throws you a curveball and bounce back really do try, you know and just get up again and bounce back and stay calm and have a positive attitude, and when you do that. You can’t help but succeed, I think, and and, of course, also love what you do you know, really, really being able to enjoy what you do makes a huge difference, I mean I’m doing this podcast is something that I love to do and even when I accidentally hit the mute button on my microphone I don’t let it stop me I just go ahead and record again because you know what I’m human I make mistakes and I’m going to maybe put that in my little list of things to do is to always double check the microphone before I start recording to make sure it’s all good.

All right, well, I thank you again for watching for listening, if you are watching this on YouTube be sure that you subscribe to my channel be sure that you’re following me on Facebook, because I record these on Facebook live every Monday normally at 1130 Eastern time, but today, got had to do it twice and and, of course, you know subscribe on whatever podcast platform that you’re listening to I encourage you to do that as well, and until next time I encourage you to go out and live fully love deeply and engage authentically.

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Losing her older sister to cancer propelled Gloria on a journey of spiritual awakening that resulted in the publication of her international best-selling book, "Live. Love. Engage. – How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Start Being Yourself."

Known as “The Light Messenger” for her ability to intuitively transmit healing messages of love and light, Gloria combines a unique blend of energy healing techniques, intuition, and marketing expertise to create transformational results for her clients.

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