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How to Quickly Restore Calm with Rhonda Harris-Choudhry

Rhonda Harris-Choudhry is with us in today’s episode. Rhonda is an author, professional psychic metaphysician, hypnotherapist, and healer. Her mission is to empower people by teaching them about their innate gifts and ability to manifest their dreams.

We’ll hear about how Rhonda discovered her own innate abilities, the difficult circumstances she’s faced in her own life, and how to set better intentions that can actually help you reach your goals.

On this episode of the Live. Love. Engage. Podcast:

  • How Rhonda discovered she was a psychic and an empath.
  • How our innate abilities fall to the wayside or become lost.
  • What children innately know and what would happen if that sense were developed.
  • Why people need to honor their own abilities and pay attention to them.
  • Why Rhonda felt pressured to pursue a more traditional career.
  • When Rhonda started using her skills professionally.
  • The struggles that made Rhonda feel broken and how she pulled herself out.
  • What Rhonda says is the purpose behind why the divine comes through her.
  • The practice that can help you get your energy back together.
  • What intention is and the role it plays in achieving your goals.
  • The importance of being specific when setting intentions.
  • One of the biggest reasons people struggle with the law of attraction.
  • Why intuition and logic do not get along.
  • A quick exercise that can help you harmonize and quiet mind chatter.
  • What Rhonda wishes she had known about her life sooner.
  • Why someone might be going through exceptionally difficult challenges.
  • What to draw energy from when you’re having a tough day.

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Namaste and welcome To another edition of Live Love Engage. I am Gloria Grace Rand, and I am joined today by a lovely woman who goes by the name of Rhonda Harris Choudhry, and I want to welcome her first off to live love engage.

Thank you. I’m so pleased to be here. Thank you so much.

Well, I am looking forward to our discussion today because let me tell you a little bit about this woman. She is quite the multitalented spiritual, amazing person. So first off, she is an author of a book called You Are Not Broken – How to Retrain Your Brain, Clean Up Your Energy and Use Emotional Shapeshifting to Raise Your Vibration and Manifest Your Desires with Special Attention to Empaths and Sensitive People. And I can call myself that, so I really need to read this book. I think she’s also a professional psychic and empath, spiritual counselor, artist, musician and healer. I might ask you about that, and her mission is to empower everyone by teaching them about their innate spiritual and self-healing gifts and their innate power to manifest their dreams. And yeah, I know all of that. I love all of that. So. Only first, I thought a good way to get started. They would be that, you know, because I know we do all have these abilities and but we don’t necessarily are aware of them sometimes or they’ve sort of been drummed out of us, you know, intuition and things like that. So how and when did you discover that you were a psychic and an empath? And then even how you, why you even started to use these gifts professionally?

Ok, well, going back to when I was a child, you know, I would see things or sense things, and I would tell my parents and they, you know, they’d pat me on the head and say, Oh, you’re just imagining things and stuff like that. But it really came into the fore. When I was 14, my mother had just started having all kinds of health problems. She had first started with her heart, and then they discovered she had brain tumors and it was the brain tumor. She had started having seizures and they did, you know, it took them a while to figure out what it was. And my abilities really came in because I knew when she would have a seizure and I would beg her not to go out. Please don’t go out. You’re going to have a seizure today. And of course, she’d go out any way and then she’d have a seizure. And then they actually started listening to me. I think it just sort of fine tuned it because I became my mother’s caregiver at that time. You know, she had a daycare center and my dad was a New York City teacher, but his insurance only covered like 80 percent of neurosurgeons, brain specialists, heart specialists. He was working three jobs. And so I had to raise my little sister, who was eight years younger than me.
Care for my mom and get myself through junior high in high school. And I think because I had to be so hyper vigilant about taking care of everyone that really impacted my my abilities to be super duper sensitive, I really do think that had a lot to do with developing it. But I do believe that we are all born this way. I believe we’re all born empaths because our first language, when you think about it is not the spoken language. It’s the emotions, you know, a little child may not be able to understand the spoken word, but that child knows when mommy is . In the same way, a baby can’t articulate what’s hurting them or what’s wrong. The mom knows something’s wrong with my baby. Let me go over here because they are communicating through emotions and through their empathy. But then as we start to speak the the, you know, the the spoken word and reading it, that kind of goes away because now the emphasis is on learning how to speak, learning how to read, learning how to do these outside things. And then our innate abilities that we were born with kind of goes by the wayside. And that’s how I think people kind of lose it a little bit.

Yeah, you know, it’s funny that you mention that because I it’s absolutely true and we don’t really think about it. And I think it is because we start concentrating so much on teaching our kids to learn, teaching them how to read and then numbers and learning their colors and things and then and then getting them into school. And it’s so important for them to do well. But yeah, absolutely. We’re so tuned in. And those first, you know, year or so emotionally and that there needs to be a way for us to be able to start keeping that, you know, to be able to retrain it. It definitely is important to learn language. But let’s keep let’s not lose it.

The ability to let’s develop that with it. Children can learn a whole lot when they’re little. There’s no reason why we have to cut that part out of it, because even in the future, you know, little kids know who to trust and who not to trust. They’ll look at somebody with a fisheye, even though they’re the parents’ friend. But the kid will be looking at them like, hmm, because they know something is wrong. And if we were to develop that, how many people would know not to get involved with a certain person in a romantic relationship or a business or whatever it is that, you know, let’s stay away because your intuition is saying, Hey, you know, get away from that person. It’s very helpful to have that.

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, certainly as an as an adult, it’s absolutely crucial to be able to have those and to be able to know when you’re walking into a situation or even maybe meeting with a potential employer or if you’re a business owner with with a, you know, talking to potential client. And then you might be not only just listening to them or, you know what they’re saying, but maybe picking up on that underlying energy. Like, maybe this isn’t a person I want to take on as a client, you know?

Exactly, exactly. They can come really, really in handy when you become older to understand and pay attention because a lot of us, we still keep our intuition, but we’ve been taught to ignore it, right? You know? You know, just stick with the facts. You’re just imagining things. Or maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s going to happen, but how many times just and I always tell people like you say or not, psychic. And I say to them, How many times is your gut told you not to do something and you do it anyway? Oh, you pay the consequences. And how many times do they tell you to do something and you didn’t do it and you put your psychic abilities are working? We just have to acknowledge and honor them and pay attention.

Yeah, yeah. I wrote about that in my book, in fact, too, because yeah, so many times that as I say, bite me in the butt. You know, when I didn’t listen, I didn’t listen to it.
It’s the truth. It’s the truth. Me too.

Yeah, absolutely. So how did you start? When when did you actually then decide that, OK, I’ve got these abilities, but you know, you sure I can maybe go to college and do go into business or work for somebody? What prompted you to actually go down the path that you’re on right now?

Ok, well, actually what I always wanted to be a psychic healer, you know, work with crystals and things like that. My mom was very good with herbalism. That’s where I started. I think I got it. She would make all of our remedies and things, and she taught me how to chop the herbs and put them in these little capsules and things like that. And then I took some Reiki training in the 80s, and I did want to do this for a living. But my parents, you know, back in the olden days are like, You need a steady paycheck, right? Civil service test. Go do you know, go work at the post office or whatever it is? I was like, OK, I went into banking instead of doing what I really wanted to do. And there was also a religious connotation because I was raised in in the church. And I actually ended up, as in when I was an adult, I ended up in a very, very conservative church with my fiancé. At the time, he started going first and I was wondering I thought he was going because there was a girl there. And I’m like, Oh, I’m going to go too, see what woman you’re talking to? And so I went there and I ended up becoming a member, a member, and he became a part time minister there.

Well, what happened was, you know, being raised in the church and having these abilities, you’re taught that that’s wrong and it’s evil. And you know, I didn’t feel good about myself. I thought, really, there was something wrong with me. Well, what happened was that fiancé, to make a long story short, became very abusive and manipulative. He was a classic narcissist, but they don’t. You don’t know that. I was 17 when I got involved with him. And so anyway, he became very abusive and he physically attacked me. And then he went and told the church who believed him because he was a minister, that I was this tart who was just sleeping around. I was this horrible person and the church shunned me. Nobody believed me. And so I was like, Well, if that’s the way you’re going to be, then I’m just going to go ahead and be who I am and I don’t care anymore. So they actually did me a favor. So I was taking Reiki training and learning as much as I could. We didn’t have computers back then. Today’s generation is lucky they can go on Amazon. We didn’t have any of that.
That’s right.

You know, working in the banking industry, well in two, I think it was 2008 or 9. The real estate industry crashed. That was one of the great recessions and I could not get a job. You know, I could get temp jobs. It wasn’t paying enough. I sold my jewelry, I sold everything and I was literally 30 days from homelessness when I said to the universe. What do you want me to do? Obviously, you want me to do something, you don’t want me going back in the banking, what do you have? What would you have me do? And so I said, Well, I’m a psychic, I’m going to be a psychic. And so I started out, you know, doing tea leaf readings and building up my practice. I had held the universe, sent me to people who helped me and got me jobs. And this is what I truly love to do is to teach other people that if you’re going through the nightmare that I went through, because during that time in a six-month period, I lost my husband unexpectedly to cancer.

A month later found out I had a 20-pound uterine tumor of my own. Oh my God, I did not know was there because it grew inward and knocked my organs out of the way. So I went to the doctor with a stomachache and found out that I had this massive tumor, which I also took as a lesson from the universe and as an empath that I’ve been so caregiving to everyone else. I completely ignored myself. And so that was the big lesson. I survived it. And then six months later, the crash came and I was out of a job. And so I did feel broken and I did feel, what am I going to do? And, you know, staying calm and using my abilities. I pulled myself out of that abyss, and I want to teach other people that they don’t have to live in an abyss of fear because it’s fear that will immobilize you. And so lower the anxieties, focus and go for your dreams and you can do it. You can do it. You can surmount anything you can.

Awesome. I sorry for all of the stuff you went through, and it is interesting because I think there’s definitely one of the lessons I take from that is that everything does happen in divine timing and for a reason. And you know, like, like you said, when you were dealing with. Now I don’t even remember the bank, but but some of those things, it was like, Yeah, it needed to be. That’s that’s what you needed to do. So you you just sort of touched on something that I wanted to to talk about because I know one of the things you, you, you talk about when you’re teaching people is how to go from like a crisis to a calm in 30 seconds or less, which is pretty freaking remarkable. So you think about it because, you know, when you’re involved in something and you’re like all stressed out, you’re like, You know, how am I ever going to feel better? So to be able to do it that quickly is amazing and inspiring, and so I’d love to know a little bit about about that and how you came up with that and and how we can do that.
Absolutely. A lot of the information that I get to download they’re all spirit way. And so in some things I remember from past lifetimes, but mostly I believe that the divine comes through me so I can teach other people things. But first, I have to be the guinea pig. Yep. I don’t mind being a guinea pig. If it works, it’s OK. And so one day I was just all over the place. I have attention deficit disorder anyway. And so my mind’s here and my mind’s there. I’m like, Well, what about this? And what about that? And what about my business? What about what about what about? And I said, You know what? I am scattered in all over the place, and now I’m like this. I need to bring myself back home back together. And so the universe literally told me, and you can do this with me and see if it works is you take your fingers and you make an L with your fingers. And then you literally just put them on the top of your head like this, you want to try this with me? Ok, so there you go. So now you’re going to pull yourself together. You’re going to bring it to the center and just come down the center of the body. And just repeat balance. So pull it together, so we’ll go like this. Pull it together center. Come down the center of your body and repeat balance. Balance, balance. And you’re just going straight down the center balance balance with your fingers touching your skin balance, balance, balance to the end of the groin balance, balance, balance and balance, and then just sit for one second. And there, can you feel your energy come back together?

That’s powerful and so easy, And so it takes a second, and sometimes I have to do that 10 times a day just to, you know, if it’s one of those days, that’s what it is. But if I am calm and focused and pulling all of my scattered energies back then I can focus on what I’m doing.

Mm-hmm. Yeah, absolutely. I love that. How could someone maybe that wants to do that, do you think they could get it wrong? Possibly, or is or not? Or is it, you know?

Well, I don’t believe that you can, because it’s also not only are you physically engaging because some people need that physical touch, some people are very tactile. Some people are just intentions where even if they didn’t, if they just imagine their energies coming into center balance, balance, balance, you know, whatever is your learning style, it will work for you. So you really can’t get it wrong. There’s a lot of it is based on intention.

I like that. Yeah, that. Talk a little bit about intention, how important is having intention because I’ve learned that from other coaches and things that I’ve worked with who talk about it, but I don’t know that we’ve talked about it too much on the show. So. So what is the importance of intention and even what do you mean by that?

Ok, so intention is what is it that you are trying? What a goal were you trying to reach? So, you know, it might be my intention to send energy to California to clean up that oil spill that they had. You’re going to send energy because your mom is sick or whatever. What is your intention of what it is you’re trying to do for other people, but also for yourself? And what you want to do is when you’re thinking about that is to be specific. So, for example, people will come to me and say, You know, I wish I had a partner. I really wish, you know, I had a partner that’s was like, OK, well, what are you looking for in a partner? Well, you know, I just want a nice person, OK? You know, you don’t just want a nice person To be a little more specific than that.

More specific than that because they could be nice, but they could have 50 children and 5000 baby mamas and and be horribly in debt or whatever it is. And so don’t you say, Oh, I just want someone who’s nice? Be specific and don’t hold back nothing. What are their politics? What’s their sense of humor? How tall are they? What color is their hair color? What kind of job do they have? You know they are. They do. They resonate harmoniously with you. And so when you set your intentions, you have to be specific. And then also, you have to figure out what is the proper intention because one of the things that people will say is, I want a better job. You know, I need to make more money. I want a better job. Ok, so then the question is, do you have the credentials to get a better job? No than what you really need is to go back to school, right? Yeah, OK. Do you have the money to go back to school now? Ok, so then what you really need is money so that you can go to school so that you can get the credentials that you can get the better job you create a ladder of intentions so people will jump at the top, but they don’t get the steps, so you have to break it down. What do I need to get this or what do I need to get this? What do I need? Is it the basic level? And that is what your intention should be.

I like that. That’s a good way of explaining it because that’s true. And I think that’s why sometimes people, you know, they give like the Law of Attraction, a bad rap saying, Oh, well, it doesn’t work well. Yeah, you’re not. The law of attraction doesn’t mean you’re just supposed to sit and meditate and just wish for, you know, bars of gold to appear in your office. You have to do something. You have to go out and do something. Yeah, absolutely.

And one of the things I think one of the biggest reasons people have a problem with the law of attraction is even if they do, you know, they sit and they break it down. These are my intentions. What’s more important than your intentions are what are your core expectations? Hmm. Because it can be my intention to go out and make a mark on the world and have all this money. But if I’ve had a crappy life and that my, my life script has been disappointment. So my core expectation might be, well, it’s not going to work anyway. Everything else I’ve tried doesn’t work. I mean, I’m going to give it a shot, give it the old college try. But if my core expectation is failure, then that’s going to nullify whatever manifestation work that I’m doing. So people really need to take a look at what is your core expectation?

Is that something that you help people with when you’re working with them?

Yes, because they need to recognize, you know, it’s it goes beyond sending the energy out and the intention out. We got to start on a soul level, you know, and if you go over your life script, let’s say you grew up very poor and you have a poverty subconscious or conscious mentality. If your core expectation is to struggle financially because that’s what you’ve done, it won’t make a difference. All your intention work will go right out. You have to harmonize your expectations with your intentions, which you can do very easily. I’m very into harmonizing. And you can say I’m harmonizing my expectations and my intentions so that they manifest for me money or boyfriend or girlfriend, whatever it is that you want, harmonize both of them because people don’t realize, Gloria, that there is a constant war raging inside of us. Our intuition will fight your lot of logic. The two of them do not get along. Your heart will fight your mind. Your mind can say, You know what? That guy is bad news. I’m going to break up with him. He’s just terrible. He’s mostly blah blah blah blah blah. And your heart will say, Oh, but we love him. We should give him another chance. Let’s not give up on him yet. No, we’re going to go ahead and keep the relationship going and usually the heart wins. Mm hmm. Even though the mind is screeching, oh, the heart’s like, Yeah, no, it’s OK, we’re going to go ahead and do this. So we have to harmonize ourselves to stop the battle that constantly going on within us.

Hmm. I like I like the term harmonize because, you know, so often you hear people talk about trying to put everything in balance, which doesn’t necessarily work, especially if you know, if you have two things two things you can put in balance. But if you’ve got, you know, six things it’s not going to work, but harmony. I like that better. And I wonder if that’s your musician side of yourself coming out dealing with that at all? Absolutely.

I have a lot to do with that because my dad was also a music teacher, and so we all had to sing and play instruments and be in the band, in school and and stuff like that. But music is harmony harmonizing all of these different instruments and it comes together. Yeah. Into a beautiful work of art. And so I’ve been thinking about how we do have wars raging inside of us, and so I harmonize myself every day, I can give you a really quickie thing for you and your audience to harmonize and stop like mind chatter because our minds will just never shut up and keep going. And so what we do is we harmonize the right side and the left side of our mind. So it’s very quick. And so what do you do the right side of your mind rules the left side of the body and the left side rolls the right side, right? And what you do is you just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine that the right side of your mind is filled with beautiful moonlight. Just this beautiful moonlight. If you can’t see it then just feel it beautiful moonlight and the left side of your mind is filled with beautiful sunlight if you can’t. This warm, beautiful sunlight, so the left side is sunlight and the right side is midnight. Now just repeat after me. The left side of my mind,
The left side of my mind,

Loves honors and cherishes,
Loves honors and cherishes

The right side of my mind.

The right side of my mind
And the right side of my mind

And the right side of my mind
Loves honors and cherishes,
Loves honors and cherishes

The left side of my mind.
The left side of my mind

And both work in divine balance and harmony.

And both work in divine balance and harmony for my well-being, for my well-being, my peace, my peace

And my protection

And my protection.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Sit for a sec. There is that quieted down up there a little bit?

I like that.

So being in harmony can really help you to stay calm and focus, because that is the trick is to not allow the crisis energy to take over. I believe that fear is a hex, it mobilizes you literally. And so if we can stay calm and keep our anxiety levels low, then we can focus and see our way out of the situation as opposed to being so caught up that you just can’t see your way out.

Yeah, absolutely. Thank you, well, you’ve given us two great exercises today. I I love it. Thank you so much, and I appreciate it. What do you wish that you had known when you started out on, you know, on this adventure that you’re on that we call life?
Oh, boy, I wish that I had known that all the trials that I went through were basically a test and designed to make me stronger because of all the things that I have been through. I can honestly say they have made me a very strong and resilient person, a person who will survive and not give up. It has taught me to do that. And also I recognize and I want to say this to people because a lot of people will say, you know, my life is just been awful. I’ve had this happen and that happen, and no matter what I do, things just get worse and worse and worse. And so what I tell people with that is that means that you are an extremely high level spiritual person because when you think about it, this is a learning space here. This is a training ground. It’s beautiful Earth, you know, and our souls are encased in what I call, these are space suits that were available. You know, you got the suit that was available. When you’re online, these are us so we can breathe the air, but it’s really all about the evolution of our souls. And so if you think about going from nursery school through, you know, kindergarten elementary school and the middle and high in college, every time you graduate to another level that it gets harder and harder and harder, the lessons don’t get easier. The more you’re learning, the harder the lessons get. So if you are going through all kinds of struggles and hardships, it’s because you are such a high level spiritual being that you’ve made it this far and the universe is saying, OK, we’ve taught you all this stuff throughout your lifetimes. Let’s see what you can do.
Yeah, but sometimes sometimes don’t you want to say like, OK, I get it already, though. I’ll just take a break.

Absolutely, absolutely. And I was like, Dude, come on, you know? I’ve always said, You know what? I know the type of person that I am, so I know when I agree to this, I said, You know it. Just give me everything so I get it over with at once just because I just want to get it over with and they’re like, Oh yeah.

And then what comes to mind is, is the thing that my mother used to say. Be careful what you wish for because it might happen.

That’s exactly right, which is why, for my next lifetime, I’m negotiating for a vacation lifetime. I’m going to be able to eat chocolate and never gain an ounce. I’m going to have men who fan me and feed me grapes on my very own island, and I’m just going to be able to do what I’ve earned it. I want a vacation lifetime.

Well, you know what? It’s interesting you said that though, because I listen to I how I originally got into meditation was through a program called Centerpointe, and it was using a technology called holosync. And Bill Harris was the person who founded that. And I remember him talking, though, on a lecture that if you think about it though, if that is the life that you envision that you would have. And eventually, though, even having everything you want and having people fan you, eventually it’s going to get boring and you’re going to want to do something else. You’re going to want some other challenge. So but but I agree it would be nice to have like at least a little vacation for a while. Just a little. Yeah, yeah.

Oh, I’ll find something to do at least like to try it.

Yeah, exactly. That’s true. Yeah. Absolutely. Is there anything that? I should have asked today that I haven’t yet is anything else that you think would be important to share with our listeners and viewers on YouTube.

I think one of the most important things for people, especially when they’re going through a rough time and even though hopefully, hopefully, hopefully the pandemic is lifting and we’ll get back to some semblance of normalcy, there’s still a lot of people that are suffering and scared and nervous, and they don’t know what to do. And to those people, what I want to do is teach you this can kind of bring in the emotional shape shifting part of it is I want you to go back into your memory banks when you overcame a challenge. I don’t care if it was. You overcame your fear to get on the Little League Baseball game and you hit your first home run or whatever it was. Whatever it is, go back in your memory banks over things that you have overcome, challenges you have overcome and flood yourself with the memory of what it felt like to be victorious over your challenges. That is the emotional platform, because our emotional platforms that we launch from every day makes a big difference in how our day is going to go. And if you’re launching from an emotional platform of fear or anxiety or depression, then that’s what you’re going to be swimming in all day. But even if you’re going through the worst of times, remind yourself of when you overcame something hard because that’s where your subconscious will remember, oh yeah, we we overcame these other things, you know, so we’ll overcome this too. It’ll remind you of how strong and resilient you are. Think of what you’ve overcome in life. Everything else will be a piece of cake. When you think of what you’ve already overcome, pull on that energy, pull on that memory, pull on that emotion that you were victorious and you will be victorious again. And then you can start your day ready to embrace victory.

Yeah, I love that because it is true. We have all gone through stuff in our lives. Absolutely. And when we’re in the thick of something new, we do tend to just focus all of our energy on that. But if we can maybe use some of the techniques you shared with us today, at least to kind of get centered, then we can say, Oh yeah, what else do you mean to say, Oh yeah, that’s right. Let me remember something else that I got through so that I can say, OK, I survived. I should be able to survive this.
Absolutely, when you think about it, because we’ve all overcome stuff. And the other thing is, take the crisis part out of it. Whatever you’re going through is a situation. Situations can be handled. Absolutely. It’s a situation and you’ll be all right.

That’s true. Yeah. Yeah, it’s it’s the language that we gives it, that we give it gives it power. And if we can modify that language, soften it, then we take away some of that power. So, yeah,
Absolutely, absolutely.

I have really enjoyed our conversation and I’m sure that there are some folks out there that are going to want to connect with you because they really love you as much as I do and want to learn more and see what else you’re up to in the world. So where’s the best place for someone to connect with you?
If you want to go to my website? Ok, so I have to tell you guys, when I made my website years ago, it seemed like a really good idea to call it healing hand of Goddess dot com, which is really long. So I have a redirect if you just put in Goddess Rhonda dot com. It will go to my website or just put my name in Rhonda Harris Choudhry and YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. And then you will find me. All right. And I do have some good tutorials on my YouTube channel. So put Rhonda Harris Choudhry or Goddess Rhonda and my YouTube will come out.

All right, perfect. Well, Goddess Rhonda is shorter and sweeter so that that that’s a good title. I like that one.

Thank you. Well, I realized at one point in my life that I am responsible for what goes on. I create it. So I’m not saying I’m the goddess almighty. I wish. I wish I could wave a wand and fix things. But I do my decisions make my life, create my life.

Absolutely, absolutely. Yes, I love it. Well, thank you, my dear. I had such a delightful time speaking with you today, learning more about you and I. want to stay connected. I’ll tell you that right now because you’re my kind of lady. Awesome.

Yeah, thank you. You’re my kind of goddess is too.

And I wish you all the best and love and joy that you can have out of your life. And I appreciate you so much for being here. And I also want to thank all of you out there who are listening and who are watching. Thank you as well. And I got to remember the next time I do this, I want to give some shout outs. I’ve been I’ve gotten some wonderful reviews from people lately on Apple and PodChaser. So if you want to leave a review for Live Love Engage, I would love for you to do that. You can just go to, I think it is, just go to podcast and look for live love engage. And that would be great. And I promise I’m going to start remembering to give you a shout out the next time. So until that, next time we meet again here, I encourage you as always, to go out and live fully. Love deeply and engage authentically.

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Known as The Insightful Copywriter, Gloria Grace Rand is also an inspirational speaker, author and host of the Live. Love. Engage. podcast. Prior to launching her SEO Copywriting business in 2009, Gloria spent nearly two decades in television, most notably as writer and producer for the award-winning PBS financial news program, “Nightly Business Report.”

Gloria turned to writing as a way to communicate, since growing up with an alcoholic father and abusive mother taught her that it was safer to be seen and not heard. But not speaking her truth caused Gloria problems such as overeating, control issues, and an inability to fully trust people. After investing in coaching & personal development programs, and studying spiritual books like “A Course in Miracles,” Gloria healed her emotional wounds. Today, she helps entrepreneurs develop clarity, confidence and connection to the truth of who you are, so you can create a business that has more impact, influence and income!

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